Guest Editorial by Academia Sukun (website)

When interviewed on The Saad Truth Prof Janice Fiamengo called into question the possibility of saving the university system from the effects of feminism. She suggested that STEM subjects were still secure, but that the rest may be irredeemably lost to postmodernist claptrap.

She is known on YouTube as the face and intellect of The Fiamengo Files produced by, and available on, the Studio Brule channel. She has called for the closure of all gender studies classes, and she routinely ridicules the current state of feminist and social justice ideology & practice.

At the end of the interview she announced her latest project which is to edit and publish a book of men’s stories about how they have been affected by feminism in their own words.

This is to be for general readership and especially for women to see how feminism has affected men. The main question being whether the claimed desire for equality has or has not brought equality closer. The book is to concentrate on experiences of public school, post-secondary education and how work has been affected by affirmative action and sexual harassment accusations.

Away from education and work the impact on romance and sexual relationships, marriage, divorce and child custody are obviously important issues to be covered.

While guaranteeing anonymity, if needed, Prof Fiamengo invites any males who would like to have their voice heard to contact her directly (before 31st August 2016) through facebook, twitter or by email at [email protected].