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Behold the essence of feminism:

Lisa Marr’s Impulsive irrational and instinctive hate.



Feminism is Instinctive Hate.


Yes, radfem Lisa Marr managed to express the sheer irrationality of the religion of feminism in one single tweet after based Professor Gad Saad condemned the events at DePaul University where Black Lives Matter Activists physically assaulted Milo.

On the left, we have the original tweet where Lisa Marr implies she cannot reason and can only let her instinctive hate dictate her deformed version of reality.

On the right, we have what her KKK-Nazi counterpart would instead say about black people. Same hatred, different label.


Just for the sake of angering radfem Lisa, here is again a version of herself hating her very own Black Lives Matter friends;


Just let that sink in. For people like Lisa, your hate dictates your reality. Forget the law, forget reason, forget objective reality, the only thing that counts is your instinctive hate. She is free to hate anybody with zero accountability.

See, feminism is a form of “virtuous” predatory hypocrisy and since “nobody has it worse than women”, hypocrites like Lisa can always conveniently become “the apex victim-predator” and everybody else becomes fair game to prey upon. A victim that can easily become a predator whenever convenient is the essence of the religion of feminism.

As a feminist, you become a “virtuous apex victim-predator” at will.

But how can someone like Lisa get this retarded? What does a willfully ignorant radical feminist like Lisa do for a living?

What could her occupation be that keeps her so far removed from objective reality, from learning, from books and knowledge itself?



Oh…she is a library technician…

Granted, she hates Milo but if she works for a Law Library, at least she must have some basic idea of what free speech is, right?



Let that sink in again, a law library technician that sternly opposes free speech and publicly says,

“Disturb anything and everything if you are angry”

So let me get this straight, the more outraged you are, the more justified you are to assault people? To riot? To burn cars? To start lynch mobs? To murder people? Where does it stop Lisa?

Oh yes, wherever your rage and hypocritical convenience dictate it. It would not be surprising to hear this from an impulsive criminal in jail but a library technician openly endorsing criminal behavior?

You are a  L-A-W  LIBRARY  TECHNICIAN Lisa Anne Marr.

Out of everyone else, you should be the first to support Free Speech not oppose it.


You cannot make feminist fecal matter like this up. It does not matter how many years a radfem like Lisa spends working for an organization whose main purpose is to spread knowledge about the law, she will forever remain a willful radical neophyte. Lisa is a creationist-like parasite painted in pink.

Lisa Anne Marr is another feminist neophyte like Melissa Click in the leftist Academia. You are an academic parasite and a shame to Law Schools Lisa Anne Marr.

lisa_and Melissa


Just like Melissa Click, Lisa needs to conveniently distance herself from questioning her belief system because the core of feminism precludes her from even entertaining that thought. Melissa’s & Lisa’s minds at their core, are not too different from the center of this diagram.

inside her head

If her hate dictates her actions, let’s take Lisa’s instinctive hate to its ultimate consequences.

How about a TERF version of Lisa that hates transexuals?


Or how about a version of Lisa that hates Latinos?


How about a Radical Muslim version of Lisa?

allahu lisa

It always escalates quickly with radicals… 

See? Saying that you instinctively hate someone extends to all radical groups and they all want to believe their hate is the “right brand”.

But you may wonder how a person like Lisa that “only” hates Milo can be portrayed as someone that hates a whole group of people? Wouldn’t that be “unfair”?

Of course it wouldn’t simply because hateful bigots like Lisa Marr do not follow reason and can easily extend their hate to whole groups of society depending on their mood.

I mean, it’s not like feminists ever hate 49% of humankind, right? After all, we all know all feminists are “man lovers” and they never hate anybody with XY chromosomes. Right? Unless Milo had the wrong kind of XY “privileged” chromosomes…

Think about it. Why would a feminist hate a gay man like Milo? A member of a minority feminists often swear to defend? Isn’t that a cardinal sin against the foundations of the PC dogma?

See, the explanation for Lisa’s hatred for Milo is far less elegant than what one would expect. It would stand to reason that Lisa sees someone like Milo like another “white privileged man” and by her radfem “logic” he is not a “real” member of a minority that is easily discriminated against. Amazing how Milo himself predicted that feminists would turn against white gay men.

The impolite truth is that feminists are not reliable because their dysfunctional reptilian brains lead their actions and gay men should not have chosen them as allies.Feminists are glorified hyenas ready to eat each other whenever the chips are down or it becomes “convenient”.

When your logic hinges upon emotional convenience, you are anything but a feminist pinless hate grenade ready to detonate against anybody that “deserves it” and your hateful behavior is always “OK”.

See? When someone as retarded and impulsive as radfem Lisa Marr lets her hatred lead her life and actions, they see no problem with their behavior. Would you like to know why?


To feminists, their hate is “justified” therefore their brand is an “acceptable” form of hate. Just the way the KKK, Hezbollah or other radicalized hateful groups justify their actions.


If their brand of hate is justified, all kinds of racist hateful people can say exactly the same about their own racial hatred, any group that hates another group based on their ethnicity or gender can claim the same justification.

Can we then say that a “little” hate does not really count in the feminist community? Of course not because Radical Muslims, Neo-Nazis or the KKK can easily lie and say the same about their own hate.

The simple answer is that all hate is indefensible.

But retards like Lisa Marr are unable to be intellectually honest and admit that even a small amount of hate is still indefensible.

But wait, these contradictions just continue because there are other groups who also allow their instinctive hate dictate their perception of reality.

Groups that radfems like Lisa openly endorse. Would you like to know who these people are? Exactly, radicalized groups like Black Lives Matter.

What an amazing irony, radfems like Lisa Marr endorse hating gay men like Milo just the way the KKK hates their beloved Black Lives matter friends. To top it off, the hate BLM activists have for white people is not different from the hate KKK members have for black people.

It is just a different hypocritical label.

Same hate, different labels, all of them indefensible. But these people will remain willfully ignorant for as long as they can because it is convenient. Just like the KKK, BLM or ISIS, Feminists are the worst humankind has to offer: Hypocrisy and hate combined.

In view of this, it is no longer surprising radfems like Lisa Marr agree and endorse impulsive and unlawful behavior perpetrated by BLM radicals. They sleep in the same radical bed.

Logically, an incompetent hypocrite like Lisa Marr would only get offended after caught red handed endorsing criminal behavior. Guess what she did? Exactly, Lisa played the victim and did a DARVO-spin (Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender) to spin the accusations against her towards other people, look:




No Lisa, people who defend free speech are not “wolves” you are the hyena rolling on carrion trying to pass as a victim. Despite all this, I defend your right to free speech because the more you barf your stupidity, the more it will be exposed and the more you will discredit feminism.

Feminists like you Lisa do these classic Feminist DARVO-spins too often and too predictably. They shovel their fecal feminist statements and expect people to just accept their hate but as soon as they get any blow back, they instantly turn themselves into little damsels.

Feminists on the internet are like members of the KKK playing the victim as soon as people reject their hate. This image depicts Lisa Marr’s behavior and the unalloyed hypocrisy of feminist behavior in general.

lisa shoveling

If you shovel excrement on others, don’t be surprised when you get defecated on, you spectacular hypocrite Lisa Anne Marr.

Thank you for reading.