I didn’t really do anything of value yesterday. OK, eating a burger feast and playing Crusader Kings II is valuable, just not to any endeavor having to do with work. I got an interesting email, though. I’ve seen some associates get stuff like this from YouTube, but I’d never personally received one…


Those were the only two videos they had listed for demonetization, but I would have to imagine that 90% of my channel qualifies. Here’s the standard they cited…


In all honesty, I don’t make very much from YouTube in the first place. Outside of patronage, the AdSense on this site makes up 90% or more of my income. The main reason I do videos and livestreams is to get my “brand” out there. Plus, I have fun doing them…especially the #Killstreams. So, losing monetization on certain vids isn’t that big of a deal. At least it isn’t unless you take a longer look.

In light of the new rules YouTube spent a lot of time publicizing recently, how long will my channel even be allowed to stay up? If I had millions of followers I would be more secure, I’m sure. But since I’m in the 2,200 range, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they just bumped me off. Of course I could always come here and talk trash, but it’s Google. They don’t give a shit, and if they did, they could just kill my AdSense altogether (YouTube runs off AdSense as well). Thankfully, they have worked with me pretty well when it comes to addressing violations here on the site in the past. But how long will that attitude last?

It’s my estimation that it won’t be for every long. That’s why I’m desperately hoping for a legitimate YouTube alternative that is 100% committed to free speech. Threats and calls for violence? Sure, ban them, but anything else should be fair game. This might be troublesome for certain advertisers, but I bet there would still be a big market for ad dollars, particularly if this new service got a reputation for being the place where people go to tell it like it is. You guys have any ideas or tips on new ops? I do know of Minds, but it looks kinda shady so far. I can’t say that for sure though, since I haven’t investigated it thoroughly enough.

Perhaps I will do that tonight.

  1. You think they’re bad just go to Vimeo where the entire site seems to be one fucking safe space and even commenters will be banned if deemed as “rude” or ‘harassing’ through one fucking post.

  2. Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown

    So I guess most news is subject to being banned or demonetized.

  3. Monetized speech is not free speech.
    They hit antiwar.com, epautos.com and others too.
    Other than threatening an ad-block boycott (just needs a DNS with a blocklist or browser extension), Google and the rest will continue to increasingly censor things. First, unpleasant things will be demonitized, then blocked entirely.

    Are you asking for an alternative speech or monetization platform?

  4. This and the recent change in the Terms of Service may lead to another Trust and Safety Council for YouTube.

  5. think bigger

    the world needs many mediums that are unbiased, or at least, biased towards a different direction for the sake of having some open public discussion and not the controlled enviroment we have today

    a youtube alternative
    a facebook alternative
    a twitter alternative

    I’d say the market for those exists already, but it will only become even more and more in demand as time goes by and the current establishment of tecnocrats grow more relentless in their pursuit of controlling the public discourse

  6. Hey Ralph, did you hear about that elite school that is teaching anti-white crap to Kindergarteners and 8th graders. I’ve heard some kids saying they hate themselves because of it.

  7. Bitchute is using WebTorrent to serve videos. Can’t take down that isn’t served centrally. Isn’t that good enough?

    YouTube alternative:

    Facebook alternative:

    Twitter alternative:

    All these platforms have sworn themselves to support free speech of any kind. I think we’re good. If there’ll be concerted efforts to take down websites through their domain name registrars then just ditch it all and go http://zeronet.io.

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