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Dear Reader,

Imagine being born and raised in North Korea.


Imagine being taught from an early age that you have to secretly report anybody suspicious.

Anybody must be denounced so that they can be punished or killed.

Anybody, even your parents.


Imagine witnessing the daily abject poverty. The famine. The acts of daily cannibalism.

Imagine being deeply grateful for it all.

Imagine your daily blind gratitude to those who rule you by harming you.


Imagine waking up every morning to the most perverse pseudo celestial sadomasochistic theocracy on earth.

And imagine spending your whole life living that perverse nightmare but never noticing it is a perfect lie.

Because to you, it would just make sense to love those who harm you.


The worst part?

Being born into a life of slavery in North Korea would be better than being a hard-left North American student at Evergreen College.

Why? Because unlike young North American Intellectual slaves, young North Korean slaves’ intellectual poverty would be the result of the complete removal of knowledge, not the illusion of it.


98-99.% of North Koreans do not have access or do not even know what the internet is, while 99.9% of Evergreen College students have access to it 24/7.

In a world of pervasive internet access filled with data and opposing points of view, the willful ignorance of the North American Evergreen college intellectual slaves is truly unforgivable.

Furthermore, exposing a North Korean intellectual slave to the free world, to knowledge and the internet, may eventually liberate their minds. The North American intellectual slaves, on the other hand, already live in the free world but are immune to knowledge.

Let that sink in. The left has succeeded at manufacturing the equivalent of intellectual anorexics in a world full of intellectual nourishment.

Instead of engaging in the pursuit of truth, hordes of leftist North American College students are instead willfully embracing the illusion of knowledge.

The source of their indoctrination can be traced to their “professors” who have made these young people invulnerable to knowledge while giving them the false entitlement to intellectual immunity.

These hordes of leftist North American College students will not only refuse knowledge that opposes their narrative but they also vehemently believe their ideas to be untouchable.

Make no mistake, the left is burning the eyes of young minds with the red-hot branding iron of Marxism.

The hard-left “professors” themselves are deeply invested in teaching young minds the illusion of knowledge in campuses all across the US. They want to make their discipleship as blind as themselves, all in the name of “progress”.

Even worse, these “professors” are actively manufacturing hordes of intellectual slaves immune to knowledge in the free world without the need of an actual dictatorship.

That is in and of itself as perverse as it is impressive.

Think about it. It’s fascinating how already blind Marxists professors scorch the eyes of younger minds with something much worse than ignorance itself: the illusion of knowledge.

And nobody in Academia seems to care unless, of course, they disobey orders and are called “racist”. That is when they blow the whistle, like it happened to Professor Bret Weinstein.



As dystopian as it sounds, American campuses like Evergreen college have become centers of glorified ignorance, where imaginary facts have to comply with a leftist narrative.

The events at Evergreen are just the beginning of the pervasive glorified tribalism take over called “Black Lives Matter”. Its aim is segregating and dividing the American society while camouflaging itself as “progress”. BLM is just the beginning of many, many tribalism-based groups trying to divide America starting with its youth.

Why? Because there is no better way to fuck up a nation than making sure they live a future of dysfunctional tribalistic division.

What is even more spectacularly dysfunctional is the following: unlike starving North Korean slaves, the North American left is cannibalizing itself while still alive.

While North Korean intellectual slaves are forced to embrace ignorance in a dictatorship devoid of choice, the North American Evergreen State College intellectual slaves do so of their own volition despite the fact that they live in a free world full of choice.

Again, it is impressively perverse.




Look at these “students”, and remember that their minds are worse than their sense of fashion. You know you truly have fucked-up-in-the-head people when they look as if a Jehovah Witness on acid told them what to wear.

It looks almost as if these North American intellectual slaves sat down and asked themselves:

“Is there anyway we can fuck up all of our future employment choices in one single picture?”

The intellectual poverty of North Koreans is the ultimate consequence of totalitarian isolation, whereas the dire intellectual poverty of Evergreen students is the result of too much freedom and wealth.

The vast majority of North Koreans are intellectually poor because all choices have been removed from their lives, yet Evergreen College students are willfully blind despite having access to knowledge and money.

These “progressive” kids are far from being financially poor. The young intellectual slaves at Evergreen are not like young slaves in North Korea, born into poverty, but the offspring of well-off American parents able to pay the expensive tuition at Evergreen College.

Let that sink in. Parents are paying large sums of money for their children to be forced into dire leftist intellectual poverty.

Granted, no parent is perfect. But, if we judge by the picture above, clearly these children the ultimate consequence of skimping money on condoms. Look at them, even in their present form they still manage to look like deformed sperm:

But after that regrettable series of bad sexual decisions that led to their birth, why would their parents have the perverse need to screw up their already below average minds with “education” of the Evergreen variety?

I mean, if you know you already gave birth to a dumb, shitty-looking kid, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to invest money in their many plastic surgeries instead of furthering their pre-existing genetic retardation with the lifetime burden of “college education”?

Add to the genetic injury of their existence the insult of their “special” names. Nothing says “I hate this expensive walking unwanted pregnancy” more than choosing a weird-ass name for your shitty-retarded-lefty kid. My money is on most of these young neophytes bearing weird-as-fuck-Zulu-clickety-click names.

Levity aside, judging by their behavior, it would stand to reason that a higher IQ would predispose children not only to choose STEM over humanities but also to detect the bullshit of leftism in Academia. Furthermore, you would be hard-pressed to find radical activists and protesters from STEM faculties simply because STEM students tend to have real homework and little free time for activism. Humanities? Those tend to have lots of free time while “studying” for their worthless humanities degrees.


The evidence suggests that young leftists tend to have low impulse control, gravitating away from abstraction and towards emotion.

As a result, it would stand to reason that the psychological children/intellectual slaves at Evergreen were not bright enough to qualify for STEM courses to begin with and instead chose touchy-feely humanities that require no real effort.

Couple that with the fact that Evergreen State College has an acceptance rate of over 98.9%, and you have the confirmation that these young students are fucked for life.

Still, you have to hand it to Evergreen for taking the money from dumb wealthy parents’ hands, all the while making their children even dumber. That is merciless capitalism at a 98.9% rate. How “progressive” of them.

If the lives of these wealthy Evergreen students were not already doomed to be hard, with their godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly faces, their wealthy parents wasted more than enough money to give their godawful-weak-as-a-prolapsed-pink-sock-double-espresso-retarded minds a lifetime of failure with their radical “higher education”

Problem is, their failure points at a much greater problem in America: The soaring Stupidity Index of young North Americans.

These Evergreen students would have had a much brighter future as used condoms.


Thank you for reading.


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