As you may know, I did a LIVE show last night. As usual, I had no plan going in, outside of a few topics to bring up here and there. I tend to feel like my best shows happen when it’s more of a freewheeling effort. Although it’s a double-edged sword, because a show can also sometimes suck for that reason. I’d like to think the good outweighs the suck, but I’ll let you all be the judge. 

Last night, we did something a little bit different. Felicia Day has a new book out called You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir. In it, she gives her thoughts on GamerGate, and alludes to that bullshit story she told us last fall. But the whole thing is just amazingly out of touch. I did a dramatic reading of it last night live on air, in case you want to give it a listen. It’s my understanding that this is covered under fair use, since we gave commentary on it afterwards, it was only one chapter of the book, and it was (supposedly) non-fiction. I guess we’ll see if my interpretation holds. If it doesn’t, fuck it. I’ll just start up a new LIVE channel.

Anyway, here’s that in case you want to see it. It starts about 21 minutes in:

Here’s a short excerpt as well, just to let you taste a bit of the crazy:

At the end of October, I flew to Vancouver to work on the TV show Supernatural. It was more than two months after the initial blog post (a decade in real-life time), and the gaming world was STILL drowning in #GamerGate. I was walking down the street on one of my days off and saw two gamer guys walking toward me in classic, black crew-neck gaming T-shirts. One Call of Duty, the other Halo.

Now, in the past, whenever I saw another gamer in public, I would feel heartened, because we belonged no matter if we stopped to chat or not. I would go out of my way to exchange a knowing glance, a supportive smile signaling, Yeah, dude. It’s cool that you game. I do, too! We were automatically compatriots in our love for something we both knew was awesome.

But as those two gamers walked toward me, for the first time in my life I didn’t have the impulse to say hello. Or smile. For some reason as I approached the corner . . . I crossed the street instead.

I sat down a few blocks later, because I couldn’t understand what I’d just done. Then I realized that because of the recent situation with #GamerGate, subconsciously I no longer assumed that a random gamer and I would be on the same page, or would connect just because of our love of gaming. There was a wedge in my world where there had been none before.

And for the first time in months . . . I got angry. I WANTED TO WRITE SOME SHIT DOWN, SON!

I pounded five espresso shots, ran back to my hotel room, and wrote a Tumblr post about my experience titled, “Crossing the Street.” And I tried to make it different from the tone of other writing on the subject. I tried to frame my argument in an empathetic way. Not condemn, but make people understand what I was feeling. How I was upset and ashamed at my impulse to avoid those anonymous gamers. How sad I was that the actions of #GamerGate had created that feeling in me, to separate myself from people whom I would have assumed were comrades before. And how the whole situation was creating the outside impression of a culture driven by misogyny and hatred, which I KNEW wasn’t true.

Big, bad gamers in first-person shooter t-shirts? You must have been scared out of your wits, Felicia! That is, if it ever happened, which I seriously doubt it did. Either way, it’s hard to feel to sorry for a pampered princess like yourself. Hell, princess is too lowly a title for you, according to some. Check out this ridiculous shit:

I threw in Bobby Kotick laughing, because why not? I would sooner name him queen than I would this fraudulent bitch, anyway. I just read an article where they said she hated being called that, and rejected the term herself, but took the compliment from people when offered. I guess taking the compliment now includes using it in your advertising. More evidence that she’s a fake created by Hollywood talent agencies and blood-sucking studio executives. I’ll pass on this crazy fuck being the queen of anything, except maybe the nuthouse.

She had to talk about us to move any copies. She’s pretty boring every time I’ve ever seen her. In fact, she was on YouTube during their E3 coverage and came off as a giant idiot, if you ask me. Maybe you all have other thoughts, though? Let me know what you have to say about Ms. Day. I’ll be back before long with my thoughts on the latest Anne Rice news.

(KiA thread about how she claims GG harassed her, but doesn’t actually show any harassment)

Cover h/t @InvisibleJimBSH