Time for some YouTube drama. Onision has started a public campaign of mass flagging and reporting of another YouTuber, an 18-year-old Canadian girl called Evalion (who happens to have a much smaller channel).



This morning, I tried to finish watching a video she made that I had started watching the night before, but once I reloaded the page, I was greeted with this message:


It wasn’t limited to this particular video, either. It’s affecting her whole channel:


This was caused by Onision’s campaign against her that he started on May 16th, 2016 with his video entitled: “Evalion Must Be Stopped“, where he actually shows how to go about the process of reporting all her videos.


Out of his 2,100,000 subscribers, some of his hardcore fans have been following his lead and proceeded with the flagging/reporting.







If the censorship campaign on YouTube wasn’t enough, he also encouraged his 314,000 followers on Twitter to report her.


I guess he changed his previous stance concerning videos people don’t like.


I have recently interviewed her for my “Origins” video series, which tells the story of famous and less famous YouTubers alike (Ralph was previously featured) and she became a close real life friend of mine.




She was recently featured in a “Troll or Not troll” segment of the Drunken Peasants where they determined that she was indeed the real deal.

She was also the subject of a video by LeafyIsHere, who did a review of her channel. His initial premise was that she was just trolling for views, but then he came around to the realization that she’s truthful in her beliefs.


I initially got interested by her as a cultural phenomenon that was gaining attention. In the past week, her channel grew from 11,000 subscribers to a whopping 61,000. It might not sound that impressive at first glance but that’s a 5-fold increase in a single week, compared to some other budding YouTubers (like me) that struggle for months or even years to reach a few hundreds or thousands subscribers.

We became close friends over time and even reached 1488 followers on Twitter the exact same day.



I feel the need at this point to specify that I don’t share her views and I am not alt-right or a National Socialist (Nazi), but I can separate the ideology and beliefs from the person. She is simply a young girl who makes YouTube videos, with her mom often barging into her room during conversations or online streams to ask her to do chores.

Mooooooom! You’re embarrassing me on the internet!

She is not the monster that Onision would like everybody to believe she is. She was saddened recently by the loss of her pet cat, Nounou.





There were even rumors at some point that we were dating.






Why do I care?

She’s a close real life friend of mine and that alone would be enough for me to stand up for her if someone tries to publicly destroy her livelihood.

I’m a YouTuber too and have been involved recently in some unsolicited drama involving Wooly Bumblebee and her husband, even though I tried to remain neutral as much as I could. I’ve always been opposed to internet drama caused by fame seekers. If the bigwig YouTubers want to have a go at it among themselves, fine by me, but when they use their established position of prestige to attempt to crush smaller YouTubers, especially when rallying their thousands or millions of followers, I have to object.

I have reposted with her permission some of her safe videos on my channel to keep her memory alive.

Why should you care?

Everybody should have the right to free speech, especially on the internet. She has some quirky beliefs, but then again, everybody has some. It is better to have those beliefs out in the open so that they can be challenged publicly instead of secreting them away in a cabalistic echo chamber where they get only reinforced without opposition.

If you don’t agree with what she has to say, just don’t listen. Nobody is forcing you to. On the other hand, some people might be interested by what she has to say.

Who are you to decide for them what they should be allowed to listen to?

Would you like those same people to decide for you what you should be allowed to listen to instead?

I have asked cultural critic, writer and identitarian Mary Whittier, who writes articles about similar topics as Evalion, what her thoughts are on the whole situation.

Evalion is a bright young videographer with a unique way of looking at the world. Free speech laws exist to protect people like her because the things she says are provocative. I like what libertarian Henry Hyde had to say about this: “Free speech is meaningless unless it tolerates speech that we hate.”


EDITOR’S UPDATE: Evalion’s channel has now been terminated by YouTube…






  1. Free speech is being squashed daily with the help of corporations, governments, and big money. Also citizens that do not know the Constitution must be taught. This just cannot be tolerated. If that one freedom ever gets pulled down the rest will follow. This cannot be allowed.

    1. you do realize the guidelines which warranted her ban have been in place since the sites creation, back in 2005

      1. Actually those guidelines are from Google, because Google has a Jewish ownership factor which is 3350% over-represented in regards to executives and 2000% in regards to directors, as well 4 out of 6 of the executives at Google are Jews. Israel, Jews and Zionism could be criticized before Google acquired YouTube – afterwards it became against the rules entirely and you are eventually banned for it irregardless of how much in “good taste” it is.

        1. They had 4 rules up coming to the end of 2005, hateful content, violent or graphic, nudity or sexual content and threats, were always there, when google acquired it and integrated it, they added more, this is when they tried to make us use google+ along with our real names to post comments

        2. i searched all the way back to 2006 for twitters original rules they pretty much had the same rules as youtube before they sold it, these were added this year barring trademark infringement, hate speech, and harassment.

        1. That’s because YouTube is understaffed, everyone who violates the guidelines will get punished for it, just as soon as a moderators see what you have on your channel or someone who commands a large fan base highlights your channel for the moderator to see it.

        2. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are no different, i think it takes 1,000 strikes in a hour for a moderator to get involved on facebook, same thing for twitter, it’s similar to azealia banks getting banned for hate speech and bullying on twitter, but it took 2 years for it to happen, she racially berated iggy azealea, threatened rape against sarah palin and she racially berated a One Dirictioner, iggy has millions of followers but they aren’t consistent, so when some of her followers reported banks, her account remained, because it wasn’t a priority and there wasn’t large amounts of people reporting her posts, she got striked for attacking palin because she has a huge base, then got buried alive after attacking a 14 year old disney star and the one dirictioner who has tens of millions of followers easily gets her account suspended

          when there’s thousands of people flagging things within a hour, action is taken almost immediately

        3. i can make a pro isis video and upload it to YouTube, it will pretty much be there forever until X amount of people show up and report it

    2. She can upload her content to Liveleak if it isn’t already there already since 95% of the users on that site echo those ideologies, The only thing that would get you banned on that site is if you uploaded child pornography and i think that’s even allowed i think

      1. Actually her content was removed from LiveLeak before, LiveLeak also bans content based on self-harm as was done today actually regarding a clip talked about over at InfoWars (“Pound of Flesh”), child pornography is subjective there since nudity in war footage is heavily prevalent but yes if it is actually that it is banned.

  2. It’s a wonder why Onision is still around. He’s on of the biggest hypocrites on the entire internet.
    Views meateaters as sub-humans – kills his own pet turtle and drove on a deer, killing it.
    Claims to be non-religious – treats his fanbase as a cult.
    Says he cares about other people – looks down on people disagreeing with him
    Ect ect ect…

    1. “Claims to be non-religious – treats his fanbase as a cult.”

      If I remember correctly, he actually DID have a cult for a short time.

    2. also he defends jews and jews are the most sadistic when it comes to killing animals , does he even know about kosher slaughter,the jews say that slitting an animals throat and letting it bleed out flopping around like a flounder out of water is the “most humane” way of slaughtering an animal these savages do not do believe in anesthetizing the animal 1st, hitler and the germans were absolutely horrified by this practice ,also they perform kapparot on yom kippur they abuse chickens in brookyln leaving them packed in crates so they can’t even move then they slit their throats and swing them above their head in their voodoo rituals to their retarded volcano god
      and this is nothing compred to the horrors these sick jew bastards do in israel at their weizmann institute ,this shit is absolutely horrific and sadistic

    1. So he is a youtube Faggot who abuses animals and thinks he’s god. I sure hope the grim reaper will be collecting his soul pretty soon.

      Still amazes me that losers has that many followings really, kinda shows how stupid the world is becoming.

      1. Hey, don’t call him a faggot, that is a slur on faggots. Not sure what group you could associate him with without unnecessarily maligning the group you associate him with though…maybe he is a Nazi? It would be ironic?

  3. One thing that nobody ever brings up about Onision is that he was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force and did not receive a “general discharge” as he claims. Further, he was never in tech school for special forces as he claims but actually went into the service with a guaranteed job as an SP (security police – ie: cop) and washed out during tech school due to disorderly conduct and failure to integrate into the Air Force way of life (no details known). From there he had the chance to cross train but attempted to get out so he claimed to his first shirt (First Sergeant) that he was gay and attracted to him (the first sergeant). He claims that he “stripped” in his First Sergeants office which does coincide with the letter of reprimand against him but it is my belief that those two instances were the same in that he stripped the day he professed being gay and attracted to that sergeant. From there he was moved onto detail duty which consists of mowing lawns around the base and doing manual labor type work until his dishonorable discharge came through. There was also a complaint against him by another service member who had a 16 year old daughter. While his DD214 does not show details of the reasoning and what actually happened he did receive an Article 15 for it so it must have been fairly bad.

    Long story short, he has skated with playing pretend about his military service for a long time and nobody has called him on it because (I assume) they generally think he is an overall scumbag anyhow but, the fact is, he is (of course) lying about the nature of his military service. In fact, the guy has never once held an actual job and he has been connected to many underage girls through the years. He is a grade A piece of shit if ever there was one so I never take anything he says seriously.

    1. Wait, he has been lying about his military service you say….

      And he was punished via Article 15 NJP you say….

      And he was served a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE for the things he did, as well as lying about him going SF and other such things.

      Doesn’t QUITE meet the merits of Stolen Valor, but this piece of shit needs to get tossed into the fire.

      1. I recently contacted “This Ain’t Hell” who exclusively deals with people such as this and provided them with all the information. Those guys are outstanding when it comes to finding out everything about issues like this and, frankly, it is stolen valor in many ways since he is claiming he received an honorable discharge which is untrue. Further with the way he downtalks the military and speaks poorly about the members and the way of life there is no doubt he satisfies there criteria. Usually they nail people who are worse but I hope they make an exception in this case due to how many young people he could effect adversely.

        Onision is so moronic to the point that he (apparently) doesn’t realize that status of military service is public record and easily verified. But yeah, definitely a stolen valor mongrel in my book.

        1. Hmmm, the way you put it like that, I looked more into the specifics of both Stolen Valor Act of 05 and 13. Yup, enough there of his claims that it can be construed that he meets criteria for stolen valor.

          Even if it ultimately doesn’t come up to legal snuff, this guy is a piece of shit and vets EVERYWHERE should be disgusted at this piece of trash.

        2. Hoh shit son, you called in This Ain’t Hell? Dayamn. They do not like stolen valor types. At ALL.


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          2. They’re also not so lenient on those that embellish their record, man or woman though the public at large is more willing to forgive women stealing valor (like Amy Jane) if they’re “hot.”

  4. Ugh.

    Obviously she shouldn’t be censored, but it’d be nice if maybe her parents could sit her down and maybe talk some sense into her. This is probably not going to seem so clever and edgy, a couple of years down the line…

    1. Evalion lives alone, unemployed, with her mother. I don’t think her father is around.

      And it wouldn’t even have seemed so clever and edgy a couple of weeks earlier if Jews were truly as evil and ruthless as she claims. She would have been decomposing by now.

  5. nothing I saw here showed me any reason why she should be censored

    she’s offending people but that is not a legitimate reason for censorship by itself

    and I’d say she got a sweet deal, more people (like me) now know who this person is, that’s nice publicity

    1. Considering the cuck writer of this article points out multiple times that he is a “real life personal friend” of Evalion’s, a fact he is excessively proud of, and concentrates more on her love of cats over her actual videos, I’m not surprised.

      I have no problems with neo-Nazi views, incidentally, but Evalion went much further than that.

      She specifically advocated “curbstomping” and “exterminating” Jews. A full-scale genocide/race war.

      Which is fine, too…but then don’t cry like a bitch when your opponents take you seriously and try to stop you.

      Frankly, she is rather lucky. She only had her Youtube shut down. It would be very easy for anyone to drive to the remote part of Canada where she lives with her mom (Evalion is unemployed, of course) and kill her.

      Probably why she picked on Jews and not the real enemy, Muslims. The latter would have done just that a long time ago.

  6. So is anyone flagging his video as an example of harassment and bullying like it actually is?

    That IS against Youtubes TOS…

    1. To be fair, her videos probably qualify as hate speech under youtube’s pussified hate speech guidelines…

      1. Just pointing out how Onision is a raging hypocrite.

        “Don’t pick on womens because feminisms!”

        “Pick on this bitch because feminisms!”

        Tired of this shit.

        1. Not hate speech because [Progressive Stack] + Punching up multiplied by copious amounts of SJWLogic….

    2. Is anyone flagging racist black people’s videos along with the vile feminist ones? It seems that all social media sites are lenient towards regressive lefties while those not toeing the line is hung out to dry.

  7. While I’m not a fan of her pro-Nazi views and beliefs, it does suck that she got removed from YouTube while complete cucks like Onision and Steve Shives are free to spew their spineless, condescending rhetoric.

  8. Onision is one of the biggest sanctimonious hypocritical pieces of shit on youtube! He fucks jail-bait, claims to be a proud feminist for the wmyns yet emotionally manipulates & psychologically destroyed past girlfriends. Nigga needs to be taken to the wood shed

    1. That wouldn’t do anything since he hasn’t made a video that has violated community guidelines, you would be wasting your time and probably get banned for false reporting, tell Evalion to upload her videos to Liveleak, the only thing they prohibit on that site is child pornography.

        1. if you compare both of their bases, it would be a building vs a ant, leaving bad reviews on his books will only make his subs swarm the review page, a few hundred bad reviews would be buried in thousands of good ones, if his subs were that willing to defend a book lol

          1. also, there are channels similar to Evalions on youtube, a moderator could have seen her videos and banned her without, onisions followers mass flagging her channel

          2. the only reason why channels like hers are still up is because YouTube has at best less than 100 moderators, the mass flagging lit her channel up like a Christmas tree, i remember reading about them being understaffed

      1. You’re missing the entire point. Firstly, You Tube is a public forum (or at least purports to be), it’s absurd ONE MAN (or a select few) determine both the “guidelines” all should obey and what exactly constitutes as “offensive.” What is offensive to some might not be to others, and vice versa. I have seen MUCH more arguably offensive and degenerate crap that for whatever insane reason has managed to squeak by the censors, and am quite sure others can concur.

        You say “community guidelines,” WHAT community? Am I not part of the You Tube community? Aren’t you? When You Tube set these “guidelines” did they have a vote? Did they consort their users? Did they ask us what we thought constitutes as “offensive”? What we felt was fair? No! They took it upon themselves to set rules that billions of people would reluctantly conform to. And people wonder what leads to anarchy, coups, etc. And to add insult to injury, You Tube ACTUALLY has the audacity to assert they SUPPORT free speech. They only support speech THEY approve, and that isn’t free speech, that’s a tyrant who, with a smug grin on his face, tells you “of course you say whatever you like,” as he duplicitously strokes his gun.

        Why not let You Tubers decide? Why do they delete an ENTIRE person’s profile; HOURS, WEEKS, YEARS worth of time and effort because of ONE F****ING GUY? Who the f*** cares what Onision finds offensive? Your “safe space” is curled up in the fetal position, hiding under your bed, it’s NOT on the internet. If you go on the internet or out in public you ARE going to be offended, you WILL offend others, THAT’S LIFE. And as suggested, if we can’t speak freely on the internet, if we can’t say EXACTLY what we want – not simply limited to what others say we can – WHERE THE HELL CAN WE? What’s the point of even having a voice, a vote, an opinion if it’s just going to be decided by someone else?

        1. Are you giving me the thumbs up to upload Pro Isis videos? i know what you’re going to say. Isis doesn’t support free speech, as shown by the two attacks that happened in Paris, but every video i have seen them upload before the video got taken down. it was similar to evalion, all you have to do is swap out westerner/infidel and put in Jew, i don’t think they have uploaded a video to YouTube that called for censoring of free speech only shitty quality recruitment videos. hate speech guidelines were there since the sites creation. they only slapped on a few more guidelines when they integrated google and the other platforms.

          1. I see, so according to you and You Tube, making a pro-Adolf Hitler video – or at least a video that doesn’t regard him as the impunity of evil – is akin to cutting someone’s head off?

            Such content should be regarded and treated equally?

            I haven’t seen all of Evalion’s videos, but I’m curious, has she actually advocated violence against Jews? As far as I can tell she’s only pointed out Jews control Hollywood, the banks, Federal Reserve, etc.,. – all TRUE by the way. Is pointing all that out akin to invoking murder?

          2. “I haven’t seen all of Evalion’s videos, but I’m curious, has she actually advocated violence against Jews?”

            Yes, she has. I’m fine with free speech too, but if you advocate mass violence, then be prepared for anything and everything to be done to you in retaliation.

            Advocating for a full-scale race war/genocide and then crying like bitches when a Youtube channel gets shut down makes her side look weak and pathetic. At least the actual Nazis were a competent, brave, and intelligent bunch, even if they were evil. The neo-Nazis have about as much in common with them as a modern-day SJW has in common with the Greatest Generation.

            Rather smart to go after Jews and not Muslims, though. Had she done the latter, she might have had her head cut off by now.

            Which will happen eventually anyways, since she lives in Canada and Trudeau is importing in the Death Cult by the tens of thousands.

            But I’m sure she will continue ranting about the “evil Joooos” as she is being raped to death by a jihadi. Oh well.

          3. 99% of the time it has been the Muslim radicals who were born and bred in the country committing terrorist attacks, When we joined the US in iraq we got 7/7’d by radical Muslims, almost happened again but police managed to lead a successful sting, They were all born and bred here, same thing that happened happened in France and Brussels and now to you with that army doctor, the guy who decapitated a colleague at work, the two brothers at the marathon and now the radical Muslim couple with the AR-15’s that died in a shoot out.

            We’ve taken in quite a few refugees, but it’s obvious the people that intend to deploy nail bombs and cause chaos in my country are already here and in your country too.

          4. (a). Advocating for the removal/repatriation of Jews, Muslims, blacks, etc., isn’t the same as advocating for their killing. Humans are tribal-oriented and logically prefer the company of members of their own. It is also natural that Whites would want to kick-out non-whites from their societies. If you’re going to condemn Whites for that then you have no choice but to condemn Indians for kicking out Pakistanis, blacks for kicking out Whites in Rhodesia, and Israelis for kicking out Palestinians, etc. #NoDoubleStandardsForWhites

            (b). Pointing out that Whites are disproportionately assaulted, raped, murdered and discriminated against by non-whites and that Whites should fight back, also isn’t advocating a “race war” – it is countering the violence and discrimination already being committed.

            Unless Evalion has suggested that White armies mercilessly invade an African society of blacks or an Israel hutch of Jews minding their own business, I see no evidence of a declaration of race-war.

            “Evil,” only “racist” is perhaps a more subjective term. Was Stalin not evil? What about Castro? Che? Mao? Is Zionism not evil? Is it not a racial supremacist indoctrination? Is the state of Israel not evil? Palestinians might disagree. Several of Israel’s former Prime Ministers e.g. Sharon, Begin and Shamir, were confirmed terrorists and mass-murders. Were they not evil? Was Baruch Goldstein – the Orthodox Jewish gunman who shot over 30 Palestinians kneeling in prayer – not evil? Who decides who or what is evil again?

            And of course Jews, such as George Soros – who immediately stopped funding the extreme anti-white hate group FEMEN once they threatened to open a chapter in Israel – and Mark Zuckerberg – who has a zero tolerance policy on Facebook against critiques of Islam – are blameless. They have no role in importing Muslims, or with supplying them with rights and a platform, or with establishing policies and laws that punish the “Goyim” (which literally translates to cattle) when they criticize Muslims and immigration. After all, Arabs control Canadian and American media and foreign policies.

          5. Funny you mention George Soros.

            He was a proud Nazi collaborator who states that his time hunting and killing hundreds of Jews was the “happiest time of my life”.


            Oh, and he wants to destroy Israel, too.

            By that rubric, Evalion and you should love the guy. Only problem is, he ALSO wants to destroy the US and exterminate you along with the Jews.


            I guess that’s how the French (who loved Hitler and welcomed him with open arms into Paris) and British (Hitler had huge support in all quarters of their leadership, including most infamously Edward 8th) felt during World War 2.

            Turns out that their fellow Jew-haters weren’t exactly fond of them of, either…

            As for the rest, if “Zionism is evil”, so is white nationalism. Are you really too stupid to understand how that works?

          6. “… he wants to destroy Israel, too.”

            Really, then why did he immediately stop financing FEMEN when they wanted to open a chapter in Israel? Also, what exactly is your concern for Israel? You seem quite gaga over it. I am actually pro-Palestinian myself. What are your thoughts on Palestinians?

            Excuse me, but did France and the U.K. not declare war on Germany first? Say what you will about Hitler, the man did everything in his power to avoid war (wish that I could say the same about my country), and was outing the one group that nobody is allowed to talk about. Suppose that everything Hitler said about the Jews was correct, that they do unfairly and disproportionately dominate the West – in academics, politics, media, baking and finances, the federal reserve, etc., – which they then exploit and leverage to their own in-group advantage at the expense of everyone else – what do YOU think should be done? Should they just be ignored? Pardoned? Allowed to continue doing what they do? No criticism? No opposition?

            You are Jewish, aren’t you? Your consistent almost pathological angry defense of Israel and Zionism leads me to believe that you are. Anyone who legitimately supports secularism and indigenous rights and opposes colonialism, segregation and apartheid and racial supremacy logically would oppose Israel and Zionism – anyone that doesn’t, while still supporting or opposing those aforementioned things is obviously an abysmal liar and hypocrite.

            Where did I say I was a White Nationalist? Where did I say I was a Hitler-lover? I distrust Jews, yes, but not for the reasons you think. I don’t dislike Jews because I’m a neo-Nazi who wishes to revive the Third Reich. I dislike like Jews because I find them to collectively be generally unpleasant people. They’re pathological liars, bitter and deceitful hypocrites, self-centered opportunists, schizophrenic control-freaks, manipulators and corruptors, and this is based on Jewish words, on Jewish writing, and on centuries of consistent Jewish history, not the ramblings of a single man 90-years-ago.

          7. “I am actually pro-Palestinian myself.”

            Excellent. Hamas is allied with ISIS and one of their goals is to the eradication of white “Anglo-Saxon” Catholics like yourself. This will make it easier for them to exterminate you.

            You’re as much of a suicidal cuck as the “male feminists” and white SJWs railing against “white supremacy”.

            They too are “pro-Palestinian”.

            And it’s hilarious that you admit to getting all your opinions of Jews being evil from books. So, incidentally, does the Death Cult!

            Only problem is there are way more of them than you, and they’re learning how to kill you while you make ass-lickingly stupid posts online obsessing about “the Joooooosss”.

            Don’t scream too much when they saw your head off. 🙂

          8. ISIS is clearly an ally of Israel. There have been strong links from the CIA (and I suspect Mossad) to ISIS – which Gen. Wesley Clarke himself more-or-less admitted on CNN. ISIS has never attacked Israel – it can reach France, Belgium, Sweden, but oddly enough not Israel – nor has ISIS attacked Saudi Arabia or Turkey – these countries are coincidently in alignment with Israel. The Saudi Prince even endorsed Netanyahu’s Prime Minister campaign, and was even an advisor.

            “… one of their goals is to the eradication of white “Anglo-Saxon” Catholics like yourself …”

            Well, if not for the simultaneous abolishing of segregation, White and Christian only immigration-and-citizenship-based policies, and the spreading of Communism and Marxism (both Jewish creations by the way) carried out throughout the entire White world in the 1960s, by a largely Jewish collective, I wouldn’t have to be worried, now would I? Effectively, you’re arguing that I’m going to be killed for something that Jews collectively basically caused 50-years-ago, and somehow it’s my fault.
            About the only thing you and I seem to agree on is the need to send all the Jews to Israel. I can certainly get on board with that.

          9. Yes, ISIS being allies with Israel makes perfect sense considering they frequently chant “death to the Jews” and have allied with and fund Hamas. Moron.

            Was 9/11 an inside job, and the moon landing faked, too?

            ISIS hasn’t attacked Israel for the same reason they haven’t attacked Iran, Saudi Arabia, or even Israel’s neighbor, Jordan. Because they know they will be wiped out in all cases.

            I know, I know, it must suck that there is actually a terrorist organization out there only funding, but not launching attacks on Israel, a hard target, and focusing on much softer targets…like yourself. I’m sure that’s very upsetting and triggering for you.

            And I’m sure endlessly long, stupid, conspiracy theories ramblings will save you. Or support for a Death Cult affiliate like the Fakestinians which would just as soon separate your worthless head from its shoulders.

            As for where Jews choose to live, where exactly do you live yourself, at present?

          10. Oh, and Soros and Zuckerberg are among the most evil people in the world.

            However, calling either of them Zionist is like that London Labor idiot that called Hitler a Zionist.

            (Incidentally, Soros doesn’t consider himself Jewish, on top of the whole proudly helping Nazis and try to destroy Israel part)

          11. “… Soros and Zuckerberg are among the most evil people in the world.”

            Could not agree more, although I suspect for conflicting reasons.

            “… calling either of them Zionists Is like that London Labor idiot that called Hitler a Zionist.”

            Firstly, I believe that the London MP was referring to the evidence that Hitler did in fact collaborate with Zionist groups – as well documented in the likes of “The Transfer Agreement” by the Jew Edwin Black. There are of course no records of a plan to exterminate the Jews, but plenty to suggest a plan of mass-expulsion and repatriation – I believe Madagascar was noted prior to Palestine – but this of course totally undermines and completely contradicts the image of Hitler created by Jewish Hollywood and overall mas-hysteria, and as well as possibly the Holocaust itself, so I image that most Jews – who have benefitted enormously – do indeed wish – right or wrong – to cling onto the golden goose. Secondly, how are Soros and Zuckerberg not Zionists?

            “… Soros doesn’t consider himself Jewish”

            That really matters to me. Incidentally, despite being born a White Anglo-Saxon Catholic, I consider myself Jewish, and therefore am Jewish, and therefore am authorized to represent and speak on behalf of Jews, as well as to scold and shame Jews whenever I feel they are misbehaving and generally doing things that I feel harm or undermine the interests of our fellow man.

          12. Soros should be your idol. He was a proud Nazi collaborator that killed hundreds of Jews and wishes to wipe out Israel.

            Why do you consider him evil at all?

            As stupid Jew-haters are eternally surprised by, the people who want to kill all the Jews ALSO have no problems killing you as well. Europe, which loved and supported Hitler in 1939, ended up being very surprised, too.

            And since you’re a Catholic, shouldn’t you be more worried that your Pope hates his constituency and is constantly supporting and helping the Death Cult invasion of Europe, as well as assorted Marxist dictators?

            Zuckerberg is also a fan of the Death Cult and has shut down numerous pro-Israel groups on Facebook. A great many Jews are anti-Zionist in the same way a great many white SJWs are anti-white.

          13. Lol. Where did I say I wanted to wipe out Israel? You’re being very Jewish right now; equating non-enthusiastic support for Israel to plotting to exterminate Jews. It’s been demonstrated that Jews are predisposed to schizophrenia, a genetic disorder and “stereotype” you aren’t doing a good job at refuting.
            Let me be blunt, I am not a Jewish Zionist Israeli chauvinist, and therefore, am able to empathize with Palestinians as human-beings who have equally as much right to a homeland and an identity as much as anyone else. What, I should just tell the Palestinians to “piss-off”? I shouldn’t care about the bad deal Palestinians are getting, or about the Jews/Israel continuously entrenching onto more-and-more land (via their Greater Israel scheme?)
            I will support a small, reasonable Israel providing that:
            a.) All Jews in the European and Western Diaspora relocate to Israel – no exceptions, no double standards, and no privileges of any kind. All Jews will export their income and devices to Israel or relinquish them to the “Gentiles.” All academic and political authority, media and entertainment will revert back to the indigenous – as it should be. If Jews insist on DNA/ancestry-determined citizenship, then I think it’s only fair that every European country has identical policies, would you concur?
            b.) Their borders are established, and will not inflate ever. That is, if Jews attempt to seize partial land in Jordon, Syria, Lebanon, or the decreed Palestinian portion – as they currently are, and I don’t care how small – they will nullify any agreement, and I cannot support Israel, and in fact will likely side with the nations/peoples the Israelis are entrenching on – as any rational person would.
            “… Soros was a proud Nazi collaborator …”
            And now he’s a radical anti-Russian, anti-white globalist, who promotes the mongrelization and femnization of Europe. Soros is a devout endorser of the Kalergi plan, I’m sure I don’t need to inform you about the Kalergi plan, and what it purports to achieve?
            “… Soros killed hundreds of Jews …”
            So did Typhus, and probably a lot more than any gas chambers. Perhaps we should blame the Germans for not being able to effectively transfer food and medical vaccines quick enough, upon having their roads and railways decimated by the Allied Forces.
            You’re more than welcome to continue clinging onto the golden goose, my friend. The rest of the world is just not buying it anymore.
            “… since you’re a Catholic, shouldn’t you be more worried that your Pope hates his constituency and is constantly supporting and helping the Death Cult invasion of Europe, as well as assorted Marxist dictators?”
            I said that I was born Catholic, I didn’t say I was still one. Like you – I suspect – I’m an atheist. And like you – I suspect – I’m more concerned about the wellbeing and preservation of my people, rather than my religion. As for the Pope, a clear Zionist sympathizer – never seems to include Israel in his, “world without borders,” speech – I personally think Christianity itself is a flawed and maladaptive religion. Paganism was far better for Europe than that Semitic-created Middle-Eastern imported dystopian theology, which puts everyone but White people, the very people that have wrought it, on a pedestal. An unworldly, supernatural religion that is more concerned about the afterlife rather than the here-and-now. About the only good quality of Christianity, and the one that Jews so happen to revile, is that it was founded by apostate Jews who rejected and sought to spread awareness of the tribal, chauvinistic, and contradictive ways of Judaism – but to what extent is questioned by the likes of Nietzsche, Julius Evola, and Savitri Devi, who believed that Jesus was a charlatan, and possibly a Jewish Nationalist who was merely seeking to exert his tribe’s interests in his own way (i.e. creating a religion which just happens to be forgiving to Jews). Not surprised about Christianity’s appeal to Marxism. Unlike Judaism, Christianity isn’t an ethno-centric religion which reverse and safeguards the distinct gene-pools of the people it governs. It’s a color-blind supernatural theology only concerned about the “utopian afterlife.” Personally I believe for Europe to truly thrive and survive, in addition to expelling both Islam and Judaism, Christianity will also have to be banished, or at least greatly, greatly, greatly reformed. Any ideology – including a religious one – not actively pursuing our national, ancestral, traditional, and ethnic interests must be considered as actively working against them. In other words, if you don’t pursue eugenics, you get dysgenics by default.

          14. I didn’t read most of that rambling gibberish, but you shouldn’t support Fakestinians for the same reason you shouldn’t support ISIS and Iran, whose arguments against the US and West are identical to those of Fakestinians against Israel.

            Unless you want to be exterminated, of course. Which, given your stupidity, perhaps you might.

          15. “… you shouldn’t support Fakestinians …”

            Listen, Jew. I will support whomever I choose. While I DO support homelands and self-determination for ALL people – including (!) Palestinians, and reluctantly the Choseninites – I do NOT support colonialism, or ethnic cleansing, or a racial supremacist doctrine that warrants domination over people or other people’s land – that is why I equally oppose Islam as I do Judaism and Zionism. Contrary to the claims of media and neo-Kohn Chosenites, there is actually very little difference between Islam and Judaism – both are Semitic alien religions which seek to dominate over other lands, cultures, and races, each in their own way, Islam more directly and volatilely, and Judaism more covertly. After all, the Chosenites have not been expelled from over 100 countries for no reason.

            The fact is that Jews are not a special or chosen people, you only think you are. So if you were expecting some serious brownnosing out of me, placing the Jews onto some majestic pedestal, you are conversing with the wrong person. I would recommend a low IQ evangelical NASCAR fan, they might buy into your horses**t. I however firmly believe that Jews are nothing special. That they are not above criticism, nor are they exempt from the same standards and rules that everyone else on this planet is confined to.

            The Jews, quite simply, are not a normal people. They are an obnoxious, self-driven, subversive, schizophrenic people who historically invade and corrupt the host people of the nations within they dwell, all while simultaneously believing that they are better. No respect, no consideration for anyone aside from their own (simply read Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s work, most notably The Culture of Critique). Personally I am indeed beginning to see the necessity of a separate Jewish state where the world can remove the burden Jews festering their societies, and quarantine them – like a spoiled child in time-out. I think that would be the best thing for the planet really.

            Right, and naturally Israel is America’s greatest ally, “der, der, der … they took our jobs.” Israel only has dual citizens controlling our foreign policies – meanwhile, if you are not ethnically Jewish you cannot even live in Israel – crippling our economies, opening our borders, demanding that our leaders gravel to them, stealing a whopping $9 million a day in “foreign aid,” demand another $trillion on top of that, has deliberately attacked the U.S. via the U.S. Liberty in an effort to frame Egypt and other Israeli enemies, etc. Like I said buddy, try some evangelical. I am really beginning to understand precisely what Hitler meant about “arguing with Jews.”

          16. “has she actually advocated violence against Jews” Yes she has and quite frequently

          17. you obviously wont be able to see the videos now because YouTube is in the process of scrubbing all her material of the site, but she recently tweeted a dropbox download with her older videos in it.

        2. There are plenty of sites that don’t have the 4 guidelines that she violated, such as Live leak

          1. True, but Evalion didn’t want to upload her videos on Live Leak, she wanted to upload them onto You Tube.

            I see, so your solution isn’t to challenge You Tube or some other mainstream, but to retreat into the darkness. Retreat to a less social site. To upload her videos on a small site where maybe a few dozen people can see them instead of a much larger more popular site where thousands, millions can see them, because they might be “offensive”?

        3. Youtube was created by 3 people that hold strong liberal values. chad hurley. steven or steve chen, and jawed karim, they later sold it to google, which again has strong liberal values, The same thing goes for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, all their guidelines are pretty much identical.

          1. I don’t care if You Tube was created by transsexual ex-Weathermen ’60s radicals. The paradigm is shifting – this should be obvious. Each day, more and more people are getting fed up with immigration, refugees, Zionism, Socialism, Communism, Israel, multiculturalism, tolerance and sensitivity indoctrination, Holocaust propaganda, minority pandering, censorship, being told that everyone else and every other group matters but you and yours, etc., any platform that attempts to silence such are only burying themselves. At some point You Tube’s creators will have to decide what’s more important, their “principles” or money, they wont be able to have their cake and eat it too. Eventually a platform will arise that offers what You Tube wont: immunity, freedom, etc. I mean does You Tube really believe they’ll be able to silence people indefinitely without opposition? Without competition?

            As for You Tube’s creators being legitimately “Liberal,” I have suspicions otherwise. I think they’re just opportunists who will panhandle to the dominate ideology. Once that dominate ideology changes via Trump, etc., that’s what they’ll start pandering to. Let’s examine Mark Zuckerberg for instance. He’s a Zionist Jew who supports Israel – an ethno-state who’s citizenship is actually determined by DNA testing, and that routinely persecutes minorities via Palestinian Muslims; and I believe Google’s creators are also Israeli-supporting Zionist Jews – I’m to believe such people actually care about minority or Islamic rights? Nonsense. They’re deceitful opportunists, and I doubt You Tube’s creators are any different.

        4. What i’m trying to say is you already have a YouTube that doesn’t have those guidelines in place, that is live leak, the only thing thats different is you cant make a live stream YouTube will not change, Twitter will not change, Facebook will not change and Instagram will not change

          1. I remember the whole Lars Ulrich/Napster fiasco, he really thought he accomplished something, but joke’s on him as I can go to just about any website, including You Tube, and listen to a Metallica song for free. In 10 short years it’s gone from CDs to downloads, to monetization to free content. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Facebook, for instance, is already rapidly losing its base – it’s predicted to loose more than 70% within 10 years – why? The answer is obvious, Facebook is a strict Red Guard, people aren’t freely able to speak their minds, and are actively the targets of internet witch-hunts. After all, how many people have lost their Facebook accounts for merely posting a comment about Syrian refugees? Thousands? Millions?

            A day will come when a website totally equal to You Tube, Facebook, etc., with billions of users, but with absolute user control and freedom – it’s simple Darwinism. So You Tube will change, it will remove their “guidelines,” or it will be replaced. You Tube either evolves or it dies. Most people, oddly enough, don’t want to live with “guidelines” that they don’t agree to. They don’t want to be silenced by some self-righteous prick for merely having a different opinion. Even Onision would be throwing an absolute fit if he were to get shut down for merely having said or done something that someone found “offensive.”

  9. If there’s anyone who has less right to judge other people than Onision, I haven’t found them yet. He’s said and done some messed up shit, like abusing one of his wives/girlfriend, starting a cult, and pressuring an under-aged fan into sex. Gregory needs to put down the stones and start picking out the dozens of glass shards embedded in his face.

  10. The very definition of free speech is to protect dumbass children like this and allow them to make stupid, uninformed videos until they realize for themselves that they are completely full of shit.
    TRUE liberals, those who believe in TRUE freedom and artistic liberty, will ALWAYS speak out against censorship. Always. Unfortunately, the progressive movement has been taken over by a new religious zealotry, one based around identity politics and bullshit. It’s a damn shame.
    While this girl deserves to express her absurd views however she wants, she isn’t worthy of being a cause worth Fighting for. Any Brit, American, Frenchman who had grandparents who fought and died destroying the Nazis shouldn’t find this little bitch cute or funny. She should have every right to make her dumb videos, but the fact that she makes them doesn’t make her a hero. At all.

    1. What do you have to say to Germans whose grandfathers died in the firebombings, fighting valiantly for their country like these same grandfathers you mention, or the civilians massacred in total war by the Allies only to later be displayed as “Holocaust victims”? On the other side of that, what would these same American, British and Frenchmen say if the fight that their kin put up was never actually necessary, that to kill people who were essentially brothers & sisters, never had to happen? You can make a simplified statement but the answer is still much more complicated than that, even those who fought in the war, you cannot discount mixed feelings and views on each side during the war or the friendship even “enemies” had at times.

      Because that is the hard truth, that is the truth which smashes the entire narrative which perpetuates the degradation and subversion of our civilization, this has always been a subject which has been allowed in “minor societies” such as Finland – but it is not allowed in the West because the war could never have been justified without such indoctrination and subversive propaganda.

      It will always be suppressed for this primary reason until the scum is dragged from their seat of command and control.

      Luckily that day is coming soon brother.

    2. Here’s what I was told after the police paid me a visit for a non explicit post: your followers may be influenced…

      liberal cities have limited the 1st amendment and pick and choose what other amendments can be allowed.

    1. Yeah, “Too afraid” because advocating for mass race warfare and genocide usually doesn’t turn out well for ANYONE.

      It didn’t even work out well for for Nazi Germany, as millions upon million of them died and the country was utterly destroyed.

      But I’m sure JD Fox above, who writes about how “chan culture is a proving ground for young men”, would totally survive and even thrive in a conflict that would make WW2 seem like Sunday school picnic.


      1. I too am sure that I will thrive in such an environment. Thank you for the vote of confidence, a little bit of a boost each day makes a difference.

        1. You’ll “thrive” alright…inside of an oven.

          Or perhaps a tall lamppost. Your mastery of “chan culture” will come in handy for both, I’m sure.

  11. I don’t think Evalion’s a real NS. Roosh wrote an article about how red pill women are usually feminists in disguise once.

  12. “This (Evalion’s channel being terminated) was caused by Onision’s campaign against her”

    You are a newbie to the far-right scene. Evalion’s channel isn’t the first to be shut down and it won’t be the last one of its kind to be censored. It got removed because it promoted views which violate JewTube’s policy. Onision is just a youtuber. He does not run the international show. The mainstream media will never ever allow someone like Evalion to promote her views. She needs to find a censorship resistant host which unfortunately will limit her audience. That is her only hope.

  13. Everything was okay in the article until the part about the dating rumor. God, you are such a little faggot…

  14. Youtube is not a place to “have the right to freespeech”. They have policies and rules. And all youtubers need to respect these rules. Be her content “criminal” and that stimulates and exalts racism or not. Just that it does not obey the rules that you agreed to when you created the channel in youtube.

    If she did not obey the rules to which she agreed to when she created the channel, youtube is right to suspend her account.
    This is not an attack to free speech, It’s the site’s policy that she agreed and used to promote racist ideas… no mather If she has a cat, if she is sad, if she has a mother and normal life or not.
    Promote racism as well is a crime. Free Speech, in all free countries, comes along with responsibility for what you express. Having freespeech is not equal to have the right to offend and commit crimes through the word.

    Report the others, too.

  15. Well shit, as long as Evalion likes cats and is a “real life personal friend” of the author’s, which he repeats ad naseum (a gamma tell?), then she must be swell! And her views wonderful and intelligent!

    Hey, Hitler loved dogs and was a vegetarian, too! “Life” magazine ran a glowing tribute to him in the mid 1930s talking about his life of dogs and his excellent taste in architecture.

    Stalin too was a real animal lover too, as is Obama. All swell people too, according to the cuck author!

  16. yes freedom of speech- but i know the truth annoyed some higher ups – the zionist jews in fact- they afraid of the truth- a lot of people don’t believe their lies anymore

  17. Why don’t people understand what Free Speech is?
    Your right to freedom of speech is ONLY inflicted upon when THE GOVERNMENT silences/prevents you from expressing any ideas you have.
    Corporations have the right to take down anything they feel misrepresents/damages their brand. Youtube/Google is no different. Otherwise, where do you draw the line? Should Youtube allow hardcore pornography? Is taking down hardcore pornography inflicting upon the owner’s, of said pornography, freedom of speech?
    Should Youtube allow ISIS beheading videos and other graphically violent videos to remain on Youtube as taking them down infringes on the owner’s (of the videos) freedom of speech?

    Freedom of Speech only applies to the government inflicting upon your right to say or express what you want to.
    It doesn’t mean we should FORCE individuals to allow any and all ideas to be expressed on their personal websites or companies to do the same.

  18. Please understand that we’re dealing with someone who has suffered psychological damage in her past, as well as being exposed to factors of which were not properly explained to her. Like a runaway train. I do not believe she is a troll. I believe she is pro what she says. But I dont think she understands why. I dont believe she understands how it came to this. Psychologically speaking she is a product of neglect in multiple shapes. And her being in her identity phase will only strenghten her views due to her being steadfast in her opinion and belief.

    I believe, hope she will realize some things as she gets older, and truly hope she wont be permanently scarred by this negative evolution of her identity and psyché. Listening to the podcast highlights that shes clearly not taking this seriously and her arguements fall flat.

    I believe some happened to her in her past. Her youth. And that has set her on a path which leads her towards intolerance, over-generalization and jugmental view of the world as well as people.

    And can you blame her if shes been exposed to nothing but things, people and situations of which showed her no different. I encourage people to see her not for the identity she claims she has. Not for what she says. Not for what she believes in.

    See her as a girl. And ask yourself, why would she say these things. I dont buy the “its just me” approach. Most of the time there is always something deeper, if you’re willing to dig and search for it. She wants you to see her hatred.
    I say therefore: Look for what she doesn’t want you to see instead, because that could be the cause of which she contains so much disbelief in the world and hatred towards people who differ from her.

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