I ended up staying at the hospital with my family member much longer than expected. Apparently, someone had a heart emergency and the procedure that was supposed to happen yesterday morning instead happened at 2PM. Luckily for me, the WiFi was pretty stellar. It’s allowed me to read about Zoe Quinn’s latest attempt to alter reality, one that I’m sure she will be aided in by the corrupt media establishment.

Last year, we talked about Eron Gjoni and his appeal against the unconstitutional gag order that was placed upon him by Zoe and her team of shysters. At the last minute, right before she was due to face the music in court, she dropped the harassment charges that were originally the basis for the gag order against Eron.

What a profile in courage by the notoriously loose “game dev.”

Not only is Quinn a coward, but as you all know very well by now, she’s also a liar on an epic scale. I don’t mean she spins events and tries to portray stories in the best possible light for herself. Hell, to some extent, everyone with any kind of public profile does that. No, I mean she’s a pathological liar who gets away with her act due to the help of a compliant media.

Read what Eugene Volokh, attorney and Washington Post blogger, had to say

Because of this, the Massachusetts Appeals Court has just dismissed the appeal as moot — with the dissolution of the order, Gjoni:

has obtained all the relief to which he could be entitled, and he no longer has a cognizable interest in whether the order was lawfully issued.

The court thus did not decide that Gjoni was guilty, or that Gjoni was innocent, or that the order was unconstitutional, or that the order was constitutional — because Quinn had gotten the order vacated, and Gjoni is no longer bound by it, the court concluded that there was nothing left to appeal.

In the process, though, the court did say something about the First Amendment analysis, and specifically about the refusal by one of the trial judges to even consider the First Amendment issue.

He goes on to note that the court said one of the trial judges made a grievous error when he refused to even consider the First Amendment implications of the gag order. That’s pretty much what Gjoni’s team has been saying the whole time. Now, they didn’t say the order was unconstitutional, even though Volokh and I think it was. But that’s a clear rebuke and about as much as we could hope to get, since Quinn withdrew the case and left the field of battle. There was nothing left to sue over and they refused to set precedent in a major way by ruling on it anyway. This was always the likely outcome.

How did “Five Guys” Quinn portray this? As a complete and total victory, of course. And her followers, being as dumb as they are, ate that shit right up…

The appeal in the face of your cowardice was always a long shot. EVERYONE knew that going in. How can people believe her shit? She even posted a long diatribe about an hour ago, but it’s not worth it for me to go into. I have a trip to London to attend to tomorrow. But, there was one nice confirmation in there…


Alex Lifschitz, the guy who lost everything for this skank, is now confirmed to be in her rear-view mirror. This had been suspected for a long while, due to him putting his Twitter account on private like a pussy. Now, it’s confirmed.

Just another male ruined by this succubus. Unfortunately, there will likely be many, many more added to that list.