Take this with a grain of salt, but Fox Business and Charlie Gasperino are reporting that Milo Yiannopoulos could be fired from Breitbart by the end of the day over the backlash from his comments in a January 2016 podcast with the Drunken Peasants (he also had a controversial appearance on Joe Rogan’s show, which has come up as well). He was already disinvited from CPAC earlier this afternoon.

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Milo Yiannopoulos, the provocative conservative journalist who is often portrayed as a champion of the far-right, is facing possible dismissal from his employer Breitbart News over comments he once made about underage sex, the Fox Business Network has learned.

His possible dismissal from Breitbart could come by the end of the day, according to people at the Conservative website. Earlier today, Yiannopoulos was rescinded his invitation to speak at the upcoming gathering of the Conservative Political Action Committee.

Yiannopoulos’s title is technology editor for Breitbart, but he is best known for his political statements on social media and on television. Indeed his CPAC invitation drew outrage even from some conservatives given Yiannopoulos’s past statements about race, sexuality and other issues.

Breitbart has consistently defended Yiannopoulos’s statements, and internally there is a fierce debate over whether he should remain with the website even with his latest comments.

Still, Breitbart has so far remained quiet after videos emerged Monday morning where Yiannopoulos seemed to defend pedophilia; the move sparked outrage and caused CPAC to rescind its speaking invitation.




Posted by Milo Yiannopoulos on Monday, February 20, 2017


More on this as it comes in, including some of my thoughts…

I guess the thing that’s taking me by surprise (and it seems to have taken Milo by surprise as well) is that these comments have been well known to people in my orbit for quite some time. I had seen them circulated during many attempts to discredit Milo and whatever work he happened to be doing at the time. The difference here is that the masses aren’t as plugged in to every single thing that goes on. Most people had never been exposed to these controversial statements on the nature of gay relationships between older men and younger boys. I think Milo has tried to explain things a little bit better over the last 24 hours, but the media storm is going at 150 miles per hour and it’s very hard to beat that sort of thing back.

All that being said, I think it would be a mistake for Breitbart to dismiss him at this point. First off, it looks like a reaction to a media-created firestorm. I understand a lot of this is coming from both the left and the right, but bowing down at this point seems to go against everything Breitbart stands for when it comes to this sort of thing. I’m not privy to any insider information, so I can’t say what will happen one way or the other. Still, I would be very surprised if Milo is in fact fired.

Only time will tell, though. I’ll keep updating this post throughout the day.


UPDATE: Rumors of staff walkout at Breitbart if Milo stays on…



UPDATE II: Book deal cancelled…


UPDATE III: I can neither confirm, nor deny, this report. However, I always bring you what’s being said…so here you go. If Milo addresses these allegations, I will update this post with his response immediately.

Keep in mind, this is hearsay and as such, it can only be taken as a rumor at this point. I want to be clear that I am giving Milo the benefit of the doubt. This footage would need to be brought forward in order for anything to be confirmed. This seems to be where his critics are headed, though. As such, I brought you the allegation. 

We at ARC Media have a reliable source confirming that Rebel Pundit‘s claim that video footage exists of Milo Yiannopoulos in bed with multiple adolescent males after having groomed them with alcohol.

After the Rebel Pundit camera crew observed this they voiced their disapproval of Yiannopoulos’ behavior, giving him an ultimatum to cease providing the youths with alcohol or they would be unable to film the show.

After this ultimatum Yiannopoulos refused to desist with his actions and continued his inappropriate activities with the youths, forcing the camera crew to walk off the set. This should come as little surprise to those familiar with Yianopolous’ depraved nature, he attempted to justify his own sexual molestation on The Joe Rogan Experience 820 by a priest when he was just 13 years old.

He further claimed that he had not been the victim of an assault and that the priest in question was not at fault. He further then tried to convince Joe Rogan the host that it was nothing strange and quite normal for adults to be attracted to children and tried to get Mr Rogan to agree that 15 year old’s were attractive and there was nothing wrong with finding them so.