Flashing Gif Tweeted at Eichenwald Declared a "Deadly Weapon" in Texas Grand Jury Indictment

Flashing Gif Tweeted at Eichenwald Declared a “Deadly Weapon” in Texas Grand Jury Indictment

The other day, we talked about John Rivello being arrested by federal authorities for the “crime” of tweeting a flashing, strobe effect gif at Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald. Apparently, that wasn’t enough, as today he was indicted by a grand jury down in Texas for the same act. That seems like overkill, even if you agree with the original indictment (which I don’t). But, that how things go when state prosecutors want a piece of the action.

The funny, or more accurately, terrifying aspect of the grand jury indictment is the way the gif itself was described…

That’s right, a gif is now classified as a deadly weapon. I think Mr. Heath is right, this has to be a first. I’m not even sure what one can say about such an absurdity. It’s pretty important that Rivello be acquitted on these federal and now state charges. For me, it’s a free speech issue. Also, I’m pretty sure Eichenwald is lying about having suffered a seizure in the first place, although I cannot prove it.

Hopefully a great defense attorney will. Help John Rivello secure one here, if you are so inclined.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Rayndrops

    So how long until Twitter forces everyone to use GIPHY for posting animated GIFs?

  • Lost Question

    … using that as a legal precedent i can see opportunistic lawsuits on the horizon

  • Dindu McNothin

    How this doesn’t get laughed out of court I don’t know. Whoever the DA is needs a helicopter ride.

  • ExiledV2

    That’s a 5-year minimum sentence right there, according to Texas state law. Drop a bias-enhancement on that as well? That’ll hurt.

    Essentially, they’re treating it the same as if you went around and dropped peanut oil in the drink of somebody who was allergic.

  • Uncle Max

    Man, I am so glad they overcharged. This will get nationwide attention and red-pill a lot of online kids. This is so insipid to elevate this to “death by gif”. I hope the guy gets a good lawyer… he should get some big help as this charging is so onerous as a precedent and ridiculous on it’s face. Twitter should be held liable for a device that could transmit death at any minute! Crazy.