I saw an email before I went to bed last night saying that Kellogg’s has dropped Gawker from it’s ad rotation. Since then, I’ve heard more that makes me believe that it’s a real email. Some experienced people have look at it for evidence of fakery, and haven’t found any. But, we haven’t gotten a second email confirm yet, so we can’t yet say with 100% certainty that someone pissed in their Corn Flakes. But, it looks pretty good so far. Here’s the email in question, from one of the Australian members of GamerGate: 


Before we’re done, not even the infomercial hucksters are gonna want to advertise on the piece of shit Gawker Media network. All we have to do is continue showing these advertisers the evidence. After all, most brands just do not want to be associated with people who promote bullying. They also don’t want to go into business with people who trash their partners after they leave, like Gawker chief Max Read did last week.

So, just keep those emails going! We’ll look for further confirmation on Kellogg’s, and will bring you any other breaking news from today. Look out for my piece on Brianna Wu’s dishonesty, which will be out this afternoon. Thanks again for visiting the site. We had a record week last week, and it’s very humbling. I love all my readers, even the few who come here to hate on me haha.

UPDATE: Seems even more legit now…