Tomorrow, I’m going to have a paid promotional editorial from the controversial Roosh V here on the site. I would have run it for free, so it’s nice that he wanted to help support what I’m doing here. It’s not for much, but I still have to share that information. Even if you disagree with what I write here, you won’t be able to say that about me. I don’t take money under the table. There’s nothing wrong with sponsored content, in my opinion, as long as it’s disclosed.

You can’t say that about everyone, though. As it turn out, Steve Tom Sawyer and RevueLabs had more problems than we first thought. Not only did he apparently lie about his assault, and drag GamerGate through the mud in the process, but he also lied about something directly related to gaming journalism. He took money for a game advertisement, then did a YouTube/Twitch broadcast about said game, without disclosing it. The audience is never told about the paid commercial sponsorship for the game. There was also a written review prepared, with the writer only being told to disclose the free steam key, but not about the ad money (I’ve been in contact with the writer). Here’s the video below, and the some relevant documents. One also shows the funny financial structure there are RevueLabs:  takeover




Stream Date was October 1st, during the ad window, as you can see in the invoice.

We watched through the entire video, and it’s never mentioned. The Twitch that it’s originally appeared on, now has an ad for his new Carbon Based Radio program. Still shilling, all the way until the end. I would say this puts the whole Steve Tom Sawyer thing to rest. This is about as directly tied to ethics as you can get. Sawyer took money from a developer without telling his audience about it in a livestream with that dev. It’s something that we have to call out, even if we’ve had two or three other stories about this guy.

I have some more stuff on this clown, but I don’t think it’s necessary to release it. This is the final article we will be doing on him, barring some spectacular flameout, or newsworthy event. He does have some time left to sue me over the DMCA, so I’ll keep that situation updated on Twitter. His fake lawyer came to the #BasedCommentSection and got destroyed by real legal professionals the other day. Needless to say, I’m not too worried about it.

We’ve taken care of one of the bad actors in our ranks. It’s not easy to lay out evidence against ideological allies, but you have to live up to the rhetoric. Sawyer hasn’t hurt GamerGate though, really. He’s made us stronger, because this gives us credibility. The opposition was wrong. It really is about ethics. Steve Tom Sawyer just doesn’t have any.


UPDATE: Info from Neirdan, who did a LOT of the legwork on this story. sincerely thanks him for his support.