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A recent open letter from an alleged disgruntled ex employee of Warner Brother Studios has shed some extra light into the murky mess the Feminist Wonder Woman film appears to be part of.

TRR has previously elaborated on WB’s High Risk/Low Return prospect of feminist superhero films led by female protagonists as well as Sony’s ideological financial seppukku/suicide with things like the fecal garbage fire of the Feminist Ghostbusters 2016 reboot.

However, the latest open letter truly exposes what had been long suspected: Warner Brother is an ideologically-driven studio devoid of sound financial decisions or capitalist leadership.

The letter starts by lambasting the quality of Warner’s latest superhero film Suicide Squad then goes into questioning Kevin Tsujihara’s leadership as WB’s CEO. Such misguided decisions are not limited to WB’s superhero movies:

And it’s not just DC movies, it’s your whole slate. Jupiter Ascending. Get Hard. Hot Pursuit. Max. Vacation. Pan. Point Break. Fucking PAN, you jerk. People lost their jobs and you decided Pan was a good idea. You think another Jungle Book is a good idea.

By the looks of it it seems this Kevin Tsujihara guy has been making the worst decisions possible in terms of what movies get the greenlight, who gets to direct them and firing plenty of valuable people. The worst offender is precisely pro-feminist director:

Zack Snyder

In a nutshell, the letter says Zack Snyder should have been fired long ago instead of getting to direct his uneven lackluster superhero films, behold:

Zack Snyder is not delivering. Is he being punished? Assistants who were doing fantastic work certainly were. People in finance and in marketing and in IT. They had no say in a movie called Batman V Superman only having 8 minutes of Batman fighting Superman in it, that ends because their moms have the same name. Snyder is a producer on every DC movie. He is still directing Justice League. He is being rewarded with more opportunity to get more people laid off. I’m assuming you yourself haven’t been financially affected in any real way. You and your studio are the biggest lesson about life one can learn: The top screws up and the bottom suffers. Peter Jackson phones it in and a marketing supervisor has to figure out a plan B for house payments.

What does this have to do with Wonder Woman? Easy, with every failure, the stakes keep getting higher for WB’s feminist unicorn to finally pick up the slack and finally become WB’s much needed box office hit.

Think about it, if Suicide Squad bombs on its second weekend the way Batman v Superman did, the pressure on the Wonder Woman production to become WB’s “box office miracle” would only become  a nightmare for everyone involved. Just imagine the pressure of having to make more money than Batman V Superman.

Problem is. Wonder Woman is only a pet project not a tent pole production and when you manage to make your most valuable characters (Batman and Superman) boring and botch them at a box office, you truly are an incompetent studio.

Batman and Superman were by all intents and purposes the heaviest hitters WB had in  its arsenal, yet Kevin Tsujihara allowed Zack Snyder to completely sink that ship twice (and now even a third time since Snyder is directing Justice League).

Can a Wonder Woman film directed by a budget pet female director save Warner Brother’s sinking ship?  Unlikely, unless you are high on feminism. The writer of the open letter certainly does not seem to be a feminist, look:

What are you even doing [Kevin Tsujihara]?

I wish to God you were forced to live out of a car until you made a #1 movie of the year. Maybe Wonder Woman wouldn’t be such a mess. Don’t try to hide behind the great trailer. People inside are already confirming it’s another mess. It is almost impressive how you keep rewarding the same producers and executives for making the same mistakes, over and over.

And that is precisely the problem. Feminism is a parasitical Marxist social construct that consumes resources instead of producing them, thus it is unlikely to ever outdo 2 of DC’s most famous superhero characters. Feminism sucks capital instead of producing it and the Feminist Wonder Woman will also very likely be another box office bomb.

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