Fake Far Right Label Being Used to Censor Media Critics

Fake Far Right Label Being Used to Censor Media Critics

What does it mean to be “Far Right”?  I wish some of our supposed betters in the news media would please explain to me exactly what the designation entails. The term keeps popping up again and again, mostly in relation to the people and outlets said news media dislikes, so I think some explainer is in order. Usually, I let such lies about myself pass without much if any, comment. But in the wake of Charlottesville, I am no longer inclined to let charges like these pass without rebuttal.

Buzzfeed said my site was “Far Right” earlier this summer.  The Washington Post chopped up a quote of mine last year to make it appear like I said I was a member of the “Alt Right” last year. The Southern Poverty Law Center blasted out a hit piece, written by Brianna Wu about my legal troubles in 2016. It was on their Hatewatch Twitter account, mind you. I wish I could tell you that being labeled in these ways didn’t bother me at all, however, that is not the case. It’s troubling to me for two reasons.  One is that these charges simply aren’t true. Any examination of my public musings beyond a superficial level would tell you that.

The other reason it’s causing me to respond in this way? Censorship. There’s a mad dash to label all opponents of the “progressive” agenda as fascists, hatemongers, even terrorists. Many on the Left see the Charlottesville tragedy as a prime opportunity to stifle dissent, along with the alternative media outlets that have popped up in response to their near-complete control of Hollywood, Music, and the mainstream media. It’s very clear what their endgame is; tighter controls on internet speech.

 It’s not just sites like the Daily Stormer. Infowars, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, smaller sites like mine…we are all under the gun. It’s not about liking these outlets, by the way. I think Nazism is not just abhorrent but also stupid. Most normal people recoil from an attempt to institute Nazi policies. Having said that, I’m a free speech absolutist, and as such, I don’t believe the Stormer should be taken down unless specific and credible calls to violence can be cited.  It sets a bad precedent otherwise. The ACLU agrees with this position, by the way. So it’s not like some right-wing talking point. It’s about free speech.

Alt Right, far right, white nationalist, extremist. Those labels are being deployed as weapons and it’s all part of a grander strategy to control new media. I don’t consider myself any of those things, but that doesn’t make censorship ok. I’m not sure how to fight back effectively against the trend towards speech controls on the internet, other than to continue doing what I’ve always done. That is to say that I will always speak my mind, stand up for the right to free expression, and continue calling out bullshit when I see it.

It’s sort of crazy to me how I’ve been lumped in with racism, bigotry, and other assorted charges. I’m called far right even though I still hold my leftist positions. In fact, although I value my independence, it would not be inaccurate to call me a disillusioned leftist who was discarded because I didn’t agree with the more extreme elements in that coalition. The fact that this site and my political opinions are called far right shows you that the label itself is not being used in an honest way.

You should be suspicious every time you hear it.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of TheRalphRetort.com. Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Mouth

    The more they push the farther people move to the right. I’m hearing stuff from coworkers and family/friends I would’ve never imagined them saying a few years ago. Some things said jokingly and some bluntly honest. Most of these people don’t even waste their time with social media. It’s sounds corny but I’m seeing an awakening in my little corner of the world. The left has really done a terrible job lately hiding their agendas…they used to be so good at it. I’m hoping it all blows up in their faces and we see a mass exodus from the radical progressive mindset…it’s becoming militant again like the early 70s.

    • Grust

      Just asking, but your avatar. Is it from the film, The Man Who Laughs?

      • Mouth


        • Grust

          That movie led to the Joker, one of my favorite villains.

    • temmy9 .

      When you erase the line between normies and radicals, you radicalise the normies, and normalise the radicals.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      I had an irl conversation with a young man at work the other night that was so frighteningly redpilled I never would have imagined having it anywhere but the internet and in any way but anonymously just a year ago.

  • Mr0303

    The Southern Poverty Law Center lets Brianna Wu write for them? I shouldn’t really be surprised, but I still find it funny. It’s like letting Goebbels write an exposé on the Jews.

    This latest campaign of trying to assing labels is nothing new and a general tactic of those who want to stifle free speech – calling somebody a Nazi, white supremacist, misogynist and so on is done specifically to kill interest in what the person has to say. No matter what your label I want to see what you have to say and judge the ideas on their own merit. Unfortunately that’s not always the case for people.

  • Celerity

    I know people who are basically Hillary Clinton without the husband carry. Even they voted Trump. Please continue killing yourselves libtards, we haven’t won enough yet!

  • Silence Dogood

    I wonder if Ralph’s opinion about the situation of race relations will have changed at all due to his time in jail. My understanding is racial segregation is something that is self imposed in jail and prison, by the inmates and that racist attitudes are the norm. Considering the high incarceration rates of Black people, I wonder of how much statistical use that would be towards disproving the Left Wing assertion that Black people “can’t be racist”. Whenever I watch prison documentaries they seem pretty racist to me. Then again jails are far less severe than prisons, so maybe it’s not comparable.

  • Dave The Sandman

    If you are on the lists of the SPLC you stand in good company mate – both Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz are on those lists, so wear that fucking badge with pride mate….I would.

    As to the US media and public mashing up political terms….well bro thats down to plain old wilful ignorance, mass hysteria, and unrelenting stupidity.

    The “left” calls itself Liberals, despite being the exact opposite, much to the anger of real actual Liberals like me who now have to call ourselves Classical Liberals to make sure chucklefucks know we are not looney left thugs.

    The words Fascist and Communist are chucked about like teddies in a playpen, whether or not they actually fit the bill, and most often by fucktards who dont have a clue what those terms mean.

    So now like you I get branded far right and a Nazi.

    Well, I always thought Oswald Mosley was a snappy dresser and the English version of the Horst Wessel Lied, “Comrades The Voices” was a catchy tune.

    • Toastrider

      Any proper ‘fight song’ (political, sports, whatever) better have a catchy tune or it won’t stick.

    • Danlantic

      “champagne socialists”

      The American idiom 50 years ago was “cocktail party pink”.

  • Toastrider

    It’s pretty much utter insanity.

    Antifa wants to shut down Ben Shapiro’s talk at Berkeley because, of course, he’s a white supremacist. Now, I know Shapiro isn’t the most liked guy in these parts, but holy shit, I don’t think any of us would want to abrogate his freedom of speech.

    Now Antifa is bragging about how they want to send ‘hit squads’ to ‘white supremacist’s’ homes to beat them up. I shouldn’t have to explain how appalling this is (and how dangerous it could be — to the antifa fucks, anyways. Here’s to hoping some of them come down with a lethal case of high speed lead poisoning).

    Still, all is not hopeless. There seems to be a trend in former liberals waking up to the toxic brew they’ve been fermenting in, and getting the fuck out of it.

    And someone really needs to introduce Milo to this guy. Read the letter; talk about stomping a mudhole in someone and walking it dry, verbally.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      If they start attempting ops like that it’ll be interesting to see how they try to spin it when their armed and masked agents keep getting wasted in the midst of attempted home invasions. More men get shot dead trying to move aggressively through doorways than just about any other place and breaching/clearing a structure is one of the most dangerous bits of modern combat.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    The key thing to remember is these people will never let you NOT be their designated villain because they so desperately need one in order to justify their own existence. So ultimately there can NEVER be any sort of reasonable agreement reached with them, we therefore have no option but to pursue the conflict to the bitter end and hopefully absolutely defeat them at some point down the line.

  • Kellen Joel

    Don’t listen to their shit Ralph. Just keep fighting.

  • Ryan Arko

    “Far right” isn’t a fake label. Given that Nora just wrote an article detailing that Lane Davis often called everyone who disagreed with him a leftist cuck, it’s clear that far right is an accurate descriptor.

    You’re far-right, Ethan. If you don’t like it, change your views. You hung out with an exclusively alt-right crowd, espoused their views, and supported their candidate then cried when people called you alt-right.

    You’re not a liberal. You’re not a traditional conservative. You’re not a socialist or commie. You’re not an objectivist.

    You saw a rally in Charlottesville attended by Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists, and the KKK. This was an event organized by racists whose fliers and advertising featured leading white supremacist figures. You heard them chanting Jews will not replace us.

    You saw this and wrote an article siding with them saying the media would call it a KKK rally (if only it were that small). Except, livestreams like the one Brittany Venti (who supported the rally) had showed all of this in real time. You defended them and called their rally a “powerful show of force.”

    You’re by every definition part of the far-right. When you’re defending race purists and ethnic cleansers, you’re far-right.

  • chosenfrozen

    I am one of what you would call a left winger. Your site is neither nazi nor bigoted as far as I can see. Your opinions are well stated, with clear writing that is easy to read. This is one of the many sites I read on a daily basis as news/opinion. I do not believe there is any censorship involved. Just because there is dissent to someones opinion does not make it censorship. No one except President Curtsy has suggested censorship. And I am shocked it has not been challenged, his locking out of certain news outlets, because his delicate feelings are hurt. The huge and overwhelming proportion of the media, is rattling his cage. They are doing their job, fact checking and keeping on top of all developments. 99% of the media has seen through this outstanding con job. Propaganda has created a monster, sorry bud, your previous president was one of your better, he got your economy going (research anywhere but Fox or worse Breibart), crime was down, ISIS was being dealt with, and a great health care system begun. He reduced your ridiculous military spending (one year could provide health care and education for the entire country for a decade), as the cold war is long over. The concern people have with the extremists he has emboldened is it really really looks like Germany in 1933. An egomaniac narcissist used propaganda (fake news) on fringe groups , and convinced them all the troubles were based on immigrants and certain religious groups. He held campaign type rallies even after he was elected. He had lots of supporters who gave that famous nazi salute and bought into his hatred lock stock and barrel. The protests you see are not to stifle your opinions, they are there to ensure that this time there is someone there to stop a movement that looks a lot like Germany in the early 1930’S, from the violent brown shirts with swastika armbands (now leather jackets, bulletproof vests and swastika tattoos }. Make Germany Great Again, was the cry in 1933. 80 million died because no one protested or even fought it. It is the fear of an overwhelming number of people in the world. If you only view Fox, and read Briebart or puke like it, you are being conned.