BuzzFeed is a crummy organization. I don’t need to tell you that. Even though they have evolved slightly, and at least try to offer substantive reporting now from time to time, they’re still pretty much shit. They’ve also helped lead the charge against GamerGate and other anit-SJW movements over the past couple years. Even when Michael Koretzky, from the Society of Professional Journalists, tried to go on their platform and talk about AirPlay (the first one, not the scam one), BuzzFeed still had to turn it into a hit piece. Why couldn’t they do just one unbiased report on GG?

It’s because they know their audience and it’s not people who think rationally. The only thing is, that audience is turning out to not be as profitable as the suits in charge of BuzzFeed predicted.


BuzzFeed missed its revenue target by 32 percent in 2015, and has slashed its revenue projections for 2016 from $500 million to $250 million, the Financial Times reports. Initially known for its listicles and relatable GIFs, the youth-oriented media start-up has made a name for itself by dramatically scaling its audience (BuzzFeed had 181 million global unique visitors in the past month), investing in in-depth reporting, and expanding into video production. Just last week, BuzzFeed captivated 800,000 people simultaneously on a Friday afternoon as two of its employees, dressed in goggles and protective gear, wrapped a watermelon with rubber bands until it exploded, in a live-streamed Facebook video.

But sources say that BuzzFeed’s business model—which includes BuzzFeed making customized content campaigns for brands—is hard to do at scale. “It takes too long to do each campaign, and you can only do so many,” one source told the Times. In 2015, Buzzfeed had projected $250 million in revenues overall, but made less than $170 million. (BuzzFeed disputed the numbers and told the Times: “We are very pleased with where BuzzFeed is today and where it will be tomorrow. We are very comfortable with where the digital content world is going and think we are well-positioned.”) More promising is television, where advertisers pay much more than they do for online content. Comcast’s NBCUniversal invested $200 million in BuzzFeed last summer at a $1.5 billion valuation, and at the time the two groups said they’d consider strategic partnerships.

If BuzzFeed’s internal-revenue projections are as gloomy as they appear to be, we could be looking at the beginning of the end of what has been a boom in millennial media.

By the way, perhaps I’m giving BuzzFeed too much credit, because they’re currently being eaten alive by the little monsters they themselves helped create over a video called 27 Questions Black People Have For Black People.

Despite it having been directed by a black woman, angry Twitter warriors have been beating on BuzzFeed for hours over this clip.

Well, you let the thousands of black-on-black murders slide, so yes, they most likely assumed that you would.

They’re just flat-out making shit up now.

I don’t know, April, but it was pretty easy for me to find a bunch of goofy Twitter goons who have no concept of debate and dialogue.

The video seemed to go over a lot better on YouTube, with one user pretty much summing up my thoughts on the matter…


Even though the vid was a rare good move from BuzzFeed, from my perspective, it was a mistake for their bottom line. I’m not sure pissing off one of their core constituencies is good for business. Still, it’s nice to see them get roasted by the SJW culture they have helped empower. It truly couldn’t have happened to a more worthy candidate.

  1. It’s hilarious that they lose their mind over this video but have the cheek to mock people who get upset at videos that take the piss out of white people. Do I find this more interesting than ’24 questions black people have for white people’?. Yes, because I don’t usually hear this stuff. Perhaps that’s just me.

    1. I just saw the video, and unlike the “black people ask white people questions” video, this video seems like it was made in all sincerity, not mockery. The last person in the video even states that she loves her black brethren, but that these are questions they wanted to ask.

      I mean, i’m gay, yet i’m not going to pretend there aren’t things in the gay community that need to be questioned or examined. Criticism isn’t hate, no matter how hard SJWs try to redefine it that way.

  2. Even though the video was directed by a black woman, and features black men and women, somehow white people still get blamed for it, like pretty much everything else.

    Slavery? “Invented by whitey!” BZZT! Wrong, dumbasses! Just ask the Jews, who were enslaved by the Egyptians long before America was discovered. And last time I checked, SJWs consider Jews as “white” and Egyptians as “black”, so….

    1. Now now, you should know that all this logic will send the poor wittle SJW weirdoes crying for their blankies and safe spaces!

    2. It was those damn white abolitionists who ruined native american culture and their practice of slavery.

  3. Rampant cannibalism is the outcome of any ideological revolution propagated by idiots and manned by the lowest denominator of fool.

    Any such movement with leadership denouement in the person of a Bernie Sanders v. Iosef Stalin is not going to seize the reins of the nation and forcibly compel the hearts of industry into its service. It will flag, fail and fall – but not before becoming ridiculous.

    Pitiable, but predictable. There are lessons coming.



  4. A bunch of sexist and racist bigots hammer a company of sexist and racist bigots. Good.

    Completely despise BuzzFeed, they are the epitome of SJW and feminist ideology, and they push their propaganda through slander, deceit and causing outrage. I would even say that it’s blatant misandry.

    A particular thing about them that irritates me are the Try Guys. If you don’t know, the Try Guys are a bunch of men where BuzzFeed put them into women’s positions and roles (such as wearing make-up, “sexual objectification”, etc.) to really push that bullshit of how women have it sooooo bad in the West.

    If there’s a women’s position/role for the Try Guys to experience then they should place them in the role of a woman in a divorce or child custody battle in the law court. And realize how they win virtually all the time.

  5. This is hilarious. They first claim that Rachel Dolezal is black (even when she admits she’s white), but the minute she does something they don’t like, then she’s white again. Anyway, I’m just gonna laugh at their stupidity.

  6. The perils of catering to irrational misfits. I hope they find the grave they dug for themselves warm and cozy.

  7. “Black on Black crime” the old fallback for racists. Thumbs up!!! Good Job!!! This video should have been called “27 questions white people have for Black people but are too scared to ask so they just use other Blacks as a front”

      1. Black on Black crime is a myth made up by white people in order to deflect when things like Tamir RIce etc. happens. You obviously don’t Google or you would know that most violence happens intraracially meaning that most races will kill someone of the same race. And if you Google further you would see that white people kill other whites (84% and it’s probably more but studies show that a great deal of this goes unreported) Latinx kill Latinx and so on. But continue to drink the Kool-Aid.

        1. “But continue to drink the Kool-Aid.”

          Who commits the most crimes?

          I’ll wait.

          84% in a group of smaller numbers, still makes it a smaller number.

          I suggest you yourself use Google.

          Maybe you’ll also find that whites are killed by police more yet Blacks commit the most crimes(including violent crimes not just nonviolent).

          You can only blame whites so much.

          1. Continue to believe that Black people are treated the same and are on a level playing field. Like I said continue sipping on that Kool Aid.

          2. Nice way to have an argument….just repeat yourself.

            The only one sipping Kool aid is you.

            Whites are killed by police more. Period.

            Blacks have a higher chance of committing a violent crime. Period.

            Unless you mean to say sip on “facts” then the only one sipping Kool aid is you.

          3. “Okay. yeah. sure.”

            Does the Kool-Aid taste alright? Or are you ready to look up facts yourself instead of being spoon fed BS?

          4. Hey, if you enjoy “sippin on Kool-Aid” go right ahead.

            You arent the only person who keeps their head in the sand and would rather keep a victim complex while their brethren are murdering eachother AND other races at a higher rate.

            But white people must have done it. I mean…white people treated my ancestors like shit AND made my ancestors work shitty and dangerous jobs.

            And our IQ is also lo….wait, no. We have a higher IQ than Whittie.

            I guess if my IQ was the lowest, I too would want to blame people other than myself.

          5. “says the person who keeps responding”.

            Looks like you started to take your time responding instead of doing so immediately ms. “yeah sure.”

            Guess you didn’t want to say sure to that. Lol

          6. Oh and though I’d add…Blacks also kill/attack more other races(Latin and white) than vice versa.

            Another “Kool-Aid” fact.

          7. You’re not on a level playing field. You are demonstrably less civilized. You are on average less intelligent. Your illiteracy rates and illegitimacy rates are the highest of any major demographic. The black family has disintegrated in the past 50 years as has the black community. You won’t even consider why, and that is sad.

          8. ?????? No racist white men and women elected Trump. 66% of women and over 70% of men but cook on with your delusion.

          9. BLM antics are going to #MAGA. The more people screech about identity the more white people realize how important it is. Keep screeching, we’ll start deporting and get the demographics heading in a positive direction.

          10. You don’t read the news do you? The white race is dying out and you colonizing, murdering, rapist, bastards will soon be obsolete. Ashè.

        2. You can have your own opinions, not your own facts.

          So if you could live anywhere in the world would you be more inclined to live in a white neighborhood or a black neighborhood?

  8. i once built a building made of black bricks…but it was no good, the structural racism became internalized and they all fell apart from the inside.

  9. Buzzfeed aside. see 1:14-1:27 and 2:23-2:35 ain’t gonna lie. Those questions put those cryin at buzzfeed over this on the spot. Not even kidding. Point fucking proven.

  10. I have to say, that video was kinda surprising. I only cringed a tiny bit! 🙂 Some of the questions were actually quasi valid, and the lady in the white shirt is kinda hot!;)

  11. I like the one instantly contradictory question set in the video. The ” why are you against BLM?” followed immediately “why do you think black people are a monolith?” Dude, you just pretended black people are a monolith. Why does a black person have to be a BLM supporter? I’m a gay man (and I only reveal that completely trivial detail about myself to make this point) and I’m horrified most of the time at what is done in my name. The glitter bombs and the grandstanding outside of Christian owned businesses and the throwing gayness in people’s faces. I’m sure many many black people are horrified at BLM actions and protests.

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