What’s up guys? I’ve been kinda out of it today. Why? It’s Saturday, c’mon. Even your friendly local muckraker has to have a day off. But I’m back, and I have something delicious. Every once in awhile, I get handed an exclusive that really makes me smile. Today is one of those days. This one is even better, though, because it concerns our oldest friend here at TheRalphRetort.com, Leigh Alexander. It turns out she has some advice for young gaming journalists. It’s about what you would expect, coming from her…and I don’t think it was the liquor talking. It sounded more like her motto for life.

Here’s Emily Gera (formerly of Polygon) asking a question to her friends about the ethical quandary she faced in being a games journalist and working on an indie game simultaneously. That’s not a bad thing to ask. GamerGate turning up the heat has made everyone a lot more careful than they used to be. She sounded like she wanted to do the right thing.Xj5p2bu-

Leigh Alexander had some simple advice for Ms. Gera, though. It had nothing to do with the right thing, unfortunately:


By the way, that FIFA comment by Simon is fucking hilarious. Thank you sir. Leigh had a few more words of wisdom for the young journo, something about being a woman, blah blah blah. She’s been down this road a lot recently:dCTpOVA

Very eloquent. I think the comments pretty much speak for themselves. They show an unethical hack with a severe persecution complex, who is now trying to spread that cancer on to the next wave of journos. We always knew Leigh was a total waste, but this is pretty bad. It’s also kinda funny too, let’s face it. I didn’t think she would be quite this stupid. But maybe I should have known. I said in the intro that it didn’t look like it was the liquor, but you never know with Leigh. She could have been about twenty rounds deep, at this point.

Let me know what you think about the new slogan of our opponents. I have an awesome reader sketch coming up. It’s one of the best we’ve had, so check it out shortly.

    1. So what you’re saying is, we’d be driving alcohol powered cars if the bitch didn’t exist?

    1. Yeah, I applaud Gera’s recognition that working on indie games and then reporting on them presents a major conflict of interest, or at least the glaring appearance of impropriety. Hopefully the drunken fool was not the only one who offered up advice, and Gera was able to get some more sane responses on what her professional responsibilities are as a critic and a journalist.

  1. Two thirds? Come on, everyone knows it’s closer to three fourths. If you have to give horrible advice, at least keep it consistent with the bullshit narrative lady.

    1. Even then, that last 1/4th is usually easily accounted for by the educational differences between those who get paid more and those who get paid less. Best paid journo in the local scene of my home town is a woman, and it has everything to do with three degrees she has which helped fashion her into an expert of the trade.

      Anyone who wants her to work for them would be retarded not to pay her better than the rest the people of lower qualification she’s usually surrounded by.

        1. Your post came off as genuine in tone, and there are certainly cases where wage disparity exists. I thought you were being serious, but still taking a jab at Leigh.

          1. I figured between specifically calling the whole “woman = dramatically less pay by default” thing a bullshit narrative and calling her a lady of all things would be enough to make it obvious that I was being a sarcastic ass. Lesson learned.

          2. XD Nah. It’s all good. I’ve been up for 20 hours and booze has been ingested. I missed the obvious.

  2. So what she’s saying is that it doesn’t matter if you keep your nose clean? When they do come after you for things, wouldn’t you rather them NOT find anything they can hold against you? Maybe? I mean, is that sensible? Down is up and up is down these days.

    1. She’s trying to keep selling the usual narrative, saying that it doesn’t matter if Gera does everything above board, gamers will still try to sabotage her because of identity politics.

      Once again: Sargon’s Law in action here. The only one trying to sabotage Gera’s games writing career is Leigh Alexander by giving her the exact advice that will land her in hot water with gamers. If Gera refused to promote Leigh’s indie friends, you can bet your ass that the boozehound would be trying to hurt her career and reputation any way she could.

  3. didnt she post on twitter that she was getting drunk for the next week? so does that mean she’s still drunk?

  4. To Ms. Gera, I would say this:

    There is nothing unethical about being a dev and a journo simultaneously, in and of itself.

    What is unethical, however, is covering games in your capacity as a journalist which are being developed by yourself or by someone you have either a personal or financial relationship, without disclosing that information to your audience during your coverage.

    All it takes is something like this in your article about the game in question:

    “Disclaimer: This game I am about to review was developed by __________, who I have been great friends with for several years/who I have financially supported.”

    That’s it. That’s all it is.

    Or, to put it another way – do the exact opposite of whatever Leigh Alexander tells you to do. There is a reason why she has been reduced to begging for money on Twitter to pay her bills.

    But, then again, Ms. Gera is a SJW who is also an aGGro – so I suppose Alexander’s motto sounds appealing to her.

    1. Precisely. If you care about the relationship you have with your audience, you be up front about how close you are with the subject you’re covering.

      It ain’t difficult

    2. All that needs to be said to Ms. Gera is this: “Take a look at Leigh’s career. Is this a woman you want to take job advice from?”

  5. Wouldn’t Leigh prefer to be paid in alcohol rather than an unearned paycheck? Because that’s pretty much where all the money is going anyway. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    1. My 2 cents is that since the Sarkeesian Effect has pretty much tanked because of the internal power struggle, someone else is trying to get the jump on it and get an anti-GamerGate documentary published before someone else steps up to the plate and tries again. The problem with documentaries is that they’re like funded studies, the results are always going to steer in the direction of the director’s adjenda. You’re always gonna have those people that look at documentaries like they’re solidly 100% factual, like the people that only go to one source for their news rather than take the time to read around. It quickly becomes a game of who can get their disposition swayer out first.

      1. It would also seem that air head Totilo must be pissed off due to DeepFreeze.it exposing his dirty secrets. LOL

        And hopefully this garbage documentary steers straight off a cliff, down a 3,000 foot drop, crashes and burns, followed by a landslide and then followed by another landslide. But, that’s all wishful thinking imho. We’ve had far worse things happen to GG and this isn’t all that surprising at the very least. The fools just can’t help but get a shot off us at every chance they get. But, we’ll just wait and see.

  6. That’s hilarious! She should really be a comedian! “I’m circling the drain because Gamers are stupid and don’t know what they want! You should follow my example!”

  7. An advise to Ms. Gera: disclosures all we’ll be asking for. Or if you can skip it, hand it over to someone who doesn’t have a connection to the dev. It’s that simple.

    And for that drunkard: go to hell.

  8. The most amusing part of her advice is that she’s not even getting money anymore and routinely begs for people to help support her at her new, virtually unheard of website.

    She just never learns. She managed to justify the existence of our entire campaign in 4 words.

  9. If she doesn’t cover her own game where would the problem be? Well ok don’t have it covered by someone your very intimate with either and you will be fine its not a woman thing its an ethics thing…
    I sure hope she doesn’t choose to listen to Leigh here after all theres a reason she isn’t shouting in a megaphone anymore…

  10. Ralph, to be 100% fair, this COULD technically be worse. Sure, “fuck ethics get money” is bad.

    But let’s face it. There’s no beating Zoe Quinn’s motto: fuck developers get money 😀

  11. Isn’t that the white woman who thinks she’s black? No wait, it’s that blogger who thinks she’s a journalist.

  12. I sometimes wonder if Leigh isn’t pulling a Doezal, just so she can increase her Oppression Score and get away with calling black men “hood rats”.

  13. More like, “Fuck up, get canned” amirite?

    Leigh found out the hard way that karma’s an even bigger bitch than she is.

  14. I have to admit I lol’ed @ Leigh’s comment (and Simon’s comment after that). But getting down to business, what Leigh’s advocating is NOT beneficial in any way for gamers. Certainly beneficial for the game publisher but that’s why the question of ethics even came up in the first place.

  15. I sincerely hope the next wave of Journalists is smart enough to look at Leigh and say “Well, I want to do the opposite of whatever the hell she was doing.”

  16. “keep your nose clean”
    “Come twice as hard”

    There’s a good joke there somewhere.

  17. Leigh Alexander and her victim/martyr complex. “ur a womyn so blahblahblah” oh the unfounded bullshit. Seriously, awful person.

  18. Leigh hasn’t learned a thing and she seems to believe she’s innocent and being attacked for it. I hope Emily Gera listens to logic and rationality on this matter rather than listening to a drunk fool who writes for a dying website.

  19. The question to be asked here is, why are aspiring journalists asking one such as Leigh advise about their future?? Gamergate’s message is not going out with enough strength if that is the case.

    1. That’s true, but the numbers always change with these things.
      Wage gap: 2/3, 60%, 75% or 3/4, 80% if they’re charitable…
      Rape on campus: 1 in 5, 1 in 4, 1 in 3, 1 in 2… Might just go 2 in 1 if the speaker is insane enough.
      Rape in general: Only 5%/10%/20% of rapists are reported…

      And so on, and so forth it goes.

  20. Still can’t tell that we despise her for being a dishonest hack, not for being a woman. Sigh.

  21. This woman need one of those anonymous associations for people with drinking problems (whatever you call these in the U.S.) and then after the rehab a good therapist to cure these victim/persecution complex.

  22. No wonder there is a shortage of women in gaming when she is the self-proclaimed voice of women in gaming.

  23. Leigh is a small nobody in the big sea. That she is drunk most of time and have no respect for the medium of video games and it’s audience, says a lot about her social view of things. She is trash none should listen to.

  24. The young journo had no reason to be worried, as long as she doesn’t shamelessly self promote and cover the company she works for its fine to make the game.

  25. She said use your skills to benefit games, meaning if you work for the game, write so it benefits the game? That’s what I get based on the question Emily asked. Sounds like more of that Indie clique bullshit.

  26. Funny too how she is allowed to call people cunts, but femitoads act like it’s a forbidden word.

  27. Perhaps Leigh makes less money than her male counterparts because she sucks. Perhaps it’s just that simple. She had her shot and blew it. Instead of building respect with a strong body of work she acted like a fucking moron. Good job leigh!

  28. Well the fact that she asked the question says something. Anyone paying attention to the trajectory of Leigh Alexanders career would steer clear from her way of doing things.

  29. You guys want a laugh? From Leigh’s latest article: We at Offworld did not actually go to E3, because we decided to stay here and play games about human rights abuses, needy Russian in-laws, Hamlet choose-your-own-adventure, evil Keurig machines and ancient assembly language mysteries, because we are flipping batshit like that.

    Translated: We couldn’t go, we weren’t invited and our site is doing to badly to justify the expense, so we’re reviewing some crappy looking indie shit one of our friends probably made.

  30. That’s how Leigh lost her job at gamasutra costing the company over a million In ad revenue I’d fire her too. Even though she lied and said she left on her own

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