There is an attempt to stifle speech on Twitter. The radical feminists, and their allies in the corrupt media, cannot handle being challenged. Not only can they not accept it personally, due to character flaws. The real reason they want to stamp out this dissent, is because their warped agenda falls apart when any type of serious scrutiny is applied. GamerGate  has turned into the biggest threat radical feminism has ever faced, and they want to shut us down.

Don’t believe me? Look at user @CranBoonitz. This piece of garbage SJW errand boy spends his days trolling people like me on Twitter. But lately, him and his ilk, egged on by bigger name SJWs, have been trying to shut us down:

The new tool he’s talking about, is described here in a CNET article:

Women, Action & the Media (WAM) said this week that it’s created an online form that lets “users report gendered harassment details that have never before been tracked and analyzed.”

“WAM will escalate validated reports to Twitter and track Twitter’s response to different kinds of gendered harassment,” the group said in a release. “At the end of the pilot test period, WAM will analyze the data collected and use it to work with Twitter to better understand how gendered harassment functions on their platform, and to improve their responses to it.”

Washington Post screenshot:


Basically, this is a test run for full-blown SJW control of Twitter. To say that would be a hit to GamerGate, would be an understatement. If we’re driven off Twitter, or have our message diluted because of censorship, then it’s going to be very hard to fully accomplish our goals. We’ll still have a voice, in part because of sites like the one you are on now. But, losing our place in the Twitterverse will make it very hard to grow.

We simply cannot afford to ignore what’s going on here. I’m not the only one that has been affected, as they suspended the account of outspoken pro-GamerGate developer Slade Villena (RogueStar) today. He’s back up with an alternate, but they’re already gunning for him again.

They’re gonna keep doing the sort of thing. The only thing I know to do, is to raise awareness of the issue. We see them coming. They made a big fuss about this on several mainstream media sites. So, let’s make our own fuss. Organize and resist this effort. They will never shutdown, or alter my site. I’ll continue to speak out on the issue here. They may take my Twitter account, but they cannot silence my message. Still, I think we can avoid losing Twitter, at this point. If we get complacent, they’re gonna steamroll us, though. Don’t let that happen.


I’d like to hear any ideas you may have about this issue down in the comments section. By the way, I thoroughly enjoy the comments on my articles, and I always go through and read them. I love how you guys have become more entertaining than my actual posts haha. So keep up the good work.

  1. Wow, this is serious.

    They are getting desperate but this is taking it to another level.

    I’m at a loss of words.

    BTW (Grammar Nazi Time): They make(x) [may] take my Twitter account, but they cannot silence my message.

      1. Yeah, I have 0 good ideas. They seem to rely entirely on donations since there website has no ads. Ah well, at least it’s not patreon.

        Although, it seems that they are recruiting university students that use their work to get credits. I don’t know who’s monitoring the tweets though other than it’s only two people.

          1. Here is one of the people writing the rules.
            Watch her facial expressions and tell me she actually cares about any perspective other than her own. I would also note (in the video below) what she is arguing for is a “guilty until proven innocent” ruleset. It is important to note that she believes consent must be given multiple times during a sexual act and can even be retracted several days later if one party regrets the sex. This currently results (depending on the school) in anyone ACCUSED of “raping” a woman to be kicked out of school because someone “doesn’t feel safe”.


            She doesn’t believe in the law or due process and makes that very clear.

            The reason this is important is because she is writing the same sort of ruleset for use in ANY interaction between male and female. She is part of a movement to dilute RAPE and turn anything a woman doesn’t like into HARRASSMENT.

            These are the people who will be judging you. Remember that.

          2. Let’s pack our shit boys.
            To this standard, the whole internet is a harassment against women.

            That reminds me of a government feminist department back in my home country South Korea.
            They tried to pass a law that basically says,
            “If a women is offended by a man, he will be arrested.”

          3. To this standard, the whole internet is a harassment against women.

            That’s pretty much what they believe (or pretend to): that the whole internet and indeed all of reality including the laws of physics, biology, economics, and logic, are one giant conspiracy to oppress women.

          4. #GamerGate:
            Gaming journalism is corrupt with nepotism and cronyism!

            All thousands of people are tweeting furiously to support misogyny!
            All 2 million tweets are reinforcing the act of harassment and women hating!
            Oh, BTW, all those minorities on #NotYourShield are all sock puppets.

            It is strange how Anti-#GamerGate can accuse #GamerGate of wearing tinfoil hats while they believe outrageous things based on assumption in their full body tinfoil tights.

  2. EFF and pals be too busy with net neutrality. Can’t hurt to give them a ring, but I doubt they’ll commit to this battle when they’re trying to keep the entire internet from becoming a corporate playground.

      1. Other pro-GG related accounts are getting suspended it seems. This is a mass-flagging. Time to get in touch with the EFF – now.

    1. Very True. And not a problem to be solved, so to speak.. IF the internet were to become a corporate playground… the winners would be entities such as Polygon, Kotaku, the entire Gawker panapoly, the SJW-run ABC/CBS/NBC/MSNBC/PBS/CNN complex, etc.

  3. This “harassment tool” is a double-edged sword, I think. While they can used it to report dissenting opinions that challenge their own, it can also be used against them in the same fashion. Just find tweets that they make that are clearly harassment and use the harassment tool against them. It’s not like they haven’t said some deplorable shit against GG supporting women / minorities.

    1. Sadly, unless Twitter is being run by non-ideologues, this will not be the case. It’s very similar to my objection to ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate crime’ laws. If they were enforced equally I could bring myself to support them. But they’re NOT. Radical leftards will not be slapped with the same stick that will come to bear against anyone questioning their rhetoric.

      1. Soap Box
        Ballot Box
        Cartridge Box.

        Apparently the SJW’s want us to stop using our Soap Boxes, and start preparing our Cartridge Boxes.

        While we are not as violent as they claim — if we were, the entire memberhips of GameJournoPros would be dead by now — when they and the rest of the Cultural Marxists finally break the camel’s back, they are going to be awfully surprised at how quickly our population’s ranks get thinned of them and their followers.

        When the time comes, any car plastered with Marxist BS bumper stickers — you know what to do the entire family.

        1. Dude you must be retarded or something… This movement has been saying since the beginning that it’s not about violence or harassment! You’re just giving the other side ammo, “Hey look at what this fucking psychopath said!” You need help dude.

    2. It won’t work. You are reporting to SJW central who will look for patterns and report just what they don’t like.
      The counter would be a reporting of abuse of GG, say a retweet to “@GGabused”, or prefix a similar hash tag so the list is compiled on Twitter itself in the open

        1. I think this is the only way to go if Twitter can’t or won’t establish a non-partisan harassment review group. We’d have to highlight the obvious conflict of interest and demand that a similar partnership be established with a credible group that could be trusted to give GG’ers complaints fair review.

    3. They already had a judge for IGF taken off for screaming out that she wants to kill all men and castrate them. SJWs had a hissy fit that this was simply “joking” and that it was contributing to the silence of a minority.

    4. Is part of a bigger game. The past few years have seen in the UK the number of people criminalised for ‘twitter abuse’ skyrocket. Most of them are simply idiots who’ve said the wrong thing but they’ve still been arrested & charged. Meanwhile we’re seeing a push to remove Internet anonymity which the Gamergate ‘harassment’ narrative is a part of.

      Am wondering whether all this is a response to the Snowden stuff. Governments know their spy cover is blown so they’re thinking the best thing to do is to force people to use their real details online then keep them in check in case they say the wrong things. It amazing to think that an hour’s browsing Facebook/LInkedIn/Dating sites can tell you more about a subject than weeks of intelligence work could in the past.

      1. You mean like Chelsea Van Valkenburg running around under the assumed name of Zoe Quinn (without getting a court order making it legal)

        1. Nobody cares about what Zoe Quinn’s real name is dude. There’s no point in wasting time talking about the LW’s and it just feeds their egos and their false narratives. Stay on target. Focus on what actually matters.

    5. This is a good idea.

      Rules for radicals states, make them stick to their own standards.

      Use their weapons against them, guys.

      Don’t fall into taking the low road though.
      Only report the genuinely hateful and offensive tweets.
      Remember to stress that jokes are still hurtful and hateful when you do so and “I was just joking” is the pleading whine of bullies everywhere.

    6. Sadly, no. They’re only going to be looking for one type of gendered harassment, and harassment is not a gendered issue to begin with. it happens to everyone. They won’t give a shit about when it happens to males. They won’t even look for that shit.

    7. “Just find tweets that they make that are clearly harassment and use the harassment tool against them.”

      if you do then twitter will find itself being attacked by WAM and SJWs who will decry freedom of speech or that twitter is misogynist.

      There is no easy way to deal with this other that twitter removes the accounts of those who complain too often. WAM is going to target the advertising revenue of twitter( so move to a purely subscription system).

  4. You will see this unveiled as a method of political warfare ahead of the inbound election cycle. I’d advise you all to start bookmarking as many sites which allow you to currently express your opinions openly as possible. Like it or not, there is big money behind this.

    There’s a new set of parameters inbound which allow you to auto-block people who use certain words or phrases or who have ever been blocked by others and the like. The end result is an extended “fishbowl” or “hugbox” for people to stamp around in, only inflating their egos and crushing dissent.

    In the span of 5 years or so, this could have absolutely horrifying consequences for society. This will not stop at Twitter. Maybe there will be a renaissance of people openly abandoning Social Media, but I doubt it.

      1. So long as DISQUS remains free speech. If you look at the DISQUS Dev postings, you’ll see a strange amount of comments advocating for one form of censorship or another, ranging from visible downvoting to outright political policing.

        DISQUS as it is now is certainly an avenue for organizing GAMERGATE talking points outside the sphere of Twitter and into thousands of different websites through their comment sections. The profile system allows users to remain connected despite differing interests, timezones, and even languages.

    1. Actually, if the effect of the tool is to allow them to lock *themselves* into a hugbox, that’s good for us. The more oblivious they are about what we’re planning to do to them, the better.

      1. It also allows them to broadly shape narrative and silence anyone who disagrees. In the short term it seems funny, whimsical even. Once the “harassment” narrative really starts to play up, you’ll see the truly vile and bitter lash out at anyone who even makes them entertain the possibility a world exists outside their own.

        Also, the primary users of Social Media like Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat are teenagers. These people need to have as diverse a set of opinions available to them as possible.
        At least in my opinion.

        1. I agree that teenagers should have a diverse set of opinions to them ^^. Speaking from experience as a teen (from about maybe 2 or 3 years ago) I wouldn’t have become the well adjusted person I am today if it wasn’t for the differing opinions of both my parents and teachers. This whole “Hugbox” concept feels as if it won’t help with a persons mental growth.

  5. I’d like to hear any ideas you may have about this issue down in the comments section.

    If they really go forward with this, I think we need to black knight them en masse, using the tool ourselves to file endless frivolous claims of misogyny against anti-GamerGaters over everything, making it impossible for them to sift through the noise and get any kind of data on us.

    1. They will then identify you as the harassment squad and they will be vindicated as actual “white knights” doing the world a favor. Gamergate will have to join with other movements if it is to survive a full censorship assault. It is already identified as “misogynist” and “hatemongering” and so will be an early target.

      1. Not at all. We can also report from sock accounts. The point is just to file so many claims of misogyny that their “reporting and analysis tool” becomes useless.

        1. I hope it is as simple as all that. As I understand it, there is a whole set of other Twitter components to be unveiled which comprise a destruction of Free-Speech itself. Based on keywords, phrases, etc. I’ve seen slides from a tradeshow or something but didn’t save them.

        2. If we label every time that some feminist insists women are weak and incapable and in desperate need of saving from themselves as misogyny – which it is – I expect it to be game over for their team.

      2. Keep in mind that the vast majority of reports they’ll be making against us will be incredibly frivolous too, so it will be impossible to say that we are uniquely “abusing the system” or whatever when we report them simply for disagreeing with a woman.

          1. They won’t agree with us, but they’ll have to know who we are before they can dismiss it. If they get a report for one Twitterer saying something mean to a female Twitterer, or being “transphobic,” or whatever bullshit we decide to report it as, they’re not automatically going to know which “side” each Twitterer is on, especially if we report from fake-feminist sock accounts in addition to our mains.

            Sure, they could try to research in each individual case, but that’s not going to get them far if they’re being overwhelmed by tens of thousands or millions of frivolous reports all over the place.

            And these are a bunch of Wymyn’s Studies majors. They aren’t that bright or technical.

          2. More than likely, they were lucky to even set up a comment form. I doubt that they will have many, if any, automated tools (Barbie: “awk is hard”), so they will have to constantly be running off to men to write new scripts for them… the men will eventually get sick of writing custom scripts, and write a general purpose one…. then it will be back to “awk is hard” again…

            Because, in all honesty, very few women can generalize things to a generic case. For example, in a dispute, if given only the facts about the actions of Party A and Party B, they can’t tell you who they think is right UNLESS you tell them WHO Party A and Party B are.

    1. Do you really expect us to buy that line of absolute BULLSHIT? You’re in the wrong place to be sparking that lie.

  6. There is supposedly only two people running it right now, imagine the sheer volume of shit they’d have to wade through, especially if we start reporting them. Of course they do it for free as well lol.

  7. There’s this too: if you hadn’t heard about it yet.

    Also there are ways to reduce your chances of getting blocked by twitter, someone else had posted these on twitter earlier but all 7 steps can be found here with a small scroll down the page:

  8. Does GG have a lawyer? Maybe they should talk to someone who can speak to twitter about abuses in their banning policy. At the end of the day, they don’t want to be seen as blocking people unfairly.

    Other than that, I’m not sure what to do really. They already have the mainstream media working for them. This is something I’d get Milo on ASAP. He’s more of a tech blogger as is with experience discussing things with many sites.

    1. I am sure Twitter’s TOS already protects them against any wrongdoing on their part. It is a “service” that we agree to use. The sad thing is that once they change the rules of the game enough, we won’t be playing ball the same way any more.

  9. What’s happening is disgusting. It’s been over two months and they’ve been able to deploy damn near every type of bullshit tactic there is to stifle our message. Morahime decrying GamerGate, even if not by name, is a bit of a blow. We keep getting linked to harassment and other vile things when it’s the damn trolls making things fucked up for both sides.

    People have every right to merely DISAGREE with other people, and they’re going to use this bullshit to censor us. I’ve said it many times, but we are dealing with a cult. If you do not follow the exploits of Scientology, look into it. This is very much the same thing. Scientology employs all sorts of dirty tactics. Thought stopping, the “suppressive person” bullshit, encouraging members to stay off the internet so they don’t “ruin (their) ‘wins’ ” with “entheta” material, or as we know it “dissenting opinions”. Lots of different terminology. Does any of this sound familiar?

    The best way to fight this nonsense is what we’ve been doing, which is to stay active. Keep talking about this, keep calling out the other side’s bullshit. We need more people though, and we need to get some or all of the companies that are scared of stepping forward and speaking out about this shit to do just that. We need companies like EA and even Activision, for example, to publicly say that they know something’s wrong and they want things to change. That they know GamerGate isn’t about harassment. They need to do it in a way that shows that they are not condoning harassment and that they know we don’t either.

    It’s fucking ridiculous that these people have so much power and influence over everyone else.

  10. “GamerGate has turned into the biggest threat radical feminism has ever faced, and they want to shut us down.”

    What an ego! You clearly don’t know what radical feminism is. Radical feminists have ZERO interest in GamerGate. They are working on more important topics that actually impact the daily lives of women. Ethics in gaming journalism doesn’t even make their Top 100 list of concerns that negatively affect women’s lives. Try poverty, domestic violence, sex slavery, rape used as a silencing weapon, equal pay for equal work, the welfare of children and you can see that a low-paid blogger giving a friend a positive review is a minor, minor, insignificant concern.

    Not every woman who is a feminist and has an opinion is a “radical feminist”, the number of radfems is actually quite small. But there are enough people who hate feminists, in general, that I guess you believe that it supports your argument to say that your opponents, those big bad scary radfems, are trying to shut you down. That is total propaganda bullshit. Feminists don’t care about your Twitter account, they don’t care about Gamergate, they just don’t like to see anyone harassed, bullied and threatened. And, yes, that includes you, too.

    That is, unless you support harassment?

    Sorry, you’re beginning to run out of enemies who care about you, you need to make up ones to become your bogey man. When will you realize that you are fighting against no one? Most people have moved on. I know this “battle” (more hyperbole) has given your life meaning but, honestly, most people have sensibly moved to spend time on more important concerns (work, family, politics, their kids) and I recommend you stop beating a dead horse. Gamers may not be dead but Gamergate is on life support.

    1. I find it interesting that you feel the need to stand up and defend radical feminism and present it’s ideology in a completely unrelated blog. The first paragraph after the quote could be missing entirely and the message of your comment would be the same, yet you felt compelled to write it. That says a lot, I think.

      It doesn’t even tie in with the next paragraph. Nobody has said anything about any random woman or any random feminist. We’re talking about very specific people here. Even you admit and I quote: “that the number of radfems is really small”. What are you trying to say here? Do you agree with us about radfems or not?

      But, fair’s fair. Maybe we are wrong about the characterization. Maybe I didn’t understand what you’re trying to say. Answer me this: How would you characterize these people? What ideology would you say they are championing?

    2. Roxie here often comments on Cernovitch’s site. Above she speaks of issues REGULAR Feminists write about, and chalks it up to the self-hating and despicable radfems. She’s just trying to spin a narrative. Poorly.

    3. ” Radical feminists have ZERO interest in GamerGate. They are working on more important topics that actually impact the daily lives of women.”

      Hhahahaahahahahahaaaaa….oh, my sides…hahahaha…. Whew…thanks for the laugh today Roxy! You should do stand up!

    1. It is in no way explicitly illegal. Generally, propaganda is used to silence another side of an argument. “People who don’t agree with you are evil” is a message that encourages censorship through social stigma.

          1. Century of the Self is a classic. What I really like about it is although Adam Curtis’ politics are pretty left-wing, he looks at how the manipulation techniques have been taken onboard by the political left and right alike. The result of this being a general deterioration in the political discourse and culture becoming hostage to corporate interests. Fascinating stuff.

  11. I think we need to start contacting twitter’s partners and let them know the amount of contempt twitter has for its own user base. Unleash the nerds of war.

  12. As a man who endured sexism for nearly 8 years working in a female biased industry, this kind of shit is really starting to piss me off. I spent almost 8 years being singled out, made to do work the women could do, but refused to because ‘He can do it’. Was made to buy all my own work clothes while all the females had theirs provided and was harrassed out of any out of work activites paid for by the company, as well as physically attacked, which resulted in my attacker receiving no consequences, and is possibly what led to the neurological damage which means i’m on al kind of medication for the rest of my life.

    I can assure anyone who will listen that sexism against men is a very real thing. But that’s the point, anyone who will listen which doesn’t include feminist SJW’s with a narrative to push. They are so caught up in their own confirmation bias that they literally cannot comprehend any other point of view. When people have said it’s kind of a mental illness i would agree with that to a point. When you are incapable of seeing any other point of view but the one you’ve invented there is clearly something wrong.

    Now there are plenty of feminists who will discuss issues of gender etc in a fair manner. But these people on twitter don’t want that. A lot of them are attention whores who just want to be told how special they are and how they’re better than everyone else. We all know this, but if we say it they instantly pull out the misogyny card. In the meantime it’s ok for them to call us misogynist shitlords, and that’s justified cos obviously you can’t disagree with them without being scum! idiots.

    If they want to start reporting everything they see, it seems the best approach is to return the favour. Use the sexism or harassment reason just like them and we’ll see how far it gets them. Censorship never works, it just creates a temporary bubble of repression which inevitably bursts and blows up in their faces.

    Keep on pushing back people, we need a new media, all these youtubers need to form a collective of trustworthy people who can provide us with the content we already use, but in a centralised manner. If i had the pull these people do i’d be creating the ethical gaming network as we speak. A site for gaming news etc, but one with elected figures to found it, with a clear set of principles and guidelines including transparency and impartiality. A site that would be gamers first, not ads and publisher kick backs driven. Someone needs to do something along these lines which will draw a line in the sand which tells corrupt old media they can sod off, we have a new media, a new direction, and as we are dead to them, now they are to us.

    1. Stop acting like you’re a human being with rights. You are male and the divine feminist scriptures make it clear you cannot experience sexism because reasons.

      Stop trying to fool us.

      1. More to the point: Stop acting like a human with rights, you are a goy, and the Talmud makes it clear that you cannot experience abuse because only Jews are humans.

        If you think I’m joking about that, then check out an English translation of the Talmud at including scanned copies from a 1909 copy translated into English by a Rabbi.

        It’s truly sickening shit. Justification for raping 3-year olds (but ONLY if the toddler girl ISN’T a Jew!!!)

        Also.. the Jack the Ripper case was recently solved by DNA evidence… and surprise surprise, it is THE SUSPECT that the London Police had in mind — but the ONLY eyewitness to the attack on the 2nd victim refused to testify because — the Talmud PROHIBITS one Jew testifying against another Jew to non-Jewish authorities (especially if the victim is NOT a Jew)… UNDER PAIN OF DEATH!

        “Snitches get stitches” is NOT an idea that started among welfare-culture blacks — it goes back to the Pharisees (And the Talmud is the ideology of the Pharisees put into print).

        1. I’m a Black male who despises the FemiNazis with a passion, but some of you anti-feminists sound pretty racist. This is kinda like Israel vs. the PLO — there are no “doves”, just hawks.

          Citing Blacks to bolster your agenda is pretty lame and racist. I don’t think you are much different than the feminist sh!t cans you profess to hate.

          1. I get your point and perhaps he could explain himself better if he’s not, in fact, racist against blacks.

            Be that as it may, I believe you must concede he was mostly criticising Judaism.

  13. It is time GG brings the fight to them.

    A lot of people have argued in favor of legal action, paid ads, lawyers and private investigators only to be quickly shutdown by the shills yelling that “we have to be nicer than them”.

    Seriously, I’ve never seen a movement with such potential, such amount of smoking guns, be so frigging passive in the face of a force that has devoured vast portions of western culture.

      1. When someone asks ‘What would Jesus do?’, remind them that tossing over tables and chasing people with a whip was not out of the question.

      2. The point is, the PR battle will never be won, some portions of Gamergate readily let go of their narrative in favor of better PR, a really cool straw man strategy inserted early on the movement.

        And the problem raises when people who, either have a secondary agenda, or just ignore that good and soft are not the same thing, start doing the rounds yelling that GG needs to be nicer than anti-GG.

        Guilt tripping and tone policing are SJW narratives that serve as tools of manipulation.

        1. Do you have any clue what GG’s best advantage is?

          It’s our likeability.

          The fact we aren’t a bunch of self-righteous sneering bullies is why we win.

          When neutrals see us being polite, reasonable & interested in doing the right thing and Anti-GG being rude, unreasonable & declaring themselves always right, who do you think we’re going to side with?

          Read the comments of this article and count how many people say it brought them closer to GG:

          Do you understand that anyone who hasn’t already drunk the Kool-Aid looking into this will go towards GG?

          And anyone who doesn’t look into this before spouting off won’t be involved for long before going away and doing something else.

          You want to sacrifice our best weapon on the alter of feeling good?

          Oh yeah, snapping at someone feels good, but it’s only going to sabotage us in the long run.

          You got to be ruthless enough to swallow your pride and do what’s effective, not what makes you feel justified.

          Look at Mike.

          He doesn’t care that much about video games, he’s in this to stop bullies, do you think if this was a fight between two sides of near identical assholes, he’d be fighting anywhere near as hard as he is?

          Look how he dealt with that bitch who tried to SWAT him, he gave her every chance to be better and every time she spat in his face.

          Every time that happened she destroyed a defense both in court and in PR.

          Honestly, if someone’s telling you that you can word yourself better in order be clearer and not turn people off, that’s a good thing.

          Tone policing was invented by SJWs to justify screaming incoherently in people’s faces and then insisting it’s those people’s fault no one pays attention to them after all.

  14. Ralph you did the same thing calling GamerGate people traitors for questioning KingofPol eceleb you have no room to talk

  15. It’s horrible to even consider this, but perhaps the only option is to fight fire with fire. I really hate having to resort to using dirty tactics, but it’s seemingly the only way I have left. I’m going to report every SJW I see harassing GG supporters from now on.

  16. Wow. SJW-ism needs to die quickly.

    And we really need to organize somewhere else besides Twitter.
    We all need to get on 8chan.

  17. Stage 1 – get together a form of letter or petition to Twitter’s admin expressing your concerns about what WAM may well do, using Sarkeesian getting Thunderf00t taken down and similar as examples. Show that SJWs have abused the present system, and are damn sure to abuse the proposed enhanced system to silence dissent.

    Stage 2 is then to start adding a new tag to GG messages – something like #WAMTarget. That or coordinate a whole day of GGers sending Tweets with the agreed hashtag.

    Stage 3 is to try and organise a “blackout day” – anyone who is pro GG does not use Twitter at all for a whole day. Show Twitter admins the potential loss of traffic. You can also expect that the SJWs will succumb to hubris and spend that day crowing about how they “won”….so you capture the worst of those crows and use them to bolster the case at stage 1 with a follow up statement sent to Twitter.

    It will take some organising, but Im sure you can get it sorted.

  18. On the topic of twitter, anyone looking into whether SJWs are using twitter-bot nets? I swear some people like Jeff Gerstmann and Patrick Klepek have had their follower count jump by about 30k in the last couple of months. It does not seem legit at all.

    If they had bot nets, it would also seem likely they might drive up traffic for sites like Giantbomb to hold some perverted financial sway over the sites. That’s the kind of info advertisers would LOVE to hear about.

  19. Much like every other feminist initiative it seems to start with the premise that men need to be excluded to get valuable data.
    When only one gender is being studied, they can point to said study that that specific gender is more important.
    This is what the pull with sexual violence and domestic abuse.
    Only female victims are tracked, and therefore it is easy to point to data to support how important female victims are. Even WITH that wholesale bias, many researchers are good people and still support male victims (however watered down it gets) and more and more moderate feminists are turning against the rhetoric (RAINN denouncing “rape culture” for instance)
    It’s sad they’re trying to use the same tactic again, but unfortunately is seems to be pretty effective.

  20. As we speak pro-GG related accounts are getting suspended in numbers. This is the start of a mass flagging campaign. It’s unknown whether the WAM tool or Twitter’s usual system is being exploited or not.

    It’s time to act. We are doing well emailing advertisers for gaming press, it’s time to share that attention towards Twitter if they are going to censor freedom of expression.

    Do not let your voices be silenced.

  21. This is how the internet dies – not via despotic governments, but by pandering to professional whiners who represent nothing other than their self-serving ideological nonsense.

  22. Define “gendered harassment”.

    Unless you can unequivocally prove:
    A. I’m harassing you (Actual harassment, not a Tumblrina’s definition)
    and B. I’m harassing you purely on the basis of what genitals you possess (note this can apply to men AND women and no, calling somebody a cunt or a prick is not gendered. They’re interchangeable words I use for anybody I find repugnant).

    Then this “tool” falls predictably flat and is clearly open to abuse.

  23. Alternate point to consider. My personal belief…We live in a market based economy. (OK Granted, women account for 75% of consumers, however feminists account for only 20% of the entire populace). If Twitter ceases to be relevant for open discussion, it opens the door for another Social Media technology to step in and displace it. Do businesses, who want to make money want to voluntarily eliminate their market?

  24. Create your own harassment tool and track and publish the responses. Have a very thin skin and twist and distort whatever you see to maximum effect. You might even want to “troll” specific SJWs. WAM won’t “expedite” any complaints that they don’t want twitter to see. I’m willing to comb twitter and report all the SJWs I see.

  25. so…
    1. twitter may turn into some form of a publishing entity and open themselves up to legal action.
    2. Someone may choose to sue twitter and WAM on a freedom of speech issue( not sure which of the constitutional rights that comes under.).
    3. twitter may fold under this abuse from WAM. They(WAM) then walk away and target the next entity they want to control.

    looking at the WAM website, I believe that they are overstepping their remit( they go after media representation NOT social media). They have a number of over zealous people ( and SJWs acting on their behalf even if WAM were to dissassociate themselves from the SJWs). It will backfire as they waste resources on moinitoring twitter( unless they used that abusive model called volunteers/interns ).

    I also suspect they are competing/ bickering( privately) with various other gender representation groups for funding and kudos points. In short they will undermine themselves but not before doing massive damage to social media, censorship and freedom of speech and of course to the very people they claim to represent.

    I give the movie media example( life of Brian) of the confrontation between the The People’s Front of Judea,Judean People’s Front, the Judean Popular People’s Front,
    the Campaign for a Free Galilee, and the Popular Front of Judea ad infinitum.

    1. … freedom of speech issue…

      …only applies to government censorship.
      First amendment to US constitution: “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech or of the press…”

      Hint: Does WAM receive any government funding?

      1. good point about govt funding
        because I suspect it could become a title IX issue if any one has the courage to complain ( inteference from an organisation that receives govt funding).

        a look at their website shows them doing the monkey and organ routine ( panhandling for donations) so maybe not yet. If they decide to step up and apply a lot of resources then they will have to justify to their donors/stakeholders or go to govt funding( which they eventually will) and then they open their books to scrunity

  26. Was gonna say the same thing as Hudson. Flood the tool with complaints about SJW tweets. Absolutely flood it. Finding hateful, bigoted tweets from SJWs should be a trivial matter, and will definitely provide enough to flood the tool if we have many people report every single such tweet.

  27. I have been repeatedly suspended from Twitter for being critical of feminism. No threats, no abuse, no harassment. Just facts, evidence and opinions. I have had feminists threaten to line me up against a wall and shoot me in the head, post gun emojis pointed at me, tell me I would be found in a ditch, tell me to kill myself, tell me they hope I get raped and murdered. But I am the one who gets banned. For pointing out that in unidirectional domestic violence, 70% of the aggressors are women.

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