Sorry that the site has been slow, but we did that marathon stream yesterday, and then I slept for six hours or so. Speaking of that stream, I wanted to write a few thoughts out here. I won’t lie, I straight-up jacked the “Eternal September” title from a KotakuInAction thread about our exploits from yesterday (and they stole it too, of course). I think it’s a pretty good description, as the whole thing felt like a throwback to the heady days of last fall. We had Kingofpol on there making a return, but we were also joined by Sargon and Oliver Campbell. Keep in mind, this was a stream I didn’t plan lol. The (planned) one from the night before was great, and I’d advise checking it out for sure. But yesterday’s show was a special broadcast.

It wasn’t just old heads (whatup to Black Face Kermit). We had Candy Jam, Nora, &  Margaret MacLennan there as well. It was like past meets present. In fact, Nora didn’t even really know who KoP was, if memory serves me right. She’s far from the only one. That’s how fucking long we’ve been going now. People come in and don’t even know the history, because there’s so much of it. We joke around about the GamerGate Ph.D. nutcase, but there is a shitload of material to cover. That’s why you can’t just assume everyone knows the same background and jokes that we do. I make that mistake sometimes myself.

I don’t know, I just thought the show was a good reminder of how great GamerGate can be. We all respected one another and while there was a lively discussion, everyone got their time and there wasn’t much negativity. That’s how we are at our best. There’s nothing wrong with some fighting here and there to sort shit out, but the camaraderie of this endeavor is something to be proud of.

Plus, the whole thing was just a lot of fun. There’s been times when things were a drag, yes. Still, GamerGate is about having a good time, at the end of the day. The other side are the ones who are miserable and always looking to be offended. We’re the merry band of shit-stirrers who laugh at their continuous fails. At least, that’s how I always saw it. Yea, we can get serious, and do, from time to time. The laughter is a huge part of the operation, though.

So, check out the stream if you haven’t already. Leave a comment if you feel like it, and I’ll go get to writing about less meta topics. I’ll also get the fucking cartoon up from yesterday that got lost in the shuffle. Happy Friday, everyone!