Daniel Vavra

Some of you know that I play the occasional video game from time to time. I don’t get to indulge as often as I used to, but after my eight month exile, I’m trying to take a little time each day over the next couple weeks to catch up with one of my favorite hobbies. That being said, tomorrow I am having a copy of Kingdom Come: Deliverance delivered to my doorstep. I know many of you are PC gamers, and so am I, to a large extent. But my graphics card is only a GTX 960 and that’s a bit sub-par for a game of this nature. As I result, I had to resort to getting the PS4 version.

But the release of KC:D got me thinking about my old days in GamerGate back in the fall of 2014. On one of the very first streams I ever did, I had the privilege of talking with Daniel Vávra, the man in charge of bringing this project to fruition. Also joining me on this show is Mr. Metokur, aka Jim, then known as the Internet Aristocrat. I was pretty nervous on this stream, both because of the marquee guest and the fact that this was one of my first shows. But I think it might be fun to go back and check it out. Thus, I am going to provide the links to both halves of the show for your viewing pleasure.

Vavra comes in during part 2, and the stream will automatically start at his entrance if you hit the play button.