FIX UP: How Did Brianna Wu's Subpar Revolution 60 Win Action Game of the Year?

FIX UP: How Did Brianna Wu’s Subpar Revolution 60 Win Action Game of the Year?

GUEST POST by Alex Hinkley

Game awards are by definition subjective things. Awards are given out by sites based on the personal opinions of those doing the judging. That being said, however, normally there needs to be an objective basis from which a game being given an award can be justified. For example, if Fighter Within on Xbox One was suddenly earning Game of the Year awards in any category, that would be utter nonsense. Judging by the fact it is the lowest scored Xbox One game ever released with a mere 23/100 aggregate review score on Metacritic, we can safely say the game is horrible. So if some gaming website was calling it one of the best games of the year, nobody would take that seriously.

This is why it’s so strange that Brianna Wu’s iOS game, Revolution 60, was recently awarded Action Game of the Year by iMore. There doesn’t seem to be any objective basis for it.

Looking at only the facts here, Revolution 60 boasts an aggregate review score of 73/100 on Metacritic (with a laughable 3.7 user score to boot). This is described as “mixed to average reviews.” That doesn’t seem like Action Game of the Year material now does it? Maybe the game sold really well and was highly successful so that’s why it got a GoTY award right? Wrong. If you look on Facebook, the official Revolution 60 page has a mere 749 likes. That’s…not very many.

iMore named a game called Leo’s Fortune as the first runner up to Revolution 60 in this category. This is odd considering Leo’s Fortune scored an 84/100 aggregate score from critics and a 7.3 user score. So not only did Leo’s Fortune score nearly 10 points higher on average from critics, it had a user score nearly TWICE that of Revolution 60. It also seems to have sold more considering it has 3,235 Facebook likes on the official page. So by all objective measures, Leo’s Fortune was a better, more successful game. How the hell did it lose out to Revolution 60 then?o1

The answer, unfortunately, can be found in who judged these awards. iMore’s awards are described on their website as the “Editor Choice Awards” so let’s look at who some of the editors are.

Georgia Dow is listed as one of the site’s Senior Editors. Ms. Dow is also one of four co-hosts on the Isometric show on 5by5. It is interesting to note that one of the other co-hosts on that show is Brianna Wu. It can easily be concluded by this fact alone that Dow and Wu are personal friends. To further prove they are friends and not just co-workers, Wu and Georgia can be seen discussing getting together to play paintball last summer on Twitter. One can imagine it would probably be difficult for Ms. Dow to remain unbiased and neutral in her judging of Brianna Wu’s game.Selection_796

It’s also worth noting here that Rene Ritchie was involved in this discussion/activity showing that Rene also seems to be personal friends with Wu. They’re talking as if this wouldn’t be the first time they had all gotten together to play paintball (e.g. Wu screaming “I shall avenge you!”) Rene is the Editor-in-Chief of iMore. Did Rene vote in these awards as well and if so how could he possibly remain unbiased toward Revolution 60 being that he knows the creator of the game personally?

There are of course other editors at iMore other than Georgia Dow and Rene Ritchie. Serenity Caldwell for example is the Managing Editor for iOS. Maybe Caldwell is more objective and helped serve as a voice of reason during the awards voting?

Unfortunately it appears Caldwell also has a history with Wu. As you can see from the screenshot above, Caldwell was ALSO involved in that little paintball game discussed last summer. Both Caldwell and Wu also appeared on iMore’s “Debug” podcast episode 34 back in April to discuss sexism in tech. Georgia Dow was also part of the panel in that episode.

Wu and Caldwell also discussed meeting for lunch on Twitter as well as shown in the following screen capture:o3

Peter Cohen, Managing Editor of iMore’s Mac content also has a lengthy history of interacting with Brianna Wu on Twitter from Wu offering to meet up and buy him a drink (Cohen’s Twitter username is @flargh):o4

To Cohen praising what a great talk about sexism she gave:o5

To Cohen later professing his unwavering support in the face of the “horrifying terrorism” being committed against Brianna and her husband allegedly by #GamerGate (perhaps Cohen’s statement here is where Brianna got the idea to use this buzz word in later interviews with the mainstream media):o6

Thus far we have shown that Brianna Wu, the head of the development studio responsible for Revolution 60 has in-depth personal relationships with iMore’s Editor-in-Chief Rene Ritchie, the Managing Editor for iOS content Serenity Caldwell, the Managing Editor for Mac content Peter Cohen, and Georgia Dow, one of the Senior Editors at the site. I’m sure these findings are only the tip of the iceberg.

I have absolutely no doubt that if I were to take the time to delve into the histories of other editors at iMore, I would probably find even more personal connections between them and Brianna but the point is made. It’s pretty obvious why iMore elected to give Revolution 60, a game which was mediocre at best by all objective scoring metrics, their Action Game of the Year award.

This is exactly the kind of corruption that #GamerGate is fighting to stop. Not only does this kind of nepotism in awards and reporting mislead the consumer into thinking a crappy game is better than it is, but it’s also unfair to other developers that never had a legitimate shot at winning.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • logan_mac

    I remember diggint this up some time ago, this Peter Cohen guy also refers to Brianna as “a friend of mine”, it’s the most shameless display of cronyism in reviews

  • chris perez

    After Wu went on twitter bragging about her award and the cast of sycophants patting her on the back, it didn’t take long for someone to spot the collusion.

    • GuitarAnthony

      I remember someone screencapped where she tweeted that her Wiki needed to be updated as soon as possible with her ‘game of the year’ award.

  • Trevor Trust

    “Georgia Dow is listed as one of the site’s Senior Editors. Ms. Dow is also one of four co-hosts on the Isometric show on 5by5. It is interesting to note that one of the other co-hosts on that show is Brianna Wu. It can easily be concluded by this fact alone that Dow and Wu are personal friends.”

    I knew this was coming before I even got to this point.

  • Wargreymon559 .

    Oh god wth is that??

    Please refernce to the austin powers pix in the link above xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Nin

    But s-she’s a w-woman! She needs h-help to sell her g-game! 🙂 Hail the m-matriarchy! ^o^

    • hurin

      Except of course he isn’t. If someone implanted feathers in his skin and claimed to be a chicken, everyone would call him a lunatic. But if a man cuts off his penis and claims to be a woman, we are all supposed to clap our hands and say how brave he is.

      Give me a break.

      • Dick Gozinia

        I like it how everybody keeps claiming that we have transphobia. Let me explain something to you about the word phobia: it means fear.

        thing is, we’re not afraid of these little shits. We’re calling them out for the lying sons of bitches that they are because they are still men who mutilated themselves and made all of the hormones in their body become imbalanced just because of some idiotic notion that surgery will correct what they feel like they’ve been denied at birth.

        you can’t be afraid of something that you understand where its origin comes from. I blame all that soy baby formula that all the whole hoi polloi upper middle class to rich class mothers force feed their children causing them to ingest pseudoestrogen chemicals that fuck up their development and cause them to think they either love dick or feel as though they should have been born a woman. I found a report on a study where at a certain developmental stage in their life that certain environmental influences can actually cultivate homosexuality to such an extreme level or they think they were born the wrong damn gender. I can’t remember where the hell I saw the article, though, but it gives me enough of an idea that my theory might actually be true.

        All we need now is somebody who’s willing to have a gay child try to induce homosexuality odds of the child by chemical means and see if it actually provesspecial victim status away because we now know what the fuck causes the special victim status away because we now know what the fuck causes the problem. they would say it was both homophobic and transphobic because then it wouldn’t be because of fear we don’t like them, would prove them to be the affront to nature that they are. And it would be calculable.

        • Guest
          • Dick Gozinia

            I don’t think you understand what I was trying to say.

        • gthnk

          I’m not transphobic, or have a strong opinion on someone who identifies as trans-anything. I don’t care. As long as my penis isn’t in them, why should I? And to be frank about it, I care more about who a person is and shit like that– but I am certified crazy.

          I chose to pick on Wu’s transgender identity because it seems the easiest way to hurt her, specifically. She’s a cunt. I can’t express how little respect she deserves, or warrants. So, if I call her a ‘he’ or ‘Brian’ or “John” and some transgender gets upset about it, fuck off.

          You’re chosing to be offending over a cunt being called out. If you’re not a cunt, why sweat it? And if you’re so sensitive maybe you have issues with your own self-esteem.

          What you don’t get to do is tell me who or what I am and what I believe or feel.

          • Dick Gozinia

            I don’t understand, are you pissed off at me or aren’t you? I can’t quite tell what you’re saying.

          • gthnk

            I was agreeing with you. I’m not transphobic, I am anti-wuwu

      • Gregg Braddoch

        I won’t go so far as to say a dude can’t do said things, but I find it very disingenuous for someone with Y chromosomes to complain about being discriminated against because they are female. That just strikes me as absurd.

  • hurin

    I can’t comment on the gameplay itself, but it is obvious, that the graphics and voice actress talent is mediocre. As for the userscore, I’ll grant Wu that there has probably been a lot of votes cast by people who didn’t actually play it. But the low number of FaceBook likes clearly shows it was no success.

    But now it makes sense, why he is against ethics in game journalism.

    • Aren’t “If I didn’t care about crew loss…” and “Discuss my insubordination….” lines ripped straight from Cptn Picards lips?

      • Dick Gozinia

        It sure as hell wasn’t Kirk. that mother fucker lost a red shirt at least once every two episodes.

    • Trevor Trust

      Well, she was crying at one point that GG had “decimated” her user score. At that point, there were like 4 1-point ratings…

      Oh and she completely lied about the whole thing:

    • gthnk

      I couldn’t watch it all. Games in the mid 90s look better, have better animations, and all the female characters couldn’t be anymore objectified. Why all the skin tight clothing? Short skirts? Bleh. Seems unoriginal, bland and sexist.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        To quote Sterling Archer “I think it’s pronounced knock-off”:

        • QA

          NOLF was a pretty good game if I remember. The fact that I can remember playing it probably speak to that.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      God…. I couldn’t watch the video – It’s only 5 minutes, and I can watch a Jordanowen42 video on youtube for hours, but after 5 minutes of Mr. Wu trying to be funny, and some clips of really stupid gameplay, I think I am done – I don’t even care what the last 28 seconds contain.

      lol, them talking about cutting food out of the budget, or even asking for $5k, $10K, or even $20k is absurd considering that Brianna herself is already making $13k a month on patreon, and has rich parents.

  • Emil

    Are there any connections between the iMore editors and the runner up? That would be a bit of due diligence. I can understand people knowing each other in this industry. But this seems a bit more than knowing each other.

  • kibu

    You can, to some minor degree, give Wu a pass on the graphics, since the game was designed for iOS. You’re dealing with lower resolutions, and in some cases, a third of the processing power that the average budget PC or Laptop has. The voice acting, again you can kinda give it a pass, since once more she’s an “indie” dev and doesn’t have the access to big name voices. What you can’t give a pass though is the collusion between she and the people giving her the award. It’s things like that that really make life hard on developers such as myself. I’ll be honest, I’ve worked for over five years on my own game, Iron Skies, (formerly Iron Sky, but changed at the suggestion of a rather nice lawyer who noted that “Iron Sky” was a movie, and a bad one at that, and I didn’t really want to have my game associated with it). I’ve scraped together everything I can to get IS working, and yet I strongly suspect that when it DOES release, it’ll be lost in the maelstrom of anti-gamergate hate that this whole affair, and my involvement (though marginal) has brought about. Meaning that while I may have (at least in my eyes, though also in others) a rather good idea; the simple fact that I have associated myself with GamerGate is enough to automatically cause people to simply look at IS, and say “nope. Not going to play some misogynistic crap put out by a man baby who lives in his mother’s basement.” On the other hand, you have Wu releasing a at best, mediocre game, and thanks in no small part to her personal assertion that she’s being targeted by harassment, death threats, and multiple invasions of privacy thanks to GamerGate (in her own words), boom she’s got a high rating and an award.

    • gthnk

      What about all the games and devs who manage, with the same restrictions, to make good games with good gfx and quality storylines/acting?

      Why should she get a pass at all?

      • Toastrider

        Or just make games that are fun, with simple gfx and NO acting?

        Canabalt. Minecraft. Turbo Dismount.

      • Kibu

        It’s a figure of speech. To say that you could “give someone a pass” on something, is essentially saying that you might be able to look past flaws in certain aspects of something, but an over reaching larger flaw stands out more than the previous minor flaws. It’s like saying “You could give Joe a pass on having clothing that doesn’t fit, but the fact that he never washes them or bathes can’t be looked past.” It’s a way of saying that there are multiple problems with someone, or something, without itemizing them and pointing to the main problem.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      No pass on the graphics thanks, I’ve played mobile games with way better graphics. The difference is SKILL. With the proper skills one can take relatively low polygon count models and make them look as good as console games on an IOS or android device – It’s called Normal Mapping.

      And the fact is, games like No One Lives Forever had better graphics years ago, and would most likely run on mobile devices today.

  • Dick Gozinia

    “Not only does this kind of nepotism in awards and reporting mislead the consumer into thinking a crappy game is better than it is, but it’s also unfair to other developers that never had a legitimate shot at winning.”

    its almost hard to imagine why the anti-gamergate side doesn’t understand this is exactly what we keep trying to tell them. rigging awards with your inside contacts is so beyond not right, simply laughing at the idea that we don’t have the right they have fair and covered unbiased coverage of games and allowing no-talent hacks to win awards because of nepotism works against you because then they can trust you. If they don’t trust you, they don’t read your shit. they don’t read your shit, you don’t get money.

    you lie to your customers and then tell them they’re faggots? Then you give hacks rewards for being lying shitsticks that used their inflamed victim status and inside connections? Then you call your audience misogynists and say Epix don’t matter all the while getting kickbacks from major companies and treating your friends to a round of paintball? You do realize the average American citizen, let alone your average individual of Western civilization, sees right through your bullshit and we know exactly how much you promised and delivered to your friends at the expense of average Joe?

    While you backpedal and trip over yourself, be sure to tell me again how much I’m a misogynistic shitlord I am, you worthless sacks of monkey testicles.

    • Ryan Arko

      The anti-GG understands quite clearly. They just can’t endorse a check funded with “understanding” the way they can with “persecution.”

  • Rosalina

    And so as more time is spent trying to stay on the spotlight the shadows of deception fades, the ugliness becomes ever so more illuminated for all to see.

    • Toastrider

      “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

  • Camarouge

    Good shit, Ralph. Bits and pieces of this have floated around but this is a nice, comprehensive source.

    You can bet that this dirty little secret is going to fuck over the release of Revolution 60 so hard.

  • Sevuz

    So we have some Intel AND Apple people being complete idiots.. great. Wu can bitch as much has she wants. Shitty games is still shitty no matter what and blaming others for it ain’t gonna help.

    • Everytime I see that picture of Wu I can’t help but see Weird Al.

      • John Ash

        Weird Al is only weird, he’s not an insane transexual sociopath.

        • Toastrider

          He’s also vegetarian, but I can forgive that.

          (Doubly hilarious if you remember one of his older songs, ‘I’ll Be Mellow When I’m Dead’)

      • JARose

        Don’t insult Weird Al that way!

    • Marcus Lawshe’

      You know I’d love to see sales figures for this… game. I mean, if she’s on patreon right now begging for coin, then I can only guess that it hasn’t sold well.

  • gixxerharry .

    I took a look at this game when i was investigating gamergate for my self

    What i found was a not so great game
    Bad textures(even missing textures),bad models,very very bad animations and
    very slow/boring game play and i found it all very strange for a “well known” game dev that used to own an animation studio (if i can spot a bad animation than its a really bad animation)
    I also found the “almost entirely made be woman” strange back then (why put a sentence
    like that on your site?…..what did the man do?….did he killed a few spiders or did he made the game?… it a selling point?if so than it isnt a really good selling point,gamers dont care what gender made the game,gamers want a good game)

    I have 0 artistic skills so i cant judge the game artistically but to me it looks like there concept art was drawn by a 10 year old girl

    So we have a at best mediocre game (i am very generous here)

    In the last few mouths i learn a bit more about Brianna and i know that she is also a programming engineer would i put a game made by her on my phone?
    Would you put a game made by her on your phone? if so than you are a brave man/woman or your not very smart 😉

    • Sevuz

      I saw a video of the game. It looks really bad. We are not talking about so bad that is good bad just pure bad as in Superman 64 bad.

    • Ryan Arko

      Visually, the game is awful. It has graphics comparable to a low-grade ps1 game. Crash Bandicoot was a visual marvel compared to this game. You can see in the reveal trailer that textures don’t render as they should, with a couple instances of characters having grey skin where an image should be. You also see that she uses inconsistent images for textures on the background, like in the grass or walls, where it’s basically the same picture repeated several hundred time.

      The characters are all the same model with different hair, and you can tell that the models are based off of what she thought she would look like when she became a she. They are idealized caricatures of Brianna Wu.

      What’s most disgusting about this game is the prideful boast that it’s made almost entirely by women. It’s an inferior game that was out of date in both control and graphics three generations ago and clearly needed endless connections and nepotism just to be painted as a contender. There are women who make games today that have nothing to do with SpaceKat and many are even GamerGate supporters and their work is damn fine. That Brianna Wu would brag that this piece of garbage in Revolution 60 is the product of women devs diminishes the value of women in gaming. It tells us all that when you get a group of women devs together and throw free money at them for three years, THIS is the best they can do.

      And I just won’t accept that. Corrine Yu and Carol Shaw were strong programmers and I would feel disgusted to believe Revolution 60 was the best that a group of women could do. In three years, a group of women with free money produced this trash. In three years, a group of men and women with earned money on a budget created Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        And I keep telling SJWs this about Depression Quest too – It’s an insult to professionals of all genders in the industry to have these people compared to them.

        There are women who have spent years studying or years developing skills for game development, and many even developing on AAA titles, and then a couple of internet Divas want to be famous, and then all of a sudden, they are the only females who work in the industry. Disgusting.

  • Social Justice Whitey

    Excuse Rev 60’s, bad graphics, dodgy gameplay, incoherent writing, and horrible coloring,,,ignore its wonky platform adaptations done one at a time to stretch out that Patreon “development”, ,,,,but i cannot ignore this sexist, rapey woman hating game! In this screen shot, you can clearly see up the sailor hat gal’s skirt! And she has obviously “fired the gardner” as her gorilla salad is clearly visible to any horrible male rapey shitlord gamer! Brianna has victimized this poor charactor by flashing her hair-shrouded beef curtains to anyone who reaches this point in the game!
    I can only imagine what sexist dehumanizing horrors lay beyond this shrub-shot,,,does a horrific spam butterfly await th unsuspecting player in th gynocological exam level you unlock by ,,,no, i cant divulge that code,,,,someone might get a chubb and then POW! RAPE! ABUSE! Confused Asian husbands arguing with exes! Horror!
    Banana Wu is a rapey shitlord sexist. Someone report this to Snarkeesian…

    (Also, if you look just behind th white boot of th main charactor, i believe you can see her testes-satchel dropping free)

    • Gregg Braddoch

      This game is a disgrace to the very Engine it runs in. This I would suspect is UE3, and probably the worst usage of it to date.

  • Shane Phillips

    What really bothers me is that it’s obvious none of them tried to hide their personal relationships, yet nobody outside of GamerGate seems interested in asking them what’s going on. A perfect encapsulation of why we fight as we do.

  • calbeck

    Five’ll getcha ten that the judging process included a paraphrase of: “Brianna’s been so victimized this last year, let’s just give it to her. She’s good people, and a good friend.”

  • xWhackoJacko

    The 7.3 critic review score is even ridiculous. How could ANYONE look and play that hot mess and give it a 7/10. Shitty games like FFXIII don’t even get 7/10s anymore, and they’re AAA and PLAYABLE.

    But, ya know, whatever.

    • hurin

      I tried a little digging trying to tie the top reviewers to Brianna Wu, but no luck.

      Jordan Minor who gave it a 90/100 does not seem to know him personally prior to reviewing his game. spacekatgal status 490179687973662720

      As for Neal Chandran who also rated it 90/100, I get the feeling there is simply something wrong with him.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        It’s not friendship, it’s white knighting. These are pity reviews, and nothing more.

  • LongLiveGamerGate

    Call me an elitist, I would pass the game into the garbage based only on the horrid design and “story and dialogue” if you can even call it that. It’s cringeworthy. I don’t really get it, it’s not like Brianna doesn’t have the money to employ someone who would do a better job, maybe her taste is just cringeworthy shitty.
    That aside I wouldn’t have a problem if someone who owns a gaming website would say something along the lines “hey, our dear friend made a game and he/she worked hard on it so it would be appreciated if you dear readers would check it out if you find it interesting.” That kind of promotion with disclosure that doesn’t incorporate wrapping a piece of turd into a shiny paper and calling it a great and amazing game is something I wouldn’t mind at all. But this is just sneaky and dishonest and corrupted (as we are all aware).

  • John Ash

    Well, in a world where a dorky guy can cut off his penis and call himself “Brianna”, anything is possible.

  • Meittimies

    Its called a mobile gaming market. So oversaturated with outright con-job “free-to-play” games that EU had to step in and put some strict rules against false advertising, especially towards children. No surprise reviewers in mobile gaming would have no credibility at all, just like most of the mobile gaming overall.

  • Braxus_Ravenguard

    I don’t even know what iMore is. Not until this piece happened.

  • Kevin Solway

    The female characters of that game are obviously based on the Barbie doll, and that’s what feminists are supporting!

    • LongLiveGamerGate

      Well, the main “heroine” looks like she has a ballsack instead of hair, Freud would have fun with Brianna I think.

      • Social Justice Whitey

        …ye gods! So that’s where they got stashed after they got snipped! STEALTHTESTES!….Hairabolical fiend!,,,

  • Phil_McG

    What the hell is iMore?

  • Marcus Lawshe’

    I have to laugh when I see shit like this. It’s almost like writing a check to yourself, putting it in the mail, then opening said mailbox a few days later genuinely surprised that someone sent you money.

  • Richard Olsen

    Well, it’s a good thing that iMore is a relatively unknown site. I’ve got to admit, before #GamerGate, I’d never heard of them. I always got my iApp information from MacRumors and their forums. Sometimes just word of mouth as well. However, if it is the fact that they awarded the app good reviews and an award for Game of the Year, and this influenced the sales of the app, and it wasn’t unbiased, would this not be against the terms and conditions of the App Store?
    I don’t know much about it, but I know that Apple is zealous about no App being given an unfair advantage and they also don’t like a scent of impropriety.

    I’ve decided to share my concerns directly with the iTunes Store staff. I think she’s using her position to unfairly influence the sales of her game. Being that her game is offered as a freemium, I think she’s also using her position to unfairly influence overall reviews on the App Store. After all, in order to give a positive review, all one needs to do is download the free game, you don’t have to purchase to unlock it.

    Now, thankfully she hasn’t been a great success at that, but it doesn’t mean that the iTunes store staff shouldn’t keep an eye out for any suspicious fraudulent behaviour. Really her behaviour and the behaviour of iMore, ruins it for every other app developer.

  • Cory Brandstetter

    The animations are poor the models are poor, and the gameplay is pretty much press A to not die 🙁 For shame game jurno’s for shame, this game isn’t even worthy of my own farts.

  • Reggie Anderson

    While this seems problematic on the surface, it may or may not be indicative of collusion or nefarious intent.

    Granted, I will agree that the reviewer should have recused themselves or maybe suggested the nomination to another judge but this alone only speaks to me of social contact and friendship. That on it’s own I’d not say is proof-positive of nefarious intent. It most certainly is dodgy and I’d think that there ought to be a word or two from either (ideally both) to clarify this mishap but I’m not sure that it’s proven to be collusion in itself.

    I won’t deny, however, that it is cause for concern especially if one is a game developer hoping to get their game through that same contest or promotion or whatever it is intended to be. Still, this isn’t (in my view) a “Smoking gun” that proves collusion. It’s more a case where the public might want to ask some probing questions to see about getting clarification (and hopefully having those implicated addressing those concerns and taking steps so that something like this won’t happen again.)

  • AmazingL4rry .

    These people are simply too stupid to stay out of prison, one of these days Wu is going to openly do something so stupid and so illegal that it puts her in front of a judge instead of a news camera and then she’s gonna get wrecked hard by the system.

  • Not saying I’m surprised, but…

  • NastyNinja

    What a way to improve the gaming industry! Give people tech jobs because vagina and give my feminazi game Game of the Year because….we’re friends!

    Thank you feminists, this is the gaming apocalypse.

  • Gregg Braddoch

    But… Butt…. butt…


    Sorry SJWs you are just going to look more and more stupid as time goes on.

  • Gregg Braddoch

    Also: Is it just me, or is revolution 60 uglier than the original Unreal, despite being made with a newer version of it’s engine?

  • Eggard Snark

    Revolution Shitty is Shit.

  • Brandi Salefske Fickling

    Yeah, I looked into the connections as soon as she won. Can’t believe I’m only seeing this article now.

  • jlenoconel

    Brianna is currently exploiting threats she has gotten on Twitter, to of course promote her crappy game. That’s all she is capable of doing as a “developer,” play the victim to get her mediocre ass attention.

  • Guncriminal .

    Wow. You’d think that these people were corrupt or something.

  • Christopher Smith

    Does this mean i shouldnt trust any of the Guys on Mobile Nations? Because IMore is a part of them?