EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Trump Troll Elliott Lusztig Got Unmasked. Surprise, He's a Huge Cuck!

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Trump Troll Elliott Lusztig Got Unmasked. Surprise, He’s a Huge Cuck!

Elliott Lusztig

Sorry for the slow pace as of late, but let’s set things back off with some fun, shall we? Back in December, I wrote about a guy who calls himself Elliott Lusztig over on Twitter. Somehow, this sanctimonious asshole has had amassed over 80,000 followers on the service. Back in the last post, I openly mused about his identity as I took him to task for claiming that calling someone a snowflake was tantamount to psychological abuse.

I delayed posting this, because I was trying to find out just who Elliott Lusztig is. He’s been quoted in countless mainstream media stories like he’s someone of note, but as far as I can tell, he’s just a left-wing Twitter troll. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a troll, it’s just that you would think this guy was some kind Democratic Party official with the way his tweets seem to reverberate around the internet.

He is regularly quoted in the progressive and mainstream media, like in this Salon post

[A]nother popular Twitter personality, Elliott Lusztig, opined, “I love Bernie Sanders but he’s got to stop apologizing for the racism sexism & bigotry of Trump supporters. Enough.” 

How about a Raw Story quote on antisemitism from “Elliott Lusztig?”

And this Washington Post entry…

There’s myriad other examples. I don’t have time to show them all to you, but rest assured that his identity has been a big topic of discussion for a longtime…and rightfully so. When you get to be a prominent individual on social media, people are going to want to know who you really are. Even liberal professors like Jasmin Mujanović have been calling this guy out.

Actually, his name is not Elliot Lusztig. It’s Chad Elliott Noyes and he’s a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I don’t think he’s actually a tenured professor.He doesn’t even have a staff page. But he does have some ratings here. Most of the students seem to be fond of him due to his easy class. I know that feeling extremely well.

He’s also taught at the Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School in Santa Cruz. Here’s some links to that part of his career, along with a quote

Dr. Chad Noyes received his Ph.D from Harvard University in Government, and he is presently educating freshmen and sophomores about the importance of historical analysis. He taught a semester-long class on Historical Memoirs here a few years back. “Kirby struck me as a kind of place where you could lead small group discussion-based seminars. And that’s a big deal for me,” Noyes states. “There’s much more freedom for me to design a curriculum in a way that suits me more as a teacher. Kirby just suits me better than any other school I’ve taught at.” Raising a young boy and catering to a wife he calls the “the genius of the family,” Noyes incorporated a chicken coop onto his family estate. His wife has decided that “she wants to live the country life,” and he is complying.

Speaking of his Harvard career, here’s a summary of his college thesis:

This thesis seeks to uncover the roots of political science in ancient political thought, specifically in Plato, Aristotle and Thucydides. The thesis defines political science as the account of the rule of reason given by those who consider the universe to be nothing more than matter in motion and therefore devoid of objective standards for the adjudication of claims to rule among human beings. The argument of the thesis is that the ancient account of political science anticipates most of the central developments typically held to be innovations in modern political science, with specific reference to the theory of human subjectivity, the nature of citizenship and civic virtue, the logic and limits of foreign policy realism, and the importance for modern democratic theory of such innovations as representation, human rights and administrative governance. As the ancient thinkers developed their account of political science through the study of democracy, which was believed to be the regime that most resembles the political-scientific account of political life, the thesis is also a study of the relevance of ancient democracy for the theory and practice of modern democracy.

Basically, this guy is a degenerate political scientist like myself, only he has a Ph.D. instead of a bachelor’s degree. Now, you might be asking yourself:

Ralph, how did you find all this information? 

Good question. The answer is, I didn’t. Well, I found some of it. His thesis, his prep school teaching career…that was all me. But he let some key details about his life slip on Twitter, and even though seems to have been lying about having changed his name, he went just a bit too far. That’s when the squad and I went to town.

As I said above, it seems like he’s lying about that last bit as of today, at least the part about having actually completed the change.

Glad you brought that up, Elliott. Speaking of his wife, her name is Irene Lusztig, she also teaches at UC Santa Cruz, and she seems to be just as insufferable as her husband…if not more so.

While her creative work extends across a range of moving image forms (long form cinema essay, web-based interactive projects, and–most recently–video for gallery and museum exhibition), in all of her work she maintains a strong connection to feminist historiography and archival practices, an investment in rigorous and sustained interdisciplinary research into her subject of inquiry, and a conviction that filmmaking itself can constitute a profound act of reframing, recuperating, and reanimating forgotten or neglected histories.

So, he likely married the first woman who let him get his d*** wet, knocked her up, and then proceeded to become (even more of) a mega punk bitch. Sad! Many such cases!


Anyway, I hope you guys had as much fun with this as I did putting it together. Enjoy! And be sure to welcome Chad Noyed, Elliott Lusztig, whatever the fuck he calls himself, back to Twitter if he ever shows his face again.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of TheRalphRetort.com. Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

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  • Whaler31

    Wait a second. So the cuck husband’s now take the wife’s surname AND let their kids keep that surname? Holy fu-king cuckhold, it’s far worse than I thought.

    • Yea, it’s pretty bad lol

    • von Stroop

      That’s a new one to me. That’s some high-powered cuckery right here. None of this shite surprises me anymore. It’s the end-times my friends, make your peace and follow your convictions.

    • Hugomarink

      Yeah, that is just so much worse than being a Nazi! Geez, how do these libtards live with themselves?

  • Dr. Stephen J. Krune


  • theGOONIES

    Roflmao. What a cuck and insufferable useless wench. Clearly made for each other

  • Celerity

    1: Contain all the cucks in California.
    2: http://www.reactiongifs.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/cut_off_florida.gif
    3: Set detached state on a course for the Middle East.

    Let’s just solve every problem at once.

    • Lost Question

      step 4 shoo all cucks off and float uninhabited land back

      • Celerity

        Sure we won’t get any cultural appropriation back?

        Serious though, I think that’s the best plan. All the war and shit over there is for land right? Let them fix our SJW problem in exchange for fixing their war problem. And if it doesn’t work out, well we got nukes offshore in Cali.

    • JasonC5

      send them to the FYRE FESTIVAL and hopefully they won’t ever be able to leave.

    • Awkward Young Nietzsche

      Yeah I’d love to see you guys survive without the 8th largest economy in the world.

      • Celerity

        Producing what? Computer components can be built elsewhere, and their only other export is retardation. Hell, those companies would probably rather be overseas anyways, it costs less than bringing them here.

      • doulos23

        Hahaha. Always loved this argument as if pure production numbers mean anything. I’d love to see CA try to simply feed herself. Given how Sacramento loves to crap all over the Central Valley where a sizeable amount of food is grown, you still need water from SEVERAL nearby states.

        The people who will never allow CA to succeed are actually Democrats. How many EC votes would they lose at once?

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Balance it’s actual financial value against it’s accumulated debts and California turns into red ink on the national balance sheet. The tech industry is a maturing industry now which means sooner or later it’ll just get moved someplace cheaper and more central as the infrastructure gets built up, and at that point California goes into recession.

      • Anstice

        Your state can’t even provide enough water for itself. How the fuck are you going to talk shit? Hell, I bet if I checked your power grid can’t even get the job done either. Without your neighbors the only industry that could make money is PORN.

    • Rince Wind

      That’s Florida.

  • FirstLine

    Top kek.

  • Lost Question

    there are 2 ways that kids future goes 1 his parents break him and he grows up to be even more cucked then his father, and 2. (aka the more common one) rebellion the kid becomes everything his parents dislike and takes every chance to live a better more confident life and rubs everything that his parents don’t like but help him in his parents face

  • Flowey

    If any one wants to spam that sjw with bad reviews you can go here: http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=1972513
    Apparently you don’t need to go to college to use the site XD.

    • von Stroop

      Nice work flowey.

      • Flowey

        Holy shit! You can submit multiple reviews!!! Dear god was that site made by a fifth grader?

        • von Stroop

          This has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand flowey, but go google Bob the Angry Flower lol. Have a nice day.

    • Celerity
  • AverageJoe1987

    So did she let him keep his balls or did he willingly have them removed too?

    • J Russell

      Never had any, from the looks of it.

  • Wulf2000

    After reading both of their course summaries, I come to the conclusion both of them are BS artists.

  • Mr0303

    Don’t college professors have anything better to do than be internet trolls? I guess it’s a bit better than being a violent thug, but still.

  • tinker_thinker

    Oh dear! Those poor chickens!

  • Personally, I don’t see a problem with a married couple taking on the woman’s name. Maybe it’s because I’m highly invested in an east Asian culture where, traditionally, men married into the woman’s family, but yeah, let people choose the name they want. I could, however, agree that it’s cuckery to try changing your family name well AFTER the vows were already made…. and he says that the kid has her name before he himself took it on. Either he married her late and adopted her illegitimate offspring or, more likely, he let his “genius of the family” boss him around, arbitrarily decide on the kid’s last name, and is forcing him to change his own name long after the fact.

    • Chad Elliott Noyes

      It’s incredible that totally ignorant people who know nothing of the people they are talking about will allow themselves to say such astonishingly rude and cruel things about people they have never met. You should be ashamed of who you are.

  • melpomene

    well well well

  • Dat Sneefa

    nice find

  • Yarlg

    Cuck: A man whose wife slept with another man. Not a man who changes his last name to his wife’s last name (which a friend of mine did because his last name is basically unpronounceable in Americanese).

    Oh and Louis CK hasn’t been married for like a fucking decade, you bellignorant cuckholes.

    Oh and I don’t care about this Elliott Lusztig fruitcake, he’s a dumbass too.

    • J Russell

      You’re new here, aren’t you?

      • Yarlg

        Nope. I just don’t fall in line like people who use words wrong because they’re too angry to learn how to use them right.

        The way some people abuse ‘cuck’ is just like how feminists abuse ‘misogynist’.

        Just call any male who disagrees with you a cuck, like the feminists call any male who disagrees with them a misogynist. It’s hilarious really, just two sides of the Angry Idiot Coin (and Hillary’s on one side and Trump’s on the other, hah).

        • Dr.Weird

          Hey Yarig, if you’re this upset maybe you could calm down by going and prepping the bull.

          • Yarlg

            Hey Dr. Weird, your original reply was funnier (which I saw in my notifications):

            “Actually a cuck is someone who’s wife sleeps with black men with their consent, it also applies to all other forms of race traitor in common parliance including liberals, who are always gay as fuck beta males, and anyone else who acts as a pander.”

            Not sure where you got your definition from (probably the troll hole), but OK, it’s hilarious anyways, and totally revealing of the racist, sexist, homophobic, and leftist-hating platform you need to stand on to be noticed. You’re really one of a kind, you cookie-cut nobody.

            Oh, and I’m sure you meant “panderer”, but should I expect you to spell correctly if you make up definitions of words to suit your bigoted cheese-filled flat ass?

          • Dr.Weird

            Racism, sexism, and homophobia are good and cool, don’t like it? Go fuck yourself nancy.

    • Dr.Weird

      Actually a cuck is someone who’s wife sleeps with black men with their consent, it also applies to all other forms of race traitor in common parliance including liberals, who are always gay as fuck beta males, and anyone else who acts as a pander.

  • Hawk Hopper

    When you wrote about this guy previously, I commented that he could be a Godfrey Elfwick like troll. But the true is even funnier.

  • BooBooBaby

    Hahaaha! This was too awesome! Thank you!
    Him and his wife seem like the Typical Brainwashed Unhinged Triggered Looney Lying Lefty Lib-t4rds!

  • Peter Eiermann

    wow what a bunch of sick assholes. time to doxx some of this prix on here.

    • Typical

      Yep. that’s what the virtuous left does. What a pussy.

  • Michael Jensen

    OMG …. You guys are REAL. Thats so funny. I read all the comments laughing away when i realized you are actually serious…. Even funnier 🙂 …. Anyway – have fun in the middle ages!!

    • Typical

      Look, another faggy pussy.

  • Chad Elliott Noyes

    Ethan I literally do not care at all what you say about me. You cross a line when you begin to attack someone’s family online – especially their kids.

    Law enforcement authorities will be notified and you have been extensively reported on Twitter, I see. I’m surprised that a person with an arrest record for assaulting a cop would take the chance of attacking a 10-year-old boy online.

    The excuse that you blurred the photo isn’t going to impress the other cops too much, I can promise you, considering this article links to social media pages where the photo is readily available.

    I would think, in the circumstances, it would be prudent for you to take down the picture of my son (and also of my wife) in a good faith gesture of mutual understanding. If you don’t that will just be another thing that counts against you.

    People are noting the connections between online threats & actual violence more and more. Not smart to get yourself mixed up in that, Ethan.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      “Ethan I do not care about what you say about me but I’m gonna post three comments whining about it cuz muh wife’s son’s honor or something something….that’s why I’ve reported you to the police for making fun of me on the internet!”

      lol Do your students know you’re such a whiny cuck? Maybe they ought to be informed I think.

    • J Russell

      Okay, I take back what I said earlier about pity for you. Hiding behind your kid? Low, even for a Marxist.

    • Celerity
    • Typical

      Cry more, pussy.

  • Chad Elliott Noyes

    I would also note Ethan that while you haven’t directly threatened my family with violence, some people whom you have incited below have threatened us, and you are also responsible for that.

    Or you can just put this behind you by deleting the article.

    • That’s not how comment liability works, sir.


      “Your tl;dr is this: if your site is based in the U.S., you’re protected from being legally liable for what commenters write, even if you filter or pre-moderate your comments, as long as:

      1. you don’t change their content to change its intent or insert illegal content
      2. you don’t encourage people to break the law with their comments
      3. the commenter isn’t one of your employees or, in some cases, freelancers”

      • Chad Elliott Noyes

        Ethan get serious, man. That is totally irrelevant, as I imagine you are already beginning to suspect. That’s not how this works.

        • You’re really outing yourself as a major dumbass, dude. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been running this site for years and I’m well acquainted with the law concerning comments from readers, my liability for those, and my responsibilities in general. Nothing I have done is illegal by any stretch of the imagination, and you will find that out if you insist on wasting your time pursuing this.

          • Chad Elliott Noyes

            I didn’t say it was illegal, Ethan. That was my point. Bye, Ethan. Good luck with that assault charge.

          • Farewell! Enjoy your Memorial Day!

      • Chad Elliott Noyes

        Maybe if you hadn’t just assaulted a cop you might get away with this.

        • Toastrider

          He is going to ‘get away with this’. You might want to review the current cases and legal actions surrounding Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt, and their quixotic attempts to shut down discussion of their actions and words. If it makes you feel better they are particularly loathsome examples of the species.

          Streisand effect is a real thing, Mr. Noyes. This article was a month old, and nobody would’ve even given a damn about it if you hadn’t thrown a tantrum.

          But by all means, pick a fight. Butthurt is not a tort. But don’t be surprised if you get hit with a countersuit. I imagine Ralph could get some excellent suggestions from R.S. McCain for lawyers.

  • Chad Elliott Noyes

    This is one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen. You CRIED after getting your Twitter account verified?

    And you accuse other people of being cucks?


    • I’m going to humor you. Where in that post does it say I cried? “The salt flow” is a reference to haters, people like you, crying about the verification.

    • J Russell

      Dude, just stop. Really. I normally have neither pity nor sympathy for your ilk, but this is just sad and makes me feel badly for you.

  • Industrialist Machinist

    It was always going to be this easy folks, are enemies are trannies, cuckolds, low IQs and soft cat ladies, we just needed a man to stand up and call them out!

  • Hello crazies

    Holy fucking god, you are such a pathetic bunch of whiners. Any nazis here that need punching too?


    .. but is he also jewish? (Coincidentally of course.)

  • Friggin snowflakes. Let’s out a man we can’t argue with. WHAAA WHAAAA. You people need a f_cking life.