If you work for a mainstream media company, be prepared to censor yourself. Don’t even think about stepping out of line when it comes to the conventional SJW wisdom, or else you might find yourself in the unemployment line. In the case of Curt Schilling, I doubt we will have to start a GoFundMe for him anytime soon. No matter what, he’s going to be very well taken care up. Still, that’s beside the point. The crux of this issue is that media personalities are allowed to spew whatever hateful progressive nonsense they like, but if one of their colleagues even thinks of giving a rebuttal, they will get fired in short order…even if it’s posted on their personal social media.

In case you’re not yet up to speed on the Schilling situation, here’s a primer, courtesy of The New York Times



Curt Schilling, a former All-Star pitcher and one of the highest-profile baseball analysts on ESPN, was fired from the network Wednesday, a day after he drew intense criticism for promoting offensive commentary on social media.

Schilling, who had worked for the network since 2010 and most recently offered analysis on “Monday Night Baseball,” was dismissed after sharing a Facebook post this week that appeared to respond to the North Carolina law that bars transgender people from using bathrooms and locker rooms that do not correspond with their birth genders.

The post showed an overweight man wearing a wig and women’s clothing with parts of the T-shirt cut out to expose his breasts. It says: “LET HIM IN! to the restroom with your daughter or else you’re a narrow-minded, judgmental, unloving racist bigot who needs to die.”

To that, Schilling added: “A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don’t care what they are, who they sleep with, men’s room was designed for the penis, women’s not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic.”

The picture he showed? You can see it here. I’m not going to post it myself, simply because I don’t need that sort of trouble around here at the moment, especially with a lot of rad fems eyes focused on me as of late. Yes, it was an image that was meant to be in your face, but then again, aren’t these trans activists and their progressive allies are also in everyone’s face with their advocacy? They routinely call people who disagree with them racists, bigots, “transmisogynists,” and sexists, all while accusing them of hate speech. But these people consider themselves exempt from any of their own rules. It’s the same hypocrisy we see time and time again from these frauds.

Now, they’ve even infected ESPN. I say now, but anyone who has been following the sports broadcasting colossus over the last couple years knows they have been headed in this direction for quite some time. Matt Walsh is a crybaby when it comes to Donald Trump, but he hit the nail right on the head with his tweet earlier this evening…

He’s a little fatalistic for my tastes, but after tonight’s episode with Schilling, it’s hard to argue with his conclusion.

  1. I haven’t actually sat down and read that North Carolina law the SJWs are so up in arms about. As far as I know it might have a few odious elements but it’s still amazing to me that the “progressive” block can’t recognize it for what it really is which is blowback.

    We just had another gay cake fake outrage fiasco this week. The LGBTGBBQWTF activism brigade has been on a psychotic rampage for a few years now and at some point one state government or another was going to stand up to them and tell them no when they made yet another crazy demand.

    The entire trans bathroom thing is fucking stupid. Just go in the bathroom that corrolates to your genitalia, or failing that go into the one for the sex you convincingly pass as and do your business in a stall where nobody will know your little secret. We can’t reorganize the architecture of all our public buildings and the social rituals around our urination/deification areas just to please a group of people who make up less than one percent of the population, it’s an unreasonable and unworkable demand.

    1. “As far as I know it might have a few odious elements”
      Plz don’t give a inch to SJW’s. Opposing SJW’s is an act of love.

    2. It is a gay cake outrage and it isn’t. I’ve met and known and currently know many trans people you wouldn’t know weren’t born the biological sex they appear to be so they would have no issue using a public restroom, there’s nobody standing guard checking your genitals in the bathroom. I’ve also known many that don’t pass and they would have an issue but you could say that’s life. We don’t ban stairs because some people are in wheelchairs and it’s a hurdle in life. It would be almost impossible to live a life without hurdles no matter who you are. The law isn’t based on evidence (trans people aren’t more likely to rape in bathrooms) and if you gotta piss next to a trans person and you’re creeped out, well sorry but that’s life too. Uncomfortable things happen. The law is just frivolous and unnecessary and a waste of the people’s tax money and time in my perspective.

    3. Good job whoever marked my well thought out rational comment as spam because I dissented. You truly are a model of free speech and free thought. Asshat (not directed at th OP)

        1. It was about how the reaction to the law is both a gay cake panic and not at the same time and basically telling both parties to get over themselves in the matter, but questioning being against trans people in general.

      1. You mean the “Naw disagree totally” comment, it’s still showing further down for me.

        Won’t say I fully agree but you have a point about ad revenue.

  2. Not surprised. These Social Marxists are like cancer with their ideology presence in almost every media outlet.

  3. Not a good day for free speech. The NHL suspended a guy for calling the ref a faggot and flipping him a double bird from the penalty box today too. All of these leagues and huge networks are starting to fall for all the SJW bullshit and to save themselves backlash they just make strict rules and fire people that aren’t PC.

    1. Sports is becoming extremely fucking retarded with this SJW feminist shit.

      I remember in the Australian Open tennis tournament last year (I think), there was an outrage over a male reporter for asking a female player to ‘twirl’ (in order to show her designer tennis outfit), he was deemed a “sexist”. I can’t remember if he was made to apologize or just fired.

      But the double standards and hypocrisy are unreal though. A few years ago at another tennis tournament in Wimbledon in the UK, a woman called Judy Murray (Andy Murray’s mother) publicly made comments about ogling over a male player called Feliciano Lopez, calling him “Deliciano”. Everyone and the mainstream media just laughed it off. Didn’t hear a peep from the feminists.

      But imagine if the gender roles were reversed – like if a player’s father called Maria Sharapova (famous female tennis player) “Sexypova”? Imagine the outrage that would’ve caused, and imagine the feminist lynch mobs.

      Seriously, fuck SJWs and feminists.

  4. Sometimes I wonder how you’re supposed to win. It’s easy to say people need to speak out, but a lot of these people have something to lose. They could lose their job thus their livelihood, and that could easily jeopardize a house mortgage. The person could become a social pariah and become unhireable.

    That’s what makes social justice so difficult to battle against when the political winds blow against you.

    1. Anonymity.
      Public protest against it, safely.
      Challenging the status quo.
      That is why it’s so important.

  5. Um, are you really surprised? ESPN it’s owned by Disney after all. Had been for the last 25 years, AFAIR

  6. If they don’t let people speak their opinions to the public this way then all they’re really doing is widening the gap between the world where the old media, the rich, and their companies exist and the world of regular people.

    Think about it, people tend to have a different variety of opinions on various topics, but they’re now making sure some opinions aren’t shown over there, people will either start shutting up about the topic or be removed, until the topic is silenced.

    It becomes a world where some opinions do not exist.
    But this is obviously by force.

    That’s just going to disenfranchise even more people from it, from the media.

    Latest polls show people trust on the media lower than ever.

    I welcome the coming age of cynicism.

    1. I welcome it as well. If the only thing that will put a stop to all this “progressive” virtue signalling is transitioning to a culture where everyone is an unsympathizing jerk who openly flaunts or even revels in how much they don’t give a fuck about much of anything that’ll still be an improvement.

      Social media made everyone feel obliged to care about everything or more accurately to be seen as caring about everything lest they be judged as some sort of uncaring monster. At the end of the day though an individual human cannot actually care about the entire world let alone fix it, nor should he feel compelled to. People need to re-learn how to have their priorities straight, and they need to learn to not be so insecure about how apathetic they actually are about 99% of everything.

        1. I was thinking something similar recently. Following the mess of the late 60’s and early 70’s as well as the goofy disaster that was the Carter administration the culture at large swung very hard away from all of that shit. What we got in the 80’s was Reagan-ism with a culture where everyone became very overtly greedy, socially apathetic and materialistic while aggressively asserting the most mainstream identities they could manage.

          I can seriously dig it man, 80’s 2.0 with Trump serving as Reagan 2.0! I can’t fucking wait for it! An entire culture and landscape that’ll melt special snowflakes the moment they touch it as if they were landing on a warm sidewalk.

  7. We all know that these outrage SJW/LGBT/feminist mobs are whining crybullies, but more fingers should definitely be pointed at the cowards of the companies that keep bending over and pandering to these fucking retards without even a whimper.

    It’s sickening how companies /organizations can be so absolutely terrified of these degenerates.

    And despite the disgraceful behaviour of these people, the mainstream media and news outlets continue to keep supporting and backing them, and even praise them. This is probably the biggest problem and is why they have so much social power. Which of course, leads to changes in law.

    Personally myself, I blame social networking, such as Twitter and Tumblr, for it all. These platforms encourage mob mentality and behaviour, and has given bitter and hateful people (modern feminists, etc.) the perfect platform to spew their hatred and venom in large numbers.

    I understand that under the 1st Amendment that people should be allowed to say whatever they want, but when SJWs/feminists use these platforms to just bully, harass, dox and ruin people’s lives, it needs to be taken away from them. They have overstepped the line when it comes to free speech in my opinion.

    I know there are the majority of cool people who love Twitter / social networking and use it for good reasons, but I would be willing to advocate for the whole thing to be burned to the ground if it means stopping these whiny, petulant and bigoted little crybabies.

    1. I would say that overall the rise of social networking sites has probably made both the internet and the world a worse place overall right from the start, and it definitely started making the world a worse place when the companies running those networks began to aggressively police the segments of their user bases they don’t care for.

      I think one of the biggest reasons people were so keen to abandon the message board format and jump onto social media sites in the first place was because they were so much less rigidly policed. At last you could escape that petty little doing it for free moderator clown who was always editing/deleting your posts and defending his little pets. No longer, because social media has become worse if not as bad in that way.

      In the long run I think most of social media will go out of fashion at least in it’s current form. Who the hell wants to get doxed, attacked and silenced by a bunch of narcissistic NEETs with day glow hair? People will start to realize why abandoning anonymity was a bad idea and I think they’ll likely crawl back to it in great numbers at that point.

  8. Naw disagree totally. When you are a public face for a company, your image is important to your job. He fouled his image and made himself a detriment to keep. It’s the same thing as the Alison Rapp story. She was fired for selling nudes with Nintendo products and he was fired for a really mean spirited (and possibly bigoted) picture he posted on Facebook publicly. I side with the company’s right to run their business as they see fit within the bounds of the law. If they calculated that Schilling is more of a risk than an asset, sorry for him but that’s life.

    1. Whilst you’re right about the public face and image thing, I would argue now that people who dare speak their minds and make ‘politically-incorrect’ comments are getting more support than ever from people like us (assuming you’re against the SJW/feminist bullcrap).

      But you are correct about the Internet age of now and how the game has changed… and it’s a complete disgrace on how it’s become an outrage lynch mob culture.

      1. Evidence that the pendulum is starting to swing back and soon our job will be to make sure we don’t become like them.

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