Anita Sarkeesian

A popular YouTube’r by the name of MrRepzion got an unwelcome visit from federal agents earlier today as a result of someone signing his name to an expletive riddled email. It looks like Anita Sarkeesian is playing fast and loose with the FBI, since the email was addressed to her, and she knows good and goddamn well that no person with any visibility would ever send her something like that. Why not just lock yourself up lol? It’s lunacy to think that a guy like him, with almost 400,000 YouTube subscribers, would email Anita a fucking signed death threat. What if it had been signed George Clooney? Would they have paid him a visit as well? This is extremely aggressive behavior on the part of the SJWs.

I have no idea if they’ve actually bought into her current line of garbage, or are merely doing their due diligence. It sounds like the the later, listening to the video. But the news that came out today is terrifying for proponents of a free and open exchange of ideas. I wonder how long it will be before I receive a knock at the door? I have quite a few enemies, so I’m sure they’ve probably already sent a few of these out on my behalf. Let me just go ahead and state ahead of time that I’ve never sent out a death threat, and never would. Jonathan McIntosh is a cunt, though. Can they arrest me for that?

Just like we’ve known for months, this sort of thing is the work of third-party trolls doing it for the lulz, not real gamers. Why do our adversaries resort to lies and manipulation of the government and media apparatus every chance they get? Well, as I’ve said before, it’s because they can’t win any other way. Intimidation is just the next step in their game.

Well fuck that, and fuck them. I won’t be intimidated into silence, and I’m glad there’s an army of motherfuckers who feel the exact same way. If we stand strong against this sort of thuggery, it won’t work. There are examples throughout history showing that to be the case. So stay strong, and don’t let this shit get you too concerned. When you have the truth on your side, there is nothing to fear.