The Mary Sue is a radical feminist rag that runs hit pieces and misinformation from that perspective. It’s perfectly above board to do that. I run some hits here. Hardball pleases me. Still, I don’t have any sexual deviants or alleged pedophiles like Sarah Nyberg working for my publication. Actually, I don’t have anyone working for my publication, because I don’t make enough to hire someone. MUST BE THE PATRIARCHY!

How can The Mary Sue defend someone who appears to have molested canines for personal pleasure? This SJW Michael Vick needs to be given the boot, and possibly have her writings expunged from the site. What kind of site has writers who talk like this:

Not only that, Sarah Nyberg (AKA Sarah Butts, srhbutts) seems to be a big fan of incest, and possibly of pedophilia:

I can guarantee you that GamerGate would be calling out these sorts of people if they were anywhere within out ranks. When we try to reign in sickos like this, the other side astonishingly doubles down in defense. It really is unbelievable. The Mary Sue has a chance to show that not all SJWs are reckless sociopaths with their decision here.

Sarah Nyberg is a seriously deranged and demented individual, who needs to seek care immediately, if she’s not already under the supervision of a trained and licensed mental health professional. She definitely shouldn’t be allowed to spill her bile on a site as widely read as The Mary Sue. How can they justify this? Oh, wait these are the same types of people who also justified Leigh Alexander’s rantings, Ian Miles Cheong’s Hitler love, threats, multiple examples of hate speech, industry blacklists, and anything else (here’s another false rape charge) they could think of to stop GamerGate, or at least slow it’s momentum. Nothing is off limits for SJWs, even silencing speech. All the evidence is right staring them right in the face (great stuff by @JennOfHardwire), but they refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing. I doubt The Mary Sue will step up to the plate now, and dispatch srhbutts. As I always say though, I’d love to be proven wrong.


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