Rarely do I see failures as big as Geordie Tait. If you’ve never heard of him, you can be forgiven. I’d never heard of the nutter myself, until GamerGate. Still, the guy isn’t exactly prominent. If not for his penchant for saying dumbass things, I would be ignorant of his existence. That might have been for the best, but I would have missed out on all the laughs he has provided. 

Make no mistake: the guy is crazy. BUT, he’s soooo crazy, that it’s actually funny. For some odd, psychopathic reason, he’s fixated on sending all gamers to death camps. The story today deals with that, but this isn’t the first time he’s brought it up:


Most people, after they said something that offensive, would retract it. They would at least refrain from going down the same road again. But not Geordie! He doubles down on stupid every single time. But it’s not only the Holocaust that has given him some ideas. He seems to have cribbed from Al Capone as well:

B15OtkkCYAEG7ADSeriously, this guy needs some real help…and I’m not joking. Even on my worst day, I’ve never advocated for SJW death camps. In fact, I’ve never advocated for any sort of violence at all. It’s just not in my nature. Hit them with nasty barbs? Yes, always. Hit them with poisonous gas? No. I can’t co-sign that. GamerGate doesn’t co-sign it, either. We don’t want the radical feminists to die…just lose. I wish we could say the same for Mr. Tait’s feelings about his adversaries.


If this bastard wasn’t unhireable by this point, then I don’t know what to say. But, just in case he wasn’t fucked over enough, today, he posted an extremely long diatribe on Facebook, explaining his Final Gamer Solution. The reason he did, was because he thought his old site had censored his author page. It turns out, that was a massive miscalculation:

B2SBmqqIcAAf3q2As you can see, the whole thing this idiot based his rant on, turns out to have not existed. I guess maybe he should have sent an email before posting this rant. Then again, this gut is so nuts, that he probably would have posted a gas chamber defense eventually anyway. If you read the entire piece, you can see that he really does believe this garbage.  I not sure whether that’s amusing , or scary, in the long run. But tonight, amusing definitely won out. Thank you Mr. Erwin. Also, thanks to Geordie Tait for going off his medication for a few years. This wouldn’t have been possible without both of you guys.

At the end of the day, this guy is a nobody. But you would be surprised how nobodies can affect the conversation. Tait has actually been cited on Wikipedia as a reliable source. While he doesn’t have much personal influence, SJWs use his work to advance their anti-freedom agenda. So, I felt like it was important to have an article to point to when discussing his unbelievable offensive track record. And, let’s be honest, this was just flat out fucking hilarious as well.

I look forward to seeing what the Based Comment Section has to say about it.


Thanks guys. I’m done for the day. I might have something put up early in the AM, so check back for that. Regardless, I will be back with a full slate of articles tomorrow.


  1. I can to some extent empathize with Taint..dah, I mean Tait.

    When I was younger, I used to write lengthy pieces filled with big words, hyperbolic historical references and general whining about people I didn’t like or understand.

    Then I turned 15 and realized the world wasn’t black and white.

  2. To be honest, I haven’t even read his entire hateful rant. That level of negativity and hate is just bad for a person. However, the admin’s response makes this one of the best meltdowns of all time.

  3. Tait is notorious in the MTG community for going off on insane SJW rants, so this doesn’t surprise me. He’s not a troll either, he really does believe this shit.

  4. He’s really gone off the reservation. Its kind of funny, but also a little disturbing.

    Like we’ve seen some meltdowns since #gamergate began, but this may be the biggest one yet.

  5. I love how he says:

    women suffered 11,970 years of fucking BULLSHIT

    Because women of today have been living long enough to have gone through almost 12000 years of oppression, because they know what it was like for their ancestors. I would even say that the feminists of today, beyond the fact that many seem to be privileged white males living in the San Francisco area, don’t even know the oppression their parents went through, so in order to live up to what their parents did, they go looking for anything they feel might be oppressive, so they can attempt to leave their mark on the world. And gamergate is their current target.

    But setting that aside, how many people have died as a result of gamergate? And I’ll even be gracious here and say, indirectly? I think I can count them without having to use any fingers. Yet somehow gamergate deserves to be sent to death camps? And somehow gamergate has stopped and reversed all of feminism in it’s tracks, not just the market we’re in, but all markets, gamergate is so strong it’s destroyed everything feminism has done for the last century according to some people. It’s stopped all progress. Because that completely makes sense.

    And then one more thing (maybe two), although there’s still plenty I could point out, this here:

    When Anita Sarkeesian received over $100,000 in donations for her simple project that intended to discuss the problems facing women in the medium of video games, and as players of same, I saw it as the silent majority of right-thinking folks finally finding a horse to back. It was one of the most happy events I could have imagined.

    I’m sorry, but if that’s the happiest event he can imagine. I’m not even sure what to say. I find things like my graduation from college being a happy event, perhaps my siblings getting married and having kids also being some pretty happy events, but I’ve never attached happiness to events or people that I don’t personally know, even if it’s something I might agree with politically or ideologically. If John Galt actually existed, that would be great, but it wouldn’t be the happiest event I can imagine. So really, wtf?

    1. He also thinks black people have been enslaved for 200,000 years and only recently ‘became free’ 150 years ago. (I think if you ask anyone who marched in the civil rights era they would def tell you that oftentimes they still don’t feel free)
      Someone put this guy in a room with over 60 southern baptist black preachers pls.

    2. This ends up being the justification for doing whatever atrocity comes to mind.

      On one hand we have the perceived injustice of 12k years and 50 bn. women, on the other we have a few thousand gamergaters. We can mow down 3k gamers to “win” justice for 50 billion women, right?

    3. Beyond that, the truth is whenever women had it bad, men had it worse. It was modern inventions which free’d women from their drudge work, but many men still do this work which keeps society going. A peasant man 2000 years ago was no better off than his wife. One need only look at the plight of the “sex slave” girls the media were hysterical over in africa captured by Boko Haram. Not a word about the boys and men they just straight up killed, because a dead man is less concern than a woman in sex slavery.

    4. No, the best part is that he thinks that giving money to Anita will atone for all oppression against women in history, as if giving a con artist $160,000 to bitch about video games when hundreds of YouTubers do it for free is somehow making up for anything.

      1. But we don’t know if he gave any money, and if he did it’s probably only a few bucks. So that’s what it takes to claim you’re not sexist nowadays, donate a few dollars to a feminist and you’re clear of all of humanity’s sins against women. Donate a few dollars and you as a white male can now criticize other white males, even though according to feminists, you both receive the benefits of the patriarchy, as long as you receive them and say you don’t like that you receive them, you’re ok by their book.

  6. The frightening thing, the really frightening thing is that there are people at his Facebook page actually PRAISING this guy

      1. Or that facebook has things like this posted on it to begin with. I’m sure there is a community guidelines violation somewhere, lol.

      2. The shallow fools probably didn’t read the entire thing or lack the depth of critical thinking to realize that he’s calling for the actual genocide of people that he disagrees with, with NO evidence of the claims made against them. It is pure, blind, hate speech and the ironic thing is that is EXACTLY what the Nazi’s did when they scapegoated the Jews.

  7. This little mother fucker. These people are just butthurt, self entitled little shits that need therapy and a slap in the face. What is it with people and thinking the world owes them something? You’re an animal that walks upright, has opposable thumbs, and built a special ceramic pot to shit in. Humans lucked out and developed the capacity for intellect, but that’s about it – and this stupid, mentally deranged fuck apparently hasn’t developed his.

    This guy, and all SJWs and radfems for that matter, are just permanent victims who can’t get the fuck over the cruelties of life and rather than just kill themselves so the world can go on unhindered, they make as much noise and try to do as much harm, all the while claiming they’re the good guys.

    1. Not all. TFYC are radfems, for example. Just not THEIR brand of radfem. These idiots are the sex-negative, puritanistic Dworkinists.

      1. That’s Dworkinites to you gamergaters. LMFAO

        But seriously, bringing up Dworkin or Dines is too fun when people are talking about Sarkeesian, as she cites these crazy people in some of her videos.

          1. Saw a picture of Andrea Dworkin the other day. If I looked like that I’d hate everybody too. She looks like she should be angrily chasing hobbits around with a spiked club.

        1. Narcissistic, self-hating fascists are very convincing and attractive to people who lust for power. Anita sees these people as oppressed, therefore they must be telling the truth/possess some great wisdom when they are, in fact, just psychotic, pathetic professional victims.

          1. I just think Anita is making money, and wants to keep the gravy train rolling as long as possible. (If Jack Thompson is any indicator, she will lose the spotlight soon enough)

          2. Oh she is 100% a con-artist. It’s McIntosh who’s the fucking lunatic. But Anita isn’t very far behind. And I won’t be satisfied with her losing the spotlight. She needs to be completely and publicly eviscerated (intellectually… but a guy can dream) for her lies, slander and hate mongering in the name of making money. She has spread hatred and bigotry under the guise of a benevolent academic and as an academic myself that is UNFORGIVABLE.

      2. That is partially true. TFYC aren’t anti-capitalist. I had some revisionists (which are technically classified as a kind of hate group) argue on Thunderf00t’s recent video about Anita Sarkeesian’s bullshit master’s thesis about how we shouldn’t conflate Anita with socialism and communism and anarchy.

        After a 3 hour comment sparing match I, and several others, basically declared these people mentally incompetent when they started trying to change the definitions of words. I explained that an anarchy cannot endure so long as someone has the will or charisma to dominate others and that a power vacuum must be filled. The little asshole replied, “there is no power vacuum, it’s equally distributed”… WOW. Trying to redefine reality to justify theories that REJECT HUMAN NATURE and that history has PROVE to be UNSUCCESSFUL.

        I did point out if he’d like humanity to regress back to communities no bigger than about a hundred, and are agrarian and subsistence farming then sure we can be communist/anarchist/socialist – but in reality it would just turn into to Feudalism because how do they intend to repel marauders without a strong hierarchical power structure? He did have a reply for that one.

        Pro Tip: Insane political theories that have been tried and failed should not be repeated. One person even brilliantly pointed out that the alleged description of the “true” (i.e. never existed because humans are not altruists by default) which is financial capital controlled democratically by the people = capitalism. It was an epic bitch slap.

        Economic and political system ranting aside, TFYC were promoting a noble cause, but their ideology is still inherently flawed. As long as people claim that “rape culture” exists in the 1st world (outside of prisons) and attempt to claim that the suffering experienced by people in the distant past (one motherfucker actually tried to argue the holocaust had a DIRECT impact on his life… full retard doesn’t comprehend that in order to claim oppression you have to personally experience and in order to claim something has a direct impact on you, you have have experienced life BEFORE it happened and WHILE it happened), we will have these entitled shit lord bigots who are actually ENCOURAGING the oppression of real suffering peoples by drawing attention away from them.

        They are nothing but whining victim culture/victim pyramid advocates in need of therapy. If women want to be part of an industry then all they have to do is go to school for it, work hard, and oh, this part is kind of important: BE FUCKING TALENTED. There are SO many people with programming and basic technology degrees that the market is hyper saturated and VERY competitive. Just having a vagina shouldn’t net you any extra points while applying/interviewing.

        I’ll give them credit though, TFYC comprehend the point of games is entertainment and that they are a UTILITARIAN form of artwork that is intended for a CONSUMER market (oh boy do the SJWs and RadFems HATE that FACT – use it, it draws out their insanity).

        1. Didn’t you know though, TFYC isn’t a feminist group because capitalism is apparently a patriarchal thing now?

          1. See, the problem with these people is that they’re all pseudo-intellectuals. And they assume everyone else is as well, because their narcissism doesn’t let them contend with the idea that there is someone with an opposing view that is smarter than them.

            You can spot pseudo-intellectualism by the clustering of words that require a thesaurus to understand, all which will say absolutely nothing, but give the impression the person is learned.

            Einstein put it best: If someone truly has a mastery of something, they will be able to explain it simply.

            I mention this because anytime you try and explain what fallacies these sophists are using, their genuine illiteracy kicks in and they accuse you of using “big words and gobbley goo” to quote one cunt on the RawStory site – which for someone to say that just demonstrates a COMPLETE lack of intelligence and self-awareness.

            3rd Wave Feminism (sex-negative gender feminism) rejects capitalism while promoting a form of “mock socialism” – claiming that they want to redistribute wealth and power to the “oppressed” – what they are REALLY arguing for is an aristocracy – rule by the elite.

            These people are no different than the present ruling class, just lazier and jealous as fuck (and delusional). They also reject capitalism because it gives the masses the power to tell them to fuck themselves when they try and push shit on everyone like “Gone Home”, because capitalism and a free market follows the will of the majority.

            And ultimately these deluded whack jobs have utterly failed to ever provide a SINGLE scrap of proof for patriarchy in the 1st world, where laws protecting women and enshrining their rights abound. They are quick to hijack the narrative and oppression of poor muslima and africangela (credit goes to me on that one lol) and all the other women stuck in the shit hole in the third world.

            They’re also quick to bring up that women couldn’t vote once upon a time…. even though they’ve had vote now for over a century! Because oppression that happened in the distance past in a much different world is TOTALLY relevant!

          2. Yeah I’ve noticed that, not only do they like using words that most people wouldn’t know without using a thesaurus, they also like to redefine words for their own purposes, while conveniently not telling everyone else they’ve redefined it. Words like misogyny, which to the majority of the population means a hate of women, but somehow when you question their use of that word they then condescend providing their new definition. So to the outsiders, gamers are a bunch of women haters, and this how they want people to view it, but when the accused group questions them, they provide their new definition, one that is harder to argue against (although it can still be argued against), while still not sharing this definition with the general population.

            But they don’t want equality, they want role reversals, they want society to go back to what it was 50+ years ago, but they want to be the ones in power this time around. Hence their desire for gas-chambers and almost everything else that has been used by Fascist regimes.

          3. Yeah, pretentious upstart children don’t get to redefine words. No one is about criticism OR rebuke for their actions. 50,000,0000,000 dead women says Tait – what a cunt! Trivializing the holocaust! And he is just so sickeningly PATHETIC, when he’s droning on about women, it’s like mommy breast fed him until he was 16!

        2. Their ideology isn’t inherantly flawed. If there’s no market for the games, they won’t be made. Obviously there was, since they got funded. 😛 They feel that more women need to develop titles, and I agree with them, if just for a change of pace from the typical AAA productions that are shallow and pedantic (No, not just quoting Family Guy, smartass who is going to make that connection :P). Should talentless women get an up? Not in your life. Equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. That’s why there were a handful of concepts that lost and those women get nothing, while the winner gets their game made.

          Gotta realize that under the very broad banner of Feminism there are a LOT of differeing viewpoints on a lot of things, including those who outright reject the patriarchy theory that was first conceptualized in 1949.

          1. I meant the kinds of games they produced were consistent with what the market is looking for. Their ideology is flawed because of the assumption of institutional oppression of women in the first world.

            While there might be individual cases of this, bad behavior by a few scumbags (and there are instances of women ‘oppressing’ other women I’m sure) is not a symptom of a board, social problem, especially when said person engaging in the act spent their formative years during a period of time when “sexism” was acceptable.

            Would like to point out that Misogyny makes not a bit of sense for a sane person – why would you hate a woman for being a woman? Rose McGowan said gays were more misogynistic cause they like the D and therefore have no use for women. Such a retarded thing to say.

            I still, to this day, don’t understand the chorus of butthurt coming from every minority group demanding ‘representation’ – what does a tiny part of a person total identity, their sex, gender, ethnicity, orientation, ability etc etc, have to do with the value of game mechanics or narrative? Nothing! Is it a refreshing change of pace? Sure, but it’s all arbitrary window dressing when you get down to brass tacks. And for every person that cheers at a lesbian or gay kiss, someone will cry “objectification.”

            Which brings me to my next point – what the fuck is it with 3rd wave sex-negative gender feminists and their rejection of the 2nd wave (sexual revolution/women’s lib)??? These people, with a lack historical awareness complain about things like slutty Halloween costumes, without grasping that they WOULDN’T EXIST if women hadn’t of pulled out their tits and burnt their bras and demanded ownership of their sexuality as a form of expressing power. 3rd wavers claim progressiveness, but all they’re arguing for is moral authoritarianism and regression.

            So yes, I recognize the good feminists, but they are a HYPER minority. As far as I’m concerned I don’t care how well intentioned you are; the moment you begin misusing statistics and manipulating data to fit your argument, you’ve just crossed the line.

          2. “Their ideology is flawed because of the assumption of institutional oppression of women in the first world” is part of that assumption that I was noting, actually. Female perspective is different from male, and so seeing through that perspective is useful. This is why it was appreciated that they brought in a woman to make a game concept. He/they aren’t idiots under the sway of the cult mentality of these Dworkinists. Look into the definition of radical and you’ll understand why he calls himself one.

          3. Perspective is subjective, yes, but reality is not. People can have whatever opinion they want, but it doesn’t make it fact, nor alter reality. I appreciated the elevations of a talented PERSON to make a game who happened to be a women, who are “underrepresented” in the industry, but bear in mind that the logic of Brianna Wu that “X% of game consumers are women, but only Y% are developers or hold high level positions, therefore misogyny and sexism.” That was almost word for word her position on the Reid Report.

            Important to note that she is a trust fund baby who was given $200,000 by mommy and daddy and didn’t have do shit to work her way up, she she’s just a stellar role model and authority on the subject. Especially when she claimed to know the 3000+ women (and trans people) in the industry, even though the cognitive limit for meaningful relationships is ~150. And then a bunch of people actually said, “wait, who the fuck is she?” and, “I’ve never felt threatened”.

            And yeah, I get your point on “radical”, but am I not allowed to take a page out of the SJW/Feminist play book and insist they censor their title because of it’s “dark and terrible associations”? ;P

          4. No, you’re not, because it’s intellectually dishonest. 😛

            As for the female viewpoint as game developers- Look into it. They really are a massive minority. Why? Because most don’t choose to do it. So this is helping with diversity *inclusively*, which is the key. It is adding to the overall experience without removal of someone else’s position to falsely implant someone not deserving into the industry. In short, it’s the method that makes it work.

          5. Yes, but their being a statistical minority is in no way proof there is misogyny and sexism in the industry OR that it’s the cause for them being a minority.

            The C-Word, “Context”, that these people hate, shows you the way. if you look at the number of women enrolling and graduating with programming degrees compared to men, and then factor in a highly saturated and therefore competitive market place, you’re going to have a small pool of female applicants compared to men and when you look at the objective qualifications it’s only going to get smaller.

            Subjective PoV based on having one set of sex organs is impossible to quantify because it’s subjective. Some women have had negative life experiences and are butthurt about it. Others have had a great time and are positive and outgoing. You get my point.

            Inclusiveness is only the key when it’s being used to counter stereotypical portrayals. For example, affirmative action was created to force people to cease discriminatory hiring practices and NOT to for employers to hire people from a statistically smaller population. If someone from that population is genuinely talented in today’s first world, then they’ll get hired. Using affirmative action in the way that’s been being described is nothing more than enforcing a quota and cheating someone who has worked hard out of an opportunity simply because of THEIR race/gender/ethnicity.

            There’s a reason affirmative action isn’t talked about so much these days, save to decry it as “reverse discrimination” (which is a misnomer since discrimination is just discrimination).

            Your last couple sentences confuse me because you seem to be conflating the present and defunct version of affirmative action with helping people get into the industry by being qualified as opposed to just getting a buy because of something superficial, which would be a contradiction. >_>

  8. His keyboard must be a mess, as I doubt he has th’ mental clarity to wash his hands after a furious session of masturbating on his feces-covered bed to pictures of Joeseph Mengele, Eva Braun and Andea Dorkin…it would wise to regularly scan th’ San Mateo newspapers for headlines like “Local Boy Murders Family He Claims Were Oppressing Women By Wearing Matching Christmas Sweaters.” Or “Area Tech Blogger Arrested For Molesting An ATM. Firemen Spend Three Hours Freeing His Penis From Cash Slot While He Screamed “DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY!”

  9. http://www.starcitygames.com/magic/misc/22786_To_My_Someday_Daughter.html
    It seems like he’s been a rank nutter and kool-aid chugger since the beginning. Nobody else seems to be this far down, they likely kept him around for entertainment value, as the ‘token x’
    He sees the soggy knees at every corner, and is poisoning his daughter to become one of these insane misandrists from the crib. Why is this dude reproducing? He’s still mentally 12.

      1. That’s actually a good thing. If he had a boy, he would have chopped the poor kid’s dick off so it wouldn’t have to live with the “shame” of being a filthy male.

        1. True. :c

          Social services are so much slower to repond to emotional abuse and indoctrination though. That poor kid’s going to be radfem drone #235143263. At least the son (if he survived) would be placed in the hands of a capable family.

  10. I copy pasted it to a word processor.

    From “Hey StarCityGames” to “making my stand here” there are 2468 words in this screed.

  11. hmm, the final solution… maybe he visit germany, berlin. Stand straight before the Brandenburger Tor and repeats these lines. I´m sure he will regreat the day that he was born. But if he ever desides to come here for a trip. Make sure to tell me….. 😀
    The police will not be able to save him!
    And the best thing is, we have the evidence what this miserable bastard thinks and he wont have an excuse.
    Strange that the ADL is not doing anything…. i wonder where they are hiding…

  12. As one of the many people in GamerGate who strongly supports the cause of social justice I’m appalled but what’s new. The corruption of social justice by this self serving, self righteous contingent of elitist pushing their fringe evidence free social theories to absurd extremes has done more to discredit the cause than mere critics ever could. These megalomaniacal authoritarian bullies aren’t fixated on the worst off in our societies but rather their own ability to exploit their struggle to boost their own status in exclusionary dissent intolerant communities.

    Social justice demands humility from those who’d champion the cause of the downtrodden not the arrogance of powerful bullies. The latter brings shame to a proud legacy of social change created by good people with diverse politics standing up to defend the weak against the strong, the unpopular against the popular. If social justice were just some clique for the ‘cool kids’ it would mirror the very systems of oppression it decries.

    The corrupt need to go down and the phonies need to be exposed. Sustainable and ethical social justice depend on it.

  13. True story. Tonight I went downtown to go study at a coffee shop. Outside of the bathroom in a small hallway, they have a public chalkboard for people to write random crap on. So I looked over at it. I haven’t been to this coffee shop in literally … 6 years.

    “It’s actually about ethics in game journalism.”

    That’s what it said on the chalkboard. Not. Even. Kidding.

  14. As women don’t have a lifespan of 12000 years and I personally haven’t had a hand in “oppressing” anybody, I guess he’ll just have to QQ moar and maybe focus on less economically developed countries where FGM and female infanticide exist if he genuinely gives that much of a shit about us poor old womyn. Dumbass.

          1. No, I heard some fail quotes secondhand.
            I’m not humouring a fucking lunatic with my precious time.

    1. There’s far too many male child soldiers and too much MGM (wait, MGM is typical in the US too… shit) for that to really work.

      Better for them to let the myth of third-world women’s oppression live.

      1. They don’t give a flying fuck about men’s issues. And women’s issues are a convenient smokescreen for theiir daylight robbery, so they technically don’t give a fuck about them either.

        Perhaps he should purchase one of those delightful “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” shirts that was made in a sweatshop at the princely sum of 62p per hour at the expense of a GENUINELY OPPRESSED HUMAN BEING.


        1. Haha. Funny how the only really tracable oppression of women (that doesn’t also happen to men and boys) is being done… by feminists.

  15. Well, if anyone ever asks me to show them what absolute insanity looks like, I can now point them to Mr. Tait.

    His condition is so advanced he could qualify as a case study.

  16. Funny stories: One of the first people I ever saw support Zoe Quinn was a member of the Rothschild family.

    The Rothschilds, as many know, own large or controlling shares in a TREMENDOUS amount of world media – as well as wielding a great deal of power in Freemasonry. Oh, and they are sitting on trillions of dollars. And they kill people. A lot.

    If the entire corrupt Rothschild media axis has its sights set on gamers, that would certainly explain why so many of these monsters are making threats and not being prosecuted for them. Despite the First Amendment, it’s actually SUPES illegal to advocate for genocide in America.

  17. Did he respond to Evan Erwin’s comment? Or does his mind not comprehend the ability to ever be wrong about something?

  18. It is with great pride that I stand here today, to witness the passing of the proverbial torch, from one nazi to another.

    Today, my friends, we are gathered here to witness Geordie “Final Solution” Tait take up the mantle of Anti-GamerGates most prominent Hitler Fanboy from Ian “Miles of Dead Jews” Cheong.

    Say what you will about Cheong, but at least he had the common fucking sense to denounce his past antics. Geordie’s gone #BeyondMcIntosh to a degree we may never see again in our lifetimes. Will he discover wonders? Will he ever return? Do we even care?

    No, no and fuck no.

    It’s probably important to note as always, Geordie “Gamer Ovens” Tait does not represent all of Anti-GamerGate.

    Now, the fact that absolutely nobody on the other team has denounced him and his holocaust fetish? That screams volumes.

  19. “Good laugh”. I’m sorry, Ralph, but it was awful. I had to go to hospital to receive an operation to get my sides sewn back on after reporting them missing to the local authorities. They said it was the worst case they had seen in a while, that I was lucky I hadn’t died from it, and that everybody should donate to my Patreon to help with the medical costs and my eventual book tour to promote healthcare and what to do in the case of missing sides.

  20. Wow, that was a meltdown for the ages! A real prize-winner.

    I am a liberal female and strong supporter of GamerGate.

  21. He has already been reported to the ADL. I am debating whether or not to report him to the JDL. If he gets on their radar it will NOT end well for him.

  22. I like to believe this..person… is a troll. I just can’t believe there could be any one person literally this insane and ignorant. I just can’t comprehend how anyone could seriously believe that ALL women are perfect, oppressed and that the holocaust is small potatoes to the current plight of women, lol OK.
    This is absurd and absolutely hilarious. This guy is either insane, a troll or just the biggest white knight Beta male I have ever seen in my life. It’s almost cute XD

  23. Dude didn’t just spill the spaghetti…he ate it off the floor, puked it up, ate it again, and then sprayed the diarhea online. He posts a mini-novel to justify the idea that putting GamerGaters in concentration camps is a good idea, while trying not to come off as the sick hypocrite that he is.

    The absolute best part is that the dumbass lost his shit over the delusion that GG had anything to do with his articles getting pulled of SCG, when they had sent him a memo weeks ago giving him a heads up.


  24. So a quick note here, some commentor on gamepolitics is saying it’s wrong to get angry with Tait because he’s mentally ill (third paragraph and his later reply) : http://gamepolitics.com/2014/11/14/intel-resumes-ad-campaign-gamasutra#comment-296897

    I guess that’s their excuse now, if someone goes off on a rant like that, they’re mentally ill and therefore don’t represent the people against gamergate. But if someone on the gamergate side threatens and harasses, it doesn’t matter if they’re mentally ill, a troll, etc, the anti side does not allow gamergate to disown them. These double standards are so annoying.

  25. This guy actually thinks he’s a radical feminist lmao. Like real radfems, as in the female kind, don’t hate him themselves.

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