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Why The Feminist Ghostbusters 2016 are Trying Too Hard to be Men

headerhey mom

The above line is not as bad as the mother actually forcing the girl to grow up fat, become a lesbian and embrace feminism. If the girl in question was born neurologically lesbian and predisposed to be obese, well, her life would at least suck a little less without feminist indoctrination.

Problem is, feminist fiascos like the feminist Ghostbusters are an extension of feminism: The lowest bar possible for your female children. Feminism is fashionable mediocrity while forcing girls to imitate men.




the dike busters FINAL

Does it surprise you that only by swapping the heads of the actresses with male heads their “femininity” is almost entirely removed?

The reason is simple: It wasn’t there to begin with.


the dike ghostbusters

Just the heads and the logo. Nothing else was touched, there was no femininity to remove. The director of this fiasco; Paul Feig, took care of that.

The subtext from the poses the actresses were instructed to adopt is not difficult to understand, the retarded mangina director, Paul Feig, wanted to make them look “powerful” yet all he managed to do was to remove their femininity and turn them into fat ugly lesbians.

Most feminists should have found that photo “offensive” because it states that women need to be more like men, to imitate them, so that they can be BETTER than men.

As usual, feminists do not think things through:

If you have to be like a man to distance yourself from men, you are doing it wrong.

If you do not want to look like a man, do not act like one.

The picture above was planned by marketing purposes, it was not taken just by “accident”, someone sat down with the director and carefully (yet stupidly) planned how to present these “weak” women as something that looked “powerful”.

Let that sink in, if you sit down and from the get go you consider femininity a liability, it only makes sense they decided to remove it by instructing the actresses to strike the pose above. They shot themselves and feminism in the foot.

But reasoning itself does not count because according to the religion of feminism, being girly and feminine is not enough to compete AGAINST men, it has to be removed.

That is the purpose of feminism in the metaphor of the feminist Ghostbusters, women are supposed to COMPETE against men not “collaborate” or “work alongside” or “partner” with men. Not at all, feminism wants women to compete AGAINST men. Period.

Why? Because being a lady is “boring” and women want to be men. That is the subtext feminists do not tell you about this picture. Put two and two together, if you liked the many, many, astoundingly beautiful expressions of femininity, why would you want to leave it?
Simple, feminists tend to have much higher levels of testosterone and being as godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly as they are just does not help their case.

For example, this unshaven wild boar is supposed to be a “lady” according to modern feminism:


If you looked like a fat manly and ugly lesbian in any dress, you would also reject femininity. Being a lady is an art and a discipline that takes many years to master hence why it is rare to see a true lady in the western world nowadays, but when you see one, she is like authentic art; incredibly pleasant to look at.



I get it, Helen Mirren is a raging feminist but despite her feminist Alzheimer, the woman knows how to dress with class and be a lady. But if you want a real adult lady, someone who needs zero help from feminism, Margaret is the role model. Granted, her politics were flawed but she truly worked hard and achieved what most feminists can’t even dream of.  All without playing the victim or leaving the art of femininity behind. Did I mention Margaret Thatcher despised feminists?


Feminists on the other hand are too lazy and too mediocre to grasp the artistry of femininity or even imagine the absolute reach of passive female power. A well trained, very feminine woman can completely outsmart and dominate a very powerful man. She can even make his decisions and have none of the accountability. Look at some of the first ladies married to some of the most powerful men on earth. Sometimes those male heads of state are mere instruments controlled by a female puppeteer.

But being a real lady is too much of a tall order for most feminists simply because it requires genetic beauty and discipline. A true lady is a unicorn and the feminists are mere fat rhinos. It does not matter how much it tries, a rhino stays a rhino. Granted, unicorns do not exist so dames are more like a beautiful bonsai tree and feminists more like hairy wild boars. They are both alive but that is as far their similarities go.

Feminists see themselves as “liberated unicorns” but most of the time they are glorified godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly fat lesbians crying “sour grapes” over what they will never be able to achieve due to their chronic genetic ugliness: The art of being a lady.

Problem is, if the Ghostbusters need to tell people they are “ladies”, they aren’t. Being a lady is just like being powerful, to quote Thatcher again,

thatcher effect2





role models

The second thing you can see in the picture is the lack of fitness in two of the actresses which roughly translates as the following commercial feminist mantra,

“Fat lesbian women are the OK because America needs more mediocrity”

What does a fat lesbian feminist eat? Exactly, the same junk a fat 8-year-old child eats.

There is very little difference between the trashy diet a neglected child has and what a fat and ugly feminist eats. Why? Because feminists are not real adults. They are children living in the bodies of adult women.

If you doubt this assertion, just browse the photos of most fat feminists on social media and you will soon realize they tend to “collect” pictures of their unhealthy diets almost as if they were trophies on their road to chronic and terminal disease:

“Look! These are the cakes that gave me diabetes type 2!

And I have no insurance! Weee! Porky GirlPower!”

The more the food pictures, the less likely you will be to see that many selfies, but you may come across fat feminists hating their scales instead of their own lack of discipline.

scale smashing

Therefore choosing 2 fat actresses for the Ghostbusters role made some sense because the physically fat and mediocre female audience would relate to the physical mediocrity and compulsive eating habits of those actresses.

Eating excessively is something children may do if neglected by the parents, they gain weight often to cope with the stress of being ignored and to replace the pleasure they do not get from life. Fat feminists mirror this and overeat to falsely cope with the stress of being ignored by men and women and eat to replace the pleasure they do not get from orgasms.
Granted, the other two actresses are not fat but those characters cater to the other half of the American feminist demographic: the bulimic-anorexic-anorgasmic and bipolar feminists.


In a way, the female Ghostbusters offers the worst women as a whole have to offer to humankind: mediocrity and childishness at all costs while force-feeding these lies to a new generation of little girls.

But be careful, because if you ever tell something like this to a feminist mother they will do something “unexpected” from an adult: Throw a tantrum.

Even if the feminist is a middle-aged woman, it is very hard to tell the difference between their tantrums and a child’s.

What kind of example is it for a child to see her mother embrace feminism, eat compulsively and throw tantrums if ever criticized? It is a recipe for mediocrity and unhappiness for those children.

You doubt it? Well it has already happened and the result of single mothers confusing and making their children as broken as possible with feminism is called: Tumblr. Those are mostly 3rd wave feminists.



Yes, the above could be satire but often they believe these things.

The little girls taken to the movies by their feminists mothers are prone to emulate the mediocrity and stupidity of those characters on the screen. Fat, insecure unattractive women trying to use false humor to downplay their intense feminist mediocrity.
Feminism is the false art of childish mediocrity disguised as achievement.

Those post-feminist Ghostbusters little girls will grow up to be even more confused and frustrated than their Tumblr counterparts and will become the 4th wave feminists, many of them morbidly obese and likely to be outlived by their elders.
The reality is that your children should outlive you not the opposite way around. You want both your male and female children to thrive, to grow ambitious and achieve a percentage of those ambitions, the greater those ambitions the greater the potential crash and the learning from failure. High ambitions are better than no ambitions.

Feminists are a group of social failures teaching the newer generation of girls to get as fat & as mediocre as possible to blame men for their own failures just like their  feminist mothers do.

Those feminist mothers are teaching their female children how not to have ambition.

Besides, those godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly feminist mothers complaining about the art of femininity are like 2-foot midgets hating both basketball and the tall players.

Thank you for reading.