As I mentioned in my pieces on the Silverstring Agenda, I used that term as a catch-all for the SJW web that’s currently trying to influence the trajectory of the video game industry. But, the intellectual basis for the movement actually comes from an ogranization of academics known as the Digital Games Research Association, or DiGRA. We mentioned in the first Silverstring piece about how this was a crucial element of the web, since it functions as an organizing tool, and the well from which they draw their  anti-gamer rhetoric. Think of it like a Washington think tank, except it has chapters all over the world, and a ton of members.

Until now, we haven’t known much about DiGRA’s backers, but we know at least one. That would be the Nokia Research Center, which, of course, is backed by Nokia itself. I’m tempted to say that they run the whole thing, because is registered to Nokia, and every single academic paper I saw on the DiGRA site had “Nokia Research Center” stamped beneath the byline. Speaking of bylines, here’s one from out good friend Greg Costikyan. Here’s a screen of his paper from the 2005 DiGRA conference:


I guess this explains the unhinged rant he published in Gamasutra (it was deleted, but here’s a link) a couple weeks back. Maybe he was afraid we were on to something? I’m not sure how closely he’s still involved in DiGRA, but perhaps all the digging has him spooked. The essay is relatively inoffensive, although there are several undertones than can be read as a call to change transform the business away from AAA games that cost a lot to develop. Killing AAA’s. Who does that remind you of?

But, you don’t have to look any further than the current head of DiGRA to see what the real mission is all about. Here’s Mia Consalvo, in her own words:

So what can feminist media studies offer? How can scholars interested in videogames and gamer culture as well as the equal treatment of women in this space make a contribution? I believe this is an opportunity to demonstrate the usefulness of research and particularly how it can help to give us a firm foundation on which to stand in…

The mission is clear, but the backers and web is still murky. I wanted to go ahead and publish what I have, in the hopes that others can do some digging on the financial end. We do know that Nokia is their main benefactor, but there are perhaps other corporations involved. We all just have to keep digging for more connections, and follow the money.

  1. That rant on Gamasutru was pulled within 45min of it going up. I was typing a response to it when it disappeared. Pretty sure there was no “omg they are on to me!” moment.

      1. I don’t agree with that interpretation either. Pretty sure he doesn’t think we are an actual threat to his ideology/buddies so much as stupid teenagers that won’t get off his lawn. They have no hubris.

        1. It’s clear he’s involved in DiGRA. I can’t say why he wrote what he did during GamerGate. I didn’t say it in the article, either. I just asked the question. It could just be that he’s an asshole, though.

          1. How you asked implies that as the conclusion. I agree he is involved with DiGRA. I personally do not like what I have seen about/from DiGRA. But you imply they are “pissed” because we are “winning” and I don’t believe that to be the case. I believe that they are out of touch, and both sides are talking past each other because effectively, we are speaking different languages. What they see as harrassment we call playing the victim, which does nothing but escalate the problem. They are as offended by us trying to use their terms to speak to them as we are by them attempting to make use of 4chan lingo.

    1. That rant of his on Gamasutra always makes me cringe in horror and throw up in my mouth when I get to the line, about LW, ” Most of you would give your left kidney to fuck her, if you had any brains. You are unlikely ever to touch anyone with an iota of her talent or intelligence.” Yeah, Ok there Greg. Whatever you say.

      Besides, since her nudes were leaked, I don’t know…there’s something about her that just looks like she doesn’t smell very good. And I don’t mean just her ladyparts, but all of her. There’s something about her that she just doesn’t look clean.

  2. It’s a bit off-topic, but are you going to cover the latest Cracked “article” about how GamerGate and its supporters are an abomination?

    Or the antics of one David S Gallant, a game dev who’s friends with Zoe with a very nasty beef with gamers and pro-GG folks specifically? As in, lashing out at in dialogues with pro-GG people and accusing them of harassments and ignorance…despite consistent reminders of the facts. The fact that his twitter linked to said Cracked article says it all.

      1. I’m pretty sure you’d find plenty to work with on this Twitter. XD

        Though the Cracked article is noteworthy for how it doesn’t even pretend to be remotely fair.

  3. Think I may have spotted a typo.

    “a call to change transform the business”

    I don’t know if you care too much about corrections, but I thought I’d let you know.

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