Democrats keep handling the election of Donald Trump in the worst ways possible. When they’re not busy blaming the Russians, white people, the FBI director, or anything else they can think of, they turn their fire inward. For refusing to bow down before the false throne of Hillary Clinton, people like Bernie Sanders are now considered traitors among certain segments of the Democratic coalition.

The latest broadside against Bernie has to be seen to be believed. Despite the fact that he’s a Jew with family members who were exterminated in the Holocaust, Bernie has been labeled a white supremacist by a former director of Ready for Hillary (aka Ready PAC), a pro-Clinton Super PAC.

“I am very proud to be Jewish, and being Jewish is so much of what I am,” he said at the event in Flint, Michigan. “Look, my father’s family was wiped out by Hitler in the Holocaust. I know about what crazy and radical, and extremist politics mean.”

I understand that this was a nasty fucking loss for Democrats. The ones you never see coming are always the hardest, and for that they can blame their own media. Maybe if they had started treating Trump like a legit threat to win, more liberals and “progressives” would have went out to vote. But it is what it is. You lost. Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate. Blaming the people who pointed that out early and often is a surefire way to continue to slide downhill. Unforutnately for Dems, it seems like there’s a lot more bloodletting to do over on their side.

It’s still early days, so perhaps they will get it together. But 2018 isn’t all that far away. I would suggest they get their shit together rather quickly. Or, better yet, don’t. I need more shit to write about.

  1. Well if these morons ever do get their act together (hang on, dying of laughter), you could always find a way to keep The Ralph Retort running.

      1. That’s why SJWS will never be truly gone. But once Trump is done with them they will be out of power for years and years to come.

        1. Their ideology is going down- but bear in mind, most did not believe for intellectual reasons: They were SJWs so they could feel moral while bullying others. Also bear in mind, what they do better than anything else is infiltrate.

          A new breed of right-wing SJWs may be over the horizon. And just like identity politics infested and destroyed the left, so can it infest and destroy any political movement..

          So, I guess I’m saying- we’ve gotta be vigilant for identity politics and collectivist thinking, whatever side they come at us from.

  2. OK kids…..sit your asses down and its time for History class

    Today we are going to learn about The Terror, the black period of the French Revolution where the revolutionary do gooders turned on themselves and began the witch hunting and head chopping

    after the class I will expect a paper from each of you on parallels between the Committee Of Public Safety under Citizen Robespierre and the modern US identity politics movement and its “leaders”

    Jenkins! Yes… you boy! Stop molesting the school hamster and start the video you greasy little cretin!

  3. Exactly how more enthusiastically do they believe Bernie could have or should have bent the knee? As it stands he destroyed about 80% of his credibility shilling for the Hilldabeast as much as he did which was quite alot.

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