You can tell that the hacks over at Saturday Night Live aren’t taking the Trump win very well. They just had Kate McKinnon, of failed Ghostbusters infamy, open the show as if 9/11 just happened. She was dressed up as Hillary Clinton while doing a cover version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Classy. Originally, I missed it. But I saw a bunch of “progressive” idiots praising the segment, so I figured I would give it a gander.

Dave Chappelle was up next, as he’s the host (plus the only reason anyone with a brain would even consider watching SNL these days).


I’m going to watch the rest later after it hits the download circuit so I can skip the garbage parts and enjoy Chappelle. But I did catch his “Black Negan” sketch via Twitter, which was pretty good.

But the part that really gets me is that opening. I can’t think of a more condescending way to respond to Trump’s victory (oh, and it was horribly out of key, by the way). SNL, instead of, ya know, actually trying to be funny, decides to act like this is some sort of national tragedy. They also gloss over the fact that Hillary Clinton was one of the worst Democratic candidates of all-time. The writers are trying to turn her into some sort of martyr instead of admitting what a shit politician she is. The Donald scored a big victory, but a lot of that was because of Hillary’s litany of corrupt associates and dealings, not to mention her grating voice and tone-deaf political ear.

I’m sure stuff like this will help Democrats out.