So, I’ve been up for a few hours, but I decided to argue on Twitter with the “ethics-only” faction of GamerGate that has recently become more hardened. This debate has creeped up before, as I mentioned the other day (great reader editorial as well). But since then, some continue to preach about it, make videos about it, co-sign videos about it. That’s all fine, but it causes me to want to give voice to the opposite side, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Some people are totally unhinged about things though, as you can see below:

As Sargon of Akkad noted, this guy doesn’t represent all of the “ethics-only” side. He’s now busy posting gore shots in the tag and crying about how SJWs were on GamerGate’s side at some point. I have to say, I don’t recall such a point. But some people are using the same sorts of exclusionary rhetoric, “ethics is the only way, shut-up about the rest,” stuff like that. I swore I wasn’t going to address it again, but it seems like people are determined to drag this debate on into the next week. Why are they so determined to push this line? Robin Gething, who used to be Steve Tom Sawyer’s hatchet-man, put out a video this weekend. He had conducted a stream the other day where he repeatedly called me unethical without one shred of proof. I see this sort of thing time and time again. As it turns out,  in this case it looks like Gething himself was unethical:


I don’t have to tell you, being called unethical by someone like that doesn’t mean much. But there are some well-meaning folks. I like Sargon a lot. But I do feel like it’s a shift, because him and I both have talked about all sorts of things in the tag before. I just don’t see why we need to limit ourselves. It’s only going to diminish our numbers and cause needless infighting. Did I use the “ethics-only cuck” term? Yea, cause I think it’s funny. There are some good people who disagree with me, but there’s also some seemingly disingenuous people.

Let’s get another myth out of the way: I favor talking about ethics and SJW bullshit. Both should be highlighted, as they go together like ham and burger (bonus points to whoever names the movie that came from). SJWism, radical feminism, whatever you want to call it…that’s been at the heart of the beef since day once, because it’s what all these corrupt journos use for justification. To pretend otherwise is just wrong.

I certainly don’t want to tie in Oliver Campbell with any of what I said about Gething and Sawyer. That’s my own thing. But he was right on the money with how he described things the other day:

At the end of the day, people will do what they want. Here’s some more reaction from Twitter:

One more thing before I get to the rest of the agenda for the day. There was some fake tweets going around last night about Anita, and I shot those down myself on Twitter. She did end up trying to make the story about her, but the tweets were fake. But it turns out the words were real, take a look:


Some will probably say, “No Ralph, what does the have to do with GamerGate?” But, oh well. I think showing the mindset of a nasty piece of work like this is valuable. This sort of thing can be pointed to when someone asks what our opponents are like. Can you imagine being so low as to say something like that? I write some mean stuff myself, but I have more decorum than to shit on someone the very night they died. We’ve see Jonathan McIntosh do the same thing in the past. This is common from the other side:

I’m gonna keep spotlighting these bastards, whether they’re journos, academics, public officials, or in gaming. It’s all part of the same fight, and we should stop acting like it isn’t. I realize most of you here agree, but let me know what you think down below.

  1. I’m pretty tired of this argument. Almost nobody believes that you can continue this thing without being critical of the social justice narrative. Whether it’s gamers are dead, the UVA rape hoax, #changethecover or Joss whedon being a cunt on twitter; it was all done in the name of social justice/equality/feminism.

    The anti-sjw and ethics have worked together like ying and yang. There is no justification to split them. I believe the 99% are with you on this one Ralphy.

    1. This absolutely correct. Radical ideologues are catalysts for corruption as they put their agenda above all else, ethics be damned, even criminal activity isn’t out of bounds for some of these people. I’m with Ralph on this one was well.

      This whole thing stinks of another attempt co-opt/disrupt GG. The SJW’s are still fuming over the Pao thing and the increasing level of pushback against their narrative.

      1. I was thinking that, why would these ethics only idiots be so against fighting SJWs when they have infiltrated so much of the gaming press to it’s core and are a direct cause of so many of the ethics violations.

  2. Completely agree. This fight for ethics came about because of the inherently unethical ideology that SJWs/Rad-Fems/”Progressive” Left are trying to shove down everyone’s throats.

    Problems can’t be solved if only the face of the problem is addressed. We’ve already seen that the SJW clique will happily ignore the whole ethics issue as long as they can get someone outside gaming to “listen and believe”. The only way to ensure ethical behavior is to expose them for the hypocritical sons o’ bitches they are, and make sure they become such a laughing stock there is no one’s skirts they can hide behind.

  3. Last line, here*.

    Good article. It has always been about the culture war, always. The journos were corrupt because they were fighting the culture war by any means necessary. Does no good to demand they be ethical about forcing their agenda on people. They do not support free artistic expression or free market values. If we stop at asking that they disclose their biases, their agenda would still come before games. This is one front of the culture war, and it is the only front that has seen real push-back against the SJWs. Some comedians are starting to do the same. We need to keep fighting the good fight so others will continue waking up to what is going on.

    Is it about ethics? Yes. Is it about free artistic expression? Yes. Is it about letting consumers choose what they like? Yes.

    GamerGate has never been about just one issue because they are all entwined. Those claiming otherwise seem to be more concerned about defending their own personal biases than winning the fight. We have always dealt with the “tone police” and other SJW-like efforts when some felt that our movement was good so long as no one personally offended them. They fail to understand that the free market of ideas and free artistic expression require everything to be on the table. If you start arbitrarily saying that some sacred cows must remain sacred, there will always be someone adding to the list until everything is off-limits.

    Much of this seems to boil down to people partially agreeing with the politics of the SJWs. They may have thought the corruption part was wrong, but then they quickly fall back to their personal biases. Look at how many people lose it when GamerGate is accused of being “right wing.” They feel the need to go running to declare that they are good liberals, not “right wing nutjobs.” Who cares? People can disagree with censorship and whatnot regardless of political persuasion.

    I have seen “SJW Lite” GGers policing tone over pronouns, gay marriage, race, religion, gender, and virtually everything else the SJWs discuss. They sound just like SJWs, but they hate it when anyone says that. In such cases, I assume they want to limit GG to being “ethics only” because they actually support the SJWs’ efforts, but they dislike how the SJWs were going about it. That is a much harder argument to make though, “I agree with everything you have to say, but please say it in a slightly nicer and more open fashion if you’d be so kind.”

    GamerGate would not be a movement if that had been the entire argument from the beginning. SJW vs. SJW Lite is not a war. That’s an intramural match. This has always been about telling the SJWs that they can keep their personal views to themselves and out of gaming because gaming is for everyone, not just those who share their politics. The free market should not be forced to accept things, and creators should not be forced to cater to niche markets. Consumers should not be told they are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or whatever else just because they prefer games that don’t bludgeon them with such issues.

    The SJW Lite crowd seems to think they are cultural warriors just like the SJWs, but they are the “good ones” that are “ethical” while supporting the same efforts. The call for “ethics only” always seems to come down to the cognitive dissonance of some simultaneously supporting an authoritarian ideology yet opposing how it achieves the very goals that they support. They quickly turn to openly declaring that the SJWs are right in these situations because that is what they have believed the entire time. They share the ideology while thinking that the ends can be achieved through different means. The SJW Lite faction are false allies of those who truly want creators and consumers to do as they wish.

    People can disagree on all sorts of things while agreeing that we should all be free to express ourselves openly and honestly in the free market of ideas. Once you start thinking thought must be policed, however, you are an enemy even if you are willing to admit that the Thought Police have been corrupt in the past.

  4. tbh, if people only want to fight the ethical battle. Or only the SJW battle. Then that’s their choice. But you gotta let people themselves decide if they want to fight one or both.

    Having that said, in my personal opinion there only so much you can do dealing with one before you need to deal with the rest to actually solve the mess we find ourselves in right now. The “different” problems are interconnected.

  5. gamergate has never just been about ethical journalism – it is a big part of it but the reason it happened in the way it did in the first place is because journalists were pushing agendas – feminist agendas, SJW agendas and being bribed with money, merch and of course, sex.

    they can call me anything they want – these people and their ideas deserve nothing but contempt and I will fight them with or without the gamergate hashtag – I did before and I will if the tag dies (which I doubt). they can put snide jokes in Batman games that ultimately no one will ever see because they don’t fucking work, they can put out their mass articles, they can shout “misogyny” “racists” “transphobes” “homophobes” and so on all they fucking want.

    to me gamergate isn’t just about journalism; it is about my fucking games being turned into bollocks.

  6. Honestly, it can be both. Why limit everyone to one goal? If you think about it, the fight for ethics leads into the fight against SJWs, since they’re the majority of the people pushing against the first goal. Unethical behaviour is just the symptom, while SJWs are the cause.

  7. When I read “ethics-only faction of GG” I KNEW before even seeing who was involved, it would be this Robin Gething asshole. This guy is complete prick.
    He has a face made for slapping with big fish.

    1. People gave $4K to help launch his damn Carbon Based Radio show and only 4 episodes came out of it before he quit. He’s been one the biggest disappointments in GG. All we got from him on Steve Sawyer was lies and spin.

    2. I used to like him before the Steve Sawyer shit spiralled out of control, appearing on a few streams etc. Can’t even be bothered anymore, just largely ambivalent.

      1. I’m confused what happened….. Sawyer was outed as a scammer and Robin got super butthurt about it and quit? Now he’s back to whine about how terrible we are?

        1. Seems like it, like I said I don’t care he’s a non-issue and not really relevant anymore.

  8. Here’s the thing: there are enough people fed up with this political correct horseshit out there, that if you cut out the “can’t we all just get along?” tone policing bitches, and they actually did turn out to not be plants, who fucking cares, we don’t need them anyway.

  9. I can’t say I’m surprised this is happening. The sad truth is that there are more than a few GG supporters who are very sympathetic to SocJus (SJW-lite) and at least one that I know of that is a self-proclaimed SJW. Oddly enough, the self-Proclaimed SJW is acting a lot less like a SJW (She knows her place!) than GGers who have been at this long enough to know how SJWs operate.

    I have no problem w/ the ethics angle but lets call this “don’t-discuss-SJWs-outside-of-the-context-of-gaming” nonsense for what it really is: An attempt to re-shape the narrative. First it will be, “Ok, you can discuss SJWs if they’re gaming related”, but as more “SJW allies” (infiltrators who feel comfortable enough to admit being SJWs) and GGers with newly found “hay guise! SocJus really isn’t that bad!” beliefs become more numerous, the discussion will go from “talk only about SJWs as they relate to gaming” to “don’t talk about them at all lest we offend SJWs on our side”. Once that happens, all bets are off and you’ll see rainbow-haired landwhales and the beta-cuck syncophants on National TV talking as representatives of the “reformed Gamergate”.

    People are already making assinine statements such as “SJWs don’t exist”. I forget who said that. I all I remember is being in total disbelief.

    I got hammered this past weekend and got into it w/ some ethics cucks on Twatter. It was like going up against SJWs. Not even entertaining. They reeked of “dorks desperately clinging to the dream of being the cool kids, even though they’re adults” syndrome. Industrial strength phaggotry. It was then that it all dawned on me: A good portion of GG are cut from the same cloth as SJWs, but softer and severely lacking in kampfgeist. Truth be told, they want to be in the spotlight like Anita, Megaphone and Josh and also want a chance of getting w/ Literally Who (both 1 & 2. Cucks).

    People warned of this phaggotry. I should’ve seen it when I realized there was a sizeable contingent of GGers who would be literally intimidated by the likes of Sam Biddle, Devin Fatass Digest & some random landwhales, if they stepped to them at a convnetion. I find that hilarious because neither Biddle nor Faraci can fight. At all. Landwhales think they’re tough until they catch one across the nose.

    1. Some people, such as Gething, are very sensitive about “the left”. It seems that, for him, you’re not allowed to attack anyone on the left, no matter how wrong they are.

      1. I’ve never cared for that guy. I’m serious. Something about him would always set off my “this fool is a bitch” alarm. Two decades ago, he’s the kind of disingenuous, duplicitous shitbird that I would’ve punched in the mouth as soon as speak to him — and I was a comparatively chill dude (well, compared to my peers at the time).

          1. Talking about it or expressing a desire for something that would’ve happened 20+ years ago =/= actually doing it. Let’s be real, most of GG isn’t built like that. If they were, worms like Gething, SJW femtards and their beta orbiters would have a real reason to bitch, and every reason to be on their best behavior (or at least appear to).

          2. Americans are so funny about violence. The only time violence is count is when it happen!

  10. Th’ movie quote is from Friday.
    ,,,and I just came for th’ nookie and pizza,,,I’ll take some ethics and sjw powning if there’s extra,,,

  11. Ralph, is this Redregen guy really GG or just a troll? I ask because his twitter feed looks like an ayyteam shitposter.

      1. I saw that and I fully support your response. Nobody in GG should have to put up with tone-policing shit.

  12. It’s also worth noting that aGG SJWs often fire back at GG supporters with “lol some ethics you got there” responses when we talk about anything else/hurt their feelings (which isnt hard to do). To me the “ethics only” policing is an SJW tactic.

    1. What they’re doing is defining the parameters of the debate/argument in a way that is most advantageous to them. That’s how SJWs have always operated.

      1. This is true, and they’ve always been big on “calling us out” for talking about anything besides ethics (especially if we make jokes about them).

  13. Those “ethic only” people surely look like shills to me.
    Definetly they haven’t understood, what GamerGate is all about.

    The fight against SJWs and Femtrolls IS ABOUT ethics!
    It’s not only, that those people try to sell the games of their friends by praising them in their articles …
    Those people are the driving force behind the anti-gamer narrative.
    Those people are responsible for censorship, lies, slandering of a whole industry and community and the rising sexism and racism, we are witnessing.

    Fighting against SJWs and Feminazis IS a fight FOR ethics.

  14. The fact that some of these people are starting to go towards the Anti’s side makes me seem to think they were never really apart of us in the beginning.

  15. sniff…sniff

    Can anyone else smell the rancid stink of Gaayteam round here?

    Baaawing and gore posting… who do we know who has done that in the past?

    1. What is this “gore posting” I keep seeing mentioned?

      I almost never go on Twitter – what am I missing here?

      1. Redregon decided to spam gore photos (animals being butchered, autopsies, abortions, etc.) in the hashtag until everyone agreed to only ever talk about ethics in the tag again.

        Clearly his claims he only wants ethics are true and not just a blatant attempt to damage GamerGate.

        Needless to say, GamerGate was not impressed.

        I think he pretty much killed any hope of Ethics Cuckery being treated as a legitimate position.

        1. Very authoritarian/statist of him. If that isn’t the essence of SJWism, I don’t know what is.

          1. Less “statist”, more Ayyist.

            But in end it’s evidence of a very totalitarian mindset where “what I want to think about is the only thing permitted to think about” .

      2. spamming online discussion media (Twitter, blogs, board threads) with disgusting images of real life gore (accident photos of blown off limbs etc) or anime images of chopped up characters, etc. Basically swamping discussions and derailing them with images designed to shut the threads down. Standard childish Gaayteam/ troll shite 101.

  16. Anyone who wants to make GamerGate “ethics only” in discussion is a ghazi-in-disguise. Period. The SJWs/RadFems want this to be a culture war and we know for a fucking FACT that if we ignore them, they will win. Period.

    Also, be on the look out for anyone who uses the word “cool” to describe games/gaming/gamers, especially in context to things changing. Gaming isn’t about being cool. It never has been. In fact, back in the day you’d get your ass beat for liking games because it was a “nerdy” thing to do. Games are about FUN. PERIOD.

    1. damn right. im not gonna lie, the thing that pissed me off a few years back was “geek is chic”. you had these wannabe assholes that had an oldschool gameboy on their shirt but didnt know wtf it was. its like just because im doing well, and the stereotype that i grew up under is doing well, doesnt mean your poser ass can steal my “glory” even if you can call it that. im still raging over it. pisses me off when idiots decide they can represent my interests and hobbies but have no idea what those are.

    2. I don’t really think it’s possible to make GG either one of those exclusively. Sure, we want journalism clean, but that means we need to extract the ideological doctrine. Which inherently means we have to fight the SJWs.

      If it were only about ethics, we would’ve resolved this 6 months ago.
      If it were only about SJWs, we wouldn’t have picked up just as much as steam as we did.

      GG literally can’t be black and white issue, because it never was. It can’t be, due to the very nature of the problem we’re facing.

  17. I don’t know where these fags showed up but they accused me of hating trans people and also “exploiting” reds tantrum for tweeting about it. WTF is wrong with these guys? I tweet the same way I always tweeted and now I am the devil? Fuck em, Fuck em hard!

    I am not the biggest guy on twitter but I fought for Gamergate since I started my Account in February but now I am the bad guy!?

    Go to Leigh Alexander you pussies but don’t accuse us of being the traitors. We are not the ones posting Gore pictures under the #!

    1. Are we still talking about the GG supporter or SJW here? Also, can you post the twitter conversation?

  18. there is no choice between ethics and between fighting SJWS.
    Because they are at the heart of ethic issues.
    That whole form of hypocrisy, that whole idea of privileges,that new kind of racism against the majority,it’s all part of the same thing, you can’t just pick your opponent.
    Because there is only one opponent, and it’s that corrupt way of thinking SJWS are promoting.
    this is the new form of discrimination we are facing.
    “ethics-only”is a myth.
    it would be like killing a wasp and leaving the nest right beside you.

  19. I’ve got nothing against those who want to focus on unethical journalism.

    Also, I like how you say “That’s all fine” than call them insulting names like “ethics-cucks”.

    You say ” It’s only going to diminish our numbers and cause needless infighting” but say that it’s okay to insult those who disagree with you.

    Remember who last made the mistake of insulting readers because they disagreed?

    inb4 “tone police!!!!” It’s called not being a douche to some of your allies because a few of ’em don’t have a clue.

    1. To my experience, many of the so-called “ethics cucks” have been intolerant of any discussion BUT unethical journalism, even on subjects which directly tie into it (Sarkeesian’s use of intersectional politics, frixample). It is indeed causing needless infighting and has already led to some people getting disgusted and leaving.

      It’s hardly “tone policing” to call someone out for proselytizing that the entire hashtag should be discussing things ONLY their way.

  20. I see it as the same argument honestly. SJWs are trying to colonize gaming through corrupt journalism….games journalists are corrupt because they want to make a SJW colony within gaming through muhsoggyknees narratives.

    The distinction seems largely arbitrary.

  21. The anti-SJW side is “ethics only”. The alternative is “games journalism ethics only”.

  22. Wait!!! we are not talking about SJW i at Airplay??? Thats the fucking reason almost everyone join GamerGate

  23. Having just attempted to hold a discussion with two of the folks on the “ethics-only” side of the fence, it became rapidly apparent that they had ZERO interest in ethics.

    Instead, they wanted to present their opinions about various GGers (including me) as irrefutable facts, slant as though it were objectivity, and constant assertions of false equivalence. Even if I wanted to take their assertions at face value, their grievances were a matter of storms in a thimble, the sort of “ideological perfectionism” which we’ve seen too often from aGGs themselves.

    In other words, they sound like SJWs trying to get #GamerGate to argue itself into oblivion. I doubt they actually are, but they might as well be.

    1. They are completely insane. If they continue like this they will ruin everything we built in the 10 months of our existence.

  24. Remember Jim’s last video before he retired the IA account? This crap is part of what he was warning you about, and why he wont touch GG anymore.

  25. Just to clear things up, I’m in no way shape or form Steve Tom Sawyer.

    First Satan makes that mistake, now Ralph. WTF man.

  26. Ethics is merely the first “smoking gun” victim of the SJWs, and the corpse was at the feet of Zoe Quinn. The questions then asked led to the knowledge it wasn’t an isolated incident or something done without premeditation. The SJW was an organized crime syndicate stealing from the creativity of real artists, selling contaminated shlock over the counter, and asking protection money and doing assassinations. The harsh light of the sun exposed what they were doing and how they did it.

    You cannot separate the two. If you ask why the collapse of journalistic ethics, you don’t find payola – the people doing the fake reviews didn’t themselves accept graft and become rich, it was a form of socialism – get other people to pay your incompetent friends. Patreon is for welfare queens. Perhaps voluntary, but only in the sense a person who is scammed will spend thinking he isn’t being scammed.

    But you don’t see any balance. The dolts being lauded, praised, and subsidized, as well as the ones doing the praising, etc. were all on the SJW end of the spectrum. There were some Kickstarter scams, but they were just a small group of scammers who could rarely get away with it more than once, they didn’t have the media systematically feeding them victims in a long term cycle.

    The SJW narrative is all encompassing, destroying everything in its path. Artistic merit. Plots. Accomplishment. Ability. Diligence. Competence. Excellence. Fun. Beauty. Merit. Thought. In its place is left a cesspool of crap that occasionally achieves some small level of mediocrity, while preaching – screeching the feminist, LGBTQ, whatever lines.

    For a long time, Excellence, Merit, were the standards and that was respected. Then GitHub got rid of the Meritocracy carpet because a SJW said she felt threatened. She was. She was an incompetent idiot. Brendan Eich supported something politically incorrect years earlier and was purged. But bridges don’t care about anything but the quality of the engineering and hence the engineer. It will collapse if not done right – better hurt feelings than deaths.

    You also see it in the Military where they keep attempting to have women or something else than the traditional military ability – mental and physical be the standard. Or firefighting. Sorry, even a tall, amazon like woman is not going to be able to haul a hose up 3 flights of stairs while wearing full turnout gear including the SCBA. Or if she can, fine, let her join, but like bridges, buildings and fires don’t care about your gender or orientation. When fires break out west, we should all send the SJWs to fight them first. That would quickly eliminate the problem.

    If the problems – starting with ethics but hardly ending there – are to be fixed, the weed must be pulled out by the roots, and the root cause are the SJWs and their substitution of irrational to the point of psychosis feelings for cold hard reason and facts.

  27. We discovered SJWs are behind all the shit in gaming journalism something like two week after GG started. What the fuck “ethic only” even mean.

  28. The SJW journalists in video game journalism were the ones breaking the ethics, so therefore it is all encompassing. Social justice IS a good thing, the so called “warriors” are the problem.

  29. This has to be the dumbest debate of all time. The two are literally 100% inter-connected. It was SJWs infiltrating Kotaku, Destructoid, Ars Technica, RPShotgun, and Gamasutra since like … 2010, 2011, years before GG. During this time the entire point of unethical gaming journalism was to 1) form a narrative throughout the industry to push ideological goals, 2) tie that narrative into promoting ideologically similar colleagues, and 3) tie that narrative into destroying and smearing ideological enemies.

    The “means” was unethical journalism, but the “ends” all along was ideologically driven. That’s literally the entire fucking point. If people are too stupid to see that then leave us alone and fuck off. This fight pre-dates your involvement by 4 years and you don’t even know what is going on.

  30. Really not much I can say that hasn’t already been said but if we think this is about “ethics only” consider that it was never about ethics with SJWs. It was narrative pushing and seizing control of games media for their twisted goals. If they were truly ethical people they would have apologized long time ago and we wouldn’t be having these discussion close to a year later.

  31. I think the ethics only party is trying to distance themselves from some of the more distasteful aspects of the GG crowd. As much as I agree with what GG wants from games journalism, they mirror the SJWs to a great extent in methodology and tactics. Let’s face it, a lot of GG has been about pointing out that what GG has been accused of doing anonymously, the SJWs have been doing out in the open: doxing, going after jobs, internet hate mobs, etc. There is a real reason for that.

    Now, I fully understand that most of the bad behavior attributed to GG comes from anonymous trolls, but it doesn’t take much perusing areas where ‘legit’ GG comments accumulate to see a real hate for leftists and progressives which isn’t called out by other GGers. I mentioned this on an earlier board and got a fairly lukewarm reception.

    The stereotyping of the “left” as being unethical or “progressives” having some grand conspiracy or “social justice” as a total cesspool completely ignores the reality that the right was the source of the original angst directed at gamers (and still is very unfriendly, this link isnt working for some reason but combine the two and it should work: livewire/poll-67-percent-of-republicans-think-video-games-are-bigger-threat-than-guns).

    A common GG stereotype ignores that the traditionalists have always hated, and continue to hate the overwhelming majority of music, film, and games – their group has just been joined by a group of radical feminists who have gone so far left they’ve ended up on the distant right (something like horseshoe theory, as others have pointed out).

    Now, I just mentioned what the larger problem this article was about centers around. The most recent unethical behavior comes from a group of people who associate with the “left” and so GG is certainly about both journalistic ethics and anti SJW sentiment. But I feel compelled to remind everyone that part of the reason the SJW behavior is so distasteful is precisely because it channels the very “right” Jack Thompson and other video games critics of the past, and combines it with the worst of modern conservative media: putting ideology before truth, pontification, dogpiling to silence dissenting voices, purity tests, and so much more. So GG is about ethics in games journalism and fighting dogmatic ideologues whatever their stripe – as the current anti game criticism from the left was nearly copied from the right’s.

    GG is right to place the blame for the unethical practices in games journalism on left leaning games journalists. But the aGGs tactics have been in use for decades on the right, and as we point out with Sarkeesian, the substance of their arguments are carbon copies of the arguments the right have been leveling for decades, only with the “for diversity/puritanism” twist rather than the “for tradition/puritanism”.

  32. I think if people want to focus on ethics only they do that, some of the ethical violations found required some hardcore digging but to police the rest of the movement is wrong

  33. Where to start? Should we back up to Zoe Quinn who fired the shot heard around the internet? Do we go earlier? Look if you fight for Ethics in Games Journalism; you end up fighting the SJW’s who are using the press to paint us as monsters. If you start to fight SJW’s, and their fascist way of operating then you eventually have to take on the Media.

    This is one ugly knot, and it’s not going to be solved overnight by a bunch of sudden changes to various websites. What does it mean to you tomorrow if Gawker, Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamasutra all came out, and published updated rules of ethics? That going to make you quit? GG’s all done YAY we won? Don’t be stupid.

    If you don’t sort the SJW’s from the media then it will happen again, one day, one week, one year they will swing back around to the idea that they can make gaming “better.”* Even if you get strict ethics codes, it won’t change a thing.

    In the office where I work it is against company policy for an employee to have their smart phone out at their desk. I look around the offices to see lots of people with their eyes (and usually one hand,) fixated in their laps. Now either all of them are masturbating, or they are using their phones on the down low. Because they don’t think the rules apply to them. That’s what’s going to happen here if you don’t get both heads of this hydra.

    SJW’s never think the rules apply to them. Their Motto seems to always be “Do as I say, not as I do” and rules to them only apply to other less enlightened people. So fight for your ethics and they will just ignore them and twist your words against you. Or fight both, and in the end get rules that everyone will respect. Get rules that will stick because the other option is to become to toxic to hire.

    *Paraphrased Mal from the movie Serenity. The “I aim to misbehave speech.”

    1. “If you don’t sort the SJW’s from the media then it will happen again, one day, one week, one year they will swing back around to the idea that they can make gaming “better.”

      This is very true. If you understand the origins (and therefore the nature) of their ideology and the fact that they employ “incrementalism” to gain ground, then you’ll know that in their eyes a “defeat” is just a temporary setback. The only way to keep SJWs at bay is to remain vigilant and call them on their shit/mock them the moment they show themselves.

  34. The fact Hitchens never really spoke about intersectional gender feminism despite the fact he’s only been gone 4 years and despite the fact this brand of feminism has been around for a half century shows how intersectionalism has exploded since the Spring of 2012. That’s when Sarkeesian launched her Kickstarter and SFWA president and SF author John Scalzi had his “white privilege” piece at Kotaku and Salon had a piece asking if Game of Thrones was too white.

    For the first time you had a one-stop-shopping ideology which didn’t critique issues but instead men, whites and heterosexuals. An intersectional review of Avatar doesn’t address special effects or cinematography but white men. Neither Sarkeesian or Wu critique games but instead critique men. Salon didn’t care about story pacing or prose but about orcing the marginalized.

    If you strip third wave feminism out of games journalism and throw the issue only onto ethical lapses there is no Gamergate – not even close.

    Let me put this as starkly as possible: we are facing a thing that operates much like a white supremacist group, except its unrelenting focus is men, whites and heterosexuals. The fact you have useful idiots who think they’re manning the ramparts of social justice and storming the Bastille doesn’t move me at all. Intersectionality is a hate movement passing itself off as one of empathy and compassion, which is precisely what makes it so dangerous.

    Just remember the Meese Commission on pornography of the mid-’80s had Andrea Dworkin testify against free speech along with the “Mississippi-based National Federation for Decency,” but for completely different reasons. The latter critiqued societal harm. For Dworkin the answer was much simpler: she (like Sarkeesian) critiqued men.

    Only supremacists critique an entire ethnic group or sex. Whether Gamergate knows it or likes it or not, it is up against a supremacist movement. The lack of ethics of such a group is built-in, not a feature.

    1. Very well said. Going after ethics only is like focusing on the broken arm of a car accident victim while ignoring that they’re bleeding to death.

  35. there is a fracture coming this is only a crack forming. what will happen once ethics are restored we will see the fracture happen. Some will just leave, some will become watchdogs, some will go after the SJW’s (aka the plague rats that bring corruption and shit with them), and some will do both.
    Maybe the fracture will be at the conclusion of gamergate and peeps will raise new flags to work under but what has been started will not be over for a very long time.

    1. I was expecting not just a fracture, but several fractures based on the cliques I saw forming and the e-drama between them early on in GG. I was expecting it to happen within 3 months of GG’s inception based simply on the disparate views & personalities of the supporters as well as SJW infiltration.

  36. Ethics is about justice, fundamentally, and Social Justice is the enemy of real justice, so it is ALWAYS unethical. #GamerGate has been THE most successful social pushback against these people yet, and I honestly think it could be 1. the point at which the tide turns on the SJWs (although not without a long war), or at least 2. a textbook case of how to fight them, and 3. a mobile militia than can lend aid and support when SJWs attack other cultural sectors, such as sci-fi and fantasy writers.

    The SJWs are NOT going to go away, after all, and the more the advance and solidify in other sectors of the culture, the more they are going to re-double attacks on gaming and gamers.

    We need the “it’s about ethics” narrative to counter the “it’s a misogynistic racist hate movement”, but “being about ethics” IS being AGAINST INJUSTICE, and SJWs are always against justice: they are totalitarian, authoritarian, hate free choice, witch-hunt, ruin lives and careers without a second thought, and are ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED of their own righteousness. They are ideological zealots, and this cultural war is not just about the future of gaming, but the FUTURE of Western civilization full stop.

    This is a war. GG didn’t start it. The SJWs have being at it for DECADES, but only recently have they been able to get so much traction that people seem to be willing to roll over on basic freedoms, like free speech.

    I’ll make it simple: if GG confines itself to “ethics in game journalism” and does not engage this cultural war on broader fronts, working with other loose coalitions, then gamers will eventually be surrounded and the SJWs will be able to bring the power of the state to bear. Anti “hate speech” laws exist is most of Europe, and anti “portraying women as degrading” laws have be proposed. Does ANYONE serious believe that Anita Sarkeesian would not ENFORCE her will by LAW if she were able to? Or, God help us all, Brianna Wu?

    This would have been like the Americans in Boston in 1776 saying “Well, we drove the British out of Boston, I guess Boston is safe now, so let’s just not worry about the British anymore.”


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