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You have to hand it to Louise Mensch. Every time I think she couldn’t possibly get any dumber, she goes and does it. I mentioned how she had previously praised Hillary Clinton on Twitter, going so far as to say she supported her candidacy for president. Now, she claims to support the joke candidate Evan McMullin, who 90% of the country hasn’t even heard of. I don’t believe that for one second, though. Louise will almost assuredly be casting her vote for Hillary come November 8th.

Oh, wait. That’s right. She’s not even a US citizen…


Regardless, there is reason to think she is a true blue Clinton supporter. Not only do her public statements lead one in that direction, but it turns out she was doing work for Hillary behind the scenes. Thanks to Wikileaks, her perfidy has been laid bare for all to see.

In case you have problems reading that, here is the email in its entirety:

From:[email protected] To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Date: 2016-02-14 16:29 Subject: Fwd: Hillary ad

I like this idea (Louise is a former Conservative British MP. Very smart.)

Begin forwarded message:

From: Louise Mensch <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
Date: February 14, 2016 at 11:25:16 AM MST
To: Michael Kives <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
Cc: Peter Mensch <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
Subject: Hillary ad

Dear Michael, As you will know from Arnold I am a committed Republican (or would be if I had the vote this year). But I worry no end about Donald Trump becoming our President… much rather have your girl Hillary.

Anyway, the politician in me thinks Lena Dunham and Gloria Steinem are nails on a chalkboard to the average American woman AND I think Hillary is not capitalizing on the yearning that we have to see a woman as President properly.

Her competence and intelligence are beyond doubt, her problem is warmth.

If I may, here is an ad I would love to see run;


A succession of mostly young women, a few old women, one with a baby daughter, multiracial and multi-occupation, to include a nurse and a woman in uniform of some kind where permitted…

one after the other, smiling and looking to camera and saying ‘It’s our time.’

and the last woman says, ‘It’s our time. I’m with her.’

fade to banner credit ‘Hillary 2016’


That would be inspirational, aspirational, and the kind of riff you really need on ‘Yes we can’.

Best, Louise

This is exactly the sort of SJW bullshit Ms. Mensch is supposed to be fighting against as editor of Heat Street. She’s not going against it, she’s actually helping contribute to this sort of narrative. This just further confirms that Heat Street itself is nothing more than controlled opposition and that when it comes to Louise Mensch, you can’t trust one single word or sentence that originates from her. She will say and do anything (don’t forget, she even lied about 9/11). Speaking of that, she’s on Twitter right now going nuts about this leak, talking about filing a complaint against Julian Assange himself.



Yes, Louise Mensch is a complete idiot who would be nowhere without a vagina. Her whole career proves that. In fact, the most offensive part of the email was some Clinton staffer calling her smart. That fool should be fired right away.






Vagina…that’s all this Looney Tunes fucker has, like I said. The sooner she is gone from our political scene, the better.

Oh, she does have her pet Asian shill as well. I almost forgot about him.

Back to the plantation, Ian. Mamma has some spinning for you to do.


UPDATE: The Daily Caller has more

Clinton’s campaign did not run an exact duplicate of Mensch’s ad, yet they did adopt the idea of showing “a succession of mostly young women.”

Instead, Clinton chose to have the women “one after the other” listen to comments Donald Trump has made about women’s bodies while looking at themselves in the mirror.