Earlier this evening, TheRalphRetort.com was provided with a pastebin that seems to include the personal information of Milo Yiannopoulos, Adam Baldwin, YouTube personality Boogie2988, Zoe Quinn’s ex Eron Gjoni, as well as another YouTuber, JonTron. I can officially confirm that at least one of the addresses are legit.

The same source told me that somehow they got the wrong info for JonTron. I can’t say if the others are correct or not, but they look very real. They even posted a phone number for Adam Baldwin.

At the end of the Pastebin, there is a message:

let this be a warning, don’t fuck with zoe or anita anymore or this list grows.

It then goes on to tell the reader to “dispense your mail tears here.” It also credits the doxxing to “irc.synirc.net #SRS,” but we here at TheRalphRetort do not know for sure where this information originated from. The screens from the doxxing are below.

As I said before, I can say with absolute certainty that at least one very high level supporter of GamerGate has been doxxed. If that person feels comfortable coming forward after this is published, more power to them. It’s not my information to reveal, however.








  1. “let this be a warning, don’t fuck with zoe or anita anymore or this list grows.” Sure, why take into consideration legitimate criticism when you can just doxx anyone who disagrees with you? Genius!

    1. If you follow tumblr style drama they normally do shit like this right out the gate but there was too many big press people watching. Now though they are desperate. And dropping the pretenses of moral high ground cause nothing they did worked.

      1. It’s all just shadow puppetry and fan dances. The sort of bizarre stuff you would see in those old tales about blind monk witchery, and that can get to be downright foul.

    2. I guess as a guy it’s hard for me not to take some of this personally. However, since we are in the peanut gallery, why not? These radfem witchy red squaders think they are entitled to giggle and hurt men as they please. They are effectively demanding for women the ability to use the law to inflict upon the world however much passive aggression they see fit. The dissolution of the law to entitle women to be a fucking bitch and get away with it whenever they want.

    3. All this tells me is that we’re “doing the right thing.” If they’ve gone as far as doxxing people now, they’ve already lost. It means that their comments, and statements have lost all traction and the best they can try to do is shut people up by giving information that could cause physical harm to another.

    4. And this is coming from the same folks who accuse gamers of doxxing with abandon?

      The double standards are strong in them.

    1. Depends on the state. Some sections of federal law apply(I’m not even up on basic US law, my area is canuck) so take everything I just said with a grain of salt.

        1. I asked some lawyers and apparently the doxxing is the only crime. If it was hacked. People can look up info and present it in any fashion they want as long as it was not stolen from a secure place. Comparing us to ISIS, censoring post, banning accounts, taking monetary and sexual bribes, lying about harassment, lying about police officers dismissing harassment, having secret emailing list to choose what’s news worthy, lying about the content of a product. All legal. All protected by the constitution.

          Edit: A lot of countries in Europe consider multiple of these severe crimes that can be punished with imprisonment. I can’t find one who considers all of these crimes, but it varies from country to country. I saw a case in Ireland where a critic lost his job and nearly his freedom because his review was filled with misinformation.

  2. and while im here i would like to thank the ralph retort for all the support of gamergate

    seriously, you are awsome

  3. Anyone get the feeling that this is just a ruse to get Anita and Literally Who back in the conversations. They’ve gone a whole week with little to no press and I’m sure they’re itching for a fix.

  4. Fuck if they want my address all they have to do is ask though if anyone wants to show up well if I don’t know you I’m probably gonna answer the door with a shotgun in your face

    1. For me I don’t have to worry. Where I live apparently multiple houses have the same address and I live like next to the cop and the police station is a minute away. You want to come after me? Hope you like dealing with the cop next door. 😀

      1. I live in the middle of no where down a mile drive I’ve got plenty of time to see and hear someone coming also not so kind to trespassers.

        No one would even hear the shot.

  5. If anyone wants to know the type of people we are dealing with and why we will NEVER convince them that they are on the wrong side of social justice watch the internet aristocrat videos on tumblrisms he goes into detail on what makes these people tick and how truly disturbed they really are.

    Its actually very scary that these people exist and for the life of me I can’t figure out how it happened…

  6. Really, jontron and boogie simply because they weren’t against gamergate… Just when I thought i couldn’t hate these SJW’s more.

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