Apparently, buying someone’s personal info so you can publish it on your blog is now kosher. At least according to ex-Gawker writer Adrian Chen, it is. He just told me so on Twitter, right after I publshed screenshots showing that he had favorited a post that was advertising the dox of Internet Aristocrat. He didn’t try to backpedal (too much). He admitted that he was really trying to buy the dox. I had thought he might say he was just fucking around. But, he didn’t.


You don’t know? Well, I know. By buying the dox, you support it. I mean, what better way is there to support something? You’re paying money to back the enterprise. You’re an investor in the selling of personal information. And what other types of personal information does this person sell? You would be making an investment into that as well. There’s no way of knowing what you’re supporting. That’s why reasoned thinkers don’t put their dollars behind information trafficking. Then again, you are ex-Gawker, so this mentality is likely hard to break.

Adrian, stop this type of behavior. You’ve left Gawker behind. It’s now time to leave their putrid way of doing business behind as well.