We talked about this last night on the #Killstream, but I figured it was worth a write-up. It’s just too strange not to cover in some way. Before I get into it, here’s me reading Jake Rapp’s escort ad, straight from his own website


Honestly, it’s kind of hard to talk about this particular one, because many of his pics were extremely NSFW. In fact, he’s rocking what’s known as a Prince Albert. Believe me, I could have went all my life without knowing that information. Then again, it was worth it for the lulz alone.

Here are a couple pics that I can actually show you. The rest is over on /ggrevolt/.



Jake wasn’t always like this, though. In fact, his views seemed to be radically different before Alison started pimping him out he met Ms. Rapp.


Now, it’s like this…


Yes, this guy actually has a life-coaching business. Can you imagine hiring him to break you off a piece of advice about how to conduct your affairs? I mean, different strokes for different folks, and all that jazz. But this shit is ridiculous. It seems like he was almost brainwashed by this woman. Not only that, if you look at the thread, you can see that they might have even tricked another woman into getting twisted up in their complicated sex lives.


This tale just keeps getting nuttier and nuttier. What’s going to be the next shoe to drop, ladies and gentlemen? Perhaps they’re running an entire prostitution ring out of their home? Maybe someone at the Nintendo Treehouse is involved? I can only speculate, of course, but I would not be surprised no matter what we hear. It’s gotten to that level.

    1. I was reading the last archived ggrevolt thread and it seems that he
      works/worked for the company that had a contract with Nintendo, some
      food company, Sodexo it seems.

      Maybe someone played a card here.

    2. There is clearly an SJW in HR [which would explain why there are so many of them in Treehouse], and they are choosing to deliberately disregard pertinent information when screening applicants.

      1. Employer: “It says here you have no experience in PR, can’t speak Japanese, and take it up the ass for $250 an hour…”

        Alison: “Yeah, but it’s totally The Patriarchy’s fault that there isn’t enough women in tech fields, and certainly not because most women pursue gender studies degrees!”

        Employer: “YOU’RE HIRED!”

      2. There’s evidence that HR in many companies have that issue.
        In fact it’s one of the causes for the current status quo we’ve got socioculturally not just in games but in general.
        HR has a lot of power.

  1. So… to recap
    She is a camwhore and a realwhore who dresses up Loli stylee and writes defences of Pedos while working for a Disney like game company whose target audience is primarily families.

    He is a bi-manwhore cuckster who now runs a cuck college for other cucks, so cucked he took HER name when they got married.

    Her dad is a serial crim with an apparent drink and drive fetish

    Truly, the Lulzocaust has dawned

      1. Im just trying to work out on the Peter Coffin Scale of Greasy Horrorshow Fuckups whether this is #FullCoffin yet.
        IMHO I think this hit #FullCoffin a while ago.

    1. At this point, I would be surprised if it turns out they’re a husband and wife duo of undercover assassins or sleeper agents from Russia sent to spy on America. There is no bottom to this abyss.

  2. I almost feel sorry for them and all the stuff about their private life that’s going public. Yeah it’s hilarious but still doesn’t seem like our business.
    But it sure explains why Nintendo actually fired her, and it explains why their official statement was so short, yeah this is a lot more than they’d like to bring up in the open.

    But now that they’ve gone this deep I kind of want to see where it leads, perhaps something bigger is still buried in Nintendo, waiting for them to find it.

    1. I reserve my sympathy for those who aren’t pedophile advocates. And because they, and the friendly progressive media, decided to double down and attempt to justify her sick sentiments while calling her detractors an “online hate mob”, as far as I’m concerned they invited the additional scrutiny.

      Progressives never learn. When they choose to get mixed up in the culture war, we (their opponents) know how to dig, far deeper and with greater tenacity than even their highly paid pet journalists.

    2. It’s kind of hard to feel bad for them then this “private” info was publicly posted all over the internet by themselves. THEY put up lewd pics of themselves. THEY posted controversial opinions on pedophiles. THEY posted escort ads. THEY offered up every single detail about their marriage. THEY used photos in their escort ads that didn’t even hide any identifying details like tats, piercings and jewelry.

      When you make your life an open book, don’t be surprised when the pages get ripped out.

  3. I always felt that Gamergate was inevitable – more or less a culture war between two groups with incompatible views of the world. The ZQ stuff was simply a precipitating incident that opened up a lot of fault lines that had already been established for some time.

    I’d say this Rapp thing would have been another ZQ thing. Too many people covering for too weird a person.

  4. SJW degeneracy is truly a bottomless pit. Trust me, this is all just the tip of the iceberg.

  5. What an idiot, that guy.

    The only rational poly relationship for a man to be in, is a closed triad or quad where
    he’s the only dick in the house and the women compete for him.

    But jesus, that guy really sold himself out for a little tang now, didn’t he?

    I wonder how he’ll feel about it in 10 years….

  6. I wonder how long a toxic relationship like that could last? living a double life like that. Both their social media presence was like a covert plea for an intervention

  7. Considering the formerly Christian purity-ring background and then wild jump to “bisexual” prostitute who takes his girlfriend’s last name, my guess is that this guy is actually trying to come to terms with being gay and unfortunately got caught up in Rapp’s insanity along the way. He will very likely end up marrying a man at some point in the future, one can only hope that it’s someone decent enough to help him get his head back on his shoulders

  8. Between her pro-pedo views and her propensity to whore family out, I’m seriously hoping they never procreate. She’d probably offer her baby for $200 an hour to the doctor that just pulled it out.

  9. From a wide eyed and innocent Christian boy to marrying a radfem killjoy, the change in him is stark. His focus on identity back then now seems to be a cry for help, a blank slate looking for someone to build an identity for him and boy has Alison molded her perfect little manwhore.

    A small part of me does feel sorry for him tbh. To allow yourself to be shaped completely by another is scarily cultish, he’s probably got more issues than Playboy.

  10. SJWs are still trying to save face by continuing to defend Alison. Shame that they never attempt to deflect any (proven) facts about Alison.

  11. Why the fuck would anyone ever get a Prince Albert?! Why the fuck is it even called a Prince Albert?! Smh I’m mad I clicked on that link Ralph hahahah.

  12. Wow holy shit! How pathetic! He went from a Christian church goer to this? All over this not even attractive literal whore? He’s not ugly he could’ve gotten someone decent. What is his damage? But I LOOOVE trolling him on Twitter. Too bad his whore wife blocked me and my alts :'(

  13. This dude got himself hooked up with a demon/succubus and now she’s destroying him.

  14. Gamergate belongs in a hole in the ground rotting with the worms. Anything else is too good for them.

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