Democrat House Candidate Brianna Wu is a psychopath. We’ve known that for years. But every time I think this meathead can’t sink any lower, it does. What kind of deleterious dumbass tries to blame the Manchester bombing on sexism? This has nothing to do with feminism activism, and everything to do with hating the West as a whole. I know “professional feminists” like Wu enjoy making everything about themselves, but wow. This is kinda stunning.

Then again, this freak is known to say some pretty spaced-out stuff. Today is just the latest example…

The response to this were pretty great. Left and right alike were dragging this gangly freakshow…

Keep ’em coming. This goon deserves as much scorn as exists in the universe.

    1. Disgusting. The attack was planned at that location specifically because it was a soft target. While Muslims do hate women and girls, that was not the reason for this atrocity.

  1. Everytime a shooting or terrorist attack occurs, SJWs and 3rd wavers will exploite them.

    2014: Sarkeesian exploited the Marysville Shooting.
    2015: Valenti exploited the Charlteston Shooting
    2016: Marcotte exploited the Orlando Shooting.
    2017: Brian(na) exploits this one.
    2018: ?

    1. 2018: They finally go full retard and go on a shooting spree themselves. The poor health packs are massacred.

  2. Technically Wu’s right – Muslims do hate women. That’s why they have to be covered from head to toe and beating them is acceptable and expected.

  3. Sure Wu, it was about sexism and not Islam’s fanatical hatred of the West. Yep, that’s the problem. Fucking retard.

  4. So ignoring the male victims of the attack Wu claims that it’s about sexism. I’d say let him – inevitably his progressive friends will interpret this as calling Islam sexist and will jump on him.

  5. More ammo that, if Wu ever truly does run for political office, whatever debate (s)he has with her opponent is going to make her out to be just.. Hilary Clinton levels of unlikeable. And crazy. Which, I mean we know she is. But that gets people looking at her on like, a national level here.

  6. I’m surprised that the crackpot tranny did not blame this on Gamer Gate because I was expecting him to when I first heard about this attack

    I don’t know about the House of Representatives but I think he’d be better off in the nuthous

  7. It no longer shocks me that SJWs exploit a tragedy or mass killing like this and use it for their agendas but it still sickens me.

  8. wait wu is still a house candidate? i thought the dems would have told her that it was a joke by now

    1. They might if he goes full McIntosh or beyond that’s if it’s possible to go beyond full McIntosh

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