I’ve been wasting time all morning like an idiot, but there’s a ton to write about. Let’s see how much I can get through it all, shall we? First up is a weird tale out of Texas. The place isn’t quite as nutty as Florida, but it’s pretty close. Some slutty looking fetish model and podcaster that goes by the name of Emily Snow got upset because a dude was calling her a whore and a slut on Facebook. Keep in mind, she took a picture with the word slut written across her mouth. Still, I try not to call women that, in general. I make exceptions for someone like Zoe Quinn, since she’s slandered gamers and has lied repeatedly. Also, she really is a slut, so there’s that.

Anyway, here’s a snippet from the puff piece a Houston alternative paper wrote on the incident…


Recently, Snow posted on Facebook that she was clearing out her friends list because it had grown to 5,000 people and was unmanageable. One individual decided to take that moment to deride Snow for being a “slut,” going so far as to make physical threats against her. She finally had enough.

“So I tell him if he wants to say all of these terrible things, to come and say them to my face. He tells me to meet him at Starbucks at 2:30. Everybody on my friends list starts saying, “Don’t meet him, do you want me to come, let me meet you there.” I tell everyone that I don’t need them to meet me, and that I’m going by myself. I didn’t want this to be a crazy situation.”

Now, here’s the video itself:


Ms. Snow claims this guy did more than just troll. According to her, he also sent threats. I haven’t seen them, though, and even if he did, this is the wrong way to handle the situation. First off, if you were really scared, why are you meeting the guy in public? Second off, why didn’t you call the police instead of setting up some internet stunt? It seems to me like you just wanted a crazy video to put on your channel. That’s fine, but then don’t try to act like he really posed a danger to you (if he even really sent threats).

Also, the guy is pretty polite here in person if you watch the video. I can understand being angry at some of the things he said, but still. You can’t throw water in the guys face. In the article she claims to have made sure it was at room temperature first. How considerate of you, Emily! If this guy had really been dangerous, you might have gotten killed or put in the hospital. I don’t see how this is acceptable, but I know some rad fems will cheer it on. They think they’re above all laws and rules, after all.