Getting a late start on the day, but as always, there’s plenty of drama. Today’s kerfuffle involves Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin and his recent suspension from Twitter. He put out a video about it below, but we’ve learned some new details since then.

Since the time of this vid (around 4 hours ago) we’ve learned that Sargon was actually suspended for tweeting a gay porn image at a guy who goes by the name of @yung_doman. I looked at his account and noticed that we had each other blocked. So, I then searched my name in conjunction with his and found out something interesting. This is actually “Kacho/Tim,” whose biggest claim to fame until now was threatening to kill himself after Tim Schafer’s joke about GamerGate at the GDC in 2015. Keep in mind, Kacho had already quit GamerGate months before, he just wanted to get in on some sympathy action.

Oh, and he’s also been known to threaten suicide if females refused to send him nude pics. This guy has some serious game, in other words.

What a strong, independent NEET. Some over-the-hill gamedev made a shitty joke. Time to leave this planet! Anyway, Sargon kinda got played, there’s no denying that. Kacho is a loser and a guy who has literally nothing to offer this planet. Even he agrees with that. He should just be blocked off-top if you’re someone with something to offer. But, shit happens. Hopefully Sargon comes back with a new account. I’m not going to throw him under the bus, like NoHair0nhead Shoe0nhead did. Shit happens.