With so much to write about today, I just had to go ahead and pick something. Since I was already talking about Shanley’s meltdown on Twitter, I figured why not start there. It really is pretty fun to see an abusive troll like her have to eat her own shit. She keeps claiming that the story is about her fucking weev, when that’s only the side note. The real juice of the piece, comes from her racist beliefs and racially charged language, her views on interracial couples, etc. It’s not about who she fucked. The point of the Milo’s article is, she’s a complete fucking hypocrite, who two or three years ago, was openly racist (and proud of it).

She’s yet to deny any of the charges, which is also notable. She keeps deflecting with attacks on the character of weev. I’m hopeful that at least a few people have been redpilled about her over the last few days. With the way she’s lashing out at fellow feminists, I think some allies have deserted her in her time of need (lol). Is there no honor among thieves?

Last night, even Gawker joined in on the fun with a post about Shanley on Valleywag. Apparently they don’t like this nut much, either. They basically did a recap of Milo’s brutal destruction. This didn’t please Shanley very much. Let’s go to the Twitter Tale of the Tape:


The egomaniac actually think’s Gawker is threatened by the new site she’s apparently about to start up. I seriously doubt that, Ms. Kane. Not that Gawker/Valleywag isn’t ripe for a challenge, but it won’t be coming from you. You’re more suited for a padded cell, than a media mogul’s chair:Selection_696

Watch as she wildly swings between blaming this all on Linux users, and GamerGate members:



There’s more. Here’s where she gets mad at feminists for not coming to the defense of a well-known racist and possible Neo Nazi sympathizer:



At a certain point, I had to join in this. It was pretty hard to resist, after I read the recap from Valleywag that I mentioned earlier. There’re the scum of the Internet, but it was still good to see them shine a light on Shithead Shanley:


I tweeted that screencap out to Shanley, who had me unblocked for some reason, after having had me blocked previously (lol). Anyway, she wasn’t in the mood to re-read the Valleywag piece, apparently:

So, what’s the moral of the story here? Don’t fuck with well read British dudes that are known for fucking people up. Especially don’t do it if you are at the level of a Shanley Kane. The poor lass never had a chance. Gawker knew it as well, and like the rest of us, decided to have a good laugh. For once, I will tip my hat slightly towards the Cayman Criminal. I still think you should probably be in prison, but laughing at psycho Shanley is something that we can all agree on.


UPDATE: Milo has responded to Shanley’s Twitter outbursts with a few questions. Like him, I somehow doubt that she will be answering them.


  1. I certainly don’t get what this whole ting’s about, but I don’t care. Must be pretty pathetic since feminists are fighting over it.

    1. Basically Shanley Kane is a feminist who fights to have more women in tech related jobs. She does this by not by helping other women but by harassing men in the industry and getting them fired. It turns out that like most SJW’s, she is a massive hypocrite with various mental issues.

      As uncovered by Milo she was apparently in a relationship with a white supremacist who taught her all she knows about trolling and attacking people on social media. She was and probably still is a massive racist who is using social justice and feminism as a platform to make money. Like Sarkeesian, she cares nothing for helping others or actually making real change except where it relates to making her bank account larger.

      1. Also, she’s an SJW’s SJW. When Elizabeth Spiers (a gawker veteran) wanted to do a sympathetic piece on Shanley’s magazine, everything went well – until Shanley understood that Spiers would talk to other people as well. When Shanley realized she wouldn’t have 100% control of the story (only 95%, maybe!) Spiers went from friend to “Leave me the fuck alone and don’t ever contact me again!”

        1. That’s one of the major tip-offs that this chick is off her meds. Despite the fact that she was being given a positive interview by a woman for a popular website, she goes apeshit simply because the journalist was doing her job and getting input from Shanley’s peers and co-workers.

      2. Her solution to helping women in tech is to Tweet in all caps and respond to everyone with a several variations of “fuck you”, regardless if the reply is positive or not. What a sweetheart.

  2. *Checks the Gawker archive link*
    *Sees first comment in that article*
    “Some people are lucky to have the first amendment to hide behind.”

    …Wow, just wow… I’m utterly disgusted by that comment more than I am by a lot of the anti-GG crowd.

  3. “Don’t speak out about open source because they will literally dox
    your family and drag up old angry exes from yrs ago to terrorize you.
    — Shanley (@shanley)”

    Someone tell freebsdgrrl.

  4. fucking SJWs we’re supposed to treat them like they’re not yet another hate group because they’re female, or in many cases “female”?
    fuck off, and fuck you.

  5. Read Milo’s piece,,,never thought i’d ever get aroused watching a gay man spank an angry feminist, but wow,,,i think the Germans refer to the spendings of such excitement as “anger jam”,,,(fappity-fap-fap-fap),,,

    1. I think the term you’re looking for is ‘schadenfreude’, the malicious enjoyment of another’s misfortune.

      1. …mmm,,,,nope,,,this flaky dried baby batter on my basement-dwelling sweatpants still translates as anger jam,,,ulp, take cover gamergaters! I just re-read th’ article,,,th’ creature stirs,,,,god at this rate I’ll be shooting out knee cartilage,,,,(fapfapfapfapfapfap…….)

  6. The greatest moments in her career development happened while she was interjecting into dinner conversations while shithammered on Far Niente. She’s a fraud/

    Has anyone ever seen her video on Scaling and Product Management?


    She starts out with a potato plagiarism of Nicholas Carr (doubt if she even knows who she is ripping off) and then proceeds to tell this audience to basically use google docs, don’t make stupid mistakes everyone knows about, double your time allowance and not to expect too much. She fills in the banks with some images she saw in art history class and makes up goofy girly jokey words.

    Has this woman ever sifted through debug logs? Has she ever troubleshot an issue that affected two separate entities? Has she ever acted as the first line of defense for millions of users? Has she solved a crisis or fixed an outage? Has she ever had to write up root cause documents that must be reconciled with service level agreements? Has she ever negotiated large contracts or oversaw an implementation project? I’m not even talking about dev ops here, just operations. She’s giving PM seminar at 26 years old without a tech degree or any real track record for success. If you can’t even do the granular level shit, how the fuck do you think you are qualified enough to be preaching to tech entrepreneurs? She’s talking straight out of her ass, wearing sweat pants with her hair pulled back like she’s some kind of tech Bill Belichick. At least wear some business appropriate attire. She’s strutting around acting like she’s already made her billion and people should give a fuck, when really she hasn’t done jack shit except stomp her feet and scream feminism at people. What a fucking joke. I work with project managers that know their shit and some of them are female. They got there from paying their fucking dues. They didn’t throw temper tantrums and expect to be handed 6 and 7 figure salaries. They had to produce.

    Shanley is a fraud. A she-emperor with no fucking clothes.

    1. This was so cringeworthy it was hard to watch. That “joke” at the beginning…jesus christ. Her every other word is “like”, her presence and appearance are that of a crack addict. I’ve seen better and more professional presenting from middle schoolers.

    2. What a bad presentation. This was neither entertaining nor educating, she comes off as someone who has not a clue what she is talking about, but talks loudly with a very high pitched voice. Not pleasent. How come that people listen to what she has to say? She should check her privileges. Such a speech would lead to the loss of professional reputation for any serious product manager.

  7. This is why being a public figure of any variety and being a 2-faced piece of shit is a very bad idea. Oh, dear. Also, I have never before met someone who was admittedly anti-open source. If that isn’t the most fucking shill position to ever take, I have no idea.

    1. Funny thing is, open sourcing, crowd funding and community driven initiatives (like say, gamergate)…
      They’re all firmly established as “left wing” tactics, practices and principles.
      Funny how SJW claiming to be the “real liberals” (liberal really =/= left outside of America ><) only like such things when they directly benefit :3

  8. What a surprise: when called out for her bullshit, she tries to deflect it by claiming that people are going after her for being a woman and shut shaming her.

    Is there a manual that the 3rd wave feminists hand out that says “Rule #1: In case of emergency, blame your faults and mistakes on The Patriachy/slut-shaming/misogyny”?

    Oh, and Based Milo’s response posted at the end shows why you don’t dare attempt to go toe to toe with him and think you’re going to walk away victorious.

    1. “Is there a manual that the 3rd wave feminists hand out that says “Rule #1: In case of emergency, blame your faults and mistakes on The Patriachy/slut-shaming/misogyny”?”

      Isn’t it called “Gender Studies 101”?

  9. Why do you think weev is credible about anything? He’s a famous troll, a criminal and a sociopath. Why should we assist him in his trolling of an ex-girlfriend?

    1. Well, there’s this thing called “objective evidence” like hotel records, airport records, etc.

      That backs weev up.

      1. Hotel records and airport records back up weev’s claim that he and Shanley dated. Shanley has never denied that. How do hotel and airport records back up weev’s inane claims that Shanley is a closet racist? They don’t. It’s just more nonsense, Social Trolling from a notorious Troll. Why would anyone pay any attention to a dill weed Troll with ZERO credibility?

        1. Given her history of hatred and the fact they were dating, do you have any reason to disbelieve him?

          Plus she claimed she dumped him for being abusive, but just before his sentencing she flew to New York & tried to go on a date with him.

          1. Yes! He’s a TROLL! Why would you give a TROLL any sort of respect or credibility? That’s a good reason to disbelieve weev about ANYTHING!

            You don’t know WHY she flew to New York. You’re believing a Troll and making shit up. People in relationships can do some weird crap, like date an infamous Troll.

          2. Why would you give a TROLL any sort of respect or credibility?

            Because I base my view of the world on what the evidence says, not what is considered “respectable” or “moral”?

          3. Well, then you’re a fool, and your philosophy is inane. Because there is NO “evidence” of anything, just the word of a criminal Troll, who utterly lacks credibility. I would sooner take the word of a pile of dung, than a creep like weev.

          4. The evidence isn’t worthless because a TROLL agrees with it. The evidence is worthless because a TROLL has presented it. It’s just more tedious, worthless, social trolling.

            Weev is a liar, criminal and troll. He lacks credibility.

          5. You’d think that if he were lying, she’d have said so. She’d have called him out, told him to prove it, tried to clear her name. But she didn’t.

            She cried “slut shaming” and “he was abusive” but she never said he was lying. About any of it.

          6. I’m saying it. Weev is a LIAR and a confirmed TROLL! Why are you giving a LIAR and TROLL any credibility?

            This stunt by Milo and Weev is abusive and “slut shaming.” She doesn’t have to say that he’s a liar. He’s said it. That’s documented fact.

          7. And if he was lying, it would have been easy for her to prove he was lying, no? She would have at least said something to the effect of “Weev is lying about me”. She never made any claims to the contrary. She would have made some attempt at clearing her name. Or at least saying “I’m not a racist, I never did any of the things he said I did”. But that never happened.

            Only two people know the truth for sure, him and her. If he’s lying, she’s done nothing to disprove it. The only defense she came up with was “he was abusive”. She attacked Milo
            for attacking her. But she didn’t say any of the allegations were

            You calling him a liar means nothing if she didn’t.

  10. Shaney reminds me a lot of Trump: grandiose, crude, thin skinned, abusive, self-centered, combative/at war with an “establishment”, profane, victimized, paranoid, quick to smear, never apologizes in public, smarter than everyone else

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