Good morning, everyone! I’m starting to enjoy kicking off the day bright and early, but I’ve got to follow through with at least one evening post. Sorry for the lack of one last night. But, we have a full slate for today, starting off with a follow-up on the Stan Lee story from the other day that everyone seemed to love. It had nothing to do with my writing, though. It was because Mr. Lee is just that fucking awesome and laid things out perfectly. You want gay, transgendered, or minority superheroes? Make your own.  

He followed up on his previous comments Monday night at the Ant-Man premiere in Hollywood:

“I’d like Spider-Man to stay as he is, but I have no problem creating a superhero who’s homosexual. I have no problem with having a black one, a Latino one, a Chinese one, anything — the whole world is our playground. The whole world has heroes we can draw from. I’m just not too happy changing what has already been established.”
Good show, Stan. I’m glad to see that you haven’t backed down like some lesser mortals are known to do after facing a media onslaught. Like I alluded to the other day, Lee is 92-years-old, so I doubt he’s giving much of a fuck what anybody thinks. When you get to be that old, you pretty much can say whatever you want. It’s liberating. Plus, with his resume, it’s kinda hard to talk shit about the guy. Now, if only some current Marvel bigwigs would get their head out of their asses and step up like he has. Don’t hold your breath.