Last night, I went on KingofPol’s live cast on Hitbox. We mostly talked about Gawker Media, and the recent hit pieces they’ve run against GamerGate. The continue to try to bully vulnerable people, advertisers, and everyone else. But towards the end of the show, the conversation turned to Felicia Day’s recent column. To say it was delusional, would be an understatement. It also sounds a little like a setup for a column, but I don’t want to question the authenticity. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people, one with a Halo shirt, and one with a Call of Duty shirt, walk down the street together. It just seems a little strange.

The other thing that seems a little strange, is the way she tries to paint GamerGate as a violent gang throughout the piece, despite the fact that we’ve never committed any violence. She also seems to think that she’s personally has something to do with the prominence of the gamer persona, which sounds a bit arrogant:

If there’s anything I’m proud of in this world, it’s the fact that I’ve had people come up to me on the street and at conventions over the years to tell me that they feel confident to call themselves a gamer because of my work, where before they were ashamed.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been ashamed to be a gamer. The statement itself is offensive to me. But, maybe she has had that happen. If so, good.  But I have to wonder; what kind of gaming enthusiast has ever been ashamed to enjoy our wonderful hobby? It sounds like they’ve bought into mainstream media bullshit.

Maybe that’s what also Ms. Day’s affliction. Some people on Twitter seem to think so. It’s certainly possible that all the weeks of negative press, filled with outright lies and major distortions, would fool someone who was disconnected from the day-to-day of GamerGate. Still, not doing your research is not an excuse for ignorance. It’s not an excuse for painting us as a violent group. We’ve never committed any violence! Even the media’s bogus accusations have never went that far. So, why do you feel the need to “cross the street” when you see supposed gamers? They probably don’t even know who you are. Maybe that’s insulting for the “savior of the gamer title,” but it’s the truth.

So, whether she did this on purpose, or through ignorance, this column needs to be called out. Personally, I’m now soured on anything she has a hand in, but I can understand not feeling that way. We shouldn’t harass her, and if she was doxxed, that’s not something I support either. But I also don’t support her going full Jonathan McIntosh with a shameful piece that makes us look like gang members. If these people don’t stop, they’re going to do some serious damage to our pastime. I can only hope that folks who claim to love it, like Felicia Day, will start acting like it.

  1. It’s a shame because I used to really love her in the Guild.
    But I guess I’m a violent criminal responsible for her doxxing now. :I

  2. I have always been suspicious over Felicia day. In 2012, she complained and showed her SJW colors over the amount of women in Star Trek: Into the Darkness. I knew she had been a SJW all along, I quit following her when she went on her little tirade against JJ Abrams.


    Sounds like a SJW to me.

    1. Holy moly I had followed a bit of her early work but not much more and I had no idea that these were the types of beliefs she held. I thought that Star Trek movie was based on TOS? Were they supposed to slap some “strong women” in there just because?

      Sure, sometimes I’ve wished there was a strong woman or x kind of character in something, but this kind of tirade kinda reeks of the same crap that every “enlightened” women’s/cultural/social/gender studies student spews.

    2. I heard that around that time, one game journalist asked what she contributed to gaming, and she retaliated by getting him fired. WTF?

      I mean, honestly, if she wasn’t an attractive redheaded girl, no one would have given a shit about her in the first place.

      1. My understanding wasn’t so much that she got him fired, but rather, that her fans pressured his employer into letting him go over it. I could be wrong, however, so take this with a mound of salt.

  3. I think this column of hers is actually pretty harmful and any women or hell, just anyone with a vague interest in video games looking to get into the hobby. A respectable figure in the gaming industry has told them that we’re essentially a violent gang that people should cross the street to avoid. Reeeeally? We’re the ones driving people away from gaming? Or is it the recent narrative being pushed against us that a few women in the games industry/the MSM have been spouting?

    I came to gamergate because the people drew me in with their kindness, support, reason and facts. I’ve never felt more included in a gaming-related group or movement. This is a good time to be a gamer.

    Felicia definitely does not deserve any form of harassment and she is free to speak her mind and have opinions as we all are. I just wish that she might see that what she’s saying is damaging and hurtful.

    1. 1990 again? Yep. 1980’s again? Yep. It’s almost like there’s a co-ordinated effort to make us into a hybrid “crazy D&D and violent video game players.”

      1. There is and ita being done so they can hold it up as a reason to both ban anonymous internet use and regulate the gaming industry with a government run body because obviously the esrb can’t do it. They want to prove that videos games make men sexist pigs so they can turn around and use that as evidence that it also makes us violent. Its jack Thompson all over again but with sexism and this time if you disagree you are a women hating sexist to be shamed.

        Gamers who follow these wolves need to wake up and see what’s happening. If we lose this…gaming is over.

        Nobody hates women that’s stupid. We don’t want to run them out of gaming either. I’m all for more women making and playing games but Jesus Christ this is not the way to do it. All this is doing and will continue to do is make women afraid of gamers this afraid to even play games. Yea…great idea she’s great idea.

        Industry women need to stand up and tell the world Brianna wu does not speak for them. We have many examples of strong amazing women in game Dev I wish their companies would let them speak one way or another.

      2. “It’s almost like there’s a co-ordinated effort to make us into a hybrid ‘crazy D&D and violent video game players.'”

        Lol, remember all the “Satanism” hysteria about DnD. I do. I played soo much DnD, I must not just be a Satanist, I might be a full blown Demon.

        And this is why Gamergate is going to win: Hardcore gamers have been mocked, slandered, and libeled for years, and every time those who do these things lose.

  4. I think it’s another ignorant knee jerk reaction to 3rd party info passed down from disinterested friend to disinterested friend; by the time it reaches the Princess of All Games, the message is distorted and twisted to sound so vile it cannot be legitimized with any form of inductive reasoning.

    One of the most positive things about GG, imo, is the utterly extreme language the Anti-gg crowd is spewing. We are likened to hitler, Mao, hot pockets, mass murderers, homeless people, infectious vermin, etc, to the point that if a legitimate terror campaign were ever truly orchastrated through GG, they would be at a loss for words. Or maybe invent new hipster flavored ones. But this type of rhetoric produces such cognitive dissonance that when an ignorant party seeks to understand what GG actually is, the must become disillusioned by the bland, prude nature of it all. I think it has done wonders to boost our ranks and will serve as a case study in how extreme vernacular can backfire on the overzealous, self-righteous hysteria mob.

  5. When I read that paragraph about her crossing the street to avoid the guys wearing game t-shirts because she was frightened by them my first thought was what a fucking idiot. People that choose to live in fear do so because of their own prejudices. Imagine what would happen to someone if they wrote the same article but stated that they crossed the street to avoid two black teenagers?

    It is just another propaganda piece by a pampered princess. You got this one exactly right Ralph and I am pleased that you still wrote this despite people asking you to refrain from it. My understanding is that it was her talent agency that was doxxed and not her personally which was a nice bit of free advertisement for them. Sorry to hear about your own doxxing but I gather that you are not trembling in fear every time you hear a knock at the door.

    1. I never actually made that connection, replacing the word gamer with black teenagers. It already sounded absolutely absurd but when you change that word so it hits a bit harder it sounds even dumber. Seriously… Why would she say that?

    2. She’s an actress, getting in on a story that’s trending in the media right now. Probably doesn’t hurt that she agrees with the politics these sites are pushing.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s at a gaming convention a few days from now.

      Her career took off because of a show made about gamers, that a lot of gamers looked on positively. I think the positive response she got far outweighed the negative.

      And she started playing WoW shortly after it got released. I mean, her career pretty much disproves what the gaming media were writing about the “toxic” gaming community. I’m sure she’s had to deal with her share of trolls and weirdos, but then, so does everyone with any kind of celebrity. This is not unique to gamers. That she’d suddenly become scared of that entire group of people because of media stories doesn’t make much sense.

      1. Are you suggesting that she made that story up for dramatic reasons? Now why would she do that? It must have been acting.

        1. It’s a bad story regardless.
          To me, the image summoned the spectre of racism.
          I’ve only EVER seen it used to describe avoiding minority or young men in groups.
          Hell, her post SAYS it is a “handful” of people that made her feel that way, and yet she holds all of gamergate responsible.

          I guess ALL Ferguson residents (all black people everywhere?) are responsible for the Ferguson riots, and those riots are so totally just an expression of black violence and have no larger social context.
          Sounds legit.
          Not racist at all.

          I think we need to remind her we’re not monsters.
          Show her the error of her ways.
          She has written a piece that reflects some AMAZING bigotry and people seem unable to recognise that.
          We need to fix that failure.
          I tweeted her that very sentiment.

        2. No, but her reaction seems a little melodramatic. Especially for someone who has spent as much time around gamers as she has. Like I said, gamers didn’t reject her despite her vagina, quite the opposite.

          She actually wrote some positive things too, so I wouldn’t compare her to leigh alexander or say she went full mcintosh. Just seemed a bit much. The media writes some stories and she’s now living in fear of the audience that pretty much is responsible for making her show a success. But still, she agrees with the Leigh Alexanders in gaming media.

  6. hehehe…. i play games since the 80s and I dont care what felicia has to say about me as a gamer. I play her into oblivion in whatever game she wants to compete! So there she sits in her lonely room and rants about something she never understood herself. She is a poser and… a liar and a thief 😀
    Know what we should do ? there are very difficult games for the C64 and there they have to show us their skillz first before we give them any attention at all. Let them compete in gaming against us and thats it!
    Let the skills in gaming speak and not their idiotic empty rants!

    1. Yeah, I’d heard the name but I’ve never seen her before, and never seen or read any of her work. The most I know of her was that a guy got fired for asking what her contributions were.

      1. You probably recognize her from her stunning role in the Dr. Horrible Singalong Blog, wherein Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion do manly things and fail to fulfill’s fantasies.
        She was the Moist guy.

  7. She’s built her career off of games and gamers, and now she slags off the people who are responsible for her success?

    Fuck Felicia Day.

    1. I understand the sentiment, but we need to “weaponise nice”
      Show her (and the world) we are not monsters.
      We can comfort her for feeling that way while reminding her that holding a WHOLE group (all gamers, apparently) accountable for the actions of what she HERSELF described as “a handful” is not right. It’s not inclusive. It’s not progressive. It’s literal bigotry.
      If she had professed fear of black people because “a handful of black people” had upset her, what would the reaction have been?
      If she had admonished all black people to mend their ways to make her feel better, what would the reaction have been?

  8. I’ve been calling myself a gamer for over thirty years. Thanks for going back in time for me, Felicia. I wish I’d recognised you in later life.

    1. Dude. Everyone needs to watch this video. This lady is awesome – She tears apart the SJW faux feminism concern trolling, and shows them for what they are:


  9. You do realize that the main reason we all know of Day is because “those sites” would always plug her shit?

  10. Felicia Day didn’t hurt anyone she is not the only one that’s been Doxx and threaten by people.Who can she blame in this situation because we don’t know and Its sad that this shit been going down lets hope we can hold out till Blackfriday.

    1. If she doesn’t know who to blame, she shouldn’t be aiming crosshairs or taking action based on assumptions. Same with anyone else, really.

  11. Everyone on board the popularity train!

    Really sad what some people do for attention these days.

    It’s so easy for anyone to create an anonymous account, harass people and then let them blame it on Gamergate. The best is when they use gamergate in their name, message or tag because that’s so believable….well believable if your one of today’s gullible fools (please spoon feed me).

    Honestly all this atrocious actions have only made us look bad and the media fighting us look good and it hurts our movement….and no one is smart enough to question an anonymous harassment source. If no one has been arrested and proven to support gamergate then no one has a right to accuse gamergate.

    Hell ZQ and Silverstring media have been caught and proudly admitted to their illegal actions and no one bats an eyelid because it’s a woman and questioning their actions is “harassment”. What a sick society I live in.

  12. Her experience with gaming and the fact that prior to gamergate she would have spoken to two random male gamers on the street proves that the industry is not full of a bunch of horrible misogynists. It’s sad that even though she has personal experience to prove otherwise that the gaming media has somehow tainted her previous view of gamers in general and makes her want to now cross the street when she sees male gamers. The inclusiveness that she knows exists in gamer culture is now being ignored because of the media and because of friends of hers like Wil Wheaton.

  13. “I crossed the street to avoid two gamers”. WTF? Did she clutch her purse real tight to her chest as well?

    It’s hilarious that we’re being called racists, when these SJWs are acting like people who aren’t even self-aware enough to know when they’re being racist. First they assume all gamers are white, then they accuse them of being controlled and used by white people. Then they act like we’re all going to rape and mug them. Then when Day gets doxed, they IMMEDIATELY blame Gamergate on it, much like the racist old man who always blames any burglary in the neighborhood on black teenagers.

    Day comes across as one more D – list celeb trying to use this to boost their career and prove to other SJWs how shiny their White Knight armor is, like Patton Oswalt and Chris Kluwe recently did.

  14. >”I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people, one with a Halo shirt, and one with a Call of Duty shirt, walk down the street together. It just seems a little strange.”

    If an anti-GGer wrote this, we’d think we’d taken crazy pills. You’ve never seen two guys with game shirts on? Ever been near a Gamestop? Or do you think that CoD and Halo players wouldn’t associate with one another? Huh?

    Sigh. I don’t think Ralph and most of the commenters here could’ve missed the mark any wider if they’d pointed their rhetorical guns at themselves and pulled their triggers. For months I’ve bristled at the Borg-like parroting of the herdthought Game Journo Pros talking points about how gamers are abusing women and I hadn’t seen myself evidence of the supposed nastiness allegedly being targeted at women in gaming. Unfortunately, this column and the comments make me wonder if there might be a sliver of truth to the anti-GG charges. Perhaps the problem is some of us are so fed up with being called names, we’re on a hair-trigger at the first whiff of negativity and don’t take a moment to calmly evaluate what people are saying.

    I think Ralph has misread Day’s Tumblr post (it’s not a “column”) as trying to smear gamers as gangs. Day is messily working through her complicated feelings about gamers based on how she has been attacked for a tweet in support of a “GG victim” and, no doubt, she’s surrounded by left-wing SJWs like Wil Wheaton who does a show on her YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry. Being busy producing TV shows and working as an actress, she probably doesn’t have the time to watch hours of YouTube videos and Hangouts where the sane and intelligent voices of GG are to be found.

    More critically, Ralph and those calling her #FullMcIntosh are lacking empathy and overlooking the personal details which inform her attempts to cope with what’s happening now. She’s been fed the GJP narrative about gamers being goons and now she says, “[F]for the first time maybe in my life…I didn’t smile. I didn’t say hello. In fact, I crossed the street so I wouldn’t walk by them. Because…something had changed in me. A small voice of doubt in my brain now suspected that those guys and I might not be comrades after all. That they might not greet me with reflected friendliness, but contempt. I went home and was totally, utterly depressed.”

    If all you’ve been told is “gamers want to hurt you” from all the media and your Hollyweird pals, is it unreasonable to start feeling afraid even when you have no personal experience with trouble? However, those criticizing her seem to be skimming past the implications of this passage:

    I have had stalkers and restraining orders issued in the past, I have had people show up on my doorstep when my personal information was HARD to get. To have my
    location revealed to the world would give a entry point for a few mentally ill people who have fixated on me, and allow them to show up and make good on the kind of threats I’ve received that make me paranoid to walk around a convention alone. I haven’t been able to stomach the risk of being afraid to get out of my car in my own driveway because I’ve expressed an opinion that someone on the internet didn’t agree with.”

    Anyone recognize the name Rebecca Schaeffer? She was a 21-year-old actress who was stalked and murdered at her front door by an obsessed “fan” 25 years ago in1989. Day has been on the nerd radar since 2003 when she was one of the Potentials in the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Add on The Guild, Dr. Horrible and Supernatural, is it impossible to believe that she’s had some scary interactions made all the more so because she’s a small woman?

    I’m pretty sure those pouncing on her didn’t read until the end when she says:

    “I know this entry will probably draw contempt from people in the Gamer Gate movement.”

    If it wasn’t a false flag attack, congrats to the f*ckstick who decided to prove her fears founded.

    “Something to scorn, something to rile them up against me and everything I’ve ever made. Especially, and most hurtfully, to mock my vulnerability.

    Like going ballistic over her blog post, yelling that she’s insulted you and calling her #FullMcIntosh?

    “I just have one thing to say to you who do that: I’m genuinely sorry you are so angry.

    Yell at her some more, kids.

    I have lived a large part of my life ruled by negative emotions, mainly fear and anxiety.

    Many actors are shy and extremely insecure. (Heck, Robin Williams killed himself.) Now imagine being a non-Barbie doll type in a youth-and-beauty-obsessed entertainment biz where the only way someone like her (35 yrs old, not looking like Nina Dobrev) could get on the CW was to have her nerd cred leveraged by Supernatural to boost their fading ratings. (Best part of this blog is the news that Charley is coming back from Oz!) When she cut her hair short, she got blasted by twits on Twitter for daring to change her look up because she wanted to. Dafuq, people?

    “From my experience of working through those issues, I have this to say: Steeping yourself in the emotions that you’re surrounding yourself with, of hatred and bile and contempt, is ultimately not destructive to others like you want it to be. It’s destructive to yourself.”

    There’s a certain irony in her warning about surrounding yourself with negativity while associating with Wil Wheaton (motto: “I meant YOU shouldn’t be a dick. I can totally be a dick.”), but I think it’s touching that she’s not shrieking like Brianna Wu or basking in her lucrative victimhood (and NY Times photo) like Anita Sarkeesian or bullying and being corrupt like Leigh Alexander, but actually trying to encourage people to not destroy themselves with negativity. (I wonder how much of a mensch she’ll be going forward?)

    I’ve generally been favorable towards Day because of her making her own breaks by creating The Guild. (Remember that she inspired Joss Whedon to do Dr. Horrible after she explained how she was doing the show while they walked picket lines during the Writers Guild strike.) She was on board with the awful #YesAllWomen hashtag campaign earlier this year which bummed me out because she was buying into the victimhood that feminists today us as a way to hold their sisters down.

    But that doesn’t mean she’s calling gamers “gangs” or that she needs calling out for insulting the sacred honor of male gamers. Huh X 1000? I encourage people to take a moment to absorb the overall tone of her piece and have a little empathy for where she’s coming from and been. I know nerves are raw from two solid months of being bashed, lied about, slandered, libeled, and generally abused by the media. However, slagging Day for trying to work through her fear in public only gives the anti-GG side another excuse to make us the issue.

    1. If you want to be a little fanboy, and defend someone who misrepresents you, go right ahead. Do not expect me to, however. Where is her empathy for GamerGate? Oh, that’s right. She’s too busy painting us as violent sociopaths. Save it. I stand by every word.

      1. If you think the fanboyism for Felicia Day is bad here, you should see it among our ranks in /r/KotakuInAction. Anytime I attempted to pull back the covers on Felicia’s true intentions for her involvement in gaming — boosting her shitty acting career — I was downovted into fucking oblivion.

        Fuck Felicia Day.

    2. Wil said many things on his original blog years ago before he started the perpetual convention circuit that would now get him in serious hot water with the rad fems infesting the geek sphere. He was also friends with the Penny Arcade guys around the time of the dickwolves thing. Will just twists with the wind to pander.

  15. What a wreck of an article, and that’s coming from a hardcore gamergator. Please stick to issues you know more about. Felicia Day is a target of anti-GG as much as we are. Except, due to the fact that it permeates her surroundings, she fell for their narrative.

  16. “They probably don’t even know who you are. ”

    Truth. I had to google to find out who she was, and when I saw “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog” – I was like, oh well too bad, another Whedonite hates gamergate.

      1. I doubt there is a direct connection – most likely just an opportunist seeking to use current events to get the spotlight for a bit.

  17. I was offended by her statement simply because this is what White Women used to do to avoid Black people back in the day. It’s like they want to go back to that time or something.

  18. I find her reactions bizarre. I loved her VA work in Fallout New Vegas, proud she did such a good job. She has my sympathy if any trolls and creepazoids have been making her life hell, that I’m sorry she had to deal with, but damn, she sounds more than a little batshit trying to say gamers are a mass of evil thuggish assholes.

    If anything, I disappointed she’s shitting on the very crowd that loves her work all because of a bunch of assholes every sane gamer roundly condemns.

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