Anita Sarkeesian

Apparently, Anita Sarkesian sperged out when Carl ‘Sargon of Akkad’ Benjamin showered up to her presentation at vidcon. I was told this second hand, of course. You don’t know how sad I am to have missed out on the Twitter lulz. I gave Nora a quote for a post she was going to do on the subject (AUTHOR’S NOTE: I didn’t do it, sue me.) but I just wanted to come and pay my official respects to the biggest fraudster I think I’ve ever seen.

Ok, there are a lot of fraudsters documented on But for the sake of this post let’s call Anita the biggest.

She always says she just wants a dialogue. Poor Anita only wants to talk, people! The only problem with her formulation is that every time anyone contradicts her stale talking points, Sarkeesian claims harassment. Keep in mind, she does face real ‘abuse’, or whatever you want to call it. But so do I. So does anyone who puts themselves in the public sphere. It’s just part of the game. Phonies cry about it, real folks keep it moving.

The most ironic part of Anita’s con is she literally plays the damsel in distress which is on the tropes she constantly criticizes. It works, too. She’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars with this scheme. And we don’t even have a full accounting. It’s a real possibility that her overall take has reached seven figures at this point.

On a certain level, I almost have to admire the scam. There’s nothing much that can be done to stop it, truth be told. The media is all in with Anita’s narrative.

But while it can’t be stopped, it can be criticized. Thankfully, SJWs and their allies haven’t shutdown free speech yet. Feel free to weigh in with your takes on Anita’s recent gambit down below. Hopefully, her father made another donation to Donald Trump after he heard about the sad spectacle.