I was a part of something pretty cool yesterday afternoon. People of various backgrounds from all over the internet came together to put on the #FreedomOfTweets stream in order to help raise money for Gregory Alan Elliott, the man at the center of a dubious criminal case in Canada over tweets he sent to radical feminists. As Wikipedia says, “Elliott is believed to be the first Canadian prosecuted solely for tweets.” By the way, these are tweets that even the complainant, Stephanie Guthrie, admits were not sexual or threatening in any way whatsoever. Basically, he’s being brought up on charges because of feels, ladies and gentlemen. Also, keep in mind that Guthrie and her thugs tweeted insults and accusations about Elliot being a supposed pedophile, none of which were based in fact. Shockingly enough, they weren’t charged.

But, we aren’t here to talk about the case, even though there’s an awful lot to cover. Make sure to make your opinions known on that down below, but my mission is to bring you news about the stream itself. We raised over $27,000 dollars in one day alone (for a total of over $37,000 on the Generosity.com page alone), and I couldn’t be happier to report that. When I say we, I mean people like Lauren Southern and Milo Yiannopoulos, because all I did was come on, drop a few comments, and sing The Heartbreak Kid’s theme song, Sexy Boy. Yes, that’s right, I channeled my inner wrestling fan live in front of over 3,000 viewers. To say that this was an unexpected turn of events for my life would be an understatement, but I had a lot of fun with the whole thing. It was stunningly terrible, as I knew it would be, but I was given a round of applause for the effort nonetheless. As I said on stream, I will happily accept this charity participation trophy.


At least I wasn’t the one one who sang. Master Milo had to sing a tune from the catalog of one of his most loathsome foils, Celine Dion. Of course it always had to be My Heart Will Go On, didn’t it? Thankfully, it was a much better performance than the one I showed you above.



The whole stream is filled with awesome moments like that, and believe it or not, there was plenty of quality discussion about free speech as well. We even touched on GamerGate and Kotaku a little bit while I was there. It was just a blast to be a part of and I hope my goofy rendition of HBK’s theme helped with the entertainment aspect a little bit. I thank Lauren Southern, Milo, Allum Bokhari, and all the other people behind the scenes that helped make this a success. At the end of the day, every single one of us was there to help Gregory Alan Elliott and the cause of free speech on the internet. The issues at the center of this case are important to us all and I think most realize that they could easily find themselves in Mr. Elliot’s place if things keep going the way they’re going. That’s why it’s important that we act now.

I recently got a quote from Gregory’s son, Clayton Elliott, and I want to share it with the rest of you before I get into some tweeted highlights…

“This trial decimated our dad in so many ways. Psychologically, physically, professionally and financially to name a few. Thank God he has good friends and family who had his back through this. And now, many more people who stand with him. If he didn’t, I think this process could’ve destroyed his life. I can’t even imagine it happening to someone with little or no support network. Being banned from the internet and computers made it impossible for him not only to earn an income for the last 3 years, but also for him to build his defense. If he didn’t have a solid people devoting countless hours to his case, he would’ve been toast.

This will be done January 22 and we hope and pray for his vindication so he can start rebuilding his life.”

Powerful stuff from Elliott the Younger. Instead of even trying to follow up on that, I’m going to head straight into the tweets before I get out of here…








Censored just in case. Thanks, AdSense. Also, to be clear, this is a joke my dear Google Overlords. You shouldn’t kill homosexuals. This isn’t Saudi Arabia.











On that final note, I’ll get out of here. Well, I still have to make the cover photo for this post, but that’s meta. Thanks once again to Lauren, Milo, Allum, Breitbart, and everyone else involved with this effort. If you would like to donate yourself, please visit:


PS: There were a lot more people that I couldn’t fit into the cover. Here’s a handy guide for replay watching, courtesy of the YouTube comment section…

17:00 Mike Cernovich 18:15 Brandon Morse 25:55 Gavin McInnes (only on for a bit, comes back later) 58:36 Teal Dear 1:04:25 Evan Delshaw 1:13:30 Greg Renouf 1:17:30 Mundane Matt 1:52:40 Tim Moen 2:05:10 Cathy Young 2:19:00 Gavin McCinnes returns 2:36:00 Cassei Jaye joins (starts talking around 2:46:00) 2:58:45 Ella Whelan of Spiked Online 3:19:40 Sargon of Akkad 3:25:00 Karen Straughan 3:29:00 Mark Ceb 3:37:30 TheRalph 4:07:15 Harmful Opinions 4:41:10 Shoe0nHead (has her bunny with her) 4:44:00 Armoured Skeptic 4:49:30 That Guy T 5:23:00 Margeret ===>5:35:50 Shoe Puts a shoe on her head 5:36:30 Professor F