Ellen Pao Loses Again, Ordered to Pay Kleiner's Court Costs

Ellen Pao Loses Again, Ordered to Pay Kleiner’s Court Costs

An hour or so ago, some more delightful news came across the wire. Ellen “Chairman” Pao is going to have to pay her old employers, Kleiner Perkins, $275,000 dollars in trial costs. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that she’s still trying to hold them up for $2.7 million. Apparently she can make the appeals process go away for that low, low cost! What a bargain. I guess she will now make her bribe offer $3 million. What a sad, sick individual.

Anyway, here’s the report:

A Superior Court judge ruled on Wednesday that Ellen Pao, the former venture capitalist at the center of the high-profile sex discrimination case earlier this year, must pay Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers nearly $276,000 to reimburse the venture capital firm for its expenses during the five-week trial…

In March, a 12-member jury found in favor of Kleiner on each of Pao’s four claims of sex discrimination and retaliation during her seven years at the firm; she was fired in October 2012, five months after filing the lawsuit. She sued for $16 million, but walked away with nothing…

Kleiner offered to waive all of its trial fees if Pao agreed to drop an appeal. She rejected that offer, and earlier this month filed a notice to appeal the jury’s decision; she has until mid-July to file her argument with an appeals court. Pao, however, has agreed to drop her appeal if Kleiner will pay her $2.7 million so she can recover her own costs from the three-year legal battle. Kleiner has said it won’t pay Pao a dime.

I guess you’ll have to hope that Reddit doesn’t fire your ass after they get through putting all the censorship on you. I think that’s likely to happen, by the way. She’s going to end up being the fall-guy if this takes them down a bad path. You notice that she’s still the “interim” CEO, right? That’s not an accident, and it will make it a lot easier to get rid of her down the road. Hopefully that day comes sooner rather than later. I’m not saying Reddit will be saved either way, but I’d like its chances better if she was given the boot.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Zach Puckett

    Yeah I hope this guy doesn’t get pressured into paying her because she deserves nothing. Oh what’s that you need to pay off your court fees, well who’s fault is that. Seriously Reddit why the hell did you hire her? With her coming off losing the case I thought that would be a sign this woman can not be trusted. Can’t wait for Reddit to throw her under the bus.

    • Angus66

      You forget that even legal losses are labelled “victories” by the SJW crowd.

      “It was a win for womyns because at least the topic was discussed” and all that BULLSHIT.

      Number one SJW rule – Feels > facts….

      • Zach Puckett

        Fuck that! God these people are insane.

      • Silence Dogood

        I have some asshole named “John” on Yahoo arguing the outcome of Pao’s trial with me. Bitch. Lost. And now she has to pay legal fees. That’s pretty cut and dry. Would like to point out that being ordered to pay legal fees? Yeah, that’s usually done when the person who filed the claims is found to be otherwise spurious or malicious in their claim.

        • Gregg Braddoch

          Thank goodness this was the outcome. Coming next: We get to hear from radical marxist feminist activists about how corporations are evil, and the courts are completely bought by them – because Pao didn’t get her way.

          • Silence Dogood

            Oh, of course. Never mind the evidence makes her look like a fucking bully and a manipulative psychopath (but then again she IS a CEO, well “interim” CEO, and they are of the worst sort of people). She’s also pretty fucking well off if she can afford to wage a three year legal battle with a bill of over a million dollars. I saw what she was being paid before all this shit started. She’s nothing more than a bitter careerist who tried to use her vagina as a means to an end and it blew up in her fucking face.

  • Callan Elliott

    Karma has a cruel sense of humour

    • David Burton

      Not a bad one, though.

    • MKFenris

      Karma isn’t just a bitch, she’s a yandere.

      • Callan Elliott


  • Jaker_K17

    SJWs getting BTFO left and right recently. May and July have been great months.

    • Izkata

      Time traveller spotted!

    • Not to mention our anniversary is not too far off.
      ‘Twould be funny if we had some of them prominent SJWs crack down some more ’til then.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        I find it humorous that these people don’t know or don’t care that their “crackdowns” on reddit, Anne Rice, Joss Whedon (over avengers), game of thrones, richard dawkins, etc, etc, etc. Only demonstrate to the world that they have been lying all this time, and in reality they are the bullies

  • shinningprodigy

    Pao you pay NOW!

    • Charmieos

      one of these daaaaays Pao! Right in the kisser!

  • tz1

    KP asked for 900k or so. They are letting her off easy. Frivsuits

  • mbits

    Doesn’t matter. People (and not just SJWs) still see her as the “hero”. She’s fighting those mean evil trolls as well as corporate sexism blah blah blah.

    • Which strikes me as odd considering (according to Wikipedia) she’s of upper middle class upbringing and educated through an Ivy league university: a sign of clear privilege, I would have thought.

      • BasedLink

        She’s a woman. According to SJWs, women have zero privilege no matter what their upbringing and education is. They’ll only turn on her if she stops towing the line, as we’ve seen with Bat-Wu.

        • Oh silly me. 🙂

          How could I forget that systematic inequality is mired in gender biases instead of class. The fact that an Ivy league educated woman gets to be a CEO and can spend time and money on million dollar lawsuits is clearly a symptom of gender divide… /s

        • angry foodie

          It’s a strange thing the left has done; most leftists are of upper middle class backgrounds and all SJWs seem to be fucking born rich. All of them seem to have really good educations despite not being particularly smart.

          They really like their privilege, but they also like “defending the oppressed”. It is like Madonna kidnapping an African kid because she could.

          So they changed the discussion from class” to “identity”, relieving themselves of the guilt they felt knowing that class privilege is the ONLY FUCKING PRIVILEGE THAT REALLY COUNTS, all the while playing the heroes AND maintaining their own privileged status.

          It’s a shell game, and the working lower class white man is its ultimate target.

          In Pao’s defense, at least she is smart. BEng from Princeton, JD and MBA from Harvard, nothing to scoff at. She is just not a very good manager.

          • A Real Libertarian

            It’s a shell game, and the working lower class white man is its ultimate target.

            Anyone who isn’t an Upper-Middle to Upper Class trust-fund baby is the ultimate target.

            You know how SJWs treat women/minorities/LGBT who don’t follow orders.

          • Can’t Twiter Gud

            This. I’ve noticed SJWs don’t like to or no longer like to associate “privilege” with being wealthy.

          • angry foodie

            I guess they just save their vitriol for white men then. Because that is who they overtly attack, with impunity.

          • My thoughts precisely. I am fairly confident that fixing class inequality would be a greater step toward true equality for everyone. Those in power (the wealthy) will do whatever they can to keep their wealth and power, which means denying it for everyone else.

            It’s a nasty sleight of hand to have convinced the hoi polloi that those hoarding the wealth and power are lower to middle class people who may roughly resemble the rich and powerful.

          • angry foodie

            You will never perfectly fix class inequality, but you look at dipshits like Josh and Limpshits, these fucktards are the exact problem with America today. A bunch of whiny, spoiled, little rich kids who have never had to struggle for anything or worry about anything.

            And you notice how often they discuss class? Never. Marxism was never a logical system, but you remove class from the discussion and it makes no sense at all! This new left preaches Marxism sans class, which is a monstrous proposition.

            Personally I am pretty conservative, but Marxist friends of mine have also noticed this disconnect.

          • Agreed. I don’t think that class inequality can be “fixed” but to not even recognise class inequality as a contributing factor is where these people trip up. I’d say that I’m surprised that they can get a following like they do, but… I’m honestly not. I’ve seen cults rise and flourish.

          • Fatherless

            This. Everything about this. Gender politics allows the Left to ignore class.

  • angry foodie

    She just likes to lose money I suppose.

    Because the chances are she is going to lose her appeal, and Kleiner is going to get costs again.

    Appeals are not cheap. And she will definitely lose costs if she loses it. Even a win is unlikely to give her anything other than a new trial (but I do not know US law that well).

    So then she will be back to square one.

    • Father Agnostus

      But does she have anything to lose? I mean she and her husband may be too deep in it to get out, so all they can do is keep going and hope for the best.

  • D-Bone

    On top of all this Brianna wu made a bunch of tweets about her horrible game tonight, got almost zero attention, except from non-white females pointing out all white female characters, she then deleted the tweets. Fucking classic Wu!!

    • Angus66

      Anyone archive that? I’ve got a late-night craving for insane “Wu tweets”

      • D-Bone

        I personally didn’t, I got blocked long ago for stating that she isn’t special and as a guy who once weighed 538 pounds, obese people have it harder than she does in life. I suppose she felt I was abrasive lol. One of my buddies mentioned it in party chat tonight, I’ll ask him if he has it screenshot.

    • TeLin特林

      Same here….would love to see those tweets!

    • Can’t Twiter Gud

      Oh shit, I actually glanced at her account earlier to see if i was banned yet (I’m not, but definitely from others) and I did see her putting bad bait about “people” criticising her game. Didn’t think to archive it, my apologies.

  • In you face SJW

  • You know, I am sure I’m not alone when I say that if I were to cop an expense of around a quarter of a million dollars, I would be ruined. The thought of even raising a lawsuit in the millions of dollars is so risky for me financially that I wouldn’t even consider it.

    Yet wealthy individuals fritter away mortgage-sized dollar amounts on cases like this and yet they’re not seen as privileged people?


  • masterninja

    Thats what justice looks like!

  • Silence Dogood

    LOL that would be the perfect arrangement, wouldn’t it? Take someone that is very unpopular and has an extreme, leftist ideology and let them take credit (the blame) for every negative, censorship related action that happens on your site, then remove them for any conceivable reason. This is going to sound bad, but I wonder how many people have realize how diseased of a look it is to have an Asian censoring the internet? *cough China cough*

    • Father Agnostus

      After chairman pao leaves (/is removed) from reddit, she’ll continue carrying the blame while reddit gets to keep it’s political correctness. The “let someone else do the dirty work”.
      Well observed, Dr.

  • zmbrtlsm

    She clearly is no buddhist…and also karma!

    • Father Agnostus

      That depends on how much we breed tho -_-
      Currently earth still could provide enough for everyone’s need.

  • freelancepimp .

    She’s becoming toxic. Pretty soon all she’ll have is patreon.

  • Terry “Death to Equality” Xu

    not good enough – should be counter-sued for defamation until she’s starving on the streets

    That would set a good example of what real social justice looks like