As you may know, I did a LIVE show last night. As usual, I had no plan going in, outside of a few topics to bring up here and there. I tend to feel like my best shows happen when it’s more of a freewheeling effort. Although it’s a double-edged sword, because a show can also sometimes suck for that reason. I’d like to think the good outweighs the suck, but I’ll let you all be the judge. 

Last night, we did something a little bit different. Felicia Day has a new book out called You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir. In it, she gives her thoughts on GamerGate, and alludes to that bullshit story she told us last fall. But the whole thing is just amazingly out of touch. I did a dramatic reading of it last night live on air, in case you want to give it a listen. It’s my understanding that this is covered under fair use, since we gave commentary on it afterwards, it was only one chapter of the book, and it was (supposedly) non-fiction. I guess we’ll see if my interpretation holds. If it doesn’t, fuck it. I’ll just start up a new LIVE channel.

Anyway, here’s that in case you want to see it. It starts about 21 minutes in:

Here’s a short excerpt as well, just to let you taste a bit of the crazy:

At the end of October, I flew to Vancouver to work on the TV show Supernatural. It was more than two months after the initial blog post (a decade in real-life time), and the gaming world was STILL drowning in #GamerGate. I was walking down the street on one of my days off and saw two gamer guys walking toward me in classic, black crew-neck gaming T-shirts. One Call of Duty, the other Halo.

Now, in the past, whenever I saw another gamer in public, I would feel heartened, because we belonged no matter if we stopped to chat or not. I would go out of my way to exchange a knowing glance, a supportive smile signaling, Yeah, dude. It’s cool that you game. I do, too! We were automatically compatriots in our love for something we both knew was awesome.

But as those two gamers walked toward me, for the first time in my life I didn’t have the impulse to say hello. Or smile. For some reason as I approached the corner . . . I crossed the street instead.

I sat down a few blocks later, because I couldn’t understand what I’d just done. Then I realized that because of the recent situation with #GamerGate, subconsciously I no longer assumed that a random gamer and I would be on the same page, or would connect just because of our love of gaming. There was a wedge in my world where there had been none before.

And for the first time in months . . . I got angry. I WANTED TO WRITE SOME SHIT DOWN, SON!

I pounded five espresso shots, ran back to my hotel room, and wrote a Tumblr post about my experience titled, “Crossing the Street.” And I tried to make it different from the tone of other writing on the subject. I tried to frame my argument in an empathetic way. Not condemn, but make people understand what I was feeling. How I was upset and ashamed at my impulse to avoid those anonymous gamers. How sad I was that the actions of #GamerGate had created that feeling in me, to separate myself from people whom I would have assumed were comrades before. And how the whole situation was creating the outside impression of a culture driven by misogyny and hatred, which I KNEW wasn’t true.

Big, bad gamers in first-person shooter t-shirts? You must have been scared out of your wits, Felicia! That is, if it ever happened, which I seriously doubt it did. Either way, it’s hard to feel to sorry for a pampered princess like yourself. Hell, princess is too lowly a title for you, according to some. Check out this ridiculous shit:

I threw in Bobby Kotick laughing, because why not? I would sooner name him queen than I would this fraudulent bitch, anyway. I just read an article where they said she hated being called that, and rejected the term herself, but took the compliment from people when offered. I guess taking the compliment now includes using it in your advertising. More evidence that she’s a fake created by Hollywood talent agencies and blood-sucking studio executives. I’ll pass on this crazy fuck being the queen of anything, except maybe the nuthouse.

She had to talk about us to move any copies. She’s pretty boring every time I’ve ever seen her. In fact, she was on YouTube during their E3 coverage and came off as a giant idiot, if you ask me. Maybe you all have other thoughts, though? Let me know what you have to say about Ms. Day. I’ll be back before long with my thoughts on the latest Anne Rice news.

(KiA thread about how she claims GG harassed her, but doesn’t actually show any harassment)

Cover h/t @InvisibleJimBSH

  1. Felicia Day first came to my attention as a Buffy season 7 potential. There was almost nothing good about season 7 precisely because of the potentials.

  2. Mediocre actress who pulled a stunt pissing on her fanbase in the hopes of moving up to mainstream gigs with the help of SJW’s. Apparently, her Supernatural guest spots are done so she’s off tv, no movies will use her so she’ll be doing supermarket openings now. Much like he pal, Wheaton, it’s too bad Love Boat & Fantasy Island are no longer on the air. It was the home for d-list celeb losers like her.

  3. Gamergate is angry cause Felicia Day is making a ton of cash on their back…
    I mean let’s face it, most of us would do the same if we were in her same position! There are side and there are opportunists!

    1. no, she is just a mediocre actress that now is lying for no reason. “Some gamers may have different opinions than me, the horror”

  4. I dunno, as far as I a concerned, she is no different than all of the other SJW liars. They lie every time they say “gamergate did this” or “gamergate did that”.
    Then they have the self-righteous arrogance to demand that we admit that their sweeping generalisations were accurate and in need of apologising.
    NO! They can all go fuck themselves. In my view, they are in most cases, unable to evidence any harassment that they reference.
    I know she said she was doxed and many people have been on both sides and most if not all are from 3rd party trolls NOT endorsed by either Gamergate nor anti-gamergate.
    So again this has nothing to do with Gamergate supporters and yet she takes a dump on us.
    My sympathy extends right up to the moment she dumped on us.

  5. “How sad I was that the actions of #GamerGate had created that feeling in me, to separate myself from people whom I would have assumed were comrades before.”

    What a stupid piece of shit this writing is. Couldn’t be, that it was actually AGG, what created this feeling of PARANOIA in her? That constant reading of bullshit like Kotaku or Polygon, watching Wu and Sarkeesian babbling about toxic masculinity and shit? That never ending indoctrination from the “net-feminists” claiming all gamers are misogynist and basically little Elliot Rodgers in the waiting?

    Nooo! There can be nothing wrong if you are on the right side.

    Fuck you, Snowflake!

    1. As if she’s never seen people say shitty things to other people on the internet; she said some stalker knocked on her door years ago. She bought the press framing hook, line, and sinker.

      1. Well if there is something rad-fems and the cult of soc-jus members know how to do it is how to make flashy and sparkly press and celeb lure. But you would think since she is is such close friends with joss he would have warned her of what her aGG “friends” will do to/for her when given half a chance.

      2. Actually, she said some stalker got her address, went to her home and BROKE IN, then proceeded to obsess and rant about her online. Including posting her address online, which is what made it so easy to find by 4chan and gamergate.

  6. I liked her at some point.But i don’t really anymore since she took a crap on my belief and somehow said it’s my fault. i’m sad, but ultimately, it leave me with more time to care about other artists.

  7. I used to like her.

    Then she dropped her pants and took a massive dump on the 99.4 percent of GG’ers who had done her (and anyone) no harm.

    She can go f**k herself as can any product she is associated with in future.

    1. Yep. I’ve never had any problem with her. She seemed more or less earnestly geeky and all. Seemed like a charming enough individual. However, I won’t give a dime or a second of attention to anything she is involved in ever again, because she decided to use me and other gamers as opportunities to further her career by throwing us under the bus as some sort of scary vicious monsters — all because we were tired of having every second of our recreational activity turned into some aspect of political activism.

      1. I’ll add in to the pile. I met her at comic con and she SEEMED nice. But damn it I fell for the bullshit she fed me that day and it annoys me seeing her get promoted for nyc comic con again this year.

        1. At least she seemed nice, I met Wil Wheaton and he was an all around ass to everyone, and it wasn’t just his germ condition either.

  8. Felicia just couldn’t bear it when Chelsea, Anita and Brianna were getting all the media attention. So she had to cook up some road crossing story to become the unsuccessful fourth wheel. Ouch.

    1. Around gamers, always change lane…rs

      Around gamers, fear the lamers?

      Around gamers, activate blamers!

      Around gamers, beware the famers?

      …Goddammit Felicia give me something to work with!

      This is why the only Felicia gamers care about is a naked cat bitch!

      1. “She goes on to tell a sad tale on the somewhat poor reception that her “Gamer Girl, Country Boy” video got. She attributes this to it being shared on the anti-GamerGate site, 4chan.” disingenuous bitch she is as her video has more likes than dislikes (though I don’t feel the likes were deserved) and no one is bullying her about it really but pointing out her bullshit.

  9. She’s on the same RadFem, idiot-filled show as Wheaton, trying to make money off geek culture when they’re not even a part of it and then they tried to stick their big, unwanted noses into gaming culture. Disgusting.

    1. I’ve never watched any content from their youtube channel. A few years ago, I was going to sign up to a feed of their youtube channel, to watch a show they were doing… but the ONLY way to sign up was to get a feed of ALL their stupid bullshit. I wasn’t interested in getting half a dozen videos a day in my feed just to watch the one show ever few weeks that I was interested in. Shady bullshit.

      1. It’s an overly commercialized rip off of the kind of home-grown (legit indie) Let’s Plays, but is obviously 100% into selling shit than actually providing entertainment or letting people know about less known titles.

    2. It’s just a crying shame she’s on supernatural. Every episode she’s in is heavily modified to say “Look a REAL geek girl!” – resulting in some of the weirdest and most mismatched to the main story episodes in the show.

      But of course she’s friends with the Whedon / Wheaton group as well.

      I just hope to god that Fillion doesn’t go after GG – then I might cry.

      1. They recently killed off her character on the show.

        Which, of course, led to lots of people with sore anuses screaming about “fridging”.

        1. As someone who’s been annoyed at the radfems harping about “fridging” women, I had no other option but to agree that in this case, they totally fridged her character. It was a weak, hacky, undignified end to her character; not that they’d killed her, but did so in the most pathetic damsel manner.

      2. Ye gods I miss when Supernatural was good.

        Although I think it’s hilarious how much of a cult female following it has given how crappy it does treat the women on it. But it’s okay to have MISOGNY!! as long as there are pretty men who cry and teasing of Teh Gay.

    3. They’re all balls deep into the convention racket, and yes it clearly is a fucking racket. 40-120 dollar cover charges to get into what are first and foremost temporary specialized shopping malls. There are definitely good reasons to go to the things and fun to be had at them but they’re still a suffocating over crowded mess and they’re increasingly overrun with fucking teenagers.

      1. ABSOLUTELY! They’ve got a conflict of interests (gee, where have we heard that before?) and are just looking out to sustain their life styles because they have no other marketable skills. They live in fear of the hordes of online SJWs and RadFems who might fuck up their ability to show up at Cons and get paid and/or hurt their reputation. So, like cowards, they jump on the most extremely PC position they can in order to be as safe as they can.

        1. I don’t know if you’ve been to one recently but even the big ones are getting completely tumbrlized. “Gender Neutral” restrooms at GDC is one thing because the GDC was already a fucking joke and already intrinsically tied to San Francisco.

          Thing is though I went to the big one in Seattle this year like I usually do and not only did they have those stupid things but they also had a panel titled something like “it’s a cis straight white man’s world”.

          Frankly the convention scene has a terminal case of the cancer.

          1. Oh that shit happened at the RvBExpo (rooster teeth, redvsblue) where “policing the bathrooms” would get people kicked out. One of the new vaginas on their staff with colored hair made that a “paramount” concern. That and t-shirts with “violent” messages. Hmmm… who gets to decide what’s “violent” and what’s not? Oh, right, self-appointed censors.

            You’re dead right about GDC being a joke. It’s just a wankfest for corrupt journo’s and industry people to get together and “network” (aka fuck and drink in a way that’s a write off; ty Leigh Alexander for that confirmation).

            The gaming/geek/nerd community hasn’t had the strength to rip itself in half (ok, not really half, more like 10%, tops) and expel these fucking morons who make gender and sexuality into an issue that needs to be discussed. These people are the kind of cancer causing fucktards who push “multiculturalism” and simultaneously crush “diversity.” We are supposed to recognize, and CELEBRATE our differences, not protect everyone’s feels by suppressing everyone else in exchange for boosting “the most marginalized voice,” who are typically crazy as fuck but hiding behind a shield of “muh persecution and lack of privilege.”

            Mark my words though, it will. Celebrities of note will start catching shit from these rabid ideologues and their fan bases will leap to their feet in collective outrage and the little disease that tried-and-failed that was Atheism+ will manifest, and promptly die, in the gaming/geek/nerd community/convention scene.

          2. That’s why I bothered throwing money at the honey badger legal fund, I figure they both have a case and that the verdict can force the issue. Obviously I want to purge this shit.

            Long term “gender neutral” bathrooms are going to be as much of a cultural/historical embarrassment as “colored” bathrooms just for slightly different reasons.

          3. I complete agree. Of course this would be easily resolvable if they just made all the bathrooms unisex. But then the bitching about long lines would continue, the complains about urinals would continue, and the number of false rape accusations would jump by 1000% which plays entirely into their hands.

          4. I’ve wondered that, if “gender neutral” shitters are a calculates trap, it makes no sense for a group of people whose members would for the most part consider seeing a dong as having been raped wanting to use shitters that are a genital and orientation free for all by design.

            All kidding aside though it’s obviously just a ploy to turn two out of every three shitters into a woman’s shitter. Men are not going to voluntarily share a public shitter with women precisely because they’re concerned with perceptions and allegations and these vicious bitches know it.

          5. It’s more sinister than that. They want to change the way people think by effectively banning words and paradigms. This is what they’re taught in college. Unisex implies a space for all sexes. However, since sex revolves around reproduction, it’s a binary (sex is, in fact, a binary, no matter what anyone tries to tell you – XX and XY chromosomes are the reality of the matter). They want “gender neutral” because they know they can’t win the sex argument, so they’re trying to have a completely different argument; standard bullshit debate tactic. They also want people to think of those “spaces” as not promoting differences between genders which CLEARLY HAVE FUCKING DIFFERENCES. If your fun parts dangle, go the men’s room. If your fun parts are retracted, go the women’s room. It’s sad that I’m basically waiting for a pre-op tranny to rape a woman in the women’s rest room for these people to understand WHY this an issue.

    4. I don’t like what she’s been doing lately, but she actually has real geek to her

      She wrote The Guild, and was the valedictorian of the university of texas with a double bachelors in math and music

      1. A degree in math and music does not make a geek. Writing something (which she did with a group of people if I’m not mistaken), does not make you a geek; it makes you an author. Geek’s are, by definition, not “mainstream” as much as trendy, pretty people like her want it to be. Geeks are into things which “normal” people don’t find appealing – card games, board games, fantasy/sci-fi book – the kind of stuff that requires you to spend excessive amounts of time indoors and often in isolation. Geek’s also tend to be very tech savvy… Ms. Day does not remotely give off that vibe. She’s just an actress appealing to a demographic and promoting her ideological beliefs through her medium. In short: She’s fake as fuck and incredibly unprofessional. Also, she lied about her “doxxing,” a classic move by attention whores.

        1. Yup as would anyone trying to commercialize it. Pretty much anyone who makes waves in media as a ‘geek’ or whatever is simply in it for the money. Day, Liz Katz and Simon pegg; they all try to trick people out of their money or garner influence and power by subverting and partipating in geek culture. The funny part of it is that they all eventually fail to make a go of it.

          1. Awww don’t tell me Simon Pegg is a closeted asshole too. D: I love his movies and think he’s cute. His chubby, brown-haired co-star is much cuter though (imo).

        2. >”Writing something (which she did with a group of people if I’m not

          You’re mistaken. She wrote The Guild by herself.

          are, by definition, not “mainstream” as much as trendy, pretty people
          like her want it to be.”

          You seem to be thinking of Olivia Munn or Jessica Chobot. You’re the first Day hater whom I’ve seen insult her by calling her “trendy, pretty”.

          >”Geeks are into things which “normal” people
          don’t find appealing – card games, board games, fantasy/sci-fi book –
          the kind of stuff that requires you to spend excessive amounts of time
          indoors and often in isolation.”

          She drew from the TWO YEARS she spent as a World of Warcraft addict, raiding for 6-8 hours a day, to write The Guild. Before that she was a huge Ultima nerd and would read the Wheel of Time series annually and talk about it with people on early online services like Compuserve and Prodigy.

          >”Geek’s also tend to be very tech
          savvy… Ms. Day does not remotely give off that vibe.”

          That may be the most retarded thing of all the retarded things you’ve shit all over these comments. What exactly is the “tech savvy vibe”?

          >” She’s fake as fuck and incredibly
          unprofessional. Also, she lied about her “doxxing,” a classic move by
          attention whores.”

          Citation missing, probably where your brain was dumped before you went online.

          If I didn’t (sadly) know better, I’d say you were a Ghazi troll false-flagging to make GGers look like unhinged rage cases who hate women just as the media has been spinning for the past year.

          1. You complete hand wave my “what a geek is” point by saying she wrote the guild by being a WoW “addict” for 2 years. Ok. So, now she’s on a Youtube channel that plays board and cardgames with that cunt Wheaton. So, I fail to see a point.

            I don’t like Alicia Day because she wrote lying, manipulative bullshit about gamers to support the fascist ideology of Feminism and to play into the anti-gamergate narrative to boost the image of her otherwise irrelevant ass. I’m super excited for you being a fan boy and all.

            Geeks understand technology. Felicia Day gives off the derpy, hair-twirling vibe of someone who has geek friends so they can fix her computer or phone when something goes wrong. I can’t help if it she’s trading off being a ditz; that’s entirely her problem.

            I’m not going to cite something that’s commonly known. Ms. Day wrote a hit piece about crossing the street when she saw two young men with gamer t-shirts, despite having NOTHING to do with GamerGate prior to that. She pulled a Wu and interjected and then when she got shit for it she cried “I’m being doxxed!” with no actual evidence of being doxed. Doxing requires a leak of personal information – address, credit card, etc. At no point was that ever confirmed. Mr. Ralph here did an article on it back when it was relevant, but no, I don’t have to dig through and find citations that are just going to be disregarded by anti-gamer, anti-gamergate trash. You’ve clearly bought into the lies and the false agenda and that makes you too stupid to even try convincing otherwise.

            Alicia Day is not a friend to gamers. She is an attention whore trying to milk the gaming community as a “personality.” “Personalities” have no place of reverence, “creators” do. When she makes a game and stops just giving out endorsements, then you can sing her praises. Also, she wrote “the Guild,” but what impact has that had, outside of people who were already her fans? Nada. She’s a nobody who bad-mouthed GamerGate because it was popular and then got her hand slapped for talking shit at a community that she seems to think she has some sway in. Because… vagina? I don’t know. She’s not a developer and she’s not even that entertaining. Oooooh, she was on Supernatural! /yawn

          2. You’re really a piece of work on top of being a piece of subhuman debris. You’re the living embodiment of every negative stereotype that has been hurled at gamers, but you’re so fucking stupid and upset about your terminal virginity that you don’t even realize what a clown shoes act you are.

            A little life pro tip, Bub: Chicks don’t dig guys who hate women so hard that they can’t control themselves. Unfortunately for you, neither do most guys. So you’re pretty much looking forward to a life of roofieing stray animals.

          3. “subhuman” oh, look, a SJW buzzword. And a random ad hominem about “terminal virginity” and then your rant about trying to fuck chics being the end all be all. Well, I got news for you champ, I’m as gay as a rainbow in spring time. I’m not interested in “chics” (lol and as a gay man it is pretty damn easy to get laid, so I’d recommend your white knighting ass stop projecting). Go away aGGro troll.

          4. And it wasn’t a “hit piece”, you fucking illiterate dumbfuck. If you knew how to read and weren’t relying on Ralph’s hate-based asshattery you may’ve known that…actually no, you wouldn’t have. There’s no educating your kind of stupid.

          5. Awwww you’re instantly associating Ralph’s perfectly legitimate criticism as being “hate.” Look at the cute little anti-gamer. Is that you Sarah?

    5. Speaking of Wheaton and Felicia:

      She is a fucking glorified boothbabe. Her degree doesn’t make her a genius like her white knight supporters make it out to be and she only popped up in the scene when geek was becoming “chic.”

      1. What’s felicia day contributed to gaming culture? NOTHING. She’s a personality on a shitty youtube channel that tries to take the wonder, homegrown feel of let’s plays, and commercializes it with has been’s like Wheaton. She is a glorified booth babe, considering how she willingly flaunts sexuality to get clicks/views… And of course her big contribution to “gaming culture” was driving a wedge into the community by claiming she crossed the street (in a totally non-racist way) when she saw two men in shirts with games logos on them. She’s a hack and an ideologue with tits.

        1. What have YOU contributed to gaming culture other than living down to the worst caricature of gamers as misogynistic rage cases?

          For a year I’ve defended GG against those who trade in the lazy smears that gamers are angry boys who hate girls. Reading the torrents of bile here and at KiA really makes me wonder why I’d bothered when I’ve clearly missed that there is a sizable contingent who are just as bad as advertised. Sigh.

          1. Fuck off fan boy. This is a pro-gamergate place, not a place for anti-gamer, fascist feminist fan boys.

            Your ignorance is ASTOUNDING. The only one from Ghazi is you; you tipped your hand when you associated criticism of a woman as “misogyny” and disdain towards that individuals actions as “rage.” But the poor womyn’s and their feelz! Oh please, cry me a fucking river.

            Day made her own bed and got fucked in it (thank’s to Randi Harper for that one) when she wrote that bullshit blog about “ima scurred of guys in t-shirts with video game logos!” Do you know what THAT proved? She’s either monstrously sexist towards men, or has some odd phobia toward white guys.

            But, of course, the odds that she ACTUALLY crossed the street because she saw 2 guys with “gamer t-shirts” is pretty slim to none. It sounds like a pure, bullshit anecdote that conveniently relies on her audience, her fans, to take her word for it. I’m not a fan of hers and the story sounds retarded, so I call bullshit. And for the record, anyone who repeats the MSM’s bullshit narrative about gamers and gamergate is the fucking ENEMY to free speech and expression. That’s what it’s all about, and if Ms. Day wants to come down on the side of authoritarianism and fascism then I’ll treat her like I would any other anti-gamer.

            Nobody hates anyone without knowing them personally. I don’t know Ms. Day, personally. But I do know her public persona, and I find it repulsive and repugnant. And again, if you honestly think that criticism directed at a woman, or calling out stories that sound like bullshit is “misogyny” then you’re NOTHING but a filthy “listen and believer.” Ms. Day, just like Mr. Wheaton, came down with an anti-gamergate, anti-free speech, pro-third wave feminism stance, and as such they are the ENEMIES of gamers and creators. Sorry if you feel butthurt fanboy.

          2. You think I’m Ghazi? Hoo boy, do you have a washable keyboard to resist the drool coming out of your piehole? You vomit all the buzzwords you managed to scribble in crayon while jerking off to Hulk Hogan slideshows while a Sargon video played in the next room, but you clearly don’t know what they mean so it’s just word salad.

            I’ve done 20 hours of segments about GamerGate on my podcast in the past year (and am doing a segment this week about the anniversary), you ballless chimp, and that’s why I know you’re a fucking lunatic who is so blinded by his vagina terror that he can’t even tell the difference between what Day wrote and the scams of Prom Queen Sarko, Crazy Eyes Wu, Leigh Alexander, etc. To morons like you, they’re all enemies and must be kicked in the lady junk for not properly worshipping your nub.

            Ralph got her Tumblr post wrong and continues to embarrass himself with his He-Man Bitch Hater act. His juvenile need to shit talk damages the good he has done. I subscribe to his feed for the good stuff and have talked favorably about items on the show, like when Wu freaked out and had him tossed.

            But when someone is wrong, it must be addressed, even if they’re on “your side”, ESPECIALLY if they’re on your side. In this case, the Manichean binary blinkers that Ralph and you and too many others are wearing have caused a massive meltdown which makes GGers look just as bad as advertised.

            Now I’m sure you’re going to pound your tiny fists on your keyboard and insult me as a Day fanboy white knight blah-blah-woof-woof but it won’t change the FACT that you’re a moron and a hater and the perfect Ghazi poster boy for all that’s wrong with GamerGate. Nice job, you idiot.

          3. 20 hours of segments about GamerGate on your podcast? I’m sorry, are you butthurt I don’t know of you? Are you some amazing, fantastic e-celeb I should care about? Were you on that abortive “High Council?” Or are you just some random jackass with an opinion and the urge to vomit out their deranged opinion online so you can jackoff to page views?

            Day spoke out against GamerGate, that is enough to have her labeled as an enemy. Anyone willing to do 5 minutes of actual research would see what GamerGate is REALLY about and if people don’t have the critical thinking skills to see they’re being fed a line of bullshit by the media, then they’re no damn role model for anyone.

            “Binary?” Oh, you mean the you’re with us or against us mentality? Well, yes, when you speak out against GamerGate with nothing but a weak anecdote as your “proof” and then get harassed by anonymous internet trolls and honestly think that’s “proof” against a leaderless consumer revolt, you’re either retarded or malevolent. Sorry, but there’s no “gray” when someone takes a stance for or against something, but thanks for playing. Also, “muh non-binary blah blah” oh go jerk off with the permanently offended transphobia crybabies.

          4. Awwww! FYI you should really set your profile to “private” if you don’t want people digging through your posts on other sites. Judging by what you read, your comments and the replies you leave to people, you are: pretty damn pro-feminist, ultra-right wing and a pro-life fundamentalist. Aaaaaaand your opinions are now null and void. That was easy. Go back to hating on Hillary Clinton and crying about Planned Parenthood, please.

            OMG! And you’re a climate change denier?! Wow, I haven’t run into one of them in a while. Let’s see, do you also think the Earth is only 6000 years old? Do you think tectonic plates don’t exist? Oh! How about evolution? Do you think evolution isn’t real? Is the Earth flat? Your science denial posts are PRECIOUS.

          5. That you stalked my profile and managed to get just about every conclusion wrong while projecting a Jon Stewart only stupider interpretation on things only confirms that you’re a misogynistic retard who drops to his knees and begs for Bill Nye to give you a pearl bowtie.

            The Earth is billions of years old and evolution exists though you’re a pretty convincing argument against the latter, you inbred pig fucker. That you believe in ManBearPig while ranting against the evils of Felicia (note the correct spelling, fucknut) Day proves that I’ve been using too many syllables in my replies to your diaper-loading tantrums. Buh-bye, asstackler.

          6. LOL accusing people of muh-soggy-knees when any real GamerGate supporter knows that’s only a bullshit narrative. Hi aGGro, please, go back to Ghazi.

            And damn I certainly managed to get under your skin didn’t I by calling out your science denial. You afraid another wave of ridicule is coming for denying objective reality?

      2. My god these pictures make me puke. I know I am very harsh here but she is not even good looking. She has a potato nose and horse teeth. She has the sex appeal of toot braunstein. And I would rather bang toot than this ginger bitch!
        Why is it always the ugly ones like anita fraudkeesian, felicia cunt, van skankenburg and wu manchu who think they are hotter than hell?

        Here, this is how a hot ginger looks like:

  10. I will be happy the day Geek Chic goes away and forgets about all the “acceptable” geeks (good looking, not socially awkward, cute in glasses, perky).

    It’s not even personal dislike of Felicia Day – it’s the perception that female geeks SHOULD be Felcia Day that gets me.

  11. I never liked Felicia. Something always bothered me about her, she never felt genuine about her “love” of games. When I saw a couple episodes of that show she does with her brother where they play games together it kinda confirmed what bothered me, she does not play games and has no idea what she’s doing in games.

    Her thing was that, despite not being into it, she still “understood” geek culture in some way and was able to insert herself in the fanbase despite not giving a shit about it and got popularity because of the fake gamer girl thing (which I feel is a bit of an insult to most female gamers).

    I do like some things she’s done (Legend of Neil, The Guild), but her as a person… she annoys the fuck out of me.

    1. She ruined Dr Horrible for me, the entire time all I could think about is “Why are they obsessing over this ugly woman?”

  12. “the outside impression of a culture driven by misogyny and hatred, which I KNEW wasn’t true”

    So she’s admitting the press blew up the movement into being about misogyny? This is after she said the movement “had created that feeling in me, to separate myself from people whom I would have assumed were comrades before”.

    Girl can’t keep her story straight.

    1. No, you can’t understand how emotions work and can trump logic and reason.

      As I commented here back when the Tumblr post happened – and had Ralph himself attack me for something something “waifu” blah-blah-woof-woof – she was clearly trying to work through her conflicted feelings as a skittish and anxious person and everyone then and now is viewing it through a prism of “Unless you are 100% with us, then you’re a lying evil person who is just trying to get attention, so to hell with you!!!”

      I would ask if you’d ever had feelings you knew were irrational and even though you knew you were being ridiculous in feeling that way, you still felt that way, but judging from the sheer rage and vitriol spewing against Felicia to this day, it’s clear that suggesting people try to empathize with someone else ain’t going to be entertained.

      All she did was say she was suddenly afraid and hated that she’d allowed herself to be afraid and was trying to work through those feelings and rather than understand that, everyone went full retard and proceeded to live down to every. single. nasty. stereotype. peddled against gamers. Bravo, boys. You just own goaled and screaming at the lady isn’t going to unscore that point.

      1. she was clearly trying to work through her conflicted feelings as a
        skittish and anxious person and everyone then and now is viewing it
        through a prism of “Unless you are 100% with us, then you’re a lying
        evil person who is just trying to get attention, so to hell with you!!!”

        No, the point is that if you attack us with BS & lies and are friends with several of the more shitty people against us, then you are against us.

        And you can make all the excuses you want, the facts don’t change.

  13. Not a very substantive blog this one, I was expecting something more I guess.

    Felicia is just one of those names I hear a lot like Tyler Oakley or Dailygrace names that pop up but never sure what they actually do.

          1. Someone should take up the creation again, the last Ryuulong one was from quite a while ago

  14. Memoirs? She’s fucking 36 years old and all she’s done is get popular from a youtube series she wrote and then guest starred on lots of shit. What the fuck does she have to write memoirs about? And who the fuck is going to read them?

    Speaking of which, I can’t go to without being bombarded with a bunch of stupid fucking books written by/about a bunch of stupid fucking “youtube celebrities”… who are generally all of 25 years old, it seems. Who the fuck actually thinks anyone wants to read this shit? You’re a fucking retard on youtube that makes funnyf aces that somehow entertains six year old children. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR LIFE.

    1. It’s sadly what they teach in marketing these days. It’s some sort of ridiculous ponzi/Avon bullshit “Sell to your friends!” sales pitch. As SOON as you start your own company, if you’re 30-ish your marketing team will be bombarded from the outside to make a big stink about the youth of your CEO as a ‘hip up&coming tech guru”

      While hers is clearly manufactured by her talent agency, this sort of thing is actually pretty common. Scroll through the self-help books sometime, note the appearance of all the guys on the covers. Just a way to encourage people to keep setting themselves up for failure in shell-game economics, rather than bounce out of the social/mobile-frenzy system. Basically everyone encourages everyone else to write memoirs WHILE THEY’RE HOT and not after they’ve actually accomplished anything of worth, because you get more tv appearances and book sales that way.

  15. I am not saying she doesn’t play games I mean maybe she does. Some people seem to think she is legit. But I only remember her as this person who played in this youtube show called “the guild” and it was obvious then that they were a bunch of actors probably from some acting school just trying to latch onto the MMO/World of Warcraft experience (it wasn’t bad btw I remember laughing over a few episodes). She comes across to me as an outsider who is trying to feed off the culture. Because gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world. We tend to forget that as gamers that gaming is bigger than music and Hollywood combined and it’s still growing that could explain the hostility we see coming from other forms of media.

  16. Fuck her, like gamers give each other the “knowing nod”… What are we, douchebags who drive porsches now that give each other the “thumbs up?”

    What a big, ugly, looking 30 years older than she is bitch.

  17. I mean, you guys have to realize how ridiculous you sound right? Felicia Day is a “Nerd Personality” that is cashing in on that. Who Cares? Is Ralph soooo angry about women that he can’t stand a woman making money? This doesn’t make her a fraud it makes him an angry bitter neckbeard.

          1. Actually I could give two shits about felicia day I just think MRA “M’lady” fedora wearing idiots are stupid lol

          2. I didn’t I’m actually a figment of your imagination , you were arguing with yourself this whole time. How does that make you feel?

          1. hypocritical ≠ amoral

            My “chosen hill” is apparently replying to idiots on the internet.

    1. More an E-celeb who’s exploiting hate speech for her own benefit. Jumping on a bandwagon regardless of the damage she causes or continues.

        1. Fans of her work who think if they see someone, a guy, who’s a gamer, that they’ll be assaulted. That if they are that gamer guy that they should be ashamed.

          Sure it only a small percentage of people are actually going to think that, but that’s a small percentage too much.

    2. Please explain to me how people are hurt in real life because wil wheaton and felicia day lied about something, I’m talking about real hurt not stupid waaaahhh internet crap.

      1. “because of the actions of a few individuals who apparently now speak for everyone who identifies as a gamer.”

        It is axiomatic that the loudest people will be regarded as the leaders or spokespeople of any movement. This is why Democrat black-ops churches like Westboro Baptist are seen as being the voice of Christianity.

        “How bout Ben Kuchera actively seeking someone being fired from their job because they don’t fit into what good guy Ben thinks is right.”

        I should point out that it is perfectly legal for Kuchera to do this and this perfectly legal for us to do to him. If it’s legal, it’s legit in business. You can’t fault Kuchera for using a legal tactic. We can – and SHOULD – do the same to him.

        1. It’s not tin-foil when you understand that Fred Phelps IS a registered Democrat who has a history of civil rights litigation on the side of Sharpton and company back in the 1960s. ( Nor when you understand that the primary donations received by the Westboro Baptists come from Democratic political organizations. No conspiracy, just public record. Follow the money.

        2. Hildred, buddy stop posting your politics where they don’t belong. This has nadda to do with the Dem. vs Rep. bull. I swear your as bad as The SJWs about politicizing everything, only your on Right wing instead of the Left.

          1. If you cannot realize that GamerGate is one of the front lines of the forces of Cultural Conservatism against the SJW/Liberal Invasion, I can’t help you. Remember, the SJWs have the Obama administration on their side. They control the government.

            If Cultural Conservatives take the government back, then you would probably see a Congressional GamerGate Committee on Anti-Ethical Activities. That would be a solid victory for GamerGate.

          2. Dude are you crazy!? The last thing we need is govt. stepping into the media! No, we are here to make it so that the Jornos do their job and are honest with us, That no one would make us shut up just because we said something they don’t like, and the world lets us do our thing. The last thing we need is the govt.(especially the current version) stepping in! sets way to dangerous a precedent for both gaming and journalism! Besides I’d like to avoid a new McCarthy riseing from either side of this fight.

            Also guess what? I’m both a Social and Economic Liberal. And I’ve supported this bad boy since about last fall when I got a clear picture of the conflict. We aren’t a bunch of Conservatives fighting against Liberals. We’re people who’ve had enough of would be dictators and decided to boot them out of the things we love.

          3. A) Actually that one I could’ve shortened to do their Job but for the reason of actually their job is to be honest. Took a class in it so I would know.
            B) You realize that you just trashed the Anti-Censorship and most anti-SJW people fighting this right?
            C)By the same logic I could call you a tea partier and/or A Christian moralist. Trust me I’m a Liberal but i’m not those crazies.
            D) FDR,Wilson,JFK, LBJ, Carson, Clinton, Argueably Lincoln(thanks to his preserve the union quote), etc. Would most likely disagree. all were fairly Liberal (For their time at any rate) and never went Mao or Stalin level. Closest was President Adams, our Second one.

        1. Man he LOST HIS JOB! OMG! Now he has to look for another job and have lots of free time! So devastating!

          It is devastating to normal people instead of trust fund babies like you.

          This is why SJWs are under increasingly large counter-attacks everywhere.

          Because you’re so blatantly vile & sociopathic that you turn pretty much everyone against you.

  18. I still don’t know who Felicia Day is, besides some e-celeb who said she’s afraid of gamers/getting doxed and then A Man In Black doxed her?

    Also, wow, a lot of shilling going on here in the comments.

    1. she’s some sort of D or E list celeb probably looking to make it to the C or even B list by using the SJW’s as a new fanbase and stirring up some shit that might instead tank her career.

  19. friendly reminder when/if you ever become famous don’t feed your ego and never forget your roots otherwise you may become like poor felicia drifting in the wind after forsaking the ground.

    and eventually the soc jus vultures will tear into her as they always do with anyone they manage to get ahold of.

    1. I literally still have no idea who this white chick is. There’s an old Caribbean saying: Don’t you know who that is? Everyone at his/her house knows who he/she is….

  20. Complete bullshit that she talks to random people on the street. The bitch treats any random person that tries to talk to her like complete and utter shite. Everything she says is based on lies and manages to make Will Wheton look like a saint in public.

  21. “How sad I was that the actions of #GamerGate had created that feeling in me, to separate myself from people whom I would have assumed were comrades before.”

    Gee, did you get that perception from gamergate, the false media narrative, or your lack of investigation?

    I hate to say it, but there’s far too many women out there who refuse to take ownership of their behavior. Damnit! You have agency. Exercise it once and a while.

  22. My first encounter with Day was in fallout new Vegas. There she provided some pretty genuine and charismatic voice work for Veronica, the brotherhood of steel outcast who beats up everything with power fists. She had a real well written quest, and she was pretty cool. Then i saw Dr. Horribles sing along with a friend and was super taken with it. This is not nearly as long a fall as Tim Schaefer, but it still hits pretty hard. When casually replaying fallout again recently, i outright wanted nothing to do with Veronica when she was usually my first and default companion, and in turn, acted way more hostile to the brotherhood of steel without her approval at risk. To just see and feel how ungenuine and fraudulent she really is hit pretty hard.

  23. I want to like her, the guild was pretty damn funny and I genuinely like people getting stuck into nerd culture regardless of their personal investment. (I really like Olivia Munn too despite all the cries about fakery she gets. Pretty girls playing games is cool to me… so what?!)
    Her brother Ryon is VERY funny and geek & sundry has made some good stuff.

    I cant help but agree with a lot of this stuff though.
    I especially despise how she blames a hashtag for the way she feels rather than the people that demonised it.
    She later recounts how all the efforts to reach out and fix her perspective were worthless. She basically spit on everyone that treated her with empathy, because a hashtag is misogyny.
    Eventually we MUST win. Everyone hates our opponents as much as we do. I do not know a SINGLE PERSON that values SJW idiocy that is not heavily invested in it (almost all in university or recent graduates)
    The only way they remain relevant at all is the celebrity power. People don’t WANT to think badly of celebrities they like, so they justify even the worst of ideas.
    I cant wait for that shoe to drop and all this bullshit to reflect INCREDIBLY badly on people promoting it.

    I don’t hate Ms Day, but I am VERY disappointed in her.
    I know proGG as a community is big enough to forgive and build bridges, I just want that day to arrive soon.
    Maybe these people are not beyond redemption.

    1. ” I do not know a SINGLE PERSON that values SJW idiocy that is not heavily invested in it”
      Corporations and meeja gives strenght to SJW losers. The Rockefeller foundation is giving money to gender studies for decades.

      1. Identity politics are an easy distraction from any real social improvements, sadly.
        People can become convinced they’re righteous and moral while doing absolutely nothing to fix real problems.
        Set the plebs against one another over table scraps while banksters, government and corporations continue to grow in dominance.

  24. You guys are seriously fucking deranged. The fact that you identify so hard with “gaming” as a lifestyle and want to tear down this “false prophet” for any reason at all is god damned mental. She’s just another celebrity and your “ideals” are just a fucking hobby no matter how much you enjoy it and treating anyone else like garbage to defend it is entirely pathetic. Regardless of how you view gamergate the mass public looks at it as akin to a hate group and for good reason as many people labeling themselves as members said horrible things. Identifying yourself with it willingly is about as stupid as you can be. If you think you need to defend your “manliness” against video game journalism I can’t even understand how your brain functions. Go ahead and rip into me as hard as you can, have at it children. If you can say anything that actually sounds reasonable or logical I’ll be genuinely surprised.

    1. Literally stopped reading after the hate group comment.

      The fact of the matter is, Feminists against Gamergate are literally racists. Those that indirectly support them are supporting a racist hate group.

      Here are some just a tiny portion of the racial hate GamerGate and NotYourShield go through on a regular basis thanks the manufactured outrage by these white supremacists masquerading as feminists.

      1. Complete bullshit. Gamergate started the outrage and hate and then those people started acting persecuted when they got rightfully shit all over. When you start a fight, it’s worse than just poor form to complain when you get bloody.

        I’m sorry you couldn’t read my entire paragraph before formulating a response of your own. It’s probably how you got your ideas about Gamergate in the first place. Your response is not a surprise.

        Fun fact: Christians although being the largest organized religion in the US also claim “persecution” when discussions don’t go their way. I’m not sure if you understand what the word actually means.

        1. It really just shows how pathetically racists you guys are and how desperate you guys are to deflect this.

          You are actually sitting here claiming tweets from your own racist hate mob mean nothing because we are using your own tweets to show how openly racist you are? Yet you claim these are manufactured or, in your own words, “Bullshit?

          Let me know when Zoe Quinn or Brianna Wu put a stop to this racist hate mob they created. Oh but that’s right, Wu actually Fav’d a comment calling myself and a friend “Black Sewer Shit” in the early days of GamerGate. how “diverse” of her.

          1. Oh you think I’m defending Quinn or Wu? No that’s just an incorrect assumption of yours and debating it is flailing at the wind. I couldn’t care less if any of those people Gamergate targeted made racist comments. Racist comments are wrong regardless of who they’re from, I hope you’re done with that line of debate. Please pay attention.

            Gamergate as I did follow when it started up, was (and for some stupid fucking reason still IS) the problem. If you deny this you are part of that problem. There is no deflection other than yours above, treating people poorly including the heinous threats Gamergaters absolutely made, are fucking pathetic and defending that group is just as stupid.

            Gaming is a hobby, treating anyone badly because they don’t (in your mind) properly respect your hobby is worse. That’s what Gamergate did at it’s inception and everything after that is moot.

            A decent person doesn’t do what they did, and when the group your with commits those kind of wrongs, you disassociate yourself with them immediately. You’re wrong, there is no other point to be made. You are attempting to debate who is MORE wrong, which doesn’t make you right.

          2. Claims we are denying the problem

            Spent the last two responses denying Anti-GamerGate racism.


          3. Soooo, you incorrectly paraphrased what I said and never made a retort to any of my points. Your brief post is actually proof that you have nothing left to say and have no real answers to anything I’ve mentioned, not a justification to anyone that you’ve won anything. Once again, you need fresh tactics.

            Internet debating 101, if you’re clearly can’t win claim you already did.

          4. Wow for a guy who’s name is “Reality” you seem to be running pretty far away. You are confronted with evidence (a small portion) and you dodge. real nice mate.

          5. Sorry trying to reply to everyone here and give you all a chance to make your point. You didn’t make one; if you’d like to here’s your chance.

          6. Huh didn’t understand then let me boil it down: Your no saints. Quit acting like it and acknowledge evidence presented.

          7. Not trying to claim I’m a saint, what’s the evidence you’d like to discuss? How about you bring up one point at a time and I’ll take a look.

          8. -_- The screenshot that Dwayne posted is a start and that is the tip of the iceberg. but you dismissed it. Now that you seem willing though go take a look.

          9. I actually can’t see those screenshots. Fail on my part or maybe my browser, can you add links? Apologies.

          10. I didn’t incorrectly paraphrase anything. I literally would stop reading your garbage the moment you constantly attempted to deflect from the fact that a large contingent of Anti-GamerGate supporters are racists.

            I actually don’t have a problem with racists. They are going to hate no matter what. I have a huge problem with those that support racists but claim they are not racist themselves. IE: You.

            You poor bigots even eat your own.

          11. You very clearly did. I’m not racist so let it go, your continued focus on this point is fruitless and your assumption that I am is why you can’t stay on topic. Racists absolutely exist and so do sexists which I saw in abundance from the Gamergate side. Not amusing how you forget to mention it but focus on the supposed racism.

          12. Sexism?

            Like the time that Anti-Gamergate journalist who just so happened to go off on some Syrian rant said he wanted to rape an Asian female GamerGate supporter?

            Anything else you wanna try to add/and/or deflect from?

          13. Denying sexism from the gamergate side immediately puts you into the “delusional” category. Go ahead and feel free to get the last word after this, I won’t be continuing.

          14. Denying sexism? Kinda like the hundreds of retweets a comment by an Anti Gamer calling a woman a “Cum Sock” got, right?

          15. You know what, I’m sorry I’m going to reply because I rebooted my browser and now I can finally see your screenshots. You added a bunch of tweets collected by gamergate haters that were horribly derogatory and you think that justifies your position. It does not. Get the fuck over it. You’re on the internet, your group started the shit show and got some back. The gaming industry manipulates journalism and critics in order to sell more games, WHO THE FUCK CARES?! It happens in EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY you whiny little boy. Doing what gamergate was akin to a tantrum thrown by a toddler when they want to stay up past bedtime. Your cause is not just, your tactics are disgusting. Yes people on the other side said really mean and hurtful things BACK to you (you did the same). Get the fuck over it and spend your time doing something worthwhile, like play another fucking video game.

          16. It’s honestly funny you think you’re fooling anyone with your “grow up” shit.

            GamerGate will win simply because we’re powered by stuff like truth, justice, and love.

            While AntiGamer has nothing but lies, corruption, and hate.

            So cry all you want, we’re here and we’re going to stay.

            Do you honestly think any big studio is going to stand with the SOCJUS brigade after it’s become abundantly clear they want to destroy gaming and replace it with a hollow shell of what it was?

            And the world is waking up to what SJWs are, and the world doesn’t like it.

            Trust in the media is at an all-time low, and it’s all down hill from here unless they change completely.

          17. Wow, “powered by love” is complete insanity. I’ve rarely heard of a group talked about as vehemently as yours, people HATE you with a vengeance. That’s not because your group was only spouting “truth, justice, and love”.

            In addition you already lost, you guys just haven’t figured it out yet. You’re like that guy in the gum commercial, he’s funny too. You already took your best shot and lost. Sadly your claims on gaming media aren’t incorrect, but the way you fought was so you were actually your own worst enemy. It’s over, stick a fork in ya.

          18. So your group hates us, and that proves we aren’t powered by love?

            We have love of gaming, love of truth, love of doing what’s right.

            AntiGamer? They just hate.

            Hate art.
            Hate effort.
            Hate ethics.
            Hate those that are better.
            Hate those who want to be better.
            Hate the poor.
            Hate those of the “wrong” races, genders, and sexualities.
            Hate those of the “right” races, genders, and sexualities who disagree with them.
            Hate those who aren’t like them.
            Hate those who are like them.
            Hate themselves.

            We already lost?

            How’s Gawker doing?
            How much creditability does Anita have?
            Did the FTC change their rules?
            Are SJWs in retreat world-wide?

            Let me guess, you’re just going to handwave all that, right?

          19. Yep, *handwave*. You’re actually not able to debate facts as the above are emotions and opinions you treat as fact.


            See Error of Fact and in your case Appeal to Widespread Belief. The FTC comment is the only thing here that could be proven or disproven so if you have proof of that it would be nice.

            Otherwise you’re considering that emotional or motivational posts are the path to legitimacy however you are incorrect.

          20. “Toss our current customers under the bus so we can pander to a small, unpleasable group that won’t buy our product anyways? How can we lose!”

            Pictured, a company headed directly to bankruptcy.

          21. When did:

            Oracle & Microsoft & UnitedHealth Group start focusing on selling to the Amish?
            McKesson & Amerisource Bergen to Christian Scientists?
            Berkshire Hathaway & Goldman Sachs to fundamentalists who hate usury?
            Valero Energy to those who think electricity & the internal combustion engine are tools of the devil?

          22. Put it simply, if people pay money to consume a product, that consumer base is entitled to demand quality. Simple as that, GG demanding some sort of quality in journalism —regardless of their claims, points or tactics— is completely valid in a free capitalistic society. Agreeable, maybe not, but it is valid and their right as consumers.

          23. Demanding quality is not threats or intimidation. Capitalism is the act of choosing what to and not buy. What gg did was harassment. If you don’t like a particular line of journalism, don’t read it and let capitalism sort it out. I don’t like McDonalds so I simply don’t eat there.

          24. People are free to group and protest, that is their civil right, just as you have the freedom to disagree and condemn them. I just don’t agree with you. I personally do not consider GG tactics as harassment in their majority. Have a nice day ma’am/sir, I am too busy greasing the economic machine to have a blown out discussion. I just read this particular comment and decided to give my two cents

          25. Fair point for protesting I just don’t consider protesting akin to capitalism, more often a tool brought out for civil rights or political movements. I absolutely consider what GG did harassment and am surprised that you don’t but I appreciate your demeanor. Feel free to respond at a later time or not at all if you so choose, have a good day yourself.

          26. Let’s instead grab a beer, TGIF and enjoy some freaking Sci-Fi stuff —or whatever 🙂

          27. “Put it simply, if people pay money to consume a product, that consumer base is entitled to demand quality.”

            Whoa, whoa, WHOA. The consumer, under capitalism, is entitled to decide whether or not they buy the product offered. They’re not entitled to do anything else. The producer is not required to submit to the demands of the proletariat. Caveat emptor. Anything else is a socialist stance, and thus SJW.

            “Agreeable, maybe not, but it is valid and their right as consumers.”

            That actually sounds more like Nader socialism then free market capitalism.

          28. Let me guess, you’re a middle manger?

            Because “employed in the corporate world” and “200k annually” doesn’t sound like someone calling the shots to me.

          29. I have no financial worries, I can do what I want as long as I don’t blow $20,000 on a fancy new car (I already have a good one under warranty until 2019).

            I might not be able to go on a vacation every other month, but I can do what I want, when I want it.

            I’m OK with that.

            Are you OK with your job?

          30. My apologies, I equated economic stuff with social movements. Thank you for the correction it will be noted. (no sarcasm, for reals)

          31. Uh huh

            See racist tweets. Tells me to get over the fact that a bunch of white angry fems discriminate against me solely for the color of my skin; Using terms such as “House nigger” against me.

            Again, please tell me how Anti-GamerGate are nothing like the KKK, Westboro or even Neo nazi’s at this point.

          32. Holy shit, you are pathetic. Get over it, I have no idea what color your skin is or sex, or anything else I COULD discriminate against and I could care less. I can’t stand you purely based on what you type. I already noted that there are indeed racist people in the world, your problem is that you give them entirely too much power over you if you are so fucking damaged by what they say. People are dicks, welcome to Earth. You want to cry about it, take a fucking number. Meanwhile the gg crowd physically threatened women and harassed them making many need to hide and leave their homes. Those are not the actions of “men” as so many GGers claim to be.

          33. Yes I know.

            You hate me based solely on the fact that I called out the racist hate group which you fully support.

            Then you sit back and claim that I should get over it and that you also hate me because I’m critical of the actions of racist feminists.

            Keep digging that hole. I’m sure there’s a white utopia in there somewhere…

          34. OMG, I never said I supported anybody. Just because I think gamergaters are a bunch of whiny bitches doesn’t mean I support your opposing group. You can be against republicans and not be a democrat genius. I think fighting racist groups is a great thing, and I’d love to see the websites where you fight the KKK or the Neo-Nazi’s. I’m guessing those posts don’t exist though since you’re not actually interested in fighting racism, you’re interested in adding legitimacy to gamergate which has none. Ever hear that “patriots and tyrants both wrap themselves in the flag”?

          35. You openly support Anti-GamerGate. They have devolved into a racist hate mob. Nobody can deny that. Even black feminists that work for Salon who are staunchly anti-GamerGate have openly called white feminists attacking GG, racists. That speaks volumes.

            Feel free to visit my twitter stream. I’ve confronted all kinds of people about their racism. i actually confronted two pro wrestlers concerning their comments about Asian women and Arabs just the other day.

            C’mon guy. Do some homework.

          36. If “they” have devolved into a racist hate mob then they’re dropping to equal the gg level of sexist hate mob. Again I don’t support them just because I’m pointing out that you guys are fucktards, figure that out guy. I’m sure you call everyone out on racism on your shitty ass twitter account but I’m also betting you haven’t devoted any legitimate time to any serious organization promoting civil rights.

            You can’t win the argument from the position you’re representing.

          37. You can’t win the argument from the position you’re representing.

            “Your argument is invalidated by your identity!”

            That’s not actually true.

            Have fun trying it though, you’ll lose anyways.

          38. You do realize that Anti-#GamerGate is just as sexist right?

            I mean, attacking an award winning feminist + award winning fiction writer and calling them “Cum Socks” all the while demeaning other women that disagree with your cause, especially minority women quite literally makes you sexist and racist at the same time.

          39. Hahaha! I love how this guy thinks that somebody in GG making a sexist comment paints us all as scum and justifies his position, yet you’re supposed to “get the fuck over it”!

          40. That’s him. I remember early on he harassed an asian GGer named jade Fox (or Jad3F0x). She had a youtube channel and he started ranting to her about how he always wanted to fuck a “Chinita”, Spanish for little asian girl.

          41. I’m having a really hard time getting through just a sentence or two from your last posts. Do you really expect me to read through the rest of this garbage?

        2. You do realize that gamergate has had almost zero media representation on their own terms, right? How are people like Felicia Day being “persecuted” by the supposed ruling class of the gaming community? She’s writing a book slandering gamers, gamergate and getting away with it. Who has the power here?

          1. I didn’t say Felicia Day is being persecuted. If you can’t argue what I’ve actually said, please stop commenting. You are correct that the media favors the opposition to Gamergate, you may want to consider why that is instead of crying foul.

          2. First off you don’t deserve a debate which would created undeserved legitimacy. You people are too emotional, rude, volatile, and threatening. That makes complete sense for anyone not allying themselves with gamergate.

          3. First off you don’t deserve a debate which would created undeserved legitimacy. You people are too emotional, rude, volatile, and threatening. That makes complete sense for anyone not allying
            themselves with gamergate.

            Thus you have conceded our correctness.

            Because how could giving us a public stage to show how “emotional, rude, volatile, and threatening” we are ever result in us gaining legitimacy?

            Unless you know we speak the truth and are scared of what might happen when everyone hears it:


          4. Uh huh, you have used the internet to voice your opinion for months and months but you feel like someone “tore out your tongue”. Go back and claim you won because nobody’s putting you on stage to cry. There’s lots of groups that did wrong and didn’t get a debate, you’re not fucking persecuted you’re just a crybaby behind a keyboard.

          5. Look at all that projection.

            You can scream all you want, but we’re changing the world.

            And you? All you can do is snarl and snap at the people who did it and are still doing it.

            All you have is posturing (“I’m the mature person! You’re the one who’s throwing a tantrum! You’re the loser!”)

            We? We’ve got truth.

            And the truth will out.


          6. Denial ain’t going to change the facts.

            You can celebrate our “defeats” all you want, Gawker still isn’t getting that 7 figures back.

            And that was the first month.

          7. 1. That’s not a news site the same way Fox News isn’t a news channel.
            2. The question of “who gives a crap” isn’t a literal question, as more a statement of “nobody should give a crap about Gawker”.

          8. So you’re telling me no one should give a shit about having their life destroyed because some Gawker asshole decided they wanted some clicks?

            Are you telling me that most gamers won’t be happy to see Kotaku burn?

          9. I’m sorry I’m done with you. Your incredible exaggerations of results and blame and ignorance for the gg part in the events and lack of accountability are ridiculous. You may want to realize at some point that if you can’t reach common ground even when on the opposite side, you can’t discuss anything. Take care.

          10. Again, deny reality all you want.

            It doesn’t give a shit.

            You take care too.

          11. Uh, I kinda thought repeated name calling was an auto-lose in a debate. But maybe I’m just a crybaby nutjob!

          12. We’re too emotional. Guy, you just got schooled by me and everyone else who commented on you and you think you’ve still won. You came in here with your heart on your sleeve. Don’t tell us that we’re too emotional to be given an open debate. That’s cowardice, it’s projection, and it shows that your last resort is to say “ehh they’re just not worth it”.
            If there is emotion on our side it’s because of this. You and all people who think and talk like you have the high ground and you throw something at us to make us angry so that you can go LOOK LOOK I TOLD YOU SO! Then we’re never allowed our own say. It’s pathetic and it makes your side look like smug weaklings who think their shit doesn’t stink. You simply act like none of this bothers you, but if someone on your side came to a debate I guarantee they will be the first ones to get mad. Guaran-fucking-tee it.

          13. They may get mad. People who think so little of gamergate aren’t automatically able to control their emotions just because they realize you guys are morons. The claim that you can “guaran-fucking-tee” it however is bullshit and only help you feel better about yourself by putting others beneath you and your “superior emotional control”. You’re right, I’ve made remarks that should make you upset, however you should still be able to remain calm and have a rational discussion.

            I’m sure you have no idea how many times I’ve heard “you got schooled” as if this isn’t just your opinion. I often go into forums where the common consensus is wrong and make a case. Try it sometime. The above post is the predicable “you mad bro” post. Your opinions on my win or loss are entirely irrelevant and only meant to be inflammatory. The same exact tactic you just pointed the finger at me.

            I don’t care about the emotions represented in text; I’m referring to those that lead to harassment outside the forums.

            You can’t make the claim with me that you haven’t had the chance to have your say. I’ve come back time and again. You act as if this isn’t your chance to state what you need too. On top of that you can see how many of you tools I’ve gone back and forth with and I’m still here.

          14. I often go into forums where the common consensus is wrong and make a case.

            Do you ever consider the possibility that the common consensus is right and you’re an ideology-blinkered moron?

            Your opinions on my win or loss are entirely irrelevant

            Of course they are, all that matters is the opinion of reality, and giving yourself the username “Reality” doesn’t make your opinions real.

            I don’t care about the emotions represented in text; I’m referring to those that lead to harassment outside the forums.

            How about emotions leading to bomb threats?

            Or do they not count.

          15. In addition, you don’t need to be proven wrong, the burden of proof lies on the claimant as it always has. God does not exist because it can not be proven not too, just like you can’t prove that Spiderman doesn’t live in a tiny house at the center of Jupiter. Your argument isn’t based on logic and your tactics aren’t honorable. Gaming journalism and critics is the same as every other industry, the problem lies in the people reading it. You aren’t wrong that gaming journalism is biased, the problem is that you can’t deal with it.

          16. Well, being that the claim is that gamergate is a misogynist hate movement full of cis white men who exemplify a gaming culture that needs to “grow up” with the help of identity politic feminist nonsense that have spread like wildfire through games journalist outlets since 2012, then I’d say it’s YOU who have to prove your point.

            We’ve already proven ourselves.
            We have the evidence that credits us and discredits you. Problem is no one wants to allow us to talk because journalists know that if they’re found out to have lied, en masse, their careers could be in jeopardy. We, on the other hand, have nothing to hide. We would gladly find the people who harassed anita sarkeesian and hold them accountable for the world to see. Or do you think a goal like threatening, specifically, women is somehow going to help our cause or have the public gain favor. This whole thing about harassment is a game, and it’s the only card your side has in order to discredit us.

            Oh, and the fact that collusion occurs with devs that journalists know personally which lead to better reviews is also an unethical practice that Quinn revealed, which has since been the main point of gamergate. Ideologues bolstering games that fit their ideological sentiments are good. AAA titles that have boobies in them are sexist and bad.

          17. You assume that I need to prove something to your group or yourself, I don’t. I’m actually here for the discussion itself, why else would I go into the lion’s den and kick the cubs? I’m here to see the truth of what you have to offer for your side.

            What I forgot in my discussion is “feminism”. You don’t like that “feminism” is just the fight for female equality, the same as any other civil rights. Only the weak want to deny others to be strong as they fear their own place in the pecking order. When it comes down to it, you don’t just hate women, you hate anyone you consider to threaten your place. That’s weakness and fear in it’s purest form.

            You haven’t proven yourself, you’ve got a bunch of supporters here that are all like-minded and you think that gives you credit. I came in and I’m going to leave and you couldn’t change the mind of ONE PERSON. You have no way to move masses if you can’t even convince me. Journalism lies, yeah no shit. It’s not a surprise to anyone else and nobody else thinks they deserve more. I’m sure the bicycling enthusiasts felt more trust for the critics of particular bike companies but yet, you never hear about “bicyclistgate” because they aren’t a bunch of self-indulgent arrogant pussies.

            You act as if you have a cause but your louder members have outed your group for what you really are. Gaming journalism is such a bullshit excuse for all the rage you muster it’s not even funny. I don’t expect you to admit it, but it’s true.

            I didn’t come here to “win” I came here to listen to you guys. Now that I have I actually think even less of you.

          18. What I forgot in my discussion is “feminism”. You don’t like that “feminism” is just the fight for female equality, the same as any other civil rights. Only the weak want to deny others to be strong as they fear their own place in the pecking order. When it comes down to it, you don’t just hate women, you hate anyone you consider to threaten your place. That’s weakness and fear in it’s purest form.

            Then why do so many women support GamerGate?


            Why is one of our most respected people a prominent feminist academic?

            Why are there a bunch of women in this tread right now?

            Unless you’re just talking out your ass?

            I came in and I’m going to leave and you couldn’t change the mind of ONE PERSON. You have no way to move masses if you can’t even convince me.

            I’m going to let you in on something important…

            You don’t matter in the big picture.

            We gain thousands of people constantly, one person isn’t going to make or break us.

            I didn’t come here to “win” I came here to listen to you guys. Now that I have I actually think even less of you.

            And we don’t care.

            Brain-dead white knight comes to defend the honor of m’lady, gets BTFO.

            It’s not that unusual.

          19. “the burden of proof lies on the claimant as it always has”

            That’s you, just a couple of posts ago.

          20. Also ask yourself why the media won’t even allow a debate. Coverage is one thing, but censoring representation is another. That’s exactly what’s happening, and people like you just go “yeah well with all the bad media coverage who would want to talk to them anyway?” It makes no fucking sense!

        3. So I was correct? You’re a morally superior being who likes to think “its perfectly okay when we do it.”

          “Fun fact: Christians although being the largest organized religion in the US also claim “persecution” when discussions don’t go their way. I’m not sure if you understand what the word actually means.”

          BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh the irony, the irony!!! I know, its going right over your head, but the irony is delicious here. You’re basically describing the “wonderful cult of SJW.” Cause we all know that they can’t stand being opposed or challenged and claim persecution when discussions don’t go their way.

        4. So it’s really just that you believe one side “deserves it”… so if you were to conclude that someone ELSE “started the outrage and hate” years before #GamerGate existed, you’d actually SUPPORT #GamerGate as the reaction.

          So I guess you support the idea of “rightfully shitting all over” Brendan Keogh for claiming that gaming is “a rape culture” YEARS before #GamerGate existed?

    2. The game “lifestyle” has nothing to do it and Day isn’t even a footnote.

      GG’s argument is about manipulation of game reviews be they AAA or indie. The former a problem ever since if not before Nintendo published a magazine that covered Nintendo games, while the latter is a similar manipulation but also directly effects the development scene. From contest rigged in favor of judge’s friends to outright blackballing from the industry for political and ideological reasons. And to further that kind of mentality, to protect gaming media from allegations of corruption, the anti-GG side tries to paint anyone who doesn’t agree with them out to be the vilest form of humanity.

      This in regard of people who just have a freaking hobby.

      1. So you’re surprised that critic reviews are manipulated by the industry. Find me an financially viable industry where this is not the case. Grow up and get over yourselves, you’re not special or persecuted.

        1. Not just manipulated, but organized. Whether a game is good or bad, but especially if its bad, if the dev is in with the gaming social click, then that game gets positive reviews and press across several sites as if everyone came from Stepford. Then there are contest, some where participants pay into to create the prize, where a judge has already decided a winner who just happens to be a friend. And then there are the instances that just because someone doesn’t agree with group-think, had earned the littlest disfavor, their career and lives are ruined.

          When talking about the issues on the AAA spectrum its $60 games you have to actually pay $100+ for which where released so buggy they were broken, might get fixed six months to a year later if the publisher feels like it or hasn’t moved on to the next shat-out broken installment of another franchise, all of which is the fault of gamers who keep buying those games, and then there’s what happening in the indie scene which is an Orwellian minority trying to dictate what a game is to the masses. Expecting to be paid besides.

          And again, this is all about a fucking hobby.

          1. You’re absolutely right that it is not just manipulated but organized. See the auto industry or the pharmaceutical industry, consider the fact that the money made there is leaps and bounds above what you pay for a video game, and then understand that the gamergate argument is not based out of cost or necessity because those industries are greater on both, but that it’s because something you really really love is treated in a similar fashion and you think that justifies the response that you have. The response from gamergate is the problem, the legitimacy of the claim is not in question.

          2. Fallacy of relative privitization. There are people campagining against those practices already though. None in gaming apart from gg. Techincally speaking you just justified gamergate.

        2. Just because something is ubiquitous does not mean it should be ignored. Just because a movement focuses on only one aspect of a larger corruption does not make it less viable. By your argument third wave feminism is also irrelevant because it focuses on female issues, not inequality as a whole. And not to mention, isn’t sexism rampant everywhere? Gaming, movies, STEM fields, air conditioning? Well, since it is merely to be expected, better just ignore it.

          Is this your argument? Because collusion is taking place in every sector to the detriment of the consumer, everyone should just get fucking used to it? No thanks. If you’re into being fed lies by the media, then congratulations on your indoctrination, but I’ll remain skeptical when biased agendas from any source are delivered as fact.

        3. Thank you for verifying that lack of ethics in gaming journalism is in fact rampant, and that your problem is really just that you personally aren’t invested in that issue. -:)

    3. “Regardless of how you view gamergate the mass public looks at it as akin to a hate group and for good reason as many people labeling themselves as members said horrible things”

      All of the journalists that Gamergate have challenged as being unethical and pushing a feminist/censorship agenda towards games and gamers have cherry picked third party trolls who use the gamergate hashtag, or accounts with names like “gaimerg8”, as a means to exemplify all of gamergate as being about hating women. Thus, Gamergate is the one who has to answer for their motives! Flawless logic.

      Although, I will give you credit for coming into the trenches to try to challenge the “children” you look down on. Most of your ilk think confronting the enemy like this is harmful to your side. I’m going to guess that it’s because you’re going to find out we’ll confront you in ways you didn’t expect, because you believe a fallacy.

      1. This is a conspiracy theorist argument creating illogical connections to justify your stance. Gamergaters did horrible things and you’re making the lightly veiled threat once more, are you trying to prove my point?

        1. So you read the Wikipedia definition of gamergate, too, huh? That’s where it states it’s a “conspiracy theory”. Well, if that were the case, then Sam Biddle would still have a job, as would Leigh Alexander. It would also mean that game journalists for certain media outlets wouldn’t have ethics citations at the end of all their articles now.

          It would also mean that, somehow, pro-gamergaters would have had more than one chance to propose their arguments in opposition to the narrative that, not just gaming magazines, but most mainstream media still espouse as fact. Jon Oliver, Stephen Colbert, MSNBC, The Guardian, Huffington Post, NYTimes, the fucking SVU episode that wrote its screenplay based on all of the above mentioned media information, all of them. You’ll be hard pressed to find any kind of publicity for the pro gamergate side after the October Huff Post interview with three pro-gamergaters, including Jenni Bharaj.

          And what threats am I presenting? The facts of the matter, are they threats? The burden of proof is on your side, and you fail time and time again to use any substantial evidence to prove that gamergate is a hate movement. You consistently portray Quinn, Sarkeesian, and Wu as gamergate’s main opponents even though they’re not journalists. They have been irrelevant to gamergate since the movement’s conception.

          And the burden of proof is also on your side to somehow prove that gamergate is a misogynist mob of white straight man babies despite the Calgary Expo incident, despite Milo Yiannopolous, despite Mark Kern, despite Oliver Campbell, despite Christina Hoff Sommers, despite Cathy Young, and despite the creators of Deus Ex.
          Read up, kid. You’ve been fed a bunch of bullshit.

          1. Swing and a miss. I didn’t read the Wiki article as a matter of fact and I didn’t call gamergate a conspiracy theory, I called YOU a conspiracy theorist. The difference is that gamergate’s claim that gaming journalism is manipulated or even *gasp* organized is entirely true. The problem is that you can’t accept it and act as if other industries don’t live with the same rules. On top of that you think the tactics taken by gamergaters weren’t reprehensible which they were. Get the fuck over it is the answer you can’t accept. It’s really not that big a fucking deal.

          2. Yeah. You didn’t confront any of my other topics. Look, guy. You’re mind’s not gonna be changed. You came here to fight and you’re not gonna get it. You thought we would all be a bunch of piss babies and we weren’t.

            Now, on your arguments…even if you didn’t read the wiki article the point is that Wikipedia has taken a bias stance based on the overwhelming majority of information written about gamergate. This shows that, concerning gamergate, there is no ethical objectivity being used to define the movement.

            However, you claim that my objective findings that journalists, in this particular case, are acting in accordance to one another’s sources without doing any objective digging of their own, which somehow makes me a conspiracy theorists. That’s double think, dude. You can’t discredit my claims by simultaneously saying I’m correct. The difference between you and me, I guess, is that I KNOW gamergate is going after the journalists, which is why every media outlet is so hard pressed to demonize a movement that questions their authority. But you THINK they’re anti-woman, which is falsifiable bullshit to the nth degree.

            You also dismiss the idea that this particular industry, the media, has an ethical duty to use FACTS. In other words, the media is LYING, and for some reason you don’t think that could be possible. If what you’re saying is that you don’t care about facts as long as you get the story you want then that says more about you than it does about gamergate.

            The “tactics” you’re most likely referring to were not done by gamergate. Our entire effort has been to debunk your side’s false claims from ruling over the masses, and allowing identity politics ideologues to continue to spread malicious lies about the gaming community, and the movement that is attempting to remove the bigoted label that everyone sees gamers as. That’s why #notyourshield was invented, and was swiftly dismissed because the narrative states “cis white man babies are gamergate”. You ever wonder why no news media outlets talk about #notyourshield?

            “It’s really not that big a fucking deal.”
            Then why is anti gamergate so fucking hard to get into a debate? How come the honeybadgers in Calgary were removed just because they had the gamergate banner at their stand? How come GGinDC had a bomb threat called on it? How come SPJ airplay has been an uphill battle for months in order to have a pro gamergate panel?
            This basically amounts to “I know more about this than you do and no amount of mental gymnastics and feminist rhetoric you bring to the table will change that”. Get over it.

          3. First off thank you for collecting your thoughts and creating a more reasonable rebuttal. I’ll retort in kind.

            You are correct my mind is not going to be changed. I’m genuinely hoping that someone’s here could based on two main themes. One is that journalism (all of it) is rife with corruption in every industry and financially viable sector. Gaming journalism has no claim to this as a personal attack therefore your outrage is unwarranted. If it was then you would be as upset with corruption not only in all of journalism but other areas too. GG doesn’t care about those (at least not with any discernible effort) and only focuses on corruption in gaming journalism. If you truly cared about corruption you’d focus on something like politics or the financial sector that actually ruins lives in the millions. Two is that the tactics taken by the first and main players in gg were atrocious and to associate yourself with them is just fucking stupid. Regardless of the truth of your claim (which it is true) your tactics and outrage are overblown.

            My note that you were a conspiracy theorist was based on your assertion that journalists created fake social media accounts to propel their falsehood. After that I noted that journalism was corrupt. Those were two different topics.

            I do not dismiss the idea that the industry has an ethical responsibility, I dismiss the idea that denying reality gets you somewhere useful. Your group is hated, that’s what you have done. You’ve taken the term of “gamer” and destroyed it. I and all of my friends no longer associate with the term because of gg and how we are now perceived. Thanks for that. There are examples everywhere of how to create a movement, but gg tried to use social media threats to get their points across. That makes them assholes.

            The “tactics” were 100% done by people calling themselves “gamergate” so denying this is a dead end. With this point you are either ignorant or lying.

            I don’t label myself “anti-gamergate” either. However based on what gg did at the onset, I’m not at all surprised they don’t want to be involved with your side. Wouldn’t you in fact consider that since everyone else on opposite sides of a debate take up words everywhere else on the internet, that maybe the fact that you scared a group away lends credence to the “tactics” I mentioned did in fact happen?

            This isn’t mental gymnastics or feminist rhetoric, gg doesn’t earn that much credit. They’re a bunch of bullies and the ones remaining are trying like hell to legitimize their cries/crimes. I’ve defended claims of racism, corruption, organized evil industry, and full blown conspiracy here. None of it is true and the truth is really hard to swallow if you are on the gg side. They were a bunch of fucking sexist brats who wanted to put girls down because they’re “not real gamers”. I’d bet it ties into social ineptitude with real live women garnering resentment which is a very basic sociology 101 leap although I can’t back that claim.

            So all in all, I appreciate you forming your thoughts and decided you were due the respect of me doing the same however I 100% disagree with you that gg is in any way shape or form a decent group. They are fucking slime hiding inside the internet where wimps can be bullies because the weak can be shitheads too.

          4. If you truly cared about corruption you’d focus on something like politics or the financial sector that actually ruins lives in the millions.

            And journalism doesn’t?

            Do you remember “WMDs could be used 45 minutes” and “Mobile labs” and “we can not wait for proof in the form of a mushroom cloud” and all the other media just lapped up and endorsed?

            A million dead party because journalists saw themselves as cheerleaders for “the right side”, and you don’t think that’s important?

            I and all of my friends no longer associate with the term because of gg and how we are now perceived.

            Oh sorry for making people think you’re blood-drinking satanists- I mean violent school shooters- I mean…

            What moral panic are we talking about now?

            If you dump gaming because of that I doubt you were ever anything more then hipsters jumping on the newest cool thing.

            They were a bunch of fucking sexist brats who wanted to put girls down because they’re “not real gamers”.

            Soggy-knees! Hurt-ass-ment! White Knights save me!

            You’ve hitch your wagon to SJWs, the only place that’s going is directly off a cliff.

            Of course when AntiGamer burns we’ll still be here playing our games.

            Count on it.

          5. “They were a bunch of fucking sexist brats who wanted to put girls down
            because they’re “not real gamers”. I’d bet it ties into social
            ineptitude with real live women garnering resentment which is a very
            basic sociology 101 leap although I can’t back that claim.”

            Projecting thoughts onto other people as a means to win an argument or feel rightous is kind of pathetic. There are girls in gg feminists in gg. Wtf makes you think we want to put women down?

    4. “She’s just another celebrity and your “ideals” are just a fucking hobby no matter how much you enjoy it and treating anyone else like garbage to defend it is entirely pathetic.”

      You do realize this same thing can be said in reverse about them and their ideals?


      When they treat us like garbage to protect THEIR IDEALS…but hey, who cares about that because you have “moral superiority”, am I right?

      See, this is what I hate about this type. This “moral superiority” that lets these assholes think they’re better when in reality, they’re not. They do just as many vile things as the people they claim to hate, but they sit atop their moral high horse and pretend as to how much better they are.

      Me personally? I denounce threats on every side. I was that guy who was against Jack Thompson back in the day, but also rolling my eyes at those petty douchebags who were sending him threats and thinking “well aren’t they true morons”|

      Yet, when I see Troy Baker bullied off Twitter by a bunch of morally outraged cretins who denounce that type of behaviour when its used against them yet don’t denounce that behaviour when they think “it’s earned”, then yes, allow me to flip my middle finger as these so called morally superior beings.

      Or in short, it’s the smug shit eating hypocrisy that I can’t stand. That their ideals are the only ideals worth a damn and if you’re not on board or disagree with the way they go about it then oh boy, prepare to be ostracized and shamed.

    5. “The fact that you identify so hard with “gaming” as a lifestyle”

      Well, that kind of rules out your opinion to start with, so thanks for playing and try the shrimp.

  25. hmmmm….. s’no good. The Hate Monkey within must scream….


    There …. now I feel better

  26. “How sad I was that the actions of #GamerGate had created that feeling in me, …”

    It were not the actions of #GamerGate, which created that feeling in you.
    It were the actions of the corrupt media.
    It was the Femtroll propaganda of a few professional victims, who made (and still make) a ton of money by using fear and victimization.

    You are angry about #GamerGate while in fact you should be angry about the Feminazis, who started this War on Gamers.
    You should be angry at the media, who used this War on Gamers to support their friends and fuckbuddies … and to make money by clickbait.

  27. I can see this cunt and Anita sitting back, fanning themselves with $100 bills and laughing maniacally at all the stupid fucks they’ve scammed. Eat shit and die Felicia.

  28. its the usual, washed up D-list celeb targetting us as a means to try to revitalize her near dead career

  29. I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but yet again, this is another example of the gaming community building up some rando because she has a vagina, putting her up on a pedestal, and helping create a monster. When are people gonna learn?

    Felicia Day’s whole schtick is based around being the “cool gamer girl.” Aside from that web series she did years ago, she hasn’t contributed anything to the gaming culture or community. Literally all she does is make game and pop culture references, teehees, and basks in the love from fans. She’s like Jessica Chobot, whose claim to fame was taking a sexually suggestive photo where she’s licking a PSP.

    And again, the problem is gamers elevate people like this and give them a platform. Then when they’ve got the platform, and the megaphone of a huge social media following, they turn on the very people who put them there. Felicia Day thinks she doesn’t need gamers anymore, she’s above that, so now she fearmonger, tell ridiculous stories about how some guy’s T-shirt terrified her (OMG it’s like visual rape!), and use the worst stereotypes about gamers to get another round of attention.

    When are gamers gonna learn?

    1. actually, I agree and I think this became a big problem with gaming journalism all around. In the past few years gaming journalism became far more personality driven. Gamers started putting them ALL on pedestals, be it male or female writers. Gamers started treating these people like they were buddies who they could hang out with from time to time. And as such, I think it went to their heads and it bloated their egos. I mean I have friends on my Facebook page who work/worked for IGN and trust me, they don’t take criticism well. You so much as disagree or criticise them and they will just flat out begin to ignore you as they think they are above you.
      I saw this coming years ago when gaming sites started pushing the personalities, I knew this was coming. It went to their heads and as such, I don’t think they can handle it when someone disagrees with them.

      That’s not to say all of them are like this, but the few I’ve had interaction with, well they all just come across as having a slight sense of arrogance about them and I have to believe its because they let their new found fame go to their heads a bit.

  30. “Now, in the past, whenever I saw another gamer in public, I would feel heartened, because we belonged no matter if we stopped to chat or not. I would go out of my way to exchange a knowing glance, a supportive smile signaling, Yeah, dude. It’s cool that you game. I do, too! We were automatically compatriots in our love for something we both knew was awesome.”

    hahahaha, so basically isn’t this kind of nulling those shameless hucksters critiques? You know, the shameless hucksters like Sarkeesian who came in and claimed we’re all sexist misogynistic CHUD’s. Felicia Day had no problem with gamers and felt comfortable around them before GamerGate existed, by her own words. Isn’t this almost akin to saying that gamers weren’t what they were being labelled by shameless hucksters?

    Yet she follows up with this

    “But as those two gamers walked toward me, for the first time in my life I didn’t have the impulse to say hello. Or smile. For some reason as I approached the corner . . . I crossed the street instead.”

    Sounds like someone got indoctrinated under the culture of fear mongering by her new found friends, the progressive “we’re always the victim” types. Or alternatively, someone was just looking for attention.

    See this is what I can’t stand about this modern day string of Feminism. What is it really telling little girls? That they should feel powerless? That they shouldn’t think for themselves? That they should always be the imaginary victim to every last stinking little thing?

    Fuck that, I have a 5 year old niece who I love to death and the last thing I want for her is to grow up feeling powerless and victimized by every last imaginary slight. I want her to grow up feeling empowered, not helpless.

    Fuck you, Felicia Day. You’re full of shit, you had no problem with gamers before hand, but suddenly they’re all raging sexists who you’re going to judge by the cover? Well fuck you Felicia Day. I find your bullshit hard to swallow.

  31. I hate it when D-listers hail themselves as queen or king of anything. Why dont you motherfuckers at least try to reach A,B or even C status before you declare yourselves anything?

    BTW learn to act you fraud. Even your fans say you suck at acting.

    1. Seriously. Felicia Day, Phil Fish, Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, Anita Sarkeesian, so many assholes think they can just waltz in and take over all of gaming when their list of “accomplishments” (if you can even call them that) to the medium could be counted on one hand. Between releasing one crappy game, one crappy Twine game, doing crappy voice acting in all of literally five games, and making a poorly-researched Kickstarted video commentary series that couldn’t even be completed within its promised timeframe, I’m sure these hipsters hold soooooo much authority over actual industry leaders whom, oh I don’t know, helped program some of gaming’s most beloved classics almost single-handedly. No, they’ve done even better: they happened to have friends in all the right places, willing to shill them out and hype them up to be the greatest innovators ever at the drop of a hat.

      1. I guarantee you one thing (and I am willing to bet everything I own) that “geek queen” felicia was either in one of those high school cliques that made fun of “smelly” nerds or she denied she was a geek.
        The reason they are all geeks and nerds now is because casual shit like TBBT say its cool nowadays.

        Bronies for example are a big fan base but they are not No 1 in geekdom yet. Someday they will be and we can guess who’s “queen” that fraud will be then.

  32. I genuinely feel she is not a fake, or at least not too much. I think fame was thrown on her for some reason and because of that she came into contact with some questionable peers and was not able to handle the pressure of it well, she became too easily influenced by Hollywood. I would like to lay the blame for her views of gaming and gaming culture on one Wil Wheaton. It’s the patriarchy at work really, he, and probably the rest of her peers in the celebrity world, are the filter through which she gets her news.

  33. Oh and let’s not even mention the irony that comes with judging someone’s outer appearance. So if this scenario actually happened (which I’m willing to bet that it didn’t) and she did encounter two guys in gaming shirts, what made her think they were GamerGate supporters? What made her think they hate women? What made her think they even know or care about this whole drama? Why? Because they were wearing shirts branded by gaming franchises? On what grounds does that mean she can suddenly just demonize them and expect the worst? For all she knows, these two guys may have not even known what GamerGate was and yet she still demonized them anyways.

    Let’s take this same scenario and apply it to a black man. She’s walking down the street, she spots a black man and clutches to her purse in fear as she walks the opposite way, because we all know black men are stereotyped as being thugs and crims who are up to no good, right?

    Way to go Felicia, way to inadvertently support stereotyping and demonizing. You shit lord.

  34. It’s cute they think she’s the Geek Queen, but Geekdom is more like…ohhh…Hydra. You have many heads, you take one down, two more shall take their place, but there are no real leaders, it’s Organized Anarchy.

    And no, I’m not using Hydra as a flimsy way to try and get Hail Hydra goin.

  35. How’s Felicia Day like a $5 hooker? They both base their careers on owning a vagina, but can’t break into the higher level work because they don’t have the looks.

  36. Aaaand still I had to figure out who the hell is this girl, I’ve never heard before GG. Why is she famous for in the gaming world? Is she a voice actor?A mid-famous let’s player?A gaming journalist?Who the fuck she is?

  37. SUMMARY OF MS. DAY’S RECOLLECTIONS: “I believed a lot of shit people said #GamerGate did, I let those accusations get to me, as a result I got triggered by some guy in a Halo shirt to the point I crossed the street to avoid him. Because I couldn’t keep my own shit together, I got wired on caffeine and sperged online about how I’d just crossed the street because I couldn’t keep my own shit together after believing a bunch of online bullshit.”

  38. What I have learned from my time here.

    1.) You guys are really easy to troll.
    2.)You take everything anyone says on the internet at face value even if they are quite obviously trolling.
    3.)You are all dumb idiots with bad opinions.

    Piggers OUT.

  39. UGH this woman! She’s plastered all over my Audible account. I complained. Get the fuck out of my face woman!

  40. I still don’t understand why anyone hires her to act. It is painfully obvious that her experience comes out of some crappy web series. In Eureka she was painful. Cringeworthy performances, and I can barely make it through episodes of SPN with her in them. This seems to be a reflection of today’s world that people with little talent are lifted high and held up as some kind of paragon.

    ‘And for the first time in months . . . I got angry. I WANTED TO WRITE SOME SHIT DOWN, SON!’

    She actually wrote that down and had it published. Fucking. Hell.

    Look at the likes of the Kim Kardashian Klan.

  41. She’s also voiced the most unlikable Bioware teammate. And yes, I’m including Vivienne in that summation.

  42. Jealous much of other people’s success? Yeah, I guess you are… because that is what this entire hit piece smacks of.

  43. Felicia’s people have, at least once, probably more than I (or anyone outside the seedy world of hollywood) will ever know, hacked an innocent fan’s computer and used her to make oblique references to him, resulting in him being diagnosed as literally insane, due to “delusions” of reference, while stringing him along as though he had a chance of working with her, as they laughed over it. I can’t prove it, because it’s a well guarded (better than you’d expect) secret, but it happened. She is a truly reprehensible person, or at least works with/for people who are thoroughly reprehensible. The damage she (or her superiors/coworkers) has done to her victim’s life is irreversible and everlasting. In all likelihood, no one involved will ever admit it, but she turned a hopeful aspiring writer into an ostensibly schizophrenic mess, and his only mistake was being fond of her work. There’s more to the story, but it will never be told. The damage is done. She is, in fact, an evil queen, not an innocent princess.

  44. This 20 something year old twat writes like a teenage girl who just found out being loud and obnoxious gets you attention and talking in faux-gangster speak is just so ironic and hilarious. What a fuckhead. What a complete phony she seems to be.

  45. Jesus H. Christ, Ralph, you come across as a total fucking obsessed cunt muscle in need of a hardcore bitch slap. It’s clear to anyone who isn’t one of your minions/sychophants that you’re nothing but a limp wristed, pussified cyber bully with an axe to grind.

    What happened, sunshine? You hit on her? Try to jump into her cyber box or ask for her phone number at some cosplay convention and she shot you down because you’re some morbidly obese slob with a horrendous nose whistle and smell like provolone cheese?? Did you invite her over to your place, mommy’s basement for somexample gaming, an extra large pizza with double the cheese and she declined?

    Bottom line, you little whining fuctard, you need to grow the fuck up and stop ranting and raving like a lunatic whose had too much kool-aid, Ding Dongs while playing Warcraft for 72 hours straight. You’re a bitter loser, a pathetic shit stain who hasn’t been laid since your last love interest popped without a patch kit being on hand. Stop being such a hate filled little troll of a man and find yourself a different hobby, preferably one that does NOT involve real, flesh and blood women that you don’t have to use a tire pump on.

  46. This is an old post, and I haven’t seen much of Day’s work outside of her voice over work for Guild Wars 2(Zojja). But, when I read this, I came to a much different conclusion. It may be because I have a severe social anxiety disorder, I avoid almost everyone. Unless I am in a place I feel comfortable in, like a game shop, or Convention(though I have to be medicated to enjoy a convention. . .which sucks I hate meds, though I do like weed, and it helps a lot more than any medication I have been prescribed, though it can cause panic attacks from hell, when that happens I will gladly take my anxiety medication)

    Anyway I think she was expressing her contempt for the bullshit created by Gamergate. And, how people like Anita Sarkeswhatever created a small rift in out community and certain people no longer felt welcome in one of the most welcoming communities(Yea we have trolls and assholes, but what community doesn’t?) And, for a fleeting moment she felt unwelcome due to the media flood gamergate created. And, that upset her, not the gamers she avoided. I also didn’t feel like she was trying to get in on gamergate feminazi train, but more like she was Against it.

    Although with that said, I may be mistaken. I hope not, because while I am not a “fan boy”, and I don’t let it create any sort of bias on my part. I am a fan of Felicia Day, The Guild, and a couple of other things she was/is a part of like Guild Wars 2.

    (Side note: honestly I think Sarkunt used all the overzealous trolls, and white knight assholes to fuel her bullshit narrative, and push her bullshit agenda. Which is why I avoided talking about gamergate, and anyone involved to avoid creating more fuel for the Feminazis.)

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