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You can never please these people, so why even try? Even a longtime “feminist ally” like Joss Whedon will get trashed when it suits SJW purposes.

Assuming he doesn’t back out of the Batgirl gig due to these bully tactics, maybe Whedon will at least gain some newfound sanity in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory.

I hope you guys enjoy the video, even thought it is a little scattershot. I’ll be back in a few with another article or two. I’m having a great time with my new bride, but as I said yesterday, I still have to do a little work here and there. Hit me up in the comments if there’s a story you really want me to checkout, as I’ve been a bit unplugged this week.

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This Mary Sue excerpt says it all, really…

Seriously, though, what does a female writer/director have to do to GET A JOB AROUND HERE?! I know, I know. It’s Joss Whedon. Whatever. Put your feminism where your mouth is, dude. Be an executive producer on this and help find an amazing woman to write and direct. Use your clout for good. Not that female directors should only direct projects with female protagonists, of course, but it should be a given at this point that female directors should be considered first when it comes to films about women and girls. The fact that this is so NOT a given is heartbreaking and infuriating…

Speaking of feminism: I know that Joss Whedon tries very hard to be a feminist ally. I also know that many of his attempts, while successful in some areas, are riddled with sexist missteps in others. First, there’s the feminism of his actual projects, then there’s the feminism he espouses in his day-to-day life, which he sometimes has a hard time learning from if a misstep is brought to his attention. He really, really, really needs to get some female producers on board here. Women who will call him on his shit and to whom he will listen. (PS – I’m totally available, Joss.) If he (and Warner Bros.) are going to insist that this particular cis-het white dude is going to write and direct Batgirl, they should at the very least place voices around him that will ensure a certain level of integrity and quality with regard to the film’s gender representation.


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