Apparently, buying someone’s personal info so you can publish it on your blog is now kosher. At least according to ex-Gawker writer Adrian Chen, it is. He just told me so on Twitter, right after I publshed screenshots showing that he had favorited a post that was advertising the dox of Internet Aristocrat. He didn’t try to backpedal (too much). He admitted that he was really trying to buy the dox. I had thought he might say he was just fucking around. But, he didn’t.


You don’t know? Well, I know. By buying the dox, you support it. I mean, what better way is there to support something? You’re paying money to back the enterprise. You’re an investor in the selling of personal information. And what other types of personal information does this person sell? You would be making an investment into that as well. There’s no way of knowing what you’re supporting. That’s why reasoned thinkers don’t put their dollars behind information trafficking. Then again, you are ex-Gawker, so this mentality is likely hard to break.

Adrian, stop this type of behavior. You’ve left Gawker behind. It’s now time to leave their putrid way of doing business behind as well.

    1. Yes. Actually, IA should contact the FBI and relevant state authorities. Doxxing is technically illegal. Because it is almost exclusively done to harass, and harassment is illegal in all 50 states and federally…publishing someone’s personal data for the purpose of annoying, intimidating or harassing them is a crime.

      Just sayin’.

      1. Don’t get me wrong. It’s more damming ammo for us. I just think it’s going to be the IA freak out show the anti GG were expecting.

    1. No they aren’t. They all switched to iPhone 6 like good little Apple cultists, and those promptly broke in their pockets. No reflections here.

  1. Where the fuck are the celebrities denouncing these people?
    #gamergate makes them frightened enough to speak out, but when “professionals” within the media industry support doxxing, it’s alright?
    anti#gamergate logic.

    1. Yeah, it’s hypocritical shit like this from the anti-GG people that makes me lean towards supporting #GamerGate more and more each day.

      1. Any honest neutral is an ally.
        If you can examine both sides fairly and aportion credit and criticism where it is due then you’re a reasonable person regardless of which side you choose.
        Not all of antiGG are raging hypocritical arseholes. (though they do a pretty good job of acting that way, even more balanced articles like the recent Slate piece manage to come off as VERY douchey. I particularly like how the win condition for antiGG is now set at giving #gamergate everything it has asked for :D)

        1. That is true. I’ve seen and talked to plenty of anti-GamerGate people who aren’t raging hypocritical assholes, and just feel that the whole GamerGate reputation is too tainted by the misogyny allegations, or to just don’t care about game journalism and want everyone to shut up about it already. Like I said, I personally tend to lean more towards pro-GG side in general over the anti-GG people because from what I’ve seen over the past two months, you guys seem to actually be able to back up your arguments more consistently, while a lot of the big names in game journalism against GamerGate are doing stuff like this pretty frequently and seemingly unwilling to own up to their mistakes. But I can’t really say I’m into GamerGate enough to do anything more than passively support from the sidelines, and I’m still not entirely sure why people here really care about Anita or McIntosh at all outside of defending yourselves from death threat accusations. Sure, they make critical videos about video games, but they have the right to do so. And I still don’t know what the deal is with Brianna Wu other than she was chased out of her home due to death threats.

          1. Wu’s threats were anonymous. She blames Gamergate because… it couldn’t possibly have been anyone else, right?

            Sarkeesian’s problems are more genuine, but even she has taken to blaming gamergate for ALL of the harassment she has EVER received.
            That should set off some warning signs.

            The problem here isn’t the SJW narrative itself, it isn’t feminism, it isn’t biased editorials. All of that is fine. I’m a socialist, and yet I am perfectly happy with the existence of establishments that are not ideologically compatible with me. I can sometimes even enjoy their stuff.

            The problem is the media were *demonstrably* in collusion to push a shared agenda, to create a narrative and present it as the only truth.
            Opposing opinions were suppressed or mischaracterised as abuse.
            THAT is the problem.
            Have you *ever* seen a critique of Sarkeesian’s work in the media?
            Any refutation?
            Hell, if we keep it on gamergate, it took MONTHS of biased reporting before outlets started to even interview #gamergate users.
            That is a sad indication of bias all on its own. Even Fox gives the illusion of balance…

          2. Oh, ok. Thanks for the clarification. I’ve seen interviews with Brianna between when I wrote the previous comment and now (in particular the one on Huffington Live), so I get why she keeps getting brought up now.

            As for Anita, I knew about the one-sidedness of the media and the lack of criticism of her work, but not that she was blaming GamerGate for everything bad that happened to her. I mean if the media is lauding her as a feminist icon and they think GamerGate’s all about misogyny, no wonder she keeps getting brought up. And no wonder you keep having to talk about her. Not sure why I didn’t make that connection sooner. I mean, I still think it’s kind of stupid she’s even involved at all, but at this point, what are you gonna do about it?

            In any case, it’s awful that GamerGate has had to fight so hard just to get their voices heard… you guys at least deserve that.

          3. The thing I find most annoying is the subjects she wants to discuss are *perfectly* fine.
            Want to have a serious discussion about the reliance on tropes in games, and how we can improve female representation? I’d eat that shit up, I’m a liberal arts guy, I love sociology psychology and examining stories.
            What we get from her is a lecture about how evil everything is, how everything is about misogyny and how teh poor wimminz cant play games (laughable, considering)
            It infuriates me because anyone that engages with nerd culture pretty quickly sees how inclusive it is.
            Take Felicia Day’s commentary on it.
            In it she describes how wonderful the community is, how she has always felt safe and welcome.
            Until a “handful of people” were angry at her for supporting Sarkeesian on twitter.
            This handful of people, and the media coverage “made” her feel uncomfortable and even scared of the community.
            How sad is that.
            She’s had YEARS of success with nerds but a “handful” of tweets that don’t appreciate how she sides with somebody attacking the culture as misogynist and suddenly she scared of us *all*
            I understand and empathise. Getting nasty messages sucks and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone (I actually sent her a tweet or two in solidarity) but her message read “I am a bigot” to me tbh.
            The way I explain that is with the Ferguson riots.
            Some shitty people took advantage of a situation of civil unrest to be criminal fuckwits.
            It is ENTIRELY unacceptable to blame all of Ferguson for it, or suggest it is part of a wider “black culture” issue.
            If ANYONE said that, we’d know they were racists and safely ignore their idiocy.
            And yet that logic is what has Ms Day scared of her own fans that have done nothing wrong. She crossed the road to avoid two guys in nerdy shirts.
            Like I said, it’s not really her, it’s the media and the voices that hold sway most with her. Joss Wheden saying supporting #gamergate is like supporting the KKK, that’s how bad it is and I have lost pretty much every shred of respect for the man. Bigotry is bigotry. To me, generalising nerds/gamers in this way is IDENTICAL to doing it based on race, gender or creed. A bigot isn’t always a bad person, sometimes they’re just misinformed but too many seem to *embrace* their hatred and that is sad.
            …. Sorry for the wordy rant 😀
            I get worked up over this stuff because none of the awful things said my wealthy professionals that should know better seems to matter. Some anonymous troll says the word “cunt” in a tweets with the hashtag: proves we’re all monsters. Journalists and other media professionals compare a group to the KKK, ISIS, the Nazi’s and call for nerds to be bullied, shamed, harassed and professionally blacklisted…. *crickets*

            Still much love for seeing both sides.
            There are good people on both sides, I just think the good people opposing gamergate are misguided, misinformed or peer pressured into it.

          4. The wordiness is fine. I’ve ranted for way longer about way stupider things.

            I get what you’re saying about Anita, and I agree that she doesn’t really seem to care about actual female video games as much as pushing her agenda. I’ve seen snippets of her videos and interviews here and there, and while she makes a good point every once in a while, most of the time she does appear to be cherry-picking examples and basically seeing misogyny where there is little to none while missing glaring examples that would honestly make her points a lot better. And the fact that she straight-up rips gameplay footage from Let’s Players is both disrespectful and says a lot about how little effort she actually puts into her research. My brother’s watched her whole series, and he tells me that it’s pretty much the same thing from beginning to end. While I do appreciate and accept her right to make said videos (though her posting schedule is pretty disrespectful to the people who backed her Kickstarter) and can say with certainty that she doesn’t deserve death threats over it, that doesn’t mean I have to agree with her or the people who think her work is groundbreaking, or tolerate her behavior.

            As for the media labelling #GamerGate as a hate group or terrorist organization, I do think that is incredibly unfair, especially given how little I hear about things like #NotYourShield outside of neutral or explicitly pro-GamerGate sources, despite it’s rather large presence. But being critical for a second (I’ve got to keep my semi-neutrality cred somehow, right? : p), there is something to be said about the fact that with no true form of organization or leader, anyone can do pretty much anything under the #gamergate tag and effectively blame it on the group as a whole. It becomes incredibly hard for you to defend yourselves because there is no objective way for you to say ‘Well, that’s not what #GamerGate is’ due to the definition being more or less defined by the general consensus of its members. Yes, the subjective definition created by the majority of GamerGaters opposes it, but when the bar of entry into the group is adding a hashtag to the end of your tweets, bad people can slip in really easily, and without a person or group in charge setting hard guidelines or codes of conduct for its members to follow, there’s nothing stopping them from fucking shit up for everyone else.

            Of course, in a completely fair world, this would work both ways. Sure, you can’t define your group objectively, but neither can your opponents. They wouldn’t be able to define your group in any objective fashion due to the lack of said leadership giving a hard ruling on what the organization is or isn’t, and would thus be forced to judge it based on the actions of the majority. However, that is clearly NOT what is happening with #GamerGate (and, depending on who you ask, gamers as a whole), given that according to most mainstream media, the actions of the assholish few are the only actions that matter, and for the most part are completely ignoring the points being brought up on journalistic ethics by the majority. You are absolutely right in that they shouldn’t be blaming the whole for the actions of the few, and that it is unfair to report on the anonymous tweets of some troll while ignoring the blatant slander and harassment coming from the not-so-anonymous game journalists and their ilk.

            Sorry for the way-wordier-than-intended reply. I hope I got my point across in a way that doesn’t make make me sound like a dick. And to clarify, I’m not asking or expecting #GamerGate to become organized. After all, these sort of groups thrive on the internet, and have their own inherent advantages that an organized group doesn’t have. And I’d imagine that even if #GamerGate wanted to organize, doing so at this point would be a nightmare. I’m just trying to point out a major weakness of this kind of group (that you more than likely are already aware of anyway) that I felt I needed to say.

          5. Nope, I think you covered a fairly good critique of gamergate and represented a fair opinion more broadly too.
            I think part of my frustration with AS and her kind is I’m a genuine progressive and think these are important issues. (even as an antifeminist; and that is not impossible, it’s a reaction to the brand of feminism we see dominant atm)
            Better representation, the promotion of inclusion and the condemnation of harassment are all top priority imo.
            I just wish we could get better representatives for it in the media. There are plenty out there 😛

  2. All the same hypocrites who scream rape-culture-misogiarchy when jennifer lawrence gets her personal photos leaked but have nothing to say when a basketball star, or youtube critic is threatened with the similar breach of privacy (at least the ones that are male).

    These people will eventually ruin themselves. Why? Because they have that all to often lethal combination of arrogance and incompetence.

    1. If you’ve got an official Gawker purchase order form I’ll buy one of those, I’ll send 50 I-beams to their HQ.

  3. He seems to be all about that: “In October 2012, Chen exposed the real name and details of Violentacrez (a moderator of several Reddit Jailbait communities)”

    But hey, Allistair Pinsof releases the details of a person that was going to scam people out of money and he gets kicked out of the industry.

  4. The person who tried to sell IA’s info is a known Anti-GG troll. Whether or not he had real dox or was bullshitting, I have no idea.

  5. You would think with more and more outside eyes focusing in on these idiots that they would at least try to go under the radar and not do criminally stupid shit like this right now. I’m glad they are though because if they weren’t self destructing so badly this whole thing might have dragged out longer or even lost traction.

  6. This is like saying “I don’t support the selling/producing of child porn, but I support the buying of it.”
    If you buy, it means you support the selling you tool.

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