You have to hand it to Feminist Frequency’s (Fem Freq) Jonathan McIntosh. I never thought he would be so dishonest as to try to get out of his recent public positions by saying it was all an elaborate troll. He didn’t quite say that explicitly a couple nights ago, but when I parsed the language, that’s the impression I got. In reality, I think he’s full of horseshit. I don’t believe for one second that he’s been trolling us. The more likely story, is that he’s been catching heat from some business partners (*cough* Intel), and is using this as a way to try and cover up for his recent support of the terrorists who struck out at Charlie Hebdo earlier this month (among other things). The only problem is, he has a lifetime of extremism to account for. What’s his excuse there? Has he been trolling for 14 years?

I guess it’s possible, but I think the evidence points to him being a liar on the scale of his con-artist partner-in-crime, Anita Sarkeesian. You’ve seen the evidence, here, and elsewhere. I’m not the only one who isn’t buying it (McIntosh’s claims are listed first):Selection_747Selection_749Selection_750Selection_751

Like I said, no one is buying this shit (*except the SJW hivemind, of course). I laughed out loud when I first heard it. Then, I got a little disappointed. I hadn’t taken Josh Jonathan McIntosh for a complete coward, but I guess I misjudged him. The way he words the tweets is interesting as well. He said he only posted things he “basically agree[ed] with.” Like many others have said, spoken like a true politician. I guess you “basically agreed with” blaming mass shootings on video games and sympathizing with terrorist scum (all while blaming the victims).  Or is that something that you’re going to try and wash away as well?

I know one thing, GamerGate is never going to let you live down your actions over the last five months. Intel may turn a blind eye, but gamers everywhere are gonna know what shitbags you and Anita are. We have our media and community set up, and we’re not going away. There will always be people around to expose you. The compliant establishment gaming media, who censor and ostracize whichever community members they find troublesome, now has a challenger.

Yea, they’re admittedly a lot bigger. They have more money. You obviously don’t have to tell me that. But we’re only months into a multi-year project, and look at all we’ve done to change the landscape. They know we’re not going away. McIntosh is a coward who refuses to stand by his own asinine statements, while we have lions who relish defending their beliefs. I would take our crew over their’s any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

  1. Surprised he didn’t claim that someone hacked his account lol

    Fucking moron claiming to be provocative on purpose. Really? You’re really putting that shit out there? Even before the events of gamergate? How fucking stupid do you think we are?

  2. I spent a couple hours yesterday shitposting milo’s article about intel partnering with an anti semite and all its delicious links to th twitter of every single Jewish and Israeli news agency, newspaper and magazine, plus i sent it to AIPAC, B’nai Brith, The Anti-defamation League, Israeli embassys, th official twitter of th Israeli Prime Minister, Jewish community organizations, prominent conservative Israelis, Israeli business organizations, Israeli tech mags, etc,,,if a few more of you join in and pick from these mentioned, you’ll find their related profiles on each homepage full of new contacts…th larger community really don’t roll with FullMcintosh’s rhetoric and dont like to see schmendricks like him prospering while spewing that garbage….so take twenty minutes….get Milos article link and Ralphs thats related to his antisemitic babble…i plan to spread Ralphs tonight over some of th aforementioned folks i been to already,,,i only politely comment a word or two and paste th link,,,Wanna be a little bee in their ear and have a small swarm of you guys with me,,,till intel’s phones and emails get lit up and very warm,,,,not from angry gg folks,,,but from a more listened to group of people who despise that little punks shit talk as much as we do….

    1. hehehehhe Excellent work. The Anti-Defamation League is no joke. Get in bad with them, and you’re gonna have a bad tiiime!.

      I second this. Couple his most recent tweets about “joking” and “basically only posting things I agree with” along with his older tweets, especially ones from before gamergate – make sure to highlight the timestamp.

    2. I was doing that day one when intel partnered with him and people were like, I don’t feel comfortable bring this angle up, but hey I’m in for more.

      1. ,,,excellent initiative Phasmatis, and kudos…me, i always ignore tone policemen, especially if all we’re doing is being polite and and posting links, bringing something to their attention that they want to know about, The Anti Defamation League itself exists specifically to track down and document and name and shame this kind of crap anyway. Never forget means, hey if you hear some crazy goy talkin shit about us, we wanna know.,,.
        ,,,,if we were posting rumor, id have a problem, but Milos article links to all his older activities as well as current quotes, and its all there, documented. His work for Electronic Intafada alone aint gonna win him no fans with th ADL,,,but its his words,,,let him stand by them…
        ,,,to quote th philosopher William Smith: “Doan start nuthin’, woan be nuthin’.”

  3. Ah, this is why I got blocked for laughing at his dopey ass. Sorry, I’m mean I got expertly trolled by the mastermind Joshington McInJosh.

  4. “I’d only post things I basically agreed with” – confirmed, Johnathan McIntosh is anti-free speech/expression and pro-Islamic extremism, cuz the feelz of “immigrants” who deeply “feel” they need to murder westerners are important because “oppression”. W. T. Fuck.

    1. Yeah, this claim of joking won’t save him – Now we just have the “I was joking” and “I basically only posted things that I agreed with” to go along with his racist, sexist, anti-american, pro-terrorist tweets. LMFAO. Guy thinks he’s so clever.

      1. Typical rich conserva-tard grows up in a life of luxury, and intentionally made to be ignorant by ultra-conserva-tard parents, thinks everyone else is trash, has his little world rocked (9/11 changed everything apparently), becomes fucking crazy and pretends to be “liberal” when all he really wants to do is just control what everyone says and thinks to help him deal with the fact that he’s a selfish bitch that couldn’t wrap his tiny mind around 9/11 and accept that evil people could touch his world. So he turned into “the government is full of lies! I must reject everything that is, because radicalism is CLEARLY the lesson to be learned from interacting with extremists”. The man should be committed.

        1. Those of us who are conservative disagree with your assessment. He’s a limousine liberal. Stop trying to foist him off onto us!

          1. No, his parents are rich conservatives. He was “unschooled” that is, basically kept home so he could be spoon fed a tailored view of reality. He might be an “inverse” conservative now, but “liberal” isn’t the word to describe ANY of these people. I’m pretty liberal on a lot of issues – these people are RADICALS. Calling them liberal is like calling the style of Islam practiced by ISIS “Liberal Islam”.

  5. What defense will #BeyondFullMcIntosh use next? The classic, “I’m an alcoholic? Works for female pedophiles and anti-semites, so it ought to work for a privileged little hypocritical fucker like him.

    1. and after a year later, there will be an in-fight between Josh and AS – and that’s I wanted to see.

      but yea, it will never happen as long they have that $300m on Intel

  6. Its like when someone is getting trounced in a flame war and they say, “Oh you fools, this was all a social experiment! Gotcha!”

  7. We must have traveled through time because that long history of craziness can’t be explained otherwise…oww wait it can you meant every single insane word up untill this point…

    Did AS put a gag in your mouth now because she prefers that Intel cash over your right to speak? Its alright guess you were bound to get cucked sometime, hope its eating you up inside till you unleash that beast… At least you used to be yourself that might not mean much considering you are crazy but still…

  8. I will read the article after this, I promise Ralph.

    But I thought we had already confirmed that FullMcIntosh was a coward ages ago… lol

  9. “the goal was to see if I could draw some of the fire & distract them a bit from their usual targets”

    So basically he is saying we “targeted” him only because he baited us, because of course we usually only target women. This is actually quite clever, he is attempting to save the “gamergate only targets women” narrative whilst also making himself sound like some kind of hero. He’s claiming he threw himself under the bus to protect the poor defenseless women we are supposedly terrorizing.

    1. Brave Sir Josh was only protecting thine comely young maidens from the slings and arrows of the dastardly GamerGaters! He dazzled us with the glaring shine of his immaculately white armor and cut us down with his rapier-sharp wit. And lo, Sir Josh brought down the terrible GamerGate armies, thus defending the SJW Kindgom and the virtue of the fair maidens like Lady Quinn, Duchess Brianna, and The Most Holy Empress Anita. Huzzah!

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG! Much better than I expected – FullMcIntosh goes FullMcIntosh about being outed for going FullMcIntosh!

    SJWs “See gamergate is just harassing him because he has a sense of humor”

    Gamergate: “Sorry, chumps, but ‘jokes’ or statements aside, what he said about terror victims was disgusting.”

  11. This doesn’t look good, does it. If he’s not telling the truth here, he’s bad at covering his mistakes. But if he IS telling the truth here, he’s showing he’s quite comfortable with sustained, inciteful falsehood. What DO you think you’re doing, Josh? Either way, you’re saying, “I’m a liar!”.

  12. You mean, he didn’t strike you as an incredible pussy from the get go? There is no doubt in my mind he’s a coward, otherwise he’d act more like a real man and not a huge soppy cunt.

  13. Josh just realized that he can’t go #FullMcIntosh anymore without risk losing his chance at Intel’s sweet, sweet shekels.

    The worst part is that he’s trying to act like he’s fucking Lex Luthor, as if he planned this the whole time and GamerGate is frothing at the mouth.


    The only frothing that’s coming from our mouths is the stream of saliva caused by the endless laughing at Josh’s expense.

  14. Oy fucking vey. The level of retarded faux political bullshit that comes out of this guys mouth is absolutely beyond me. I mean this is BEYOND FullMcIntosh. I’d rate SJW’s on a scale of 1 to FullMcIntosh, but I think Johnny boy here just broke that scale. -_-

  15. Okay, so before he claimed he was trolling we knew him as a delusional arsehole!
    And afterwards, assuming we give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s telling the truth, Then he’s nothing more than a unprofessional arsehole!
    If I was anyone in Intel with sway, either way I would want nothing to do with him.

  16. So us laughing at his retarded ass = us frothing at the mouth in rage?

    This has transcended beyond #FullMacIntosh at this point.

  17. Know this off topic, but what happened to Zoe Quinn’s game jam? Did that ever happen or did she just take the money?

  18. okay he’s starting to backpedal…

    I think I know what that means~ someone’s receiving reports to Intel about Josh going #FullMcIntosh

  19. The youtube “gaming media” is MUCH bigger than the “old media” (and growing) and by the look of youtube metrics, #gamergate is the majority there too. (or at least antiGG is the VAST VAST minority, and most people are apathetic but don’t support SJW nonsense)

    I’ma gonna lay odds that Sterling doesn’t spend much time condemning GG. He’s likely ignoring it and pretending such behaviour is a statement, rather than his realisation its not what his audience want to see. (I refuse to give him views, so I cant check :P)
    He build his following being everything SJW hate. he’ll throw them some bones to appease them and keep them at bay, but he’ll produce what he always has: diatribes exploiting the stereotype he participated in condemning (his whole persona is angry white male gamer with delusions of grandeur…)

    The genuinely telling aspect is that Josh *admits* he was intentionally antagonising, provocative essentially TRYING to get a reaction, but his OWN supporters saw nothing wrong with it.
    At all.
    Within #gamergate we have had ALL MANNER of tone policing, questioning motives and discussions/disagreements over what is “too far”
    And yet the “good guys” did not *once* condemn an openly provocative member of their own cabal by his own admission.
    rather telling.

  20. I remember Josh doing the same thing when the term #fullmcintosh was created on Twitter. He basically said that he was trolling and how easy it was to fool everyone. This however is a far more in depth explanation which leads me to believe the assumption is correct that someone may have said something to Johnboy to bring about this craven backpedaling. Now we just have to wait and see if Anita does the same, though I don’t think she went full anti semite like Josh did.

  21. You could improve this article by adding images of many of his tweets where he says the stupid shit he says.

    You know how I know he’s stupid and spoiled, because he’s dumb enough to think you can have money and a mainstream position and be an “activist” which he isn’t, he’s just into it because it is cool.

  22. Soooo….. all the “abuse” directed at his partner in crime, and upon which they have based their, what is now a multi-million Dollar, enterprise, can be laughed off as “just joking”.. right? It was all for the lolz? These people… just… words… broke

  23. Actually he never said he didn’t mean what, he would only post it if he agreed with it, just in a provocative way, still a retard but at least he stands by what he says so in that sense I wouldn’t call him a coward, I would call him a faggot ass bitchtard though

  24. Well, Israel is a terrorist state. Founded on terrorism (blowing up the King David Hotel) and has conducted attacks against Americans (Lavon Affair and USS Liberty.) Now they are illegally occupying land which we have bombed other countries for – Israel should be next.

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