A little over a week ago, I posted a story about CNN laying off a bunch of their digital staff. At the time, I said you should look for more layoffs at CNN. Perhaps I should have warned you to be on the lookout for more left-wing media layoffs in general. That’s because this tasty morsel just crossed my news feed…

From The Hollywood Reporter

In a memo to staff on Wednesday morning, Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff announced plans to lay off around 50 employees, with the RackedCurbedSB Nation, and Video Services teams “bearing the biggest impact.” Additionally, he said that around 12 other employees will be offered “role changes.” 

“Role changes.” I’m sure they loved hearing that. Although, to be fair, they will always need people to provide janitorial services or get hot coffee…at a drastically reduced salary, of course.

The article goes on to note…

 “We are in a strong place creatively, journalistically, and financially,” [CEO Bankoff] said. “However, staying ahead of the pack in this business requires not only relentless execution, but also making tough decisions like this, doing what we must when necessary to maximize opportunity in places with the clearest positive outcomes.” 

Nothing says “strong place” like firing 50 of your employees. Continue to watch this space, as it seems CNN isn’t the only prog media outlet who overestimated the financial benefits of increased digital video content.