Anti-GamerGate claims we’re the ones doing the harassing. But all I see everyday is them threatening us for merely having a different opinion. Today was no different. Check out the threat that former Verge writer Patrick Lucas Austin made earlier this evening. He specifically says he’s going to target members of our movement at Comic Con.


If one of our members had said something like that, they would be trying to call the guys work and have him fired, his Twitter would be banned, etc. There’s no telling what they would think up. This guy makes a blatant threat, and he’s re-tweeted like a hero. How does the other side not choke on their own hypocrisy? I know that’s a recurring theme in these pages, but I am constantly astounded by it.

On a side note, I guess this would explain a lot about the mentality there at The Verge. No wonder they’ve been so anti-GamerGate. I’m just waiting for their current writers to start openly threatening us as well.



  1. We are far, far past the point where they could have anything to say that would support their positions and destroy ours. The constant and continued censorship attempts at anything pro gamergate shows that they know their ideology is dogmatic and nothing but bullshit and a smokescreen. I don’t go to conventions but I would gladly go to that one just to be the first to mention #gamergate to him.

  2. I say that we hire an amputee Asian lesbian dwarf to go to Comic Con and follow that guy around while she yells “GAMERGATE” at him the whole time.

  3. Is it just me, or are the various Anti-GG tokens* stereotypical as fuck?

    The Black Guy is a violent thug, the Transgender is a man-hater and the Mexican is lazy.

    I wonder if that’s why #NotYourShield is dismissed as “sockpuppets”…

    Because SJWs don’t actually know any minority that isn’t a walking caricature.

    *(there’s only 1 apiece, that says “token” to me)

  4. What is this? They want us to take them seriously, and they do crap like this? We’re looking for some integrity in Games Journalism, but they’re okay attacking us directly as opposed to engaging with our arguments. Sounds familiar…

  5. Just as well I don’t consider myself as belonging to either group, because I’d punch him back. Hard.

  6. I can see it now, he’ll come back, crying like a little baby about all the ‘harassment’ he got form GamerGaters at the conference.

    1. Yep.. Because you know, gamergaters should react positively to threats of physical violence.

      Advice for Anti-GG people: It’s not harassment if you provoke it intentionally.

  7. Has anyone contacted comic con?

    They have a strict anti harassment policy and take a very dim view on threats.

    A statement like this in an open place would make their creation of a safe space very questionable indeed.

  8. I remember seeing that post. Geez louise, no subtlety at all. And do these people not realize as a collective we’re from many states and many countries? We’re a consumer revolt and we outnumber them.

    I think the bay area needs a disaster. Not one that kills anyone, just one that wrecks property and brings the portion of San Fran’s narcissistic population back down to earth.(Have this happen anywhere else hipster game journos/sjws gather too.) “Oh shit,I lost my Ferrari,laptop,latte, and my job. I guess I’m human afterall!” Yeah,shit-head,you are human after all!

  9. I’m gonna go around yelling it just to make him waste his fucking money and then lose the last bit of reputation he has if he has the BALLS to punch me.

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