Ex-Muslim Calls Out Feminists For Abandonment & Labeling Him a "Native Informant"

Ex-Muslim Calls Out Feminists For Abandonment & Labeling Him a “Native Informant”

As many of you know, we have an ex-Muslim who writes for this site fairly often. Co-Host Nora has talked about her experiences many times here in this space, and hopefully she will talk about them again. It’s not easy to leave Islam when that’s all you’ve known your entire life. Not only that, you open yourself up to vicious attacks, even violent ones, when you step out of the Islamic bubble. Perhaps even more dispiriting than that harsh reality is that the people who should be some of your biggest allies, progressives and feminists, turn their backs on you instead.

Take this column that appeared on Vice the other day as a prime example. Soak in the fear that accompanies leaving Islam. It’s hard to leave any religion, but it sounds especially terrifying to leave Islam…


Another feeling that hovered over my leaving Islam was fear. Islam had presented itself as a complete and objective blueprint for my life, in charge of dictating my role in this world and my relationship to death and an afterlife. This left me believing that without the religion, even if I lived life making a difference in this world I would no longer be abd Allah, a slave of Allah, and thus my life would be aimless. It told me that that apocalyptic Yawm al-Qiyamah(day of judgement) would come when I would be judged as an apostate, one of the worst of sins, and put into Jahannum (hell). The language around hell in Islamic scripture can be terrifying — is it any wonder many new ex-Muslims have to cope with the anxiety it creates?

That paragraph is depressing enough, but the bit about feminists and other assorted leftists turning their backs on the author is just as distressing, if not more…

Although we received support from the wider public (including Muslims), we also received plenty of hate mail and abuse. I’ve had people spit on the ground and call me a murtadd, while insults to female Faith to Faithless speakers are always framed in disgustingly sexist terms. Even worse is that we’ve often been let down by the very people who should be helping us, including some feminist and leftist activists who have used racialized terms like “native informant” to describe us, undermining our agency as a minority within a minority.

We see this time and time again. Instead of helping the people who actually need their support, SJWs would rather whine about mean tweets on Twitter and other assorted white girl problems. How can you not have empathy for this man after reading his story? To me, this sort of guy is a hero and deserves backing from all segments of Western political society. But to progressives, he’s a “native informant.” What is that, you ask? Well, if you really want to dive deep into this topic, be prepared to spend a long time reading through academic texts that will likely take you a very long time to get through. I’ve done a bit of research in the last couple hours with the help of JSTOR, and it would be an immense undertaking to go into this subject fully. So, instead of doing that, here’s a blog post that explains the term pretty well…

The Native Informant is, according to [Gayatri] Spivak, a colonising projection from the Western visitor put upon a person in a foreign culture, and is connected to the experience of a radical Otherness. The term is an elaboration on ideas of the ‘raw’ and authentic human identity that supposedly exists in non-Western and more or less primitive cultures. Spivak’s ‘Native Informant’ is typically the most destitute woman from the third world, but a black commentator on TV talking about black issues is a similar informant. Through a sense of Otherness, this informant builds a bridge between the ‘unknown’ and the ‘enlightened’ West. But the ‘Native Informant’ is constituted by and constitutes the colonial subject. In the context of our being in Ramallah, the Native Informant is the supposedly ‘authentic Palestinian’. Although such an authentic Palestinian exists only as an external colonial projection, it is constantly reproduced and has power nonetheless over the images created within Palestinian culture.

Who is Spivak? A “global feminist Marxist scholar,” of course. I know that comes as a shock to you readers.


I showed Nora some of this, and she boiled it down accurately to: “Blame the white man.” More reading on this topic can be found HERE, HERE, & HERE. In my view, the whole theory of the native informant is pretty much trash. You can take people’s opinions and experiences, or you can leave them, but to simply dismiss them because of some supposed allegiance to the colonialist white man is absurd. Of course, we’re talking about feminists and Marxists here, so that’s not very surprising.

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