By now you’ve probably heard that Loony Louise Mensch’s unhinged Twitter rants and horrible site management finally caught up with her, and that she no longer heads the “Anti-SJW” site Heat Street. However, if you hoped that her demotion would lead to the site improving, think again – if anything, the site that was supposed to fight SJWs is currently acting just like a SJW outlet, publicly Shaming people for politically incorrect views and defending Censorship.

Yesterday the site went after Nintendo’s Russian PR Manager Konstantin Govorun for the crime of socially conservative views about homosexuality, Triggering tweets and supporting his country’s law against “Gay Propaganda”. Why this should shock anyone outside of Tumblr is beyond me – polls show that around 85% of Russians are strongly against same-sex marriage, and 87%  oppose the idea of holding regular gay pride events in their cities. Hell, until just a few years ago most Americans were also opposed to gay marriage.

It’s well know that SJWs want ruin the lives and careers of anyone found guilty of wrongthink on gay rights – remember how they forced Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich (who co-founded the Mozilla project, the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation) to resign, simply because he had donated $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 against gay marriage. This level of political intolerance is of course what we’ve come to expect from SJWs – the question is, why is a supposedly anti-SJW, right-libertarian outlet like Heat Street doing this?

And make no mistake, Heat Street wants this guy gone from Nintendo – they explicitly draw parallels to Alison Rapp, who did get fired, as if being skeptical about gay rights is equivalent to being a Pro-Pedophile Prostitute. “Nintendo is still an international company with an international reputation” they write, dismissing concerns that one shouldn’t try to impose Western political correctness on Russians. Apparently, if you want to work for any international company, you better be careful what you tweet. Thanks to SJWs this is not a new phenomenon, but supposedly anti-SJW people publicly Shaming people for politically incorrect tweets IS new, and needs to be combated. I know Heat Street hacks are fond of Anti-Nintendo clickbait, but this is a bit too much.

By the way, you should oppose this Shaming of social conservatives regardless of how you view gay rights. Even plenty of gays are disgusted by the bullying tactics of the modern gay rights movement. In a free, pluralistic society there should be very few opinions that are deemed completely out of bounds – and views of homosexuality that until a few years ago were shared by the majority in almost all Western countries should certainly not be cause for a witch-hunt. The bipartisan hate campaigns that we’ve seen under the banner of “anti-racism” have been bad enough – we certainly don’t need to see “anti-SJW” people join SJWs in social media campaigns against so-called homophobia.

However, their Shaming of Konstantin Govorun is even the only incident of Heat Street hacks acting like SJWs recently – in an article supposedly decrying video game censorship, Little Hitler Ian Miles Cheong (the “reformed” former Nazi, former SJW) actually ends up affirming that “There are video games that deserve to be censored or even banned“. His example of such a game is Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors, a game which “depicts under-age girls in nonconsensual sexual situations where players ‘punish’ them”. Now, as creepy as that may be, being morally outraged by this makes no more sense than being outraged by any other potentially Offensive video game content, like the extremely graphic and brutal Fatalities of the Mortal Kombat series.

I can’t believe I still have to explain this to be people, but video games are works of FICTION. Even if video game characters are murdered, tortured or raped, no actual harm has occurred. Furthermore, being hung up about the age of consent of FICTIONAL characters makes no sense either, since these characters do not actually exist and will never have any actual ability to consent to anything, period. Furthermore, if a fictional character’s age of consent is the censorship criteria, there exists a Randi Harper-sized loophole that any perverted creator can exploit – design a character that looks obviously underage, but state that she’s actually 18, 50 or even 500 years old in-universe. Then you’re suddenly free to subject her to all sorts of sexual horrors!

Of course, I’m sure that IMC would advocate censorship or bans in such cases too, since as long as the characters look young enough they could conceivably be fapping fodder for pedophiles. Of course, by that point we’d be legislating potential Thought Crimes – no actual harm is necessary, merely the potential of it causing certain people to think Bad Thoughts is enough. I shouldn’t have to tell you the negative implications this would have for free speech rights.

Little Hitler further justified his desire for banning Criminal Girls 2 by saying that it “normalizes sexual relationships between adults and children” and approvingly cited German Censors who “found that the game promoted a link between sexuality and violence, which was compounded by how young its characters look.” What he doesn’t mention is that this is pretty much identical to Anita Sarkeesian saying that games make you sexist, and Jack Thompson saying that games make you violent. Moreover, no product should be banned because of how it *might* affect a couple of already deranged individuals. In that case, the people who banned J. D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye were very much in the right, since the novel apparently caused the death of John Lennon.

Defending free speech by definition means having to defend Offensive and depraved speech or artistic expression – those are the easiest targets for the pro-censorship crowd to attack. Targeting works of fiction depicting teen and pre-teen characters in sexual situations is especially effective, since those objecting to Censorship will almost inevitably find themselves accused of being perverts or pedophiles themselves – never mind that it’s not just possible, but necessary, for free speech activists to defend speech they personally disapprove of.

By the way, don’t readily assume that people screaming about the need to protect fictional kids have the welfare of actual children in mind – during early GamerGate the SJWs were constantly condemning 8chan for allowing people to post lolicon there, but when a high-profile SJW was revealed to be an ACTUAL pedophile, almost all the same SJWs defended him. The SJW support for criminalizing lolicon and banning games like Criminal Girls 2 has nothing to do with being anti-pedophile – they’re anything but – it’s because they recognize it as an effective Trojan Horse for Censorship and the undermining of free speech rights.

Indeed, Heat Street itself very much trikes me as a Trojan Horse of sort – pretending that it’s going after the SJWs while really attempting to mandate political correctness and act as censorship apologists within the anti-SJW camp. I’m not particularly interested in whether the Heat Street horse is full of SJW infiltrators, politically correct Anti-Trump Cuckservatives or Globalist Neocons, all I know is that the site even under its post-Louise Mensch leadership is not to be trusted. False friends are often more dangerous than open enemies.