I happened to stumble on this gem while perusing my local library, which Mr. Ralph then decided to post on Twitter for comedic effect.


I was surprised to see so much feminist literature at my local library, but maybe I shouldn’t be considering the current state of academia. This isn’t a criticism of the library, they should stock any and all books that would be of an interest to the public. However, it was quite disappointing to see how small their science section was in comparison to their feminist section. That being said, I actually found this next book in the ‘healthcare’ part.

I already had pretty low expectations when I picked up Fat is a Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach, but the first couple of words genuinely made me crack up.

“It’s 2016…”

There are definitely some good ideas explored in the book, but most of it is utter rubbish. Orbach tries to add more meaning to body weight than there is. She argues that women putting on excessive weight is due to sexual oppression and rebellion. Seriously.

Don’t believe me? Read for yourself.

“Fat is a social diease, and fat is feminist issue. Fat is not about lack of self-control or lack of will power. Fat is about protection, sex, nurturance, strength, boundaries, mothering, subtance, assertion and rage. It is a response to the inequality of the sexes. Fat expresses experiences of women today in ways that are seldom examined and even more seldom treated.”

There are just so many weird ideas in the book. One that is illustrated in this drawing:

It’s important to note that Orbach is trying to teach her readers that there is a healthy way to lose weight and that it’s not through crash dieting. But I think she goes about it in the wrong way. The screeching feminist rhetoric makes it almost impossible to read the book without rolling your eyes every 2 sentences. It infantilizes women in the most blatant way.

‘Poor woman, it’s not your fault you’re fat. It’s the patriarchy’s fault. They oppress you so much that you can’t help but shovel food into your mouth.’

Fucking insulting.

If you want to read some advice on losing weight that is actually helpful, check out Ralph’s post on how he lost 100lbs in 7 and half months. It has some simple tips that are pretty easy to integrate into your lifestyle and it doesn’t insult your intelligence, unlike this feminist tripe.

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