Honestly, I kinda feel iffy about doing these kinds of posts, as I’ve discussed before with the Dylann Roof manifesto I reprinted. But, even though I’m not a journalist, I’m still part of the media ecosystem in some small, completely independent way. That being said, making news of my own every once in awhile is pretty important. So, I’m going to put some issues I have with publishing the rantings of killers to the side and go ahead and show you what I’ve been given by the awesome Jay Sherman of Reaxxion. It concerns the online posting of the Lafayette shooter, John Russel Houser. The Southern Poverty Law Center (who I don’t really like that much) and their Hatewatch blog have also found some stuff, but it’s nowhere as extensive as this. I haven’t seen these reported elsewhere, so I will be using the exclusive tag, as you’ve seen by now.

The posts themselves come from a forum called, appropriately enough, politicalforum.com. Here’s Houser’s profile on that site:1


(archive link)

I’m confident enough to run this story. The names match up, he’s 59-years-old in media reports and on this forum, and he’s also from Alabama according to both sources. If it turns out not to be him, then you have been warned. But I seriously doubt that will be that case. With that being said, let’s get to the images. There’s so many that I will only highlight a few and leave the rest down below in the gallery.

Not big on liberals, but this is only the beginning, lefty pundits. Don’t write your headline quite yet. Houser is just getting started …

02 - aeHSYPO

This is his “Obama works for me” cause he’s destroying the country theory. But that’s only the beginning. This guy seems to hate anyone and everything. I guess that’s not a huge surprise, given his recent actions.

08 - s4YYctn

People are brainwashed, says the completely lucid individual who just shot up a movie theater full of innocent people…

11 - xpDSYjj

Loves Reagan, in some weird way….62 - fJvemMK

But hates Rush Limbaugh…

13 - pT0AEAM

Not a fan of Republicans in general, actually…


Not a fan of the U.S., either…

18 - 1Mg57kS

Doesn’t think much of Bill O’Reilly

20 - BhM0Zv1

“It is also a fact that the Middle Eastern countries are completely superior to the US in terms of striving for results which are justifiable in moral terms.”

21 - B81Jgtz

I think he’s saying deport black people instead of Hispanics, but he never comes right out and says that. He’s one of those types that want you to figure it out.
27 - AkMcS78

“The GOP is a perverted and vile organization…”

28 - KSphJBo

“all political parties in the US are liberals…”

31 - eIwOjj8

The NRA sucks…

38 - DZpYJ5c

He does think pretty highly of guns, although I’m not sure that comes as a surprise. Still thinks the NRA is shit, though…

41 - E8aCRI1

“Atheist is code for liberal.”

42 - hzRatXm

Not a fan of the United States…

45 - lca2MlY

Obama still works for him…

48 - HvJ61Sw

This dues hates pretty much everybody and everything, except he loves the Middle East lol…

55 - YwGnaB2

Here’s the rest of the gallery. I didn’t want to add too much of my own commentary here, other than to say Houser had obviously lost touch with reality. It’s my belief that anyone who commits these kinds of acts has to be crazy in some way. There are plenty of disgruntled people, but only a select few psychopaths decide to go shoot up schools and movie theaters because of it. Other than that little section, I’ll let the man’s words speak for themselves.