The Mary Sue is a radical feminist rag that runs hit pieces and misinformation from that perspective. It’s perfectly above board to do that. I run some hits here. Hardball pleases me. Still, I don’t have any sexual deviants or alleged pedophiles like Sarah Nyberg working for my publication. Actually, I don’t have anyone working for my publication, because I don’t make enough to hire someone. MUST BE THE PATRIARCHY!

How can The Mary Sue defend someone who appears to have molested canines for personal pleasure? This SJW Michael Vick needs to be given the boot, and possibly have her writings expunged from the site. What kind of site has writers who talk like this:

Not only that, Sarah Nyberg (AKA Sarah Butts, srhbutts) seems to be a big fan of incest, and possibly of pedophilia:

I can guarantee you that GamerGate would be calling out these sorts of people if they were anywhere within out ranks. When we try to reign in sickos like this, the other side astonishingly doubles down in defense. It really is unbelievable. The Mary Sue has a chance to show that not all SJWs are reckless sociopaths with their decision here.

Sarah Nyberg is a seriously deranged and demented individual, who needs to seek care immediately, if she’s not already under the supervision of a trained and licensed mental health professional. She definitely shouldn’t be allowed to spill her bile on a site as widely read as The Mary Sue. How can they justify this? Oh, wait these are the same types of people who also justified Leigh Alexander’s rantings, Ian Miles Cheong’s Hitler love, threats, multiple examples of hate speech, industry blacklists, and anything else (here’s another false rape charge) they could think of to stop GamerGate, or at least slow it’s momentum. Nothing is off limits for SJWs, even silencing speech. All the evidence is right staring them right in the face (great stuff by @JennOfHardwire), but they refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing. I doubt The Mary Sue will step up to the plate now, and dispatch srhbutts. As I always say though, I’d love to be proven wrong.


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  1. Can someone please report butts to the FBI or whoever in the States handles bestiality and pedophilia.

    If Butts lived in the UK I would already have had her or him sectioned under the mental health act.

      1. Under recent court rulings, IRC chat logs can be admitted as evidence, so long as the logs are in an unedited/censored condition. For that they have to be taken straight from the server’s internal logs.

        1. Even so, the chatlogs are old, and if he has half a brain, he can just claim they were all fantasies between adults. I don’t really see the cops spending time and money to track the other users down.

  2. Sexual deviancy is a socially disruptive disease as much as obesity is one. Contact your local representatives and demand a legislation to catch up to this dangerous legal vacuum right now! Just like the obese, sexual deviants must not go untreated, in the name of civilization!

  3. You’d think that any sane person would have gotten their asses off the internet after getting BTFO this badly, but srh butthead is still on Twitter playing the SJW’s rabid attack dog.

    (She must have gotten the rabies when she sucked that poor dog off)

  4. Double standards…they would have demanded the firing of any non SJW in minutes! You know why social justice warriors cant ever be taken seriously? Because they don’t accept the fact that justice needs to be blind for it to be justice.

  5. Maybe Mary Sue won’t care, but literally anyone else will. I’d wager Mary Sue’s advertisers don’t know they’re supporting someone strongly advocating for pedophilia and bestiality.

    1. ….anyone have a list of their advertisers to email notgoatsec’s 110k chatlogs to and tell them they are funding a pedo and its enablers? (Oh and im not trans hating with th “it”…i call all pedos “it” as most are male and i prefer to strip them of that nomenclature,,,i think a lot of trannys are awesome.,,i used to eat some shrooms and ride my bike to th Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Shows on Castro Street when theyd put a stage up after closing th road down when i lived in SF)…im sure whether they hated GG or not, no company wants it made public that their cash supports child-fuckers,,,,

  6. At the very least, Butts definitely FANTASIZES out loud about pedophilia. From that chat log:

    “[15:52] – Snuggling: laying down on the sofa, my little girl sitting between my legs, we’re watching the tele or I’m reading to her, or perhaps she is playing Pokxe9mon on her Gameboy. And she’ll feel my hardness press up against her back, and ask “Daddy, what’s that? umm.. that thing that keep touching my back?””

    1. And there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about pedophilia. Carrying it out and involving real children is what’s wrong. Remember, we are not the thought police. Opposing thought policing can and does mean that you must sometimes defend things you find distasteful or abhorrent.

      Consider for a moment that allowing pedophiles to fantasize safely, undisturbed, with material that caters to their particular fetish, could actually REDUCE real-world child molestation. There’s no evidence proving that link yet, but we’ve got plenty of similar correlations, like violent crime decreasing dramatically while violent video games sales have skyrocketed and rape dropping like a rock as the porn industry has shot into the stratosphere. I see no reason not to try it with other criminal activities. It’s like running a virtual machine in your head — you get a safe environment in which to live out all your grotesque antisocial fantasies, after which you can come back to the real world and function more or less in line with social norms.

      1. There’s a flaw with that thought. First off, pedophilic material would by its nature need to either be Child Pornography, ‘lolicon/Shotacon,” or text. Text is something of a gray area, but the first two of those are illegal. (lolicon/shotacon being another gray area.) However, psychiatrists will tell you (when asked of course) that 90% of pedophiles who fantasize about the act of sex with a minor, will commit that act at least twice before being caught. It’s hard to explain here, but it basically works out that as the fantasy grows in their minds, the pedophile becomes desensitized to whatever pleasure it caused. This in turn causes the pedophile to act out his or her fantasy, to seek a stronger pleasure, or in some cases to simply make the fantasy become real.

        1. Illegality is not the issue here. The law does not determine scientific validity nor real-world effectiveness — see also the many reasons that piracy, while “illegal”, is still routinely practiced by millions worldwide and cannot be quashed through simply telling pirates “now, don’t be bad boys and girls” and putting up digital barricades. Let’s set aside what is and isn’t “within the law” and focus on the empirical — what works and what doesn’t — what actually, objectively keeps Junior from climbing the proverbial fence. That’s the end goal, after all, isn’t it? “The lock is for the honest man; the thief will break it.”

          Let’s examine your statement. “90% of pedophiles who fantasize about the act of sex with a minor will commit that act at least twice before being caught.” You have just admitted that fantasizing occurs. You have nowhere addressed WHY this fantasizing occurs. You also haven’t made any link between the act of fantasizing and actual child molestation — at best, your psychiatrist sources are giving you a correlation, not a causation.

          The desensitization argument is as old as dirt, and it’s the same argument used to decry violent media of all forms (and media that opposes traditional religious values, and media that is supposedly somehow sexist, etc., etc., etc.). No one has ever shown that viewing child pornography increases the likelihood that the viewer will molest real children, just as no one has ever shown that viewing violence makes one more likely to be violent. Your claim is both tenuous and unfounded.

          The man who shot Ronald Reagan did so after repeat viewings of a violent film. Your local child molester probably committed his crimes after repeat fantasies as well. The fantasies are not to blame. The twisted minds that cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality ARE to blame. For every violent criminal that is supposedly “inspired” by violent media, there are millions of others that are completely unaffected and even entertained. I would be willing to wager that the same is true of pedophiles — the vast majority of those with such urges likely never harm a soul, and those that do are acting out fantasies that they were never in any mental shape to properly contextualize in the first place.

          Fantasies should not be illegal. Period. Doesn’t matter what they are.

        2. ” However, psychiatrists will tell you (when asked of course) that 90% of
          pedophiles who fantasize about the act of sex with a minor, will commit
          that act at least twice before being caught.”

          Citation needed.

  7. So the news about Intel just dropped. I’m too tired so I’m going to sleep and will leave another reply under the eventual article Ralph does about it.

    People are pissed, so am I, but we can’t go after Intel with anger. We need to call out Anita and John CALMLY, with the evidence people have compiled over the past several months. You’ll have trolls sending bullshit to Intel. Make sure the real GamerGate people stand out from them! Be calm and respectful so they reconsider their decision.

  8. woo I got tweeted! Though having gone through several screens of text I can’t work out a context for the quote, maybe it was entered into the wrong channel
    or something

  9. What I’m so confused about with the media hacks out there is how they keep claiming GamerGate is about harassing women, when it’s primary complaint is ethics breaches and corruption in gaming journalism… and they don’t bother to address that; well, the sometimes to. They deny it – even though it’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Nathan Grayson was writing about Zoe Quinn in January of last year when he and Totillo claimed that he had no prior relationship with her before the revue (his penis just coincidentally found itself inside her the day after… quick turn around time!). Oh, and her skanky, insane ass aside, how about the fake that Grayson wrote no less than FIVE articles where he basically fellated Robin Arnott, despite the fake that they are good friends (which he never disclosed) and had no business writing about him, in any context, ESPECIALLY in promoting people to buy his work. Corrupt. Fuckers.

    1. Because sites like this one are focused on attacking individuals and not on ethics in videogame journalism at all? What does Sarah have to do with gaming journalism?

      1. Sarah is a predator and has been very active in attacking supporters of GamerGates mission as well as spreading lies and misinformation. As such she is an objectively evil person and is more than worthy of being destroyed. Predators and sick fucks don’t have a right to peace; they have a right to annihilation. 😉

  10. Credit for that meme above thats in my tweet you posted goes to 8 Bit Jerk. I retweeted when he posted it then snagged th image to post in comments, and shitpost with it as well. Plus i gots a hard growth for beat up old Fords….

  11. Yawn. The only reason this is significant is the fact that SJWs are SUPPOSED to be against this sort of “deviance” (see also: their attacks on the BDSM community). No sane human being who’s studied the evidence would oppose pedophilia any more than they would oppose any other nonstandard fetish (the sexualization of the female breast is a fetish, people, just a very common one), because there is no proof that digital child porn increases the molestation of children in the real world. Hell, the only real case study we have on this is the entire nation of Japan, a nation with phenomenally LOW child molestation rates that also happens to practically bathe in loli and shota. Harming real children should be (and rightfully is) illegal; fantasizing about it should not be.

    Molesting your dog is more in the realm of animal rights, and I won’t even pretend to know shit about what I don’t care about, but as far as the sexual deviance portion thereof is concerned — personal liberty first, mofos. You don’t have to like it. Nobody’s asking you to like it. But possible animal abuse allegations aside, Sarah is free to be as kinky as she wishes.

    Ralph, you really ought to know better. Don’t call her out on what she did, because what she did is entirely within her rights as an individual (again, ignoring the “animal abuse” angle, which I’m no authority on). Call her out because she isn’t adhering to the standard she is attempting to force on others. Deranged? Demented? Possibly, but that’s not the point, and there’s no proof. The point is that the SJWs are consistent only in one thing: being inconsistent. Stop bashing her for being abnormal, and bash her and her publishers for being goddamned hypocritical liars like the rest of their SJW kin.

    1. You’re also forgetting that in the longer logs, there is talk of butts sending a nude pic to a 13 year old. There is plenty to talk about.

      1. Then that should have been addressed specifically. Ralph has no business attacking Sarah personally using the points he brought up. Seriously, does nobody here recognize a baseless ad hominem when they see it? I thought we were better than this.

        1. I thought the intent wasn’t ad hominem but to point out hypocrisy which is extremely important to do. If someone wants to be the moral police from others, they should be held to the same standards.

          1. And my point was that pointing out hypocrisy can (and should) be done without baseless ad hominem. Ralph could have been just as scathing without stooping to that level (and indeed he has done so in the past).

            If this article were attempting to prove that Sarah actually suffers from dementia, and we had psych evaluations to back up the claim, we would be justified in calling her “demented”. As it stands, applying that label to her is name-calling of the most petty degree. We can prove that she’s a hypocrite and a liar. We should focus on those angles. Again, I thought we were better than this.

  12. TheMarySue is a bastion of fascism. They will make obscene and antagonistic replies, then delete the post they are replying to. It is like arguing with a 12 year old on facebook, but these are supposedly adult women.

    How anyone can support that place and feel good about themselves when they go to bed at night is beyond me.

    The current war cry for feminism appears to be nothing more than a shield for for women and girls to behave badly with no penalties for any of their actions, ever – AND for anyone who publicly disagrees with this behavior to be punished.

    Thanks for being brave enough to be a reasonable voice in this current landscape of hostile insanity.

  13. Well, I’m going to be contrarian and say that I don’t see any problem with people having sex with their pets as long as they don’t cause any harm while doing it, and I don’t see any problem with paedophilia either if it’s restricted to fantasy.

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